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GameFly is a video game and movie enthusiasts’ must-have. With an enormous library of over 9,000 different titles in movies and video games (and new items added every day), GameFly has something for everyone. This is the ultimate entertainment website if you’re into movie marathons or video game sessions. If you’re not satisfied with your game or movie choice, simply send it back and the next item on your list will be sent to you. Whether you would like to try a certain item before you buy it or just have some fun playing with a friend, renting is the way to go. If you’re an avid gamer and just can’t get enough of the latest games or are a personal film buff who just wants to own all of your favorite movies, there are gift cards available for any occasion! No matter what kind of member you are, GameFly has the perfect membership that’s sure to fulfill your needs.

Why Sign Up For GameFly?

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If you enjoy playing video games but don’t want to spend $60 on one that you’ll just play for a few days and then discard, GameFly is an excellent option. You may rent video games from GameFly for as long as you want and keep them for as long as you want. If you finish the game or become bored with it, you can return it to the shop and acquire a new one. Instead of purchasing a few new games every month, you might choose this less expensive option.

In 2014, GameFly launched its movie-by-mail service as a direct rival to Netflix. One of the advantages of GameFly over other services is that it can immediately offer you new video games and movies.

Video games may be rented from businesses like RedBox. A daily cost will be charged if you wish to play the game. You’ll need to return to the RedBox once you’ve finished watching the movie to make things easier for yourself.

You are not required to visit a RedBox location to obtain and return your movie. Instead, you may have the movie mailed to you and then return it when you’re finished watching it.

There are many movies and games to select from, but one of the finest features is that you can get the most recent ones mailed to you, frequently on the same day they are released in shops.

The 30-day free trial offered by GameFly is an excellent approach to determine whether or not this service will fit your requirements.

How Does GameFly Work?

If you’ve ever seen videos on Netflix, you’ll notice that GameFly’s user experience is remarkably similar to Netflix’s.

If you’ve never used Netflix’s postal service or grew up in the “good old days,” the explanation below may be useful.

  • You’ll be charged a monthly price depending on how many games and movies you want at your disposal.
  • Keep track of the games you want to play (or movies you want to watch) in your queue (or movies you want to watch). The new game or movie will be shipped to you as soon as you return the old one in the supplied envelope.
  • You get unlimited access to the movies and games. You can only keep them for so long before you must return them.

Games and movies are stored at several distribution hubs around the country. Until I started utilizing a subscription service, I had no idea I was just a day’s drive from the warehouse. When I placed a video game or a movie in the mail in the morning, it would be there two days later. The following event was considerably easier to arrange around their schedule.

GameFly Plans Offered

When your 30-day free trial of GameFly expires, you will be given two subscription choices. The first is $15.95 a month and allows you to rent a video game or movie once. This subscription costs an additional $22.95 per month and gets you access to two new games or movies as soon as they are available to the general public.

Prior to being a frequent customer, I virtually always went with the larger service. While the other was being carried to and from the delivery location, I could play a game or watch a movie. I was able to accomplish this because I could multitask. I don’t have as much time to play games as I used to now that I have a baby. I changed my subscription to a cheaper one since I don’t enjoy the pauses between delivery.

How To Get The Most from Your GameFly Free Trial

GameFly’s free trial period lasts just 30 days. You should have a decent notion of whether or not this service is suited for you after that period of time. You’ll have 30 days after signing up to view as many movies and play as many games as you like. There are no rules. If you choose to continue your membership beyond the initial 30 days, your credit card will be charged monthly.

Are 3 Months At a Reduced Price Better Than One Month Free?

GameFly 3 Month Free Trial

When you join GameFly, you may sign up for a three-month membership at once. You will receive a discount on your first three months of membership if you do so.

A basic GameFly membership costs the following:

  • One movie or video game costs $16.95 each month.
  • Two games or movies at the same time cost $22.95 a month.

You may try out either the 1 Game plan or the Movie plan for free for 30 days. For the first three months, your subscription is also half price.

It’s recommended to focus on one film or video game at a time:

  • It costs $9.50 per month for the first three months, then $15.95.
  • A total of $3.40 was saved.

Playing two films or video games at the same time:

  • You’ll pay $13.50 each month for the first three months. Following that, you’ll pay $22.95 every month.
  • A total of $5.40 was saved.

Even if the savings aren’t significant, signing up for a long-term subscription is a smart option if you know you’ll utilize and enjoy the service.

Benefits of GameFly

What are the benefits at each level of GameFly Rewards


With over 8,000 games to pick from, including both new and vintage titles, GameFly has the widest range of video game rentals.

Games For All Systems

GameFly has games for:

  • Portable video game systems include the PlayStation┬«4, PlayStation┬«3, PlayStation Vita, and PlayStation┬«2.
  • The Xbox 360, Xbox One, and Xbox
  • The Wii U, Switch, 3DS, DS, Game Boy Advance, and GameCube are all available.
  • Personal computers and Macintosh computers are included in this category.

Purchase Used Games, Movies, And Video Game Consoles At Significant Savings

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GameFly also sells secondhand video games and movies, which allows you to save money while still enjoying your favorite entertainment.

Unless the title indicates “Disc Only,” when you buy a secondhand game, it always comes with the cases, manuals, and codes you need to get started. Everything you buy, whether new or secondhand, comes with a guarantee.

All GameFly monthly users who purchase secondhand games through the service receive them free of charge.


GameFly is a business that delivers video games to your doorstep. Both directions of delivery are free. There is also no penalty for paying late. If a game does not meet your expectations, it will not be saved in your collection. Instead, you may test out all of the new games to ensure they’re the type you want to play.

GameFly Streaming Service

GameFly was the first to transmit video games to clients’ televisions. Users may stream whole game collections using this service. Early in 2018, Electronic Arts purchased GameFly’s platform and technologies, and the streaming service was shut down on August 31, 2018.

After The Intro Period

You are not compelled to continue using the service once your free trial and discounted pricing expire. You may cancel your membership by phone or online at any time. To play two games at the same time at full price costs $22.95 a month. If shipping is free in both directions, there are no late penalties, and there are no due dates, you will get the most out of your game purchases.

How To Cancel Your GameFly Service

How To Cancel Your GameFly Service

GameFly is an excellent value because there are so many games to select from. However, in some situations, you will have to discontinue membership or terminate it entirely. Please contact customer care if you have any questions or concerns about terminating your subscription. You can cancel your subscription before the end of your free trial period to avoid being charged for your membership. This implies that you won’t have to pay for your membership in the long term.

After logging in, select “My Account” from the drop-down menu in the bottom right corner and then click “Cancel My Membership.”


If you’re a gamer interested in renting your games, GameFly is worth checking out. The dollar amount might not be as high as it is for some others (Blockbuster, for example, gives you a free game every week with its rental service) but the difference comes down to preference. You might enjoy being able to have at least one new release at any given time without having to keep a stack of them on hand. For renters who prefer physical copies, there’s always Walmart, where you can usually get the cheapest copy. But if you want the convenience and flexibility of digital copies, GameFly is an excellent choice.

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