How Many Lumens for Outdoor Projector

Lumen is the most important feature for projectors. If you want to set up a big screen for your home theater, you must know about the term lumens. Lumen is a term that deals with the brightness level of the lamp of your projector.

If the lumen is highly rated, then your picture quality will be outstanding; you can even enjoy your show at dusk.

If the lumen quality is poor, then picture quality will be hazy and thus affect your eyesore.

There are so many outdoor projectors featuring different lumen qualities on the market. Some are amazing; there are 7500 lm projector, 4000 lm projector, 5000lm projector, 6000 lm projector. Lm is used to indicate the term lumen for the projector.

This writing is going to have a thorough discussion on how many lumens for outdoor projector. Now you have to read it carefully and choose the right product for yourself.

Outdoor Projector Screen

outdoor projector screen

Movie under a blanket with your loved one is the most amazing feeling ever. But to ensure an interruption-free clear picture quality, you need a highly qualified outdoor projector screen.

Outdoor projector screens made of PVC featuring white or off-white and they can hang on a wall or from a stand.

These are thin and light; you can easily roll them up whenever you are finished. They save your storage and keep you tension-free. They have the quality to optimize the viewing level to brighten up the viewed picture or the video. There are many kinds of outdoor projectors; you just need to find out which one suits you the most.

Outdoor Projector Setup

To enjoy a great movie or sports match time, you need a good outdoor projector as well as a perfect setup. Before setting up your projector, you need to consider some things like location, safety, comfort, and distance of the projector from the viewers. You have to make sure about the availability of all the equipment like wiring, sound system, backdrops, chairs, screen stand, etc.

You have to follow several steps to set up your outdoor projector,

  • First of all, buy a nice projector.
  • Then you have to wire up your sound system with the projector effectively.
  • Now it is time to set up your screen with proper equipment like a portable stand, wall, frame, or rope. Make sure the screen is being hung properly.
  • Then choose your show and set up the volume level.
  • Finally, power on your projector and set up the chairs in front of the screen maintaining a suitable distance.

This is how you can set up your outdoor projector screen.

Outdoor Projector Screen with Stand

An outdoor projector screen with a stand relieves you in so many ways. If you have a portable projector screen with a stand, then you can carry it with you anywhere. Whether you are having a barbeque party under a tree or a Champagne party, you can take the projector, screen, and the stand with you, the screen with a stand can provide you the benefit of setting up the screen in any context.

You can easily use this in your personal context, educational or professional context. Another thing that needs to mention is that a stand can help you set up your screen from any angle.

Some of the best projector screens withstand in the market; these are being mentioned for your concern, such as Taotronic 4K HD 100” Projector Screen with Stand, Vivohome 16FT Indoor, and Outdoor Inflatable Projector, Vamvo Outdoor/Indoor Projector Screen with Stand, etc.

Outdoor Projector Enclosure

An outdoor projector enclosure is used to protect your projector from getting damaged. There are so many products that have been introduced as outdoor projector enclosures. One of the most common projector enclosures is the waterproof projector box, which is temperature proof and weathering. It has a classy heat cooling system. It features an IP65 projector enclosure requirement.

There are 4 types of outdoor projector enclosure:

  • Small Projector enclosure: this type of protector box protects a small screen featuring the dimension of(435) wid. x (400) dep. x (155) hgt. mm.Medium Projector Enclosure: It is perfect for protecting the medium size screen featuring the dimension of (465) wid. x (555) dep. x (175)
  • Large Projector Enclosure: perfect for the large screen featuring the dimension of (600) wid. x (620) dep. x (220)
  • Ultra-short-throw Projector enclosure protects the screen featuring the dimension of (580) wid. x (620) dep. x (195)

This outdoor projector enclosure ensures the projector screen’s water, rain, and weather protection.

Outdoor Projector 4K

4k projector

Now it is time to talk about some of the best outdoor projectors with 4k features to provide a durable, portable, and reliable service. Nothing can be better than having an amazing portable projector to enjoy movie time anywhere.

4k Outdoor projectors refer to the projectors including ultra HD Resolution. The full HD usually features a 1080 resolution consisting of 1,920*1,080 pixels or a 2.1 million pixel count.

I would like to recommend the three best 4k outdoor projectors such as ViewSonic PX701HD,

Optoma GT1080HDR

These three projectors can provide you with the best HD resolution with amazing picture quality and color accuracy. All of them are budget-friendly. You can easily afford them whenever you want.

Outdoor Projector and Screen

Nowadays, the fun has become easy. You can easily carry your fun wherever you go. Yes, I am talking about the portable projector and screen. But to have the best experience, you need to have the best quality projector and screen. Best quality projector means having a high rated lumen and brightness level.

 In the case of the projector screen, you have to look after the size and the equipment to set up the screen. If you get a frame or stand with the screen, that might be the best option. Now I am going to recommend some of the best projectors and screens up to your budget.

Outdoor Projector and Speakers

Along with the projectors and screens, speakers are also important. Without sound, the show is meaningless. So it is very important to look after the matter of speakers and sound system. Now I am going to recommend some of the best affordable outdoor projectors with speakers for your concern.

Outdoor Projector and Blow Up Screen

One of the best options for an outdoor projector is the inflatable or blow-up screen. It is a very handy product to carry, easy to set up, and provides you with a cool storage bag. You just have to blow it up. This air-filled screen provides you with nice picture quality. You can have your movie time anytime. This air-filled screen always stays up.

Outdoor Projector Accessories

Projectors are the most essential products of our daily life. But if you want to expand your projector set up and want to have a long term projector service, then you can equip some outdoor projector accessories, such as:

  • Projector screen
  • Projector case
  • Speaker
  • Tripod Stand
  • Bracket mount
  • Video streaming device
  • 3d Glasses
  • Display adapters
  • HDMI Switch

Buying an Outdoor Projector

If you consider some matters before buying an outdoor one, that might help you have the best shopping ever. Before buying an outdoor projector, you have to consider several things like:

  1. The type of projectors: You have to fix what kind of projector you need, like a gaming projector, laser projector, portable mini projector, or 4K Projector.
  2. Brightness and lumen ratio
  3. Sound quality
  4. Portability: whether the projector case is available or not.
  5. Context: whether you have projected it in a jungle or beside a swimming pool.
  6. Placement flexibility: whether the projector is flexible enough to set up at odd places.
  7. Durability: whether the projector is water or weather resistant or not.

How Does an Outdoor Projector Work?

friends hangout projector showing

An outdoor projector allows you to experience a big-screen home theater, and you can set up this anywhere you want, which is considered to be the bonus facility of an outdoor projector. You can even set this outside your house in a big yard or a jungle. You can even hang it anywhere with a portable stand or frame or even from a tree. If the lumen is highly rated, then you can have a great show even at dusk with your friends and family. This is how an outdoor projector works.

Outdoor Projector Brightness

For an outdoor projector, you need the minimum brightness level of 2,500 lm at daylight. If you have the projector into your bedroom consisting of ambient light or light reflection, you need 3,000 lm of brightness. It is suitable for your outdoor projector to have 3000 to 4000 lm of brightness. You can even have an amazing show under extreme sunlight.

If you have a party in the afternoon or evening, then you need around 5,500lm of brightness at least. But if it gets dark, then 1000 to 1200 lm is enough.

B&Q Outdoor Projector Lights

B&Q outdoor projector lights are used for decoration for any kind of festival. These have the potential to create a nice and warm relaxing vibe and atmosphere. There are some of the best outdoor projector lights like:

  • Star Shower Motion Laser Lights
  • Bulbhead Star Shower Static Laser Lights
  • BOSSJOY Projector Lights
  • YINUO LIGHT Outdoor Spotlight

Projector Lumens Guide

For understanding lumen, you must have knowledge of brightness level and the affecting factors of the lamp of your projector. But primarily, you are being guided to maintain at least 2000 to 2,500 lm of brightness for your projector. Under this parameter, you may get a poor picture quality and poorly rated lumen. But if there is any possibility of excessive ambient light or extreme sunlight, then you are recommended to buy a projector featuring at least 3,000 to 4,000 lm of brightness.

Projector Higher Lumens Better

If you need a projector for a bright room, then a projector with higher lumen like 3,000 to 4,000 is better. But in a dark room, 1,000 to 12,00 lm is enough.

Mini Projector Best Lumens

If you want to have a mini projector for your show, then you are being recommended to buy a projector featuring at least 500 lumens. This is most probably the best lumen rate for a mini projector.

Best Projector Lumens for Daylight

If you are searching for a projector to display a daylight show, then OPTOMA X600 is the best product in this regard. It provides you with an impressive level of lumens which is 6,000. It enables you to have a great show even in daylight.

Projector Chip Lumens

A single-chip projector contains 3,000 lumens to display the show. Chip helps the projector display images. This chip is known as ‘Digital Micromirror Device’ or DMD.

Projector Lumens Difference

As it is mentioned earlier, the lumen is the term to measure the brightness level of the projectors. To understand the difference of lumens, there are three types of basic key lights: LED Light Source, Laser Light source, and Lamplight Source.

LED Light source contains the minimum level of lumens, which is around 2,000 lm.

Laser light sources provide the highest level of lumens; it is around 3500 lumens or more than this.

Lamplight source provides the mid-level of lumens. It is around 2000 lumens.

Projector Lumens for Drk Room

For a dark room, a projector with 1,000 to 1,200 lumens is more than enough to have a great show on your screen.


How Many Lumens Are for an Outdoor Projector at Night?

You need around 2,000 to 2,500 lumens of brightness to enjoy your grand show with your outdoor projector and screen at night.

How Many ANSI Lumens Are for Outdoor Projectors?

You need to be very cautious while choosing lumens for your outdoor projector. The ANSI lumens around 2,000 to 3,000 may not be enough to provide you with good picture quality. You need a minimum level of 3,500 ANSI lumens for brighter and more colorful picture views and quality.

How Many Lumens Are for an Outdoor Movie Projector?

In one sentence, you need at least 3,000 lumens of brightness for your outdoor movie projector to ensure a great picture and video quality.

How Many Lumens Does an Outdoor Projector Need?

Depending on the lights, you need around 2,500 to 3,000 lumens of brightness for an outdoor projector. With these lumens, you do not need to turn your light off.

How Bright Does a Projector Need to Be Outside?

Depending on the light, to ensure great picture quality with a great resolution, you need a minimum level of 2,000 lumens of brightness for your outside projector.


Nothing can be so much more important than the brightness level of the projector and screen. You have the best sound quality, the best setup, but the worst-rated lumens, then all the efforts are going to be drained. This writing has provided you with a thorough idea about the lumens, outdoor projector, screens, and other equipment. Now it is your turn to utilize the knowledge about how many lumens for outdoor projector from here and choose the rightest option for yourself.

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