How to Clean Projector Lens

Over time projector lenses might get dirty and dusty. Your fingerprints may smudge it while you are adjusting it. Many reasons may be dirty lenses are not suitable for a projector. It would help if you learned how to clean the projector lens. It can be a nuisance since it can create a murky sign on the projector image. Dust also reduces both sharpness and brightness.

To get the best visual output consistently, it is necessary to clean your projector’s lens periodically. To help you clean your projector lens properly, we have included the various cleaning methods and other relevant information regarding this you should know. Let’s learn how to clean the projector lens properly to get optimum output.

Necessaries That You Will Need to Clean Projector Lens:

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You might be thinking cleaning a projector lens is quite difficult, but it is not. It would help if you were careful to avoid possible scratches or damages to the lens, but the overall maintenance is relatively an easy and quick job. Tools that you should keep in hand are-

  • Tissue papers
  • Lens cleaning papers
  • Lens cleaning solution
  • Microfiber lens cloth
  • Compressed air.

The cleanser you use should be soft and specifically designed for the lens.  Harsh and abrasive chemicals like benzene, isopropyl alcohol, thinners are harmful to lenses and severely damage the lens coating. The glass of the projector lens is quite sensitive and prone to micro-abrasions. They are not cheap as sunglasses. Hence projector lenses require special care.

It would help if you used only lens cloth to ensure the safety of your projector lens. If you wipe your lens with ordinary cloths or abrasive paper towels, you will leave many little scratches behind. This is exactly what you don’t want to happen! So, you need to know how to clean the projector lens properly.

Below are the steps you should follow in cleaning your projector lens:

Step 1: Preparation Before Cleaning

First of all, turn off your projector if used recently. Get the power cord and other related cables disconnected. Allow reasonable time to cool it down completely. Cooling down can take  30 minutes – a few hours. Normally a projector lens gets very warm and prone to breakage while in use—That’s why you should be careful before you start cleaning. Cooling down is a must. 

Step 2: Open the Projector

It is an optional step. You may follow the step if you want a thorough cleaning, including the inside lens. Suppose you don’t want to clean the inside lens skip step 4 instead of 2. Open the projector to get the inside lens out for cleaning. Opening procedures of the projector vary depending on the projectors’ brand and type. You can check it out in the projector’s user manual or related manufacturer’s website. Usually, a switch or button above the projector’s housing opens the projector. So look for one.  

Step 3: Cleaning Procedures Inside the Projector

If you follow step number 2, then you should apply this step. Unless this is optional, clean the dust inside the projector with the help of compressed air in short bursts. While you do this, hold the can about ¾ inches from the projector. To reach hard-to-reach spots, use the nozzle. Take the required time to clean the dust inside the projector completely. A microfiber cloth may remove dirt and dust before beginning the cleaning procedure with water. 

After cleaning the inside, remove the last traces of dirt and dust on the projector case. Since dust easily sticks to any moisture, you should be careful before using any cleaning solution. The fan vent and surrounding areas require extra care. You can clean the projector itself with the help of tissue papers but do not use them on the lens.  

Step 4: Clean the Lens Carefully

It is the most important since you have already cleaned the case and interior parts. It would be best if you start by removing the lens cap. Then clean the dust off with the help of compressed air. After that, use a lens cleaning solution on a lens cleaning cloth or a lens brush (take a drop or two).

While using a cleansing solution, try to use them as little as possible since your lens is small and requires a small amount for cleaning. Anything more will make it more challenging for you to get the lens clean and streak-free.

Start from the middle towards the outer edge of the lens with the solution mixed cloth and wipe gently until complete cleaning. If you want to use a brush instead of cloth, do it following a circular motion. Replace the lens cap if you aren’t going to use the projector for home entertainment or other activities.

How to Clean Projector Lens

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Maintaining Cracked Lens:

If any accident happens to your projector, like dropping from hand and cracks, then replace the lens part if it is a part of the warranty that nice. You might not get warranty support in the case of customer-induced damage or CID, though. Do not use canned air since it might have residue; instead, use a vacuum cleaner to clean the interior parts of your projector. A removable filter helps you clean it carefully without damaging the internal electronics of the device.

About Cleaning Agents:

You can use a little bit of mild soap with water while cleaning the projector lens. Buying a lens cleaner is another option that you can find easily at any camera shop. Never use dishwashing liquids or detergent while cleaning your projector lens. Lens damaging agents like abrasive pads and solvents are harmful to the lens. Because that can damage the lens itself, scratches on it might also happen from paper towels or tissues.

Another Precautionary Measure while Cleaning the Lens: 

It would help not wet the lens cleaning cloth with cleaner liquid. Just moisten a bit. Smudges are sensitive, so make sure you do not rub too much. Rub as per your requirement but do not try it thoroughly. Avoid flammable lens cleaner. Ignition can happen from the highly heated projector, resulting in a fire in your projector. If you use a flammable liquid cleaner to clean your projector, it may be a fire hazard.

Cleaning a laptop is not the same as cleaning a projector. You might go away with a laptop if you do something wrong, but you can’t get away with your projector. It would help if you did not touch the projector lens with your finger.  If so, it can leave some oil residue on your projector lens.

Identification of Dirty and Dusty Lenses:

There is some reasonable difference between dirty and dusty lenses. It requires different solutions too. In some cases, you do not need any cleansing solution or cloth. Use only compressed air to blow the dust off if you notice visible dust on the top of the projector. After that, if you still find dirt, clean it as mentioned above in step 4. Micro abrasions may happen if you straightly go to wipe the dust out.

The Dos of Cleaning Projector Lens: 

  • Cleaning Lens in a Circular Motion:Always wipe the lens in a circular motion while cleaning the lens. Do not wipe in a straight line motion.
  • Follow the labels of the products: Only use labeled products specifically made for lenses.
  • Keep unnecessary lens cleaning equipment in a clean place: If it remains unused, store them in a clean place to use later. Dirty brushes or clothes will serve no good than harm.
  • Keeping the can upright: While using compressed air, keep it at least ⅞ inches away from the projector lens. To minimize provable damage to the lens, use short bursts and keep the can upright. Try to keep the lens cap on as much as possible. 

The Don’ts of Cleaning Projector Lens: 

For the well-being of your projector lens, make sure you do not end up doing any one of the following things:

  • Spraying or pouring the solution: Always spray or pour cleaning solution on the lens cloth or brush with what you are going to clean the projector lens. 
  • Use other than T-Shirt to Clean the Lens:If you don’t want any scratch on your projector lens, avoid using a t-shirt to wipe the lens. It makes no difference how soft and lovely the t-shirt seems to be. Because of their abrasive fibers, paper towels and tissues are also prohibited. Cleaning with your breath is not a good idea.

Observe your breath: Your breath can damage the lens coating of your projector because it has acidity. So, it would be best if you were very careful with the lens. Always remember that a new projector is much costlier than quality wipes.

Touching the lens directly:  Do not touch your projector lens with your finger directly. Fingerprints are tough to remove and affect picture quality.

Avoid Household Cleaners: You should not use a household cleaner like alcohol or glass cleaner for lens cleaning unless specified by the manufacturer as safe. Wrong chemical solutions might cause irrecoverable damage to your lens coating.

Touching the brush’s bristles: The brush bristles may end up on the lens surface if you make contact with them. As a consequence, please stay away from them.

Preventing Measures for Projector Lens from Getting Dusty

Always keep the lens cap on it to prevent dust from gathering on your projector lens. It is a great way. A lot of dust can build up in your electronics and furniture when you’re away for a long time. That’s why to avoid such dust, always use the cap on the projector. When the projector lens gets the air, it collects debris and dust.  It would help if you cleaned your fan and vents regularly to prevent dust build up in the place where you are placing your projector. Always place the projector away from any fan or outgoing vents.

Do not store or transport your projector, leaving it without any cover if you have to use it outdoors rather than at home.

I suggest you try to get an air purifier placing it near the projector. It will clean the air around your projector and work as a defender of your projector.


Is It, Ok Using Alcohol to Clean the Projector Lens?

Do not use alcohol-based cleaning products and harsh cleaners since they damage or scratch the projector’s lens. You should use only designed products for cleaning lenses.

What Is the Most Effective Way to Clean the Projector Lens?

Gently remove as much dust and dearth as possible from the lens using a circular motion. Remove oil, fingerprints, and grime from the lens surface. You can apply a few drops of lens cleaning solution if necessary. 

What Are the Reasons for the Blurry Look?

It can happen from adjustment problems, dust, or positioning. If you find your image fuzzy or blurry, position the projector well and adjust the image focusing. A cleaning lens is also a solution to this problem. 

Should I Use Hand Sanitizer for Cleaning Glasses?

Hand sanitizer is one of the effective products that clean the lens perfectly. Just rub a small amount of hand sanitizer on both sides of the lens and wipe with a paper towel.

Should I Use a Microfiber Cloth for Cleaning the Projector Lens?

You can use a microfiber cloth and gently wipe the lens to remove the dust and debris. 


If you do some outdoor cinema parties frequently or plan to go out for a week or more, then keeping your projector lenses clean is crucial for you as a projectionist. Before intending to use the projector, you should know how to clean the projector lens properly and make sure the video looks clean and sharp with good details. Otherwise, it would be best to clean your projector lens per the directions given above. If you want to get fresh-out-of-box performance from your projector, be very careful about it.  

Maintaining your projector correctly will ensure that it continues to perform and when it was first purchased. Please accept our sincere gratitude for taking the time to read this. 

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