Fireplace Gloves vs Welding Gloves

Safety is the most important thing when it comes to working with a fireplace or welding stuff. Gloves are very important in these kinds of situations as these will protect your hands from fires, sparks, rough edges, sharp surfaces, and various hot materials etc.

Whether you are working in an industry or hosting a campfire with your family, fireplace gloves and welding gloves will come in handy and these will be your ultimate savior. Day by day, the gloves are getting upgraded so that the users can be free from any kind of hassle.

Fireplace gloves are best to use when you are dealing with various accessories where the presence of fire will be a must.

On the other hand, welding gloves are best to use when you are welding various metals at your home as DIY project work or in your factory or industry. Both of these gloves have multiple differences and they are used according to the required situation.

However, the following article will cover the information that you should know about these gloves. You will also know the differences between them and which one of them will be beneficial for you under what circumstances.

Without further ado, let’s get started.

Fireplace Gloves

As already mentioned, fireplace gloves should be your first priority if you need to heat up your home with wood. In this case, you have to carry firewood so that all the wood gets heated up quickly to get your job done in the fire stove.

It is impossible to carry the firewood without any protection. With the help of these gloves, you will avoid burning hand and other harmful issues.

You will also feel comfortable while carrying the firewood as the gloves are made up in that way. They also come in different sizes. You will get short and long gloves that will protect your fingers, hands, and arms from getting burned.

Fireplace Gloves

Likewise, the gloves are formed of various heat resistant materials like carbon fiber, cowhide, lining polyester, etc.

Different fireplace gloves are made up of different kind of materials according to their tolerance of high temperature. Nowadays, people prefer to use genuine leather fireplace gloves. As leathers will give you extra protection during your work with fire so it is highly recommended to go for the leather one.

Although it is quite expensive for the protection of hands and arms with these gloves, money won’t matter.

There will be no difference between using a cheap one or using your bare hands while carrying the firewood or handling other hot equipment. Your hand will get burned in both cases. Therefore, the best quality is highly advisable.

 Welding Gloves

These are the kind of gloves used for welding. As welding is a very crucial task in terms of precision, your safety is also important along with that. During welding, sparks and molten metals are seen. In order to save your fingers, hands, and arms, these gloves are the best to use.

You will see different DIY or industry workers wearing gloves while doing their welding work. These gloves come in pure leather.

Along with leather, fire resistant materials are also present. They are made according to their durability. For higher durability, the gloves are made up of cowhide or pigskin and for average durability, goatskin or deerskin is used.

Accordingly, this shows that the price range will also vary according to the durability.

 Welding Gloves

Unlike fireplace gloves, welding gloves are of two types, MIG and TIG. TIG gloves are always used for welding purpose while MIG gloves are thicker and highly durable. You can wear it easily and throw it off smoothly if you feel the gloves getting way too hot during handling hot equipment.

These gloves are considered as the best when it comes for the protection of your whole hand.

On the other hand, TIG gloves are thinner and softer. You can use it for the kind of welding that requires a minimum amount of work. This is the best to use when you need very precise welding.

Unfortunately, if sparks or other heat substances form during welding, TIG gloves will not be much of a help. MIG gloves will be a perfect choice in this scenario.

Key Differences

Down below is a list of all the differences that you need to know about, lets jump into the topic then.

  • Campfire Cooking

Fireplace gloves are used for campfire cooking. If you have to carry heavy firewood, go for welding gloves as the heat resistivity is the best to protect your hands from getting burned. Day by day, people are shifting towards welding gloves because of its durability and extra safety.

  • The Tight Feel

Some fireplace gloves feel tight in your wrist after wearing. These will create a problem in your hand movement while working. Welding gloves come with various types of flexibility according to your requirement.

  • Use of Coal Stove

While using a coal stove, you can use the fireplace gloves and you can do your work efficiently. Moving the hot coals won’t b a problem. If you hold the coals for a longer period of time, you will be able to feel the heat in your hand. If you move the coal quickly, you are safe from feeling the heat.

After using the gloves for a long time, you will see the fabrics getting weaker and softer. This will get risky for you if you start heating up the coal stove. If you use welding gloves, you will get to use for a longer period of time and the fabrics won’t be weak with time also.

  • Cut Resistivity

Some fireplace gloves have weak cut resistivity. While cutting or handling sharp objects, the gloves tend to get punctured and make it unable to use it for further purposes.

In addition to that, some of it has weak tolerance of heat. The gloves tend to melt or form a hole when it comes in contact with an enormous amount of heat. This situation leaves your finger and hand vulnerable. Burning yourself will include additional money that will be spent on hospital bills. You wouldn’t want that right?

In that sense, spend some money on the welding gloves and avoid this kind of problem without any hesitation. Other than any rare cases, there were no complains found from many people regarding their welding gloves getting melted or tends to get punctured.

  • Heat

For handling grill heat or hot foods, fireplace gloves will be very helpful. If you are up for small household or camping stuff that include working or cooking with fire, these gloves will come in handy. For bigger tasks that require handling high heat temperatures and hot substances, go for the welding gloves without a doubt.


The differences between the gloves will give you the idea to choose the one that will be the best to use in a given situation. Consult with experienced people that have knowledge regarding these or talk to the gloves manufacturer. They will give you the perfect advice that will solve all of your concern.

In the game of fireplace gloves vs. welding gloves, welding gloves will take the win in most situations.

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