How to Clean Drawing Tablet

Do you know what a drawing tablet or graphics tablet is? A drawing tablet is a great option for making graphic design work very easy. It is as important as its use and its cleanliness. Using a pen on the tab screen can cause scratches. Also, dust or dirt can accumulate for many days of use. It isn’t very pleasant. As a result, it can be difficult to use a pen while drawing. This process can belong. For this, you have to lose your time and disturb you to clean frequently. So it is important to clean and at the same time know the easy cleaning method.

There are many different ways to clean the tab. But you should apply the easy and time-saving process for you. We are here for a better solution. In today’s article, we have discussed how to clean drawing tablet. Let’s read all the details in the next part. If you have any queries, thoughts, or ideas regarding the process, please share with us or comment on the box given below.

How to Clean Drawing Tablet

Drawing Tablet

drawing tablet on writing

If you are a graphic designer, an artist, an architect, or digitally trying to art, you can use the interesting tablet. Accompanying this tab is a defined pen with which to tablet the thing is perfectly lightweight, designable, and a great product on a low budget. First, you have to download the Drawing tablet app to your computer. Now connect with the connector and start expressing your drawing talent on the tab. What you draw on the screen will show automatically on the computer. This means that you can do computer work through drawing tabs and pens like your paper pen. It is more comfortable to work. You can enjoy graphic design. It’s also called a graphic tablet.

It can be hard to use a mouse for graphic design. To do graphics with a mouse, you have to be an expert. But you can do graphics with a drawing table after a few days of practicing, 

Drawing Tablet Cleaning Process

drawing table clean process

Before knowing the cleaning process of the device, you should know the importance of keeping it clean. Drawing a pen on the screen can cause scratches.  Holding the pen by hand can cause hand rubbing.  So its cleanliness is very important to keep the screen free from scratches. Let’s know some methods then.

Use Microfiber Cloth

How do you clean your device? Well, you need a clean anti-static microfiber cloth. It is very soft and flexible for cleaning anything like glass, screen, spectacle glass, etc. You can get it with the screen or buy it separately. There are two sides to the fabric. Use a side that is easier to clean from scratch. Fold the cloth and wipe it gently on the screen. Wipe off the dust with a cloth. After a little blow, the screen will look clear for the time being. There are some more clear procedures for which the next step has to be followed.

This cloth is also necessary to wipe off the water if it accidentally gets on the screen. Even if a protector is installed on the screen, you can clean it with a cloth. And with that, you can wipe the pen and even anything on the drawing tablet clean with this cloth.  

Note: Water cannot be used. Drinks like Windex alcohol cannot be sprayed directly on the screen.

Do you want to disinfect your drawing tablet? Well, here is the process you should follow to disinfect:

Use Water+Vinegar

For this process, you need to use a dry microfiber cloth. Take drinks mixed with vinegar and water. Of course, do not spray it directly on the screen. Spray on that microfiber cloth. Then wipe down the screen with a damp cloth. This method is simple and you will get a very nice smell. The device can be damaged if you cannot clean the dirt after notifying. Applying this method makes your device clean and disinfect. You can clean it when plugged in.

70% Rubbing Alcohol

So, this is the next step. It is rubbing alcohol. It can kill the virus. You can have it at your fingertips. Because we now use it regularly as a hand sanitizer. Spray the liquid in the microfiber cloth as before. Then, wipe the screen slowly with the wet microfiber cloth. You can also wipe the pen if you want. The pen and drawing are an integral part of the tablet.

40% Ethyl Alcohol

You can also use 40% Ethyl Alcohol. You can clean the same process through it. However, in all cases, care must be taken not to use too much or rub too much.

Disinfecting Wipes

Then another cleaner is disinfecting wipes. In this case, the problem is less. Only disinfecting wipes will remove the screen or pen. It’s basically like wet tissue. Gives a great smell.

Glass Cleaner

It is recommended to disinfect frequently touched surfaces and objects. You can spray on the screen of the tablet directly. This is just something we do. So, if you do something like this, do it at your own risk. Spray directly on your tablet screen. Use the microfiber cloth as you did in the previous step. Done! But it is better to not use the glass cleaner if you don’t use the glass protector on the screen.

Some Tips and Tricks

  • Use a cotton pad or soft cloth if you don’t have any microfiber cloth
  • After completing the drawing table work, cover the screen with paper or cloth as if it gets dirty easily
  • Don’t spray anything directly on the screen. The disinfectant sprays can damage the inner workings of the device.
  • Don’t use water or drench into water. 
  • Try to clean with a dry cleaning process (step 1).
  • Clean frequently when needed. If you clean frequently, the dry cleaning process is perfect. Or you have to use step 2 or 3 or 4 or 5. 
  • Don’t rub too much. If you rub too much, the device can be damaged.
  • Rub softly with the microfiber cloth or something else like that. Try to avoid using any harsh cloth or sponge to clean. It can cause more scratches on the drawing area of the tablet.
  • Avoid the use of any soap or bleach. It’s too harmful to your drawing tablet or any device like that.

Why Need to Clean 

  • If you don’t clean regularly, you can’t have a new look.  
  • Need to remove the spot on the screen  
  • Increased scratches can reduce the working capacity of the screen.  
  • If it is dirty, the inner function of the device can be damaged gradually.  
  • Of course, you don’t feel comfortable using anything dirty. 
  • Happiness cannot be enjoyed by designing to be boring.  
  • You have to take care of this device to get a great experience.  
  • There is no substitute for care to work long-term.

Frequently Added Questions

Q: Why Do you Need to Clean the Device?

A: You need to clean your device regularly. If you don’t do that, it will cause damage; the screen will be full of scratches, the screen will not do the work. You will lose your attention and interest in the graphic tablet for those reasons.

Q: How Much Time Will it Takes to Clean the Device?

A: Maximum of 15 minutes can be needed to clean it. Don’t rub it too much. 

Q: Is it Most Costly to Clean?

A: No, It’s not. You can clean only with the microfiber cloth. Besides, you can spray many types of spray as we say before, maximum already in your home. So, don’t worry about the cost.

Q: Do You Have to Clean the New Device?

A: No, you don’t have to clean the new drawing tablet after unboxing. Just unpack, set it up and use it.

Q: How Long After Cleaning the Drawing Tablet? 

A: No need to bundle a schedule to clean. You should clean the device when you notice that it is dirty. 

Q: Lack of Cleanliness Can Damage the Inner Function?  

A: Yes, of course. This is because the dust from outside can slowly enter and disrupt the activities inside.  So clean up as soon as you notice dirt on the top. You can use paper or cloth for covering the tab.


The drawing tablet is your happy work companion. Do you want to have a great work experience with the graphic tablet? Well, you have to clean and care for it. Thus, you can continue your work with a tablet for a long time. You can follow the cleaning processes given here on your phone, laptop, iPad, or something like that device. Also, follow the tips and tricks for making it easy. 

Here we discuss how to clean drawing tablet. Now, you can clean your tablet step by step. Following these instructions makes it easy to clean. If you have any thoughts that you want to share with us, you can contact us or comment below in the comment section.

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