How to Build A Welding Table Like a Pro?

Why would you go through the trouble of buying a welding table from the supermarket when you can easily make one for your own. Making one for yourself is probably the easiest thing ever.

Worried if it’s going to be time-consuming? You can kick your worries aside as it will take you a short while if you follow all the instructions and tips that I will be leaving for you.

Doing this will not only help you save money but also make you a much more creative and increase your IQ.

Things Needed for Building A Welding Table

As I am going to build something new, I am using a basic MIG (Metal Inert Gas/wire feed) gun. Now, the materials are going to be listed below:

  • Four pieces of square metal tube for the legs, 35 inch long. (A)
  • Two portions of metal sheets for 40 inches long and 30 inches wide with a thickness of .75 for the top base. (B)
  • Two bits of square metal tubes for the side base for support the upper base of the table, 15 inches long. (C)
  • Two long pieces of metal squared metal tubes for the side base with keeping the same measurements as the top base of the metal sheets. (D)
  • Four wheels with braking system. (E)
  • One wood piece for the top of the table. (F)
  • Gorilla glue adhesive for placing the wood top.
  • Lube for the wheels.

The Thing We Need to Keep in Mind

  • Before starting to weld, we should always keep in mind to take safety measures, for example, we have to get thick gloves which can be of leather.
  • We have to wear our welding helmet which can protect our face from all the sparks created and your eyeballs from flashes during the welding process. Also, possibly wear a welding cap for
  • Extra safety measures. Yes, I know you did not expect me to ask about wearing one. But anything for safety.
  • We have to wear long sleeves shirt and pants because during the process of welding, the arc can act as the sun and it can burn our skin like the sun.
  • We have to make sure there are no flammable or explosive materials because there will be flying sparks.
  • We must not touch the electrode with bare hands, and also, we have to remove all the jewelry before starting to weld.
  • The place needs to have proper ventilation.

Making the Structure

A lot of people have a different vision for making the table. My one might also differ from other people. I plan to make the top frame first. Starting with making the top of the table, we need to join (D, the 35 inch long squared metal tube) with (C, 15 inch shorter squared metal tube).

We have to make sure that the spot of metal we are about to weld is clean and ready for welding. Now that we have the top part of the table ready, we need to wait for the solder to firmly hold the metals together.

Once it is done, we will have to put (B, two metal sheets of 40 inch) in between the top frame of the table. I have used two metal sheets just to make it sturdier; you can use one if you want. It will also help the wood top to keep in place and also creating a premium aesthetic for the table.

Joining the Legs

You also have to make sure that the top does not have any movable parts. You can check this by trying to give pressure and do a little stress test before joining the legs with the top base.

Now, place E (the wheels with a braking system) with the bottom-most of A (4 pieces of square metal tube for the legs, 35 inch long). We will make sure to make the welding precise with joining the wheel with the legs properly. It should be done with all the four legs.

I have added the wheels option because I need mobility for the table. As I will be welding around and taking the welding table with me where ever I move in the workshop. You can also not add the wheels if you don’t want to.

Finishing the Table

Now, we can see that the top frame and the legs are complete. It’s time to finish the table by joining the top base of the table with the wheeled legs. This is a crucial moment for joining the table in finishing as one structure.

How to Build A Welding Table

So, make sure you take adequate time think and position the legs with the topmost of the table. Also, make sure to not smear welding fillers to the top end part of the table as I placed wood for aesthetic.

After joining the legs one by one, give it a time to cool of the welded joints. Once it’s cooled off, try applying pressure with hands to check how sturdy the table is.

Always remember, if you hear crackling sound while on the process of checking, it means the joining was not too strong, and further welding needs to be done for the ultimate result. If everything looks good. You are done!

Final Touches

I am guessing you have successfully made the table stand by its four legs. Do check a couple of times in rechecking all the joint’s holding capacity. The table needs to be strong and sturdy.

Apply lube in the wheels for making it smooth and mobile. Also, if you plan to make the top wood look more premium, you can always polish the wood.

I think cleaning the wood would go to waste, as I will be using the table as welding purposes. Scenarios will differ if you plan to make the table for normal daily use.


The process of building a welding table is one of the easiest welding tasks. It will surely give a pleasuring experience all together once the table is constructed.

Sure, you can buy a table for yourself, which in some cases will be cheaper to buy. But trust me, when you are done with the table, you instantly will fall in love just by staring at it.

The productiveness of the table will also increase as you made the table by yourself. As this is my first DIY project, it helped me a lot in understanding how joining the metals works. I also will encourage you to do so.

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