Hobart Handler 125 EZ Flux Cored Wire Welder: Review

Hobart Handler 125 EZ Flux Cored Wire Welder: Review

Right out of the box, the Handler 125 EZ is the quickest and easiest wire welder to set up and operate due in no small part to the Single-Knob Control.

The Single Knob Control is why this is a great welder for any beginner. All you have to do is plug the Handler into any 115 VAC, select the desired (mild) steel thickness, and you are really to become the welding wizard in your neighborhood.

Everything you need to weld 18 gauge, 3/16 in mild steel with a .030 in self-shielding, flux-cored wire is included. Also, the unit can handle .035 in (0.9 mm) flux cored wire with a .035 in (0.9 mm) contact tip.

Beginning welders should consider the Hobart 125 for many reasons.

It is compact, easy to operate, and very reasonable priced.  

This product will be an invaluable asset for maintenance and repair on the farm. It is recommended for light fabrication, as well.  Review forums are full of positive reviews about the Hobart Handler 125.

Let us review all of the factors that make the Hobart 125 such a great buy, and a favorite among professional welders and amateurs.

Why Choose a MIG Welder: Price and Performance

Metal Inert Gas welding, or Metal Arc Welding, came along in the 1940s.

Its popularity was in direct correlation to the semi-automatic process. Think about it: America in the 1940s. There are a bunch of cities and industries and warplanes to build. You need to get inexperienced welders up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible with as little time and effort as necessary.

Today, MIG welders are very popular with professionals and do-it-yourselfer home improvement gurus.

It is a quicker process than stick welding. Basically, the reasons for this are that you get the hassle-free performance you want for a price that accommodates any budget.

MIG welders are the best option because you get a wide range of capabilities for a reasonable price. Beginners can quickly become comfortable with the operating instructions of a MIG welder.

What to Expect from a Hobart Handler 125: Specifications and Features

As we mentioned, you only need to work with a single knob for the thickness of mild steel to be welded.

The Single-Knob Control adjusts the volts and wire feed speed. This is an excellent feature that should encourage the beginner MIG welder to get started. It also adds to the overall safety of the equipment.

The 125-amp output allows the user to weld 18-gauge up to 3/16-inch steel using flux cored wire.

You can count on the durability of the feed head. The unit has a quick release drive roll lever which provides a positive feed making threading a new wire much easier for the operator.

For safety, the wire remains electrically cold until the trigger is pulled. Also, the transformers are protected against short circuits and thermal overload.

Any all-in-one MIG welding kit must have what you need to get going. You don’t want to open up your new toy just to find out you have to run back to the store for a bunch of accessories.

  • Comfortable H-9A gun, 8 ft. (2.4 m).
  • Spare .030 in (0.8 mm) contact tip.
  • 10 ft. (3 m) work cable with clamp.
  • Sample spool of .030 in. (0.8 mm) self-shielded flux cored welding wire.
  • Spool shaft to accommodate 4 in spools (Optional hub kit available for 8 in spools).
  • Power cord with plug.

Before you leave the store, you might talk to the salesman about a couple of add-ons that would be with the extra dollars you spend.

For portability, take a look at the available gear cart and cylinder rack. If you are a neat freak, you might want to grab a stain resistant, nylon, weatherproof cover.  

Hobart is a Brand Name You Can Trust

Hobart Welding Products has been around since 1917. The company has decades of experience testing, and developing wedding equipment and accessories right here in the U.S.A.

Hobart MIG welders are used in many industries where reliability, safety and durability are paramount, including farming, auto repair and construction. Also, Hobart offers a line of very affordable products aimed at the do-it-yourselfer or self-employed handyman — without sacrificing quality or safety.

The company takes pride in providing a customer support team that is readily available to talk one on one with their customers. On that note, Hobart is dedicated to outstanding customer service and satisfaction.

We believe in companies that have been around for many, many years in an industry where word of mouth is key to any success or failure. Anyone with longevity is a good bet. Any serious buyer of arc welding equipment should place a lot of faith in the experience and expertise that comes with decades of customer satisfaction and product innovation.

According to WeldersAdvisor, “The Hobart brand name speaks volume in the industry thanks to its quality products which are embodiment of durability and performance. When it is time for you to purchase a welding machine, you are likely going to be happy with your choice if you go with a Hobart welder.”

Hobart continues to make their product in Troy, Ohio.

Where to Buy a Hobart Handler 125 MIG Welder

If you are a self-employed MIG welder looking to expand, or take your home improvement skills to the next level, you might be thinking that used kit would be a good choice

Getting your hands on a used Hobart 125 MIG welder can be tricky.

Used systems available at Amazon or eBay. The prices range from just under $300 to nearly $1000 depending on all the accessories that are included by the seller. These are dependable systems that last for years, so MIG welder owners tend to hang on the them. So, if you do find a used system on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, give that puppy a new home!

Another place to find factory refurbished welding units is from the manufacturer. Visit the Hobart Welding Company website periodically, and you might just get your hands on a used kit.

However, if you are looking to for new MIG welder for sale, and want to deal with a knowledgeable salesman, do a simple Google search for an authorized Hobart dealer in your area.  

You should expect to pay just under $500 for a new Hobart 125.

Find Expert Advice, Reviews and Ratings for the Hobart Handler 125

So many aspects will go into making the right equipment choice. Whether the welding equipment is for home projects, hobbies or a source of income, this is an investment.  Like any investment, you want it to perform well, and the benefits to outweigh the costs.

Take your time. Do your research.

Reach out to a quality welder in your area. They can provide you with real-world information and recommendations based on their experience in the field. Angies List and Home Advisor are great resources for finding a local MIG welder you can trust.

Without a doubt, Amazon is one of the best places to go to for knowledge about the product from the people who have had time with the product.  The Hobart Handler has an average customer rating of four-star rating, and many great testimonies to consider.

Tiberious gives the product four stars and has this to say:

“Bought this for my wife who has been a commercial welder using major tools on huge jobs for years. She’s thrilled with it, it’s ability and compactness, parts availability, etc, she loves it. She went right to work and had beautiful welds immediately, no screwing around or learning it for someone at her skill level. She says it works perfectly.”

Sebas gives the product five stars and has this to say:

“This is a very good welder. I use it around the house every time I have the chance, and never skipped a bit. I actually got a refurbished one from Hobart for a little under 250 bucks. A great value for a welder that looks, feels and acts as new.”

ARZY, who gives the Hobart Handler a five-star rating on amazon.com, wrote the following review:

“Great welder for the money. The instructions under the hood make it easy for the beginning welder to select the correct settings. I haven’t welded in over 30+ years but was able to set this up and start on my first project within 30 minutes.”

So many aspects will go into making the right equipment choice. Whether the welding equipment is for home projects, hobbies or a source of income, this is an investment.  Like any investment, you want it to perform well, and the benefits to outweigh the costs.

Other Hobart Welder Kits You Might Consider

You begin must by asking yourself the right questions before spend hard earned money on any equipment.

Is power output the most important feature you are looking for in a MIG welder? Maybe versatility and price are your greatest concerns.

How does the type of materials you work with impact your equipment requirement?

Do you own a local equipment rental company are in need of some reliable, welding equipment for your construction clients?

Whatever your welding skill or work load, the Hobart line has something for everyone. From the Handler 210 to the big, bad Hobart Ironman, we love this product line because you can make the right investment of your time and money, every time.

The Hobart Handler 210 MVP MIG Welder is a Great Buy

You can expect to pay just under $800 for this unit. This is a very versatile MIG welder that gives you the best of both worlds.

The Multi-Voltage Plug (MVP) provides flexibility to use either 115V or 230V input power with a twist of the knob. The unit is backed by Hobart’s 5/3/1 Industrial Warranty.

This is another easy to set-up product from Hobart. The Handler 210 is great for home projects and small pro jobs. What’s included in the box?

  • Handler 210MVP w/ built-in gas valve.
  • 10 ft. H100S4-10 MIG welding gun.
  • 10 ft. work cable with clamp, power cord with plug.
  • 115V and 230V multi-voltage plug.
  • Contact tips

We recommend the Hobart Handler 210 for auto body panels, trailer frames & hitches, tool carts and lawn & garden equipment.

The Hobart Ironman 230 MIG Welder is a Workhorse Built for the Pro

You don’t mess around fixing grandma’s rose replace with this baby. The IronMan 230 is the choice for those looking for higher output and longer duty cycles. This unit doesn’t break a sweat on mild steel welds or stainless steel.

It can handle aluminum, too. You have the option to add the Hobart DP-3545-20 spool gun to weld aluminum from 18-gauge to 1/2 inch.

This unit comes with a wheel kit and cylinder block to make this powerful and portable on the job site.

  • Rugged Design and Performance: The IronMan 230 delivers 30-250 amps in a heavy-duty cabinet. The arc is optimized so you can count on a flawless weld.
  • Fabrication and Repair: If you are wanting a heavy-duty workhorse, this is the MIG welder than can meet your expectations. It can be used for fabrication, construction, auto repair, auto body, and equipment rental companies.
  • Kit Includes: 15 ft. 200-amp MIG gun, regulator/flowmeter, 5 ft. gas hose with fitting, primary input power cable with plug, 10 ft. work cable with clamp, 030/.035 in. dual groove drive roll, owner’s manual, 2 plastic cable hangers with mounting hardware, and extra contact tips.
  • Easy to Use: The hinged door gives you hassle free access to the wire drive system.
  • Safety: Thermal overload protection.

Sure, you’ll throw down a little more than two-grand on this system, so you be lending it to your ex brother-in-law for the weekend.

However, for any pro looking to upgrade his or her welding equipment, you can’t go wrong investing in the Hobart Ironman.

Do Your Homework, Make Your Choice   

We’ve discussed how Hobart Welding Products is a brand name you can trust. They have decades of experience and a dedicated customer base. They provide versatile MIG welding products for any situation.

If the Hobart Handler 125 isn’t the best choice for you, there are many Hobart options from which you can choose.

Professional welders will consider different components than a homeowner or handyman.

No doubt, there’s a lot of factors to consider before making your purchase. Reach out to professionals and gain wisdom from their successes and failures. Any professional welder or handyman will be happy to talk shop and help you make the right choice.

In the end, the more information you have when choosing a welding kit, the happier you’ll be with your purchase. Consider the time you spend searching for MIG welders for sale an investment that can affect your bottom-line and home improvement budget.

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