How to Clean Printer Rollers

There are some little rubber wheels within your printer. They move sheets of paper, and the wheels are called printer rollers. Clean printer rollers print paper smoothly. But unfortunately, unclean printer rollers cause paper jams or poor print quality. The rollers cannot grab paper correctly because of its dirt. For this reason, the printer rollers need to clean properly. So, the following content will show you exactly how to clean printer rollers.

How to Clean Printer Rollers

A new printer naturally works very well. It can print smoothly and relentlessly. We may need to remove dirtiness from our printer. However, there are some reasons or times when we need to clean our printer rollers. Here goes the short list of reasons:

  • Problems with the printer’s output
  • The sound of squeaking printer rollers
  • The printer is printing/ omitting lines.
  • Paper isn’t being fed into the printer correctly.
  • Splotches on your laser printer.
  • Paper not being picked up by the printer
  • Streaks of black ink are present on the printer’s output.
  • You smeared Ink on the printer

Cleaning the Printer Rollers Step by Step

clean printer roller

Our daily working life stands still if our printers do not work well. We can understand the importance of printed paper when our printer does not print. Therefore, we should know the easy steps of cleaning printer rollers.

i) Cleaning Inkjet Printer Rollers

Step 1:

You must locate the printer rollers first. You will find the printer rollers underneath inkjet printers. Then look directly above where the paper tray is if you remove the paper tray. Later, make some pressure on the rollers. It will cause them to rotate automatically. The only other option is to use your printer’s “feed paper” option to rotate the rollers. However, you shouldn’t have to expunge them from cleaning.

Step 2:

You will now require a lint-free towel and water to wipe down the rollers. For this, you need to dip your lint-free cloth into a cup of distilled water. However, the cloth should be partly wet. You take a damp cloth to wipe down the rollers. Fortunately, the activities will eliminate any accumulated dirt or filth. Anyway, if you want to cleanse the entire surface of your printer rollers thoroughly, clean all the parts of the rollers, clean all the parts of the rollers. Do not forget to dry it well before starting printing.

Step 3:

Now you need to apply a rubber rejuvenation product in the last step. They can help printer rollers recover some of their natural slickness and glide. To clean the printer rollers, dampen a Q-tip.

Thus, you can easily clean your printer rollers and start printing effortlessly.

ii) Cleaning LaserJet Printer Rollers

Step 1:

On a LaserJet printer, you can easily find the printer rollers often near the paper tray. You typically find the paper tray on the machine’s top. However, you can open the access panel of the printer in case you cannot locate them. You may easily remove the toner cartridge by lifting it on the printer’s top. You cannot get some LaserJet printers with manual rotating rollers. Hence, you’ll need to unfasten the roller’s clips on each side.

Step 2:

Now you will require an alcoholic solution to clean the area of the roller. You need a little alcohol on the cotton swab. Then you will clean the rollers of your LaserJet printer. Therefore, rub it in a circular motion over the rollers of your printer. Make sure that you have cleaned thoroughly and dried it well before reinstalling the rollers in your printer. It is also important to check whether the liquid gets inside. If not, you do not need to worry about that.

Step 3:

You need a lint-free cloth to clean the printer roller in the final stage. Use refined water to dampen a lint-free cloth. Later, you gently scrub the rollers of your printer to remove any stuck-on dirt or debris. In this way, you will clean the rollers without being damaged or dried out. However, before reinstalling the rollers in your printer, you must ensure they are totally dry.

How to Clean Printer Paper Feed Rollers Canon

[If you use windows, please follow the steps to clean the rollers of the canon printer paper feed.]

  • Plug in the printer and remove any paper from the Rear Tray. Make sure that the tray is vacant.
  • Make sure that you’ve accessed the printer’s properties dialog box.
  • Select Roller Cleaning from the Maintenance drop-down menu.
  • Now click OK if you are happy with the message show to you.
  • Paper Feed Rollers will automatically rotate as they clean themselves.
  • Check that the Paper Feed Roller has come to a complete standstill before moving on the next step.

[You will require three A4 or Letter-sized sheets of blank paper for the roller cleaning in portrait orientation when you see the message displays. However, the Paper Thickness Lever should be seen to the right of the middle position.]

  • Confirm the message presented by clicking OK to proceed.

[After loading paper into the printer, the entire process will be automatically completed. While the Paper Feed Roller is being cleaned, do not do any other operations.]

  • If everything seems to be correct, click OK.

[If you use Macintosh, please follow the steps to clean the rollers of canon printer paper feed.]

  • Plug in the printer and make sure that the Rear Tray contains no paper.
  • Now you need to open the utility dialog box of Canon IJ Printer.
  • Select the cleaning option from the pop-up menu.
  • It is the time to select Roller Cleaning.
  • If everything looks under control, click OK.

[You do not need to take any action here as Paper Feed Rollers automatically rotate as they clean themselves.]

  • Finally, you will need three or more A4 or Letter-sized blank paper on the Rear Tray when you see the message displays.

[However, you will find the Paper Thickness Lever to the right of the middle position.]

  • Now you need to click ok if everything looks correct.

[After loading paper into the printer, the entire process is automatically completed. While the Paper Feed Roller is being cleaned, you do not need to do other operations.]

NB: You can try cleaning the Paper Feed Roller on the right side of the Rear Tray with a damp cotton swab if the issue exists. For this, you need to rotate the roller manually while you clean it. Instead of using your fingers, rotate the roller with the cotton swab.

However, you must go to your Canon service representative if you have not yet solved the problem.

How to Clean Printer Rollers HP

Cleaning hp printer rollers is very easy and hassle free. You need to go along with the simple and easy steps. At first, take a clean, lint-free cloth. You must soak the cloth with 1 tablespoon isopropyl alcohol or clean water. Then wipe the paper or internal tray rollers to remove any dust. Again, to clean the rollers, fold a cloth in half and repeat the procedure several times.

How to Clean Printer Rollers, Epson l3110 (An Inkjet Model)

At first, figure out where the feed rollers are. It’s common to find them by taking out the paper tray and turning the printer to look better. Make sure that the fabric is only damp, not fully wet. Clean the roller with a soft towel. Then, move it around to clean the entire surface. After that, put the paper trays back in place and close any access doors. Finally, it is high time to test the printer to ensure that the problem has been fixed.

How to Clean Printer Rollers Epson

You may clean epson printer rollers using these simple techniques.

  • Make sure that the printer is completely off.
  • You must disconnect the electrical cables.
  • Remove any cables that are plugged in.
  • Now carefully remove the two paper cassettes.
  • We should keep the rollers on its right side.
  • The cassette rollers seen here need to be cleaned with a damp cloth.
  • You should put the printer back in its original position.
  • Finally, it is the time to return the printer to its previous position.

How to Clean Your Printer Roller Marks on Paper

Cleaning your printer roller marks on paper is as simple as following these steps. You first require Isopropyl alcohol to dampen your lint-free cloth. Then you should clean your printer’s rollers regularly so that no mark can stay on your printer roller.

Things to Remember While Cleaning Printer Rollers

  • You must avoid using too much alcohol to clean printer rollers. While cleaning your printer’s rollers, you need to apply alcohol carefully. Besides, you need to keep away from the use of other types of solvents. Be careful because these products might dry up and shatter the rollers. However, these goods could also violate any manufacturer’s warranty that you have on your printer.
  • Another important thing is that you cannot let your printer go overworked. Take a few minutes to clean the printer rollers during the problems of feeding paper. However, it may get worse if you don’t just keep trying to fix the printer. In fact, your printer will last much longer if you treat it with care and maintain it regularly.
  • The last thing is that you need to remove the printer’s power cord while you clean. Before you begin any kind of cleaning or maintenance on your printer, you cannot forget to unplug it. If you do so, it may cause damage to the machine or yourself. However, these activities may ruin the printer’s warranty or get electrocuted.


What are Printer Rollers?

There are some little rubber wheels within your printer. They move sheets of paper, and the wheels are called printer rollers.

What’s the Best Way to Keep My Printer’s Rubber Rollers Clean?

It is very simple to clean the rollers of your LaserJet printer using alcohol and a cotton swab. Just rub it in a circular motion over the rollers of your printer. After that, you must clean and dry them thoroughly before reinstalling the rollers into your printer. Anyway, you will not need a lot of alcohol on the cotton swab to clean your printer’s rubber rollers.

Can You Clean any Printer Rollers with Alcohol?

Yes, alcohol can clean printer rollers. However, you must read the procedures before using alcohol.

Where the Pickup Rollers are Found on Brother Printer?

Just find out the two gray pickup-rollers in the center of the Tray #2 paper cavity toward the back of the paper cavity. However, you can use a gently moistened lint-free cloth or a new alcohol prep pad to clean both pickup rollers.

When Printing, What is Causing a Black Line On the Paper?

An inkjet printer’s roller has picked up a drop of black ink, causing a line on your paper. Excess toner powder gets trapped in rollers when a laser printer makes those lines. If you do regular cleaning, the rollers can work perfectly.

What Causes Printer Jams?

Paper clogs are most often caused by a stack of paper in the tray mislabeled. Paper sheets will get stuck if you insert them in the wrong way.

This is the second most common reason for paper jams in your printer. The gears inside your printer get clogged with small pieces of paper. You can fix most paper jams with a flashlight and a pair of tweezers. You can look for the stray bits of paper that have gotten into your printer.

How to Clean the Laser Printer Rollers?

You can use a cloth soaked in isopropyl alcohol to clean the output rollers of your laser printer.

Remove the paper tray and lift the printer to access the paper uptake roller. After that, the paper uptake roller gets cleaned, and the paper tray changes. Finally, your laser printer rollers are ready to use for their full operation.

How to Clean the Laser Printer Rollers?

A cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol can clean the rollers of your laser printer after you have opened it near the output tray.

Again, remove the paper tray and lift the printer to access the paper-uptake roller. When a sheet of paper is pulled from the paper tray, a large roller feeds into the printer. You need to replace the paper tray and clean the paper uptake roller.

Final Words

We have covered almost all the tips and tricks about how to clean printer rollers. You need to follow them carefully to get the best result. However, things can go wrong, and a bad day may come. You may damage the printer rollers for carelessness or accident. Even you may damage the expiration date of the printer rollers. Therefore, we recommend you go straight to your manufacturing company to clean the printer roller if you face any trouble.

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