How to Change Ink in Canon Printer

What do you do when your Canon printer suddenly runs out of ink amid an emergency printing? Calling a technician to replace the ink cartridge might take some time. The most convenient way is to change the ink cartridge on your own. But how to change ink in Canon printer?

We have created a simple step-by-step guide to make this task as easy as putting some paper on the printer’s input tray. It will direct you in the simplest route to change ink in your Canon printer without any fuss. Let’s get started.

How to Check Canon Printer Ink Levels?

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If you want to avoid the hassle of getting stuck due to an empty ink cartridge, you should regularly check the ink level of your Canon printer. This way, you can forecast the runout time of the cartridge and take steps in advance.

Here is the simplest way to check the ink level in Canon printers.

  • Turn on the computer that your printer is connected to.
  • Go to Settings and find the option Devices and Printers.
  • All devices connected to your computer will show up, including your printer.
  • Select the Canon printer from the list and go to the Maintenance tab.
  • Select the View Printer Status option from there.
  • A pop-up will come with the ink levels of your printer.
  • You can also check the level of each ink in detail from there.

If the ink level is low, prepare to change the ink to reduce downtime in your business.

How to Change Ink in Canon Printer?

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Canon is one of the most renowned brands in the printing industry. It manufactures some excellent printers for printing photos and documents. These printers come with different features.

Inkjet printers have ink cartridges. Depending on the model, some printers have two different containers, one for black and the other for colors. Some other models have five to six different containers for different colors, such as Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black, etc.

First of all, you need to identify the cartridge type of your Canon printer. You can check the number of cartridges on your printer by removing the access door. Prepare the number of cartridges you will need to replace.

Now, we will head to the ink-changing process. Follow these steps to change the ink in your Canon printer correctly.

Retract the Paper Tray

If you have any paper on the extended tray, remove them before opening the access door. Then retract the paper tray to its original position so that nothing stays out of the printer.

Remove the Access Cover

The access cover is usually positioned at the top of your printer. You will find a small notch near the opening. Push the notch with your finger until you hear a gentle click. Once the latch is unlocking, the top cover will come off, exposing the cartridge holder.

Remove Old Cartridges

Now you can remove old cartridges from their slots one after another. Cartridges might have a bit of extended portion at the top. Use this part to hold the cartridges and pull outwards to remove them. Remember, don’t pull more than one cartridge at a time.

Install New Cartridges

This is the most crucial step of changing the ink in your printer. Always choose original Canon cartridges to replace the old ones. Take a cartridge out of the package and remove the safety tape.

Once the cartridge’s nozzle is exposed, please place it in the respective slot. Apply gentle pressure to push down the cartridge. Once you hear the click, the cartridge should sit firmly in its place.

Repeat this process for other cartridges, one at a time. After replacing all the cartridges, close the access door.

Run a Test Print

This is crucial to check whether the newly replaced cartridges are working properly. Open a document on your computer and print it. If it comes out with smooth ink, cartridges have been replaced successfully.

But if there is any streak or smudge in print, you might need to tweak the cartridges to get the desired outcome. After the test printing, your Canon printer is now ready to take piles of printing loads.

How to Refill Ink Cartridge in Canon Printer?

refill ink with bottle

If you want to use the existing cartridge by refilling ink into it, you can follow these steps to get the job done perfectly.

Open the Top Cover

This step is similar to that mentioned in the previous process. Remove the top cover of your printer to access the cartridge holder.

Take Out Cartridges

Once the cartridge holder is exposed, pull them out one after another. Remember not to pull them forcefully; otherwise, the system may break down.

Refill the Cartridges

Use original Canon ink for your printer cartridges. Using uncertified ink can damage the overall quality of printing. Carefully refill the cartridge with the desired ink.

Wipe the nozzle with a soft cloth or paper towel. Now, place the cartridge back into its position and push it down to lock it in place. You can repeat this process for all the remaining cartridges if required. Close the top cover after you are done.

Run a Test Print

In the same way, you did while changing cartridges, take a test print to determine whether the cartridges are working properly.

Pro Tips for Changing Ink in Canon Printer

Changing ink in your printer will be much easier if you know these tips from experts.

  • Choosing the right ink cartridge for your printer is the key. Though different models from Canon might share the same cartridge, you need to check the specification of the printer to select the right cartridge when replacing it for the first time.
  • Use original ink cartridges or inks from Canon only. Third-party ink or cartridges might clog the printer head.
  • After removing the old cartridge, replace the new cartridge as soon as possible.
  • Remember to tear the safety tape from new cartridges.
  • Check whether the new cartridges are firmly placed; otherwise, you will need to remove the cover again to fix them.
  • Always check the expiry date of a cartridge before using it in your printer.
  • Replace the new cartridges in their respective slots.


The quality of the print you get on your Canon printer mostly depends on whether the ink cartridge works properly and has enough ink. If the ink level is low, streaks might appear in your prints. Changing the ink is the only solution to restore the print quality.

Now that you know how to change ink in a Canon printer, you can do it on your own in a few minutes. With a bit of caution and patience, changing ink in your Canon printer should be no big deal.

Keep checking the ink level regularly to get an idea of when you might need to change the ink.

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