How Artists Make Money

Ever wonder how artists make money? Well, I’ll tell you, it’s not easy. Artists are always trying to find ways to make their art and their lives work together. People who work in the arts know that staying financially stable can be challenging. This happens in any profession. But there are more lows than highs for people who work in the arts because society does not think this is valuable. So, are you curious to know about how artists make money?

We are going to tell you about how artists make money. There are many different ways an artist can make money. They will help you earn money so that you can support yourself and always keep in mind that you can live with art. So read on to know!

The Art of Making Money From Your Art

Art is a good way to earn money, but how do you make it? Art and making money from it are two separate art forms, and they can both be learned and perfected with the proper lessons. It’s not uncommon to find highly talented artists in this country who are masters at their craft but face challenges living from it.

It is important to develop your unique style of art if you intend to make money with it. That’s true that developing your own style will take time and concentration. Although they have yet to find their style, young artists are making a lot of money as they try to develop their art.

Many artists think that making money off their art is incredibly difficult because thousands of artists are better than they are. Furthermore, people who tried selling their artwork before but failed can be distinguished from those artists who make money.

How Artists Make Money: 8 Ways

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1. Take orders from fans

Photographers are not the only ones who can sell their photos. The sale of high-quality artwork print can be beneficial to illustrators, painters, and even sculpture artists.

However, more than just the artists benefit, as you will be able to diversify your market and reach new viewers who may not be able to afford your original piece. Artists can sell their work online for a small commission using many online services that offer printing and selling.

In addition to selling cases for smartphones, scarves, and backpacks, many of these sites also sell products featuring their artwork.

2. Teach online classes

Why not look into teaching online if teaching is your thing? The creative field is in great need of trusted instructors and teachers today, as more people strive to achieve their goals. A creative teacher is able to share their knowledge with others if they are skilled at sharing what is in their head. Among these creative teachers are painters, photographers, and graphic designers. They provide live tutoring to students, launching paid services that allow students to have access to private tutors.

Become a tutor of art online in these ways:

  • It is becoming more and more common to sell courses online.
  • Create a website or Sellfy page where you can sell guides and tutorials.
  • Educate your audience on different techniques by creating your own YouTube channel

3. Group Workshop

There is a chance that you enjoy teaching, but you don’t like creating activities to upload to a website. If you wish, you can conduct face-to-face workshops.

There are workshops for every branch of art. For instance, a street artist could organize a workshop about using spray paint or cutting stencils. Or maybe you’re a master at handwriting? Workshops on type and calligraphy can be given by you. You can get money this way.

4. Deliver lectures or presentations at a university

If you are naturally a public speaker, you could offer lectures or seminars on a topic closely related to your passion, whether it is painting, photography, or design.

You can reach out to natural history museums or scientific organizations that are interested in learning more about the intersection of arts and sciences, for example, if you are a wildlife photographer or a scientific illustrator.

5. Licensing and selling your art with agencies

Your work can be licensed or sold directly to advertising agencies for royalties. Many creative professions use this feature, including photographers, musicians, video producers, illustrators and graphic designers. A steady income can be generated from this work if it is done well with quality work.

6. You can sell your eBook by writing one

Creating an electronic book may be an option for you if you have not taken online classes and most of your classes are not face-to-face. To be well informed about how things work, many amateurs and beginners turn to books and video tutorials.

Photographers can offer a perspective on underwater photography or on studio lighting basics.

7. Take advantage of social media influence

You can become an influencer by all the posts you make on social networks, such as Instagram if you are experienced with the network and have a lot of followers.

This will cause big brands to contact you and want to sponsor you to use their merchandise so that your followers will be more likely to buy their products. Photographers of travel and leisure use it a lot, as many are sponsored by hotels, airlines, travel agencies and offer incredible photographs of the destination instead of promoting their brand or giving good references on the destination. 

8. Youtube or vlog as a profession

You can be a YouTuber just like an influencer, and brands will contact you just for the sake of mentioning them, telling them how good things were, or recommending that they use their product. Your videos can also be monetized if they are of high quality and do not affect YouTube’s rules. It depends on your level of influence whether you monetize them by receiving visits and followers.


Can artists be rich?

Using US census data, a recent study found that artists tended to grow up in wealthy households. According to a new study, a person’s family’s wealth is one of the major factors determining whether or not they become an artist.

Do Instagram artists make money?

Using Instagram to sell art commissions is absolutely legit. I’ve done art commissions on other sites such as Fiverr, but yes, I think Instagram is a pretty good outlet for selling art commissions.

Is arts a good career?

People with a passion for art and a desire to live in a stimulating environment can still consider an artistic career. Further, they will have the opportunity to interact with people who value art, and they will be able to share their own views or ideas with others.

Why do artists fail?

Artists who don’t identify a market to fill are the main reason why they fail in business. The act of creating art is a form of self-indulgence. In order to create, artists listen to their inner voices. This is an excellent idea in general.

How can I legally sell my art?

You must have a license if you plan to sell artwork yourself. You can register your company to do business under the name of your choice using the DBA (Doing Business As) form. In addition, you can run your own business.


We hope this article has provided a few insights into how artists make money and some of the ways you can get paid for your work. It’s important to note that there is no one-size-fits-all approach, but many different avenues are available to help you monetize what you do best.

With so much competition out there in any given field, it’s essential to find an approach that works for both your passions and lifestyle while also providing sustainable income opportunities. Regardless of where or how you want to earn revenue from your artistic pursuits, we believe these tips will be helpful as long as they’re applied with intentionality and creativity!

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