How Much Does a T-Shirt Printer Cost

There are a variety of uses for a t-shirt printing machine. Examples include creating fresh t-shirt designs and rebranding an existing one. Individuals looking for employment in t-shirt design and branding will need this: how much does a t-shirt printer cost before printing anything—scree to complete their job. We should consider printing as a typical method of producing vast copies. It has a more vibrant color and is less expensive for large print runs.

However, If you own a small company, screen printing may not be a viable option. However, since these machines may be rather expensive, you’ll want to be sure you’re getting the most delicate t-shirt printing machine for small companies.

How Do You Use a T-Shirt Printing Machine?

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You’ll need a few things to get started with a t-shirt printing machine. Among them are:

  • The ink is used for screen printing.
  • Emulsion and sensitizer for photosensitive cameras
  • Shutters
  • Paint scraper
  • On-Screen frame
  • A plastic credit card
  • I need to print this item.

To begin, a visual concept must be developed. Keep in mind that the purpose of these screen printers is to block light. Making a block image simplifies printing as a consequence. Cut out the picture on transparent plastic in the next step.

After that, clean the screen with an emulsion. Apply the mixture on both sides of your screen and place it in the dark to dry. After that, shine the screen with the cutout design in the light for a few seconds. Allow 15 minutes for it to dry before eating.

Remove the image and wipe the screen with cold water. It doesn’t matter whether the screen has been wiped clean or not. To prevent distortions, place your clothing on a flat surface before printing. The print item should be centered (the screen printing press should help you do that). It assists in the spread of ink over the screen. 

Importance of T-Shirt Printing Machine:

  • T-shirt printing is by far the most cost-effective approach to promoting your company. Promotional t-shirt printing may be a great bargain if you use the proper printing technique and the right kind of garment. Pick a plain t-shirt and print the design elements you want. If the design and printing procedures are completed ahead of time, producing these t-shirts should be a breeze.
  • Choose this option to have a qualified designer manage your promotional t-shirt printing. It enables you to create something unique and intriguing. Colors, funny remarks, and other unique touches are all possibilities. Creating a one-of-a-kind T-shirt is almost hard due to the abundance of available designs.
  • We can help you get high-quality printing at a fair price, regardless of your financial circumstances. If that’s the case, you have a variety of printing alternatives for your promotional t-shirts. All aspects of your clothing’s creation, such as the structure and printing, are critical.

How Much Does a T-Shirt Printer Cost?

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It makes no difference what kind of screen printing press you have; for $100, you can have one. To obtain the greatest printouts from your screen, you’ll need this little piece of equipment. You can construct this press in no time if you have carpentry skills and $100 to work with. An automated screen printing machine will cost you more money than one that is not. The price ranges from $250 to $80,000, with the cheapest model coming in at $250. There are devices available that range in price from $250 to $80,000. A machine is more accurate and efficient than a human. The $80,000 screen printer could be suitable for large businesses.


If you want to have a printer like this, you’ll have to invest a lot of money. If you want to print your clothing, you’ll need to invest in things like a heat press and pre-treatment gear. From here, we can understand in more detail how much does a t-shirt printer cost. Let’s begin with that.

The DTG Printer

  • All of them may be classified as beginner, intermediate, or advanced. Non-DTG printers have been superseded as the industry standard for low-cost t-shirt printing equipment by DTG printers.
  • They may be a smart option if you operate a small company and don’t have much money. To begin, you may print using third-party ink to save money.
  • If you want something more professional and competent, they are also an excellent option. These items will set you back at least $15,000 a piece.

Heat Press Machine

  • Heat press your t-shirt both before and after printing.
  • First, you can consider purchasing a well-known piece of equipment such as the Fancierstudio Power Heat Press or something similar. Consider how effectively the press works and how the heat is distributed before making your decision.
  • The heat platen’s quality, the temperature it can achieve, and other factors will all be necessary. More equipment will be required to complete the heat transfer procedure.

Pre-treatment Machine

  • Printing on dark clothing, such as t-shirts or tote bags, necessitates the use of pre-treatment equipment. Because you’d be printing on white clothes, you’d have to be cautious. Consider the start of your work.
  • If you’re printing white t-shirts, there’s no need for a pre-treatment machine. However, it does not seem to be especially real until it occurs.

Cheap T-Shirt Printing Machine Alternative

These are ideal for folks who wish to start a t-shirt printing company but can’t afford to spend $1,000 on heat press equipment. Individuals might use the money they save to purchase new items for their business.

  • The Sublimation Heat Press from Fancierstudio is a new addition to the company’s Sublimation Heat Press lineup. Professionals, enthusiasts, and home users will benefit from it.
  • You could swiftly print anything on any fabric using transfer letters, figures, and photographs. Unlike other heat presses, this sublimation heat press does not need to preheat the material with an iron.
  • This heat press takes up extremely little space due to its top-opening design. This tool may be used in various ways such as It’s ideal for printing artwork and text on items such as T-shirts and mouse pads. It may also add letters, numbers, and other graphics.
  • There is a less costly option than buying expensive t-shirt printing equipment.
  • When the printer’s temperature and time parameters are correct, high-quality prints may be produced.
  • As long as the temperature exceeds 699 degrees Fahrenheit, it will work with most fabric transfer sheets on the market.

Choosing a T-Shirt Printing Machine

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Understanding how much a t-shirt printing machine costs, it’s quite another to choose the proper one. When looking for a t-shirt printing machine, what should you look for? In this region, there are a few factors to consider. Take a look at these. 

Quality of the machine

When selecting a t-shirt printing machine, this is a crucial element to consider. You may have noticed that our list excludes fewer than a few-year-old PCs. It isn’t a mistake. It’s a bad idea to spend money on something you don’t believe in. We recommend only purchasing new t-shirt printing machines from trusted retailers. The safest option is to go with a well-known brand.


Nobody likes to spend money on equipment only to spend more to maintain it in excellent working order. It is an excellent idea to examine the machine’s strength before purchasing. Before making a purchase, you may check the product’s history on Google and read customer reviews.


It is an essential issue to think about as well. T-shirt inkjet printers are available in various sizes. How can you know which body type is right for you? The kind of t-shirts you wish to sell is a crucial first step. Both of these factors will influence the size of the t-shirt machine.

Ease of Installation

Is it simple to set up? Some items may need the assistance of a professional during installation, resulting in higher long-term costs. For personal usage, you should avoid purchasing one of these gadgets. Purchase a computer that is straightforward to set up to prevent this. It is something you should accomplish on your own.

Ease of Use

The equipment you pick should be simple to set up and simple to run. Nobody has time to learn how to operate a machine these days. It is preferable to get a machine that does not need extensive training before usage.


When It Comes to Printing on T-Shirts, What Is the Best Printer to Use??

  • Having a machine that can’t even help you is not very useful. A repurposed DTG printer can swiftly transfer prints when producing modest quantities just a few times a year. If your business expands, you may need a more robust solution.

Is the Business of Making T-Shirts Profitable?

  • It might be the case. The first issues are the demand for your goods and your ability to provide them. It would help if you also promised that you would sell it to a particular set of individuals at a price that will enable you to profit.

To Begin a T-Shirt Printing Business, How Much Does It Cost?

  • If you want to get started with screen printing on a budget, you should budget at least $1,000 for your first project. DTG printers and other equipment will set you back an additional $5,000 to $10,000. 

What Is the Price of T-Shirt Printing?

  • It will vary depending on the kind of print and the number of shirts made. If t-shirts continue to fall, a screenprint may cost twice as much.

Final View

You must be careful while operating a small business. As a consequence, locating small-business-friendly t-shirt printing equipment is much more difficult. To make a t-shirt, you’ll need a high-quality printer. From the whole article, we can know how much does a t-shirt printer cost.

Furthermore, although most printers on the market are compatible with Windows, not all of them are. It is relatively uncommon to find products that can run on any operating system. Some of these devices may include additional security features, such as bar codes, holograms, and microchips. T-shirt printing machines are simple to use, inexpensive, and provide a wide range of printing possibilities.

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