How to Clean Dry Eraser

A dry eraser, popularly known as a dry erase eraser is the best tool out there to clean your whiteboards. You use your whiteboard for brainstorming or organizing your thoughts. You use them for a lesson you take. But each time you have to clean it after using it to use it again. A dry eraser is there to help you out. It can remove any link from your dry erase whiteboards. 

But when the eraser becomes completely saturated with ink, it no longer can effectively clean your board. In that case, you have to clean it. But cleaning a dry erase eraser can be challenging, particularly if the ink remains there for a long time. Nonetheless, no worries at all. 

As luck would have it, there are some methods that you can follow to clean your dry eraser and make them like new again. The best part is, you can do it with items you have at your home. I will show you three different ways how to clean a dry eraser. All of them are very easy. You will need some items that I’m sure you already have at your home. 

I’ll show you all three methods one by one. You can use one of these methods or use multiple ones together to get a better result. So, let’s begin.

How to Clean Dry Eraser

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Clean Dry Eraser Using Dish Washing Soap 

Cleaning your dry eraser using dishwashing soap is one of the easiest ways out there. You will need a pan, dishwashing soap, and hot water to clean the eraser. Here’s how you will do it. 

Step 1- Soap Water in the Pan: Take a shallow pan and pour 1 quart of hot water. Then put 1-tablespoon of liquid dishwashing soap into the pan. Stir them for a while. The water will become foamy. Remember, the ink will saturate the water and might stain your pan. 

Step 2- Dip the Eraser: Now, take your eraser and dip it in soapy water. Leave it there for about half an hour. The water will be saturated with ink and become dark. 

Step 3- Rinse it Well: After 30 minutes, bring the eraser out of the pan and place it under running water. Now, rinse it until all ink goes away and the water runs clean. 

Step 4- Set in the Sun: Now it is time to dry the eraser. Take your eraser and keep it under direct sunlight for a couple of hours. Once it completely dries, you can use it as a new one. 

Clean Dry Eraser Using Toothpaste 

Toothpaste is a transparent, mild, but abrasive substance. Using toothpaste, you may clean your dry eraser. To do it, follow these steps.

Step 1- Apply Toothpaste: To begin, dab some toothpaste on the eraser’s bottom. Make sure you use the appropriate amount. Wait for a few minutes now.

Step 2- Scrub it with a Damp Towel: After a few minutes, take a wet cloth and scrub your eraser with it in a circular motion. The toothpaste must be distributed completely over the eraser. You should be aware that the ink will saturate and stain the material.

Step 3- Submerge it in Warm Water: Submerge the eraser in warm flowing water. Rinse it gently until the ink is completely gone and the water is clear.

Step 4- Dry it in the Sun: To finish, place the eraser in direct sunshine for a few hours. Wait until the eraser is completely dry. It’s now ready for you to use once more.

Clean Dry Eraser Using a Garden Hose 

It is a simple way to clean your dry eraser. You can do it in the following way: 

Step 1- Select a Spot: You have to select a spot outdoors to clean the eraser using a garden hose. Select a place with grass so the colored water won’t create a mess. 

Step 2- Take the Hose and Spray: Now, keep the eraser on the ground and spray water on it using the garden hose. Use the most powerful setting on your hose for spraying water. The water flow will rinse off the ink from the eraser. Keep doing it until it cleans off well and water runs clean. 

Step 3- Dry it Under Sun: Finally, keep your eraser under direct sunlight for a couple of hours.

Other Tips and Tricks

What Cleans Off Dry Erase Markers?

You can use a dry erase eraser to clean dry erase markers from your whiteboard; gently rub the erase around the ink; it will clean off easily. But if a dry erase marker stains your cloth, you cannot erase it using an eraser. You will need rubbing alcohol and a sponge to do it. Apply the rubbing alcohol on the backside of your clothing and rub on the stain with a sponge. 

What is The Best Cleaner for Dry Erase Boards?

Using a whiteboard for a long time can leave some marker stains. But you can clean it. Rubbing alcohol and hydrogen peroxide is the most effective whiteboard cleaner. They can remove chemical residue from your whiteboard, and it will look like a new one. 

How Do I Get My Whiteboard White Again?

There are several tools you can use to make your whiteboard new again. After days of use, it can have yellow stains on it. But, you can use some tools that are quickly available to make your whiteboard white again. Rubbing alcohol is the most popular among people. Apart from that, you can use hand sanitizers, nail polish remover, etc. Apply them on your board, give a good rub. It will become white as a new one. 

How Do You Get Dry Erase off of Metal?

There are several ways you can get dry erase markers off metal. One of the easy ways is with rubbing alcohol and wood cleaner. Firstly, apply to rub alcohol on the stain and clean it with a cloth. Then take some wood cleaner on a cloth and wipe the metal surface. Finally, take a wet cloth and wipe the stain with it.

Can You Use Windex to Clean a Dry Erase Board?

Yes, you can clean your dry erase whiteboard with Windex cleaner. To clean your whiteboard with index, first, take a cloth and spray some Windex on it. Then wipe your whiteboard using a circular motion. Keep doing it until all the stains wear off.

Can Vinegar Clean a Dry Erase Board?

Vinegar can clean a dry erase board. You will need vinegar and a water mixer to clean the dry-erase whiteboard in this way. First, mix 1-tablespoon vinegar with 1 cup water. Then spray it on the dry erase board. Now take a cloth and wipe it well all over the board. Finally, dry the board, and you have a clean whiteboard. 

Do You Think Clorox Wipes Hamper Dry the Erase Boards?

Never use Clorox wipes to clean your dry erase whiteboard. Because it damages the whiteboard surface; In that case, you can’t claim a warranty from the seller. So, do not use Clorox or any other chemical cleaner. 

How to Clean a Whiteboard with Old Marker on it

The best way to clean a whiteboard with an old marker is to clean it with rubbing alcohol. You can directly spray it on old marks and use a cloth to mop it. Apart from rubbing alcohol, you can use toothpaste to clean it.   

How to Clean Whiteboard Erasers

You can clean whiteboard erasers in many ways. You can clean them using liquid dishwashing soap in hot water. Then dip the eraser in the soapy water and keep it there for 30 minutes. Then hold it under running water and let the ink wear off. Finally, dry the eraser under sunlight. 

How to Clean Whiteboard Without Eraser

Apart from erasers, there are other ways to clean a whiteboard. You can use a cloth to clean the board. You can spray rubbing alcohol on the board and wipe it with a cloth to clean off the marker stains.  

How to Clean a Felt Eraser

Most dry erasers are made of felt and foams. You can use toothpaste to clean a felt eraser. First, apply some toothpaste to your eraser and rub it well. Then wash it in warm running water. Finally, dry it under sunlight. 

Whiteboard Cleaning Hacks

If you have to clean your board before your erasers are dry, use socks, glass cleaner, or an old t-shirt. You can dry your eraser beside a heat vent if you live in winter conditions. Use rubbing alcohol on a paper towel to remove stains from your whiteboard. ait for a while. Now your eraser looks as good as a new one. 


What is a Dry Eraser?

A dry eraser or popularly known as a dry erase eraser is a kind of eraser that cleans dry erase ink from your whiteboard. It cleans off any permanent ink or stains from your boards. It protects your boards from permanent smudges and makes them new after a brainstorming session or a lesson. Dry erase markers are alcohol-based popular erasable markers made for non-porous surfaces. You can effectively erase these marker ink with a dry erase eraser. 

What is a Dry Board Eraser Made of?

Dry board erasers are made for cleaning your whiteboards effectively. They leave no stains on your boards. They make your boards look like a new one every time you wash them. Most dry board erasers are made with felts and compressed foams. The foam and felt quality will determine the eraser’s durability. The more high-quality the foam and felt are, the more durable the eraser will be. 

Can I Wash my Dry Eraser?

Yes, you can wash your dry eraser. They are made of felt and foam. So, you can clean these quite easily. There are several ways you can clean your dry erasers. You can wash them using water, soaps, detergent powder, vinegar, toothpaste, and so many other ways. It looks new after washing each time. Just make sure you buy a good quality one. 

How Much is a White Board Eraser?

Whiteboard erasers come at various price points. It comes with different numbers and sets. You can also buy a single one. But always go for a combo. The price of whiteboard erasers depends on the number of erasers in a set and their material quality. A large pack with high-quality material will cost you more. You will get a single eraser under $1 whereas, an average set will cost you $6 to $15

How Long Do Whiteboard Erasers Last?

The lifespan of a whiteboard eraser depends on many factors. It depends on how good its materials are, how often you use it to clean your boards, how much you are taking care of it, etc. A whiteboard eraser with good quality felt, and foams will last longer than a normal one. Generally, you can expect that your eraser will last for about two months. 

How Do You Make an Eraser from a Dry Erase Board Better?

If you have an old dry eraser, you can make it better simply. You have to replace the old felt with a new one. You will need a felt sheet. To replace the felt, first, use a knife to cut the felt from the felt sheet. Cut it into your eraser size. Now remove the old felt from your eraser and replace it with the new one. Now your eraser is as good as a new one. 

Magic Eraser Effect on Dry Erase Boards- True or False?

Yes, a magic eraser is active on dry erase boards. They are made out of melamine foams. They can clean your dry erase whiteboards. You have to wet it before using it to clean your board. It can work dry, but adding some water to its sponge will help it clean fast. However, never use them on marble or granite tops. It will do more harm than good.  

Final Words

Cleaning a dry eraser is not that hard. But you might get confused about what process to follow for better results. After reading how to clean dry eraser in this article, I hope all your confusion has gone. Now you know which process to follow in cleaning your dry eraser effectively. 

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