Hobart Handler 140 review

Power and Applications

Hobart Handler 140 is a compact MIG/Flux-cored welder. It’s one of the most popular and simple to use welders available at the market, with maximum output power of 140A. It offers duty cycle of 20% at 90 amps, which is more than enough for any household metal fabrication projects.

With MIG function, it can weld thinner materials including steel, stainless steel and aluminum, whereas the additional flux-cored function is for thicker steel or stainless steel materials. Hobart Handler 140 can weld materials as thin as 24-gauge up to 1/4 inch thick, making it ideal for Maintenance, construction, home repairs, rental shops, farm and auto body workshops.

​Portability and Flexibility

Like Lincoln easy MIG 140, this tool also weighs around 60 pounds and it’s quite portable and easy to move around, making it versatile and very appealing to small-scale welders.

Hobart Handler 140 is designed to run on input power of 115V household current, so it’s almost usable anywhere you can find a power plug. It comes ready to MIG and requires no additional kit, making it flexible and a very user convenient tool. Dismally, this tool is not recommended to use with generators.

​Special Features

Hobart Handler 140 has some special features, that make this tool one of the most demanded welders in its class;

  • ​5-position tapped voltage control selector allows you to tune your arc finely in order to deliver a smooth stable arc on all thickness every time.
  • ​Built-in contactor that keeps the wire electrically cold until the spool gun trigger gets pulled.
  • ​Industrial cast aluminum drive system and heavy duty work clamp that makes it a heavy duty and durable tool.
  • ​Dual-groove quick change drive roll for easy set up and quick spool gun change, whenever necessary.
  • ​Convenient polarity changeover for better arc performance and easy use.
  • ​Built-in self-resetting thermal overload system, which offers protection in the toughest applications.
  • ​Short circuit protection guarding against current overload


Few advantages of having Hobart Handler 140;

  • ​Gets the wire to feed out accurately every time in very low electricity throughout the process.
  • ​Dual-process functionality in a single tool allows you to work with wide variety of materials, irrespective of thicknesses.
  • ​Offers you excellent arc performance, with very less weld spatter, in a very affordable price.
  • ​Very low operator skill is required to operate this tool, so even if you are a novice welder, you can use it like an expert.
  • ​The system is easy to set up and it takes only few minutes to be ready for welding, which saves you a lot of time and labor.
  • ​It’s profoundly durable due to the rugged construction, so there won’t be much expense in the long run.


  • ​The tool can’t be carried manually all the way. It might need an additional cart if the welder has to be moved around often, costing you some extra bucks.
  • ​For MIG welding you will need a gas cylinder, which means extra lifetime expense and limited portability.
  • ​Only recommended for small projects and not for industrial sites.
  • ​As it’s not compatible to generators, this welder is not recommended for remote sites like field where no power supply is available.
  • ​It’s more expensive when compared to others that use gas that are cheaper.

​Cost and Warranty

Hobart Handler 140 is very much affordable and has all the qualities listed to ensure that you don’t buy an expensive set unnecessarily. It cost quite low when all its qualities and features are considered.

While purchasing this welder, your investment is fully protected and valued as it comes with the Hobart 5/3/1 industrial warranty, in which you get complete advantage of 5 years, 3 years or 1 year warranty on the system and its parts, according to the type of equipment. In the warranty period, if your tool or any of its part technically breaks down, you get free of cost replacement or repairing service.


​Hobart Handler 140 is a dependable and excellent welder in quite low price. It’s highly recommended for small-scale metal fabrication projects as well as for some larger projects. However if you are ready to invest some more and this tool somewhat doesn’t meet your requirements, you can consider more powerful welders like Hobart Handler 190 or Hobart Handler 210 that come with better power and features.

​If you feel that this is the perfect welder you need, but you still have some doubts, you can:

6 thoughts on “Hobart Handler 140 review”

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  2. I presently own the Lincoln weldpac (100 amp?). How much of an improvement is this welder.
    I want to be able to drag a welder and generator 5700watt down around the gate and do repairs.
    My Lincoln jut can’t penetrate well enough.
    Your thoughts?

    • Hi James,
      Based on the parameters in your machine, I think it’s just need 2500 W of the power. So this generator completely meet your job.
      However, make sure that the generator has an MCB with overload protection in 30A.

  3. The Handler 140 is compatible with operating on generators so your statement in your review is misrepresenting the product. Please correct your review.

  4. Very good welder (Handler 140) and easy to set up and use. The only problem I’ve had with mine is the thermal overload protection. On a hot day, maybe around 100 degrees out, but the welder in the shade, the thermal protection shut down the wire feed. I had welded for maybe 60 seconds straight. I waited and waited, with the unit turned on and fan running, but it would not reset. I even set up a portable fan to blow from front to back of the unit and it still wouldn’t reset. Two hours later I tried again and still no wire feed. I thought I had a serious problem, Then I tried the welder again this morning and the wire feed worked fine. So heat sensitivity is definitely a consideration. I’ll try again, welding a little at a time then stopping, to try to keep the heat down.


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