Hobart Handler 210 MVP review

Power and Applications

Hobart Handler 210MVP is designed compact with weight of around 80 pounds. Though its weight is comparatively higher than other welders in its class, but it is quite portable and easy to transport. Unfortunately, this welder can’t be powered by generators due to lack of inverter technology, so it isn’t recommended for remote welding sites.

Hobart Handler 210MVP comes with a multi-voltage plug for 115V and 230V input power. The MVP allows you to connect the machine to either of the two receptacles in a twist, without requiring any additional equipment. All you have to do is choose the plug that fits your receptacles, connect it to your system and start welding.

Portability and Flexibility

Hobart Handler 210MVP is a mix package of quality, affordability and durability, designed for both novice and experts. Its output power ranges from 25A to 210A, making it an ideal welder for both the worlds. This MIG welding tool offers maximum duty cycle of 30% at 150A and can weld materials including steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

Its weld output is powerful enough to handle 3/8 inch thick mild steel and stable control enough for 24-gauge materials. It’s recommended for various metal fabrication applications related to home, farm, auto-body workshops, DIY and small industrial sites. You can also use it for flux-cored welding.

​Special Features

​Here are some special features of Hobart Handler 210MVP, which make it one of the top rated MIG welders;

  • Dual-voltage input with the multi-voltage plug allows you to plug-in your welder almost anywhere.7 voltage selectionsfor 230V and 4 voltage selectionsfor 115V, infinite wire feed speed control and enhanced magnetics offer easier and better control for improved arc performance with reduced spatter for better bead and less cleanup requirement.
  • Built-in spool gun control circuitry for optional spool runner that can be directly plugged in. Using spool runner helps alleviate feeding issues with soft aluminum wires.
  • Built-in contactor makes the tool more convenient by easing use. It’s also considered a safety feature as it makes the wire electrically cold when not welding.
  • Easy access to polarity changeover, which also includes storage hole for spare tips.
  • Dual-groove drive rolls allow you to easily switch from one size to another.
  • Self-resetting thermal overload and motor protection ensures that the system doesn’t exceed its duty limit and protects the motor from liable problems.


Let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having Hobart Handler 210MVP;

  • ​With dual voltage input ability, you can literally use the tool in both home and industrial welding sites.
  • ​It needs very less operator skill, so it’s good for beginners as well.
  • ​Produces high quality and clean weld every time.
  • ​The tool is compact in size, so it’s easy for you to transport.
  • ​This welder costs effectively and comparatively lower than other welders in its class, with the same capacity.
  • ​Along with MIG welding, you can also explore flux-cored welding.


  • ​The welder is not designed for heavy duty fabrication and its use is limited.
  • ​Some users might find the cables too short.
  • ​It requires an additional cart to carry around.

​Cost and Warranty

As mentioned earlier, Hobart Handler 210 MVP is quite affordable and costs very less as compared to other welders with same power and features. Considering all its features and quality, its price is much low.

In such a good investment, you also get along certain additional benefits. It comes with the Hobart 5/3/1 industrial warranty, in which you get complete advantage of 5 years, 3 years or 1 year warranty on the system and its parts, according to the type of equipment. In the warranty period, if your tool or any of its part technically breaks down, you get free of cost replacement or repairing service.


​Over all, Hobart Handler 210 MVP welding machine is a good product to purchase. It makes your welding work quicker and provides you better weld. But if you need a more versatile tool with advanced features and can add more to your budget, I recommend Millermatic 211 or Lincoln PowerMIG 210Mp.

​If this is the right tool for you, for more knowledge about the welder, you can:

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