Hobart Handler 190 review

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Power and Applications

Hobart Handler 190 wire feed welding machine is a low cost option to weld aluminum, with wide range of output power ranging from 25A to 190A. It offers maximum duty cycle of 30% at 130A and can weld aluminum, mild steel as well as stainless steel materials.
This welder is mostly applicable for welding materials as thin as 24-gauge up to 5/16 inch thick and ideal for various metal fabrication tasks related to maintenance, construction, auto body workshops, farm or ranch, rental shop and home DIY projects. It’s designed with easy use features and ideal for both entry level as well as expert welders.

Portability and Flexibility

Hobart Handler 190 weighs around 68 pounds, and it’s quite a portable welder, making it easy to transport and ideal for rental shops or sites where you need to often move your welder around. This tool can be powered by generators; it would need a generator with minimum 7000 watt.
This MIG welder can operate on input power of 230V, so you can use it wherever you can find a 230V power plug. Due to its input power flexibility, it’s perfect for light industrial welding sites.

Special Features

Just like any other Hobart Handler advanced welders, Hobart Handler 190 has also got all the special features that aren’t available in other welders of the same category;

  • 7 Voltage options, infinite wire feed speed control and improved magnetics deliver a good and easier parameter output control, providing improved arc performance with reduced spatter that results better beads, needing very less clean up.
  • Built-in spool-gun control circuitry in which the spool-gun [easyazon_link identifier=”B004U9BZW4″ locale=”US” tag=”pickwelder07-20″]SpoolRunner 100[/easyazon_link] can be directly plugged in. This spool gun eliminates the feeding problems of soft aluminum wires.
  • Built-in patented wire feeder technology releases drive roll lever quickly, for eased use.
  • Built-in contractor makes the welding tool easy to use. This also makes the wires cold electrically when any welding is not being done, which is also an excellent safety feature.
  • Dual groove drive roll system is perfect for easy switching of the wire sizes.
  • Polarity changeover can be easily accessed. This feature also includes storage holes that are necessary for storing spare tips.
  • Self-resetting thermal overload and motor protection aids overloading, ensuring durability of the welder.


Here are some advantages of having Hobart Handler 190 over other MIG welders in the same class;

  • You can get absolutely clean weld every time.
  • Requires very low operator skill; even a novice welder can use it effortlessly.
  • The tool is much more durable and risk-free due to the overload protection feature.
  • Light weight and very easy to transport.
  • It can weld thick materials.


  • This welder is not recommended for heavy industrial tasks.
  • It can’t operate on normal household power outlet and needs special outlet.
  • It’s more expensive than other welders of the same category.

Cost and Warranty

Hobart Handler is a powerful and versatile tool with dual process capability and high quality features. It costs is quite a good deal when the listed qualities are considered. It’s a perfect tool for your light industrial metal fabrication needs.
Like any other Hobart welder, your investment is also safe with this product and you get along certain benefits as the device comes with the Hobart 5/3/1 industrial warranty, in which you get complete advantage of 5 years, 3 years or 1 year warranty on the system and its parts, according to the type of equipment. In the warranty period, if your tool or any of its part technically breaks down, you get free of cost replacement or repairing service.


Hobart handler 190 has all the attributes that makes it an ultimate welder for your light industrial welding needs. However, if you need a more versatile tool, you can choose Lincoln EasyMig 180 and in case you have to work with thicker materials, Forney 318 could be perfect for you.
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