How Does a Projector Work

In today’s world, you cannot find a single person who does not know about a projector. A projector is an output machine that projects images on a large flat surface by connecting with computers and other devices. People use it as an alternative to a large screen television or monitor.

There was a time when we used to see a projector only in the movie theater. Usually, we use the projector to display images or videos to many people. However, people now use it at home, office, and for other purposes because of its availability.

The projectors have different varieties. Some popular projectors are LED projector, LCD projector, Video projector, Mini Ray projector, and much more. Besides, you can also use a projector with your phone because of technological advancement.

So, this article will talk about different types of projectors. In addition, we will show you – how does a projector work?

Different Types of Projectors

four type projector

People need projectors for various purposes. Each work requires different types of projectors. So, it comes in several shapes and sizes.

Some well-known types of projectors are-

  • Mini Projector
  • LCD Projector
  • DLP Projector
  • Pocket Projector
  • Movie Projector
  • Classroom projector
  • LED Projector
  • 4k projector, etc.

Mini Projector

Mini projectors are typically no more than 8”*8”*4” in size. To be specific, a mini projector is a tiny version of a standard projector, not bigger than your smartphone. In addition, it is portable, lightweight, and affordable in price. Moreover, you can carry it anywhere.

Usually, people use a mini projector for an office meeting or a conference in a small place. You can use it if you want to watch a movie or entertain yourself with a large screen anytime you want.

LCD Projector

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) projector is a video projector. It displays videos, images, and other data files on flat surfaces. First, the light is channeled through a metal-halide lamp and then a set of dichroic filters. After that, the projector separates and manages into blue, green, and red elements.

Finally, the projector’s output generates a series of color pixels into the flat surface. The LCD projector can transfer high-resolution light even in small areas- perfect for presentations, slideshows, and movies.

DLP Projector

DLP stands for Digital Light Processing technology. A DLP projector works with an optical micro-electro-mechanical technology with a digital micromirror device.

The DLP chip produces excellent images. This projector is currently used for business purposes, presentations, and marketing. Meanwhile, you can also use it as a home theater projector for watching movies and playing games on a larger screen.

Pocket Projector

A pocket projector includes the modernist technology in the micro, pico, and ultra-portable projectors category. It is rarely over one pound in weight and small enough to fit anywhere.

Most pocket projectors use DLP technology, and a few use laser light. Since this projector is portable, you can bring it anywhere to use it for indoor and outdoor purposes.

Movie Projector

A movie projector is the most commonly used projector, especially in movie theaters and homes. We eventually know its use by its name- watching movies on a big screen.

Typically a movie projector works like a regular projector. But the camera resolution must be not less than 1080P. Nowadays, people use it as a home theater projector.

Classroom Projector

Classroom projectors can be either wired or wireless. They are mainly used in classrooms for displaying presentations and essential files.

You can connect it with the laptop or other devices. Moreover, you can also connect it with WiFi and through Bluetooth.

LED Projector

A LED projector typically uses LED to project videos and images on a large flat surface. They are portable and sometimes remote-controlled. The resolution quality is high, and you can easily connect it with any device.

4K Projector

4k projectors provide high-quality images with built-in DLP technology and 4K resolution. They are portable and lightweight. In addition, you can connect a 4K projector with devices like Bluetooth, WiFi, and USB cable- perfect for your home theater.

How Projectors Work

projector work

A projector is widely known for its essential usages. People now use it not only for watching movies but also for different purposes. However, how does a projector work? Have you ever thought about that? Many people may wonder how a projector generates images on a large surface.

We already know that different projectors work for several demands. However, the projectors typically work with DLP, LCD, and CRT technologies. So, the functions are also different.

DLP (Digital Light Processing)

A DLP projector uses mainly a micromirror chip to project images. To be specific, the chip includes about 2 million square-sized mirrors in miniature forms. An electronic circuit works on deciding the impulse of each mirror.

These two million micromirrors work together to create a high-resolution image. Moreover, the projector uses a colored wheel that contains red, blue, and green colors to add color to the images. Finally, a lens collects the light beams to produce a final image.

LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

LCD technology works with a group of dichroic mirrors. First, the device produces only white light beams. Then, the white light reflects on the mirror as the beam of red, blue, or green light.

After that, the red, green, and blue lights pass through the three screens of the LCD. The three primary colors get tinted to produce other secondary colors. Finally, all the color beams get together to produce a complete image.

CRT (Cathode Ray Tube)

The CRT projectors are generally massive in size and weight. So, they are not portable. To begin with, it is a video projector that uses a cathode ray tube to generate a high-bright image. A lens is placed before the CRT face to produce an image on a large screen. At last, the images get ready by the colored tubes (red, blue, green).

How to Use Projector from Computer

projector to computer connect

A projector is now an inevitable part of our life. We all need a projector for meeting purposes, class lectures, and presentations. Now the projectors come in portable and small shapes so that you can connect with your PC.

But how does a projector work from a computer? You will come to know how to use a projector from the computer from the instructions below –

Using HDMI Cable

An HDMI cable is a good option if you use a projector from your computer. Most of the projectors have an HDMI port. Besides, most of the computers have that too. So, you can easily connect the projector with a PC by using an HDMI cable.

You have to follow the nest steps for setup –

  • Click the Start Menu and then open Settings.
  • Select System>Display>Advanced Settings.
  • You can see the projector as a second screen; if not, select Detect.
  • Click Duplicate These Displays.
  • Finally, click Apply.

Your desktop will reflect on the projector screen. If you go through some issues, then try to restart the projector.

Using DVI

DVI (Digital Visual Interface) technology is one of the best choices for high-quality videos. To be specific, a DVI cable can transfer high-resolution video. Typically almost all computers have DVI ports.

You only have to connect the cable with the projector and computer ports. The other procedures are the same as the HDMI cable.

Using VGA

Using a VGA (Video Graphics Array) is one of the oldest methods for projecting video on a large screen. However, many computers still have output ports for the VGA cables. So, if you have a VGA port on your PC, you can use it.

Using USB

A USB cable is now primarily famous because of its simple usage. Moreover, if you need to draw or present something on the projector screen, you must connect it with your computer by USB cable.

For this purpose, you have to connect one end of a USB cable with your desktop port and the other end with the projector’s USB port. You may need to install drivers for the projector after plugging it in. After that, you need to follow the simple rules of the HDMI section.

How to Use Projector with Phone

projector with phone

Suppose you do not have your pc with you but still need to project your presentation at the meeting. It is not impossible to do that simply with your android phone. But how does a projector work with a phone?

Modern technologies come with many solutions to connect the projector with your phone. However, we divided it into two sections- wired and wireless connections.

Wired connection: Every android phone comes with USB-c or micro-USB port. As a result, you can easily use a USB-C or HDMI cable to connect your mobile phone with the projector.

Wireless connection: If the wired connection is not suitable for your android phone, you can use wireless connections like WiFi and Google Chromecast. But for Google Chromecast, your phone must have HDMI support.

Advantages of Using Projectors

The uses of projectors have massive benefits. In today’s world, people utilize it in countless ways. So, the advantages of projectors are innumerable.

Video with a Giant Screen

The unique feature of a projector is that it produces images on a large screen. As a result, you do not have to watch movies with your friends and family on a fixed screen. Moreover, you can also customize the screen as big as you want.

Eye Comfortness

Although the projectors show images and videos on a large screen, the light is not as intense as the television or computer. So, it is less harmful than those smaller screens.

Easy to Use

Different types of projectors come with a lot of options. You can connect a projector with your computer, laptop, mobile phone, or even television by different kinds of cables or WiFi connection. You can choose any option which is preferable to you.

Worth the Money

A projector serves you in many more ways- watching movies at home and theater, delivering a presentation at meetings, showing your assignment in the classroom, and much more. However, the best part is that it is not as expensive as you think. So, a projector is definitely worth your money.

Disadvantages of Using Projectors

Everything has its positive and negative sites. Although a projector has become an inseparable part of our life, it is not without disadvantages.

  • Without enough darkness, a projector cannot project images properly.
  • A projector cannot act on its own. You have to connect it with any device by wires or Bluetooth; otherwise, it cannot work.
  • It does not have any built-in sound system. So, you have to connect it with a suitable sound device.
  • A projector always needs a smooth surface to create an image on a larger screen.


Can You Watch Tv on a Projector?

Watching TV on a projector is not impossible. But you need some additional items- especially a cable box. After that, you have to connect it with your projector by HDMI. However, some projectors have built-in apps where you do not need anything.

Is a Projector Better for the Eyes Than a Tv?

A projector usually shows videos on a larger screen. In addition, it creates less bright light on the screen. As a result, it gives you less pressure on the eyes than a TV.

What Do You Need for a Projector to Work?

You can transfer images and stuff from a computer, television, or other devices to your projector. Most people use an HDMI connection for the projector. Other options can be the DVI, VGA, and USB connections.

Is a Projector Better for Kids?

The screen of the television and other devices is harmful to the eyes. On the other hand, a projector generates images with a soothing light. So, it is better for kids.

Is a Projector Good for Gaming?

You can use the projector for gaming. If you have money, you can buy a projector for enjoying your game on a larger screen. But make sure that you buy the right projector since all projectors are not suitable for gaming.


The uses of projectors are enormous. Besides enjoying something on a big screen, it serves many purposes. Now you can see a projector everywhere- especially in educational institutions and offices. 

However, you should also ask yourself how does a projector works? You should also get some general knowledge about different types of projectors so that you can choose the right projector for you.

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