Fronius Welders: What You Need To Know

Fronius is an innovative company based in Austria. They focus on intensive research, groundbreaking technologies and exceptional quality products for professional welders. They believe that the quality of the arc is the key to a top-notch weld seam.

In many ways, Fronius has succeeded where others have failed: creating mobile, dependable power solutions that can take you anywhere the project demands. They are known around the world as a leader and innovator.

They are sensitive to the pitfalls of becoming too isolated from their customer. To ensure that the company is always in close proximity to the customer, they have a worldwide, 1,000-person sales team that is dedicated to providing the best cost-effective solutions for their customers.

Arald Scherleitner, Global Director of Sales & Marketing, states, “Our customers have one thing in common: they are looking for the perfect solution to their welding application. With our technologies and knowledge of the sector, we are the ideal partner to help them find it.”

The Fronius Legacy: Humble Beginnings to Global Innovator

The legacy of Fronius begins in 1945.
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Founded by Günter Fronius in a quiet town in Austria, the company had humble beginnings repairing electrical appliance and charging car batteries. Inside a small workshop located adjacent to the living quarters, Günter Fronius laid the foundations for a global company. There, he built the first car charger using 50hz technology.

Gunter gave the company its creative spirit. He inspired his team and nurtured a trend setting philosophy that pushed the limits of what is possible.

His first innovations came from charging car batteries. From there, he improved solar panel technology and the reliability of solar power.

Today, Fronius is represented in 28 countries. They have sales partners and representatives placed in over 60 countries. However, with all that expansion, the company´s goal remains the same: innovation, quality and a first-rate partnership with their clients.

For decades this company has proved itself to be an industry leader, not just for harnessing solar power, but developing and implementing real world welding solutions.

Fronius Power Sources: Quality, Mobility and Affordable


Fronius is synonymous with technological advanced power banks that can deliver day in and day out. These are big, bad batteries that are charged up and ready to work.

Bye, bye chords or adaptors.

No matter the where the job needs to take place, Fronius power supplies are portable, they are easy to operate, and give you a clean weld every time. The power sources developed by Fronius are technologically smart and built to withstand the unpredictable nature of real life welding conditions. So, if you are in a situation that requires MIG or Nag or TIG welding, their power solutions are ready to go to work for you.

Mobility: Power sources are compact and don’t weigh a ton. They are perfect for setting up on a job site, moving from project to project, and working in less than ideal conditions. The AccuPocket series allows even more flexibility for reaching the job site.


DurabilityLabratory tested to ensure that your power source can handle any conditions. They are built to withstand heat, cold and moisture. They are tested for their reliability after impacts and shocks. Only the highest quality materials go into making this unit.


Great Results: As we mentioned, Fronius engineers believe that quality power creates a quality arc. These units are smart. Fronius power sources are equipped with digital controls and a signal processor that computes all of the data accurately.  Let the unit worry about the arc, you get to focus on the weld seam.


Everything regarding the quality, cost-effectiveness and durability of the power source is a direct result of the company’s belief that the best power source creates the best arc.

The perfect arc is the secret to an excellent weld seam.

You Get Limitless Mobility Through Fronius AccuPocket

​Welding is a part of every construction site, and as architectural designs become more challenging as building material technology expands, so does difficulty of working in exotic locations.  

That’s where AccuPocket comes into play.
It is a portable power bank and welding machine.

If you are facing a job site that is in the mountains, remote areas, or any exposed location, Fronius has the advanced power technology for your needs. It is the premiere MMA welding system with a high-performing lithium-ion rechargeable battery. It is light and compact.

Using AccuBoost Technology ensures that the battery and the welding electronics work together. In the field, you get the best welding results vs. a traditional MMA welding system. This gives the user never before mobility and productivity.

Fronius Welder Solutions for Every Job and Every Application


How do you get from charging car batteries in a hut in Rankleiten, Austria to building gravity defying sky scrapers in Dubai? This is no surprise to us.  Fronius spends a lot of time and resources on research and development.  Simply, it is their thing.

Fronius Welder is proud of the contributions they have made to the scientific advances in the welding industry. The Fronius goals always been to continually partner with the customer, overcome seemingly impossible issues and get impressive, quantitative results. They are responsible for countless breakthroughs on many types of welding applications and systems.  

This is a company that looks and acts high tech because they are high tech.  Their products are smart. From the design of their product line to how they present themselves, Fronius has worked hard on their scientific image. Their goal is to partner with the customer on exotic projects, overcome seemingly impossible issues and get impressive, quantitative results.

“The DNA of the arc” is their Holy Grail. There is not a welding process they have not tried to technologically advance and bring the future to bare. No matter the type of arc your project requires — MIG Transfer Arc, MIG Pulsed Arc, MIG Spray Arc — Fronius has dedicated put int eh time and effort to make huge improvements on the consistency and quality of the welding arc.

Whatever the welding process your operation demands — Multi-Wire Process, Hybrid Process, Resistance Spot Welding, Plasma — Fronius is consistently setting the bar when it comes to efficiency and speed. The Fronius goal is to continually partner with the customer, overcome seemingly impossible issues and get impressive, quantitative results.

How Fronius Welder Technology Can Work For You: MIG Welders

Fronius is known globally for providing advanced, intelligent systems created for complex projects. Many of these systems are automatic, if not completely robotic systems. How can the demands of large scale projects that must remain on time and on budget benefit the average manual welder? How do the decades of science and research that goes into customized product develop for major builds benefit you?

Well, even with all the bells and whistles, Fronius recognizes that MIG welding is still the most popular and in0demand welding to this day. That demand is growing.

Let’s take a look at some of the equipment that Fronius offers to the professional MIG welder.

Power and Dependability: The Fronius TPSi MIG Welder

Recently redesigned from the ground up, MIG welders and stick welders can get a lot of productivity from this individually customizable and intelligent appliance. Not only will you be able to take on welding tasks more effectively and efficiently, but you can count on better performance and return on your investment. The TPS/i is available in the 320, 400, 500 and 600 power categories. Also, the 270i and 320i compact version are available with an integrated wire feeder.

Improved welding properties and better communication between man and machine makes this an excellent system to consider for your company.

  • Plain Text Display: The plain text display is easily controlled through its graphic user interface. The display has been designed, including colors, perspective and brightness, with the practical demands of the welding environment in mind — even if you are wearing gloves.
  • Fronius System Connector:  This is a one stop connection point for all media. It allows the operator safely secure the hose pack without needing tools. The benefit is faster maintenance and part replacement.
  • Plug and Weld: Components can be easily connected without reaching for a single tool. The automatic component recognition tells the system which components are connected. If there is any problem or incapability, you get a warning. You don’t have to work about faulty adjustments.
  • SpeedNet:  SpeedNet enables more, real-time communication and accurate process control.

You Have the Option to Rent a Fronius: MIG or Robotic


As our business grow so do the demands on our equipment. The blessing is that you need to get new equipment for the new demands of your growing company. The curse is the up front, out-of-pocket investment required to take on the bigger, better, more profitable projects.

Fronius is there to partner with the welder through a very progressive rental program. SO, if you want to stay versatile and ready for any job but want to keep your equipment purchase options open for the time being, the “Rent a System” program from Fronius is a great solution.

Of course, the rental program provides manual welding systems, but they offer robot welding systems and automated installations as well. This is a huge advantage for any business owner trying to keep up with demand through high tech resources without blowing his or her profits on new equipment.

  • Free Rental: Fronius refers to this as the “blind date” period. You have a chance to get to know a new welding system and test it for a period of time before renting. Fronius provides a demo rental system with absolutely no obligation.
  • Long Term Rental: This improves productivity and profitability for any professional who works with with aluminum, steel and stainless. As always, fronts find a way to be a partner with their users. If you are starting a long-term project, Fronius allows you to rent their welding systems for several years at a time. The rental price is calculated individually for each customer. Any repair costs being covered by the rental charge.
  • Rental:  Individually tailored to each customer, the longer the rental period, the lower the daily rental charge. You can choose whatever rental duration is best for your company’s individual needs and projects.

Maybe you are thinking about adding new welding technology to your business like plasma cutters. This is a terrific way to browse before you buy.

“Our customers know us not just as a reliable supplier, but as a long-term partner with expertise in developing welding technology solutions. This also means being contactable at all times and visiting the customer’s premises at short notice if needed.” — Reinhold Wiesmeyer, Fronius Sales Manager.

Where Are the Customer Reviews

Although Fronius is a global company with decades of innovation and dependability, these are uncommon, high tech welding machines for professional welders. These welding machines are for those who take on projects that require the most cost-effective, mobile, absolute state-of-the-art solutions to be applied. The Fronius welder is not designed for hobbies and home maintenance. We can see a professional rancher who is responsible for the safekeeping livestock, or a large scale farmer having a Fronius welder at the ready. Fronius systems are developed for professional metalworking trades, vehicle workshops, industrial plant construction, etc.

The point being, Fronius welders are not available at Lowe’s and Home Depot. You don’t get a lot of forum discussions and customer ratings on sites like Amazon. Even the American Welding Society, which is an excellent resource for all things welding, doesn’t have a lot of information that would benefit the average small business MIG welder.

Although Fronius does promote their systems as “easy-to-use”, it’s all relative. These are smart, technologically advanced welding machines that communicate moment to monument with the operator. There is a learning curve, so it’s best to partner with a Fronius representative for up to date training and initial set up and service.

So, how do you get a Fronius Welder?


I Want a New Fronius and I Want it Now

Not so fast.  Getting your hands on a new Fronius welding machine is a process. In fact, it is a highly customized process which is why they have been so successful on a large scale.

This is a big investment for any company or manual welder.

When a customer comes to the conclusion that they want to purchase a new Fronius welder — MIG, Automatic or Robotic System — the company is there to oversee the installation and commissioning of the equipment. Fronius proudly offers a unique service and support package for a smooth integration into your specific production environment.

That’s a far cry from fixing grandmas rose trellis.

If you do wish to explore how a Fronius welding system can befit you, it all begins with reaching out to their specialized sales team and product advisors. They will walk you through all of the options, including rental.  The salesmen will partner with you on making an informed decision that increases your company’s productivity and profitability.

Another option is to buy a used Fronius system from a local welding supply company that sells and trades previously owned welding units. You can also find theses welding machines available on Ebay. This may be the best for the expert do-it-yourselfer, small repair business or local auto body repair shop. Remember, you won’t get the benefit of authorized, specialized trainmen and support from Fronius in that circumstance.

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