[Updated] Best Fancy Hand Held Mirror To Use

Every day we see someone in the mirror, and they reflect what they are looking at, not ours. We look into their eyes and notice the smile or frown on their face, but how often do we take a moment to admire ourselves? With our busy lives as marketers, it can be hard to find time for yourself. If you’re like me, you carry your life around with you everywhere – whether that is your laptop bag or purse. It can feel like there’s never enough room for anything else! What if I told you there was an easy way to ensure all of your essentials fit in one bag? You’d probably think I’m crazy right now.

Here are the best fancy handheld mirror available on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Fancy Hand Held Mirror

Best Fancy Hand Held Mirror Reviews In 2023

1. Diane Plastic Handheld Mirror

Use this handheld mirror to see your reflection accurately and in real-life size, or zoom in 3x. Made of standard plastic, this mirror is lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly. It can be used at barber shops, hair salons, or on your own at home for grooming needs, including makeup application, shaving, and more.

Ideal On-the-go Companion

The Diane magnifying hand mirror is the ideal on-the-go companion. Whether applying makeup, putting on costume jewelry, or simply touching up your lipstick, this double-sided mirror features 1x magnification on one side and 3x magnification on the other. Its handle is circular for a firm grip, even when wet, and it can be held or mounted to a wall.

Making It Travel-friendly

This lightweight mirror weighs only 0.23 lbs, making it travel-friendly. It can be used at home by men, women, and kids. This mirror measures 6″x 10″ inches and is best used when applying makeup, shaving, or other personal grooming needs.

2. Zadro XL Handheld Mirror, 1X Magnification Teardrop Glass Mirror

This handy mirror lets you easily see your face from a different angle. It features a 1x magnification teardrop shape and has a classic chrome finish. This mirror is tall enough to show your face and lets you see an entire side profile at once, making it easier to apply makeup or style your hair.

High-quality Glass

The Zadro XL Handheld Mirror is the perfect addition to your bathroom. This large teardrop-shaped mirror is easy to use and is crafted from high-quality glass, making it strong enough to last a lifetime. The curved handle makes it comfortable to hold and easy to guide over the face and body while ensuring less hand stress during use.

Endless Uses

Whether a professional working on clients or a beauty enthusiast at home, Zadro’s Teardrop Hand Held Mirror is perfect for a crystal-clear view of hair styling and makeup application. The extra large view of this high-quality glass mirror lets you easily see your entire face and hairstyle.

Grip the mirror comfortably in your hand with its curved handle for your daily grooming routine, or use it on clients in a barbershop or salon to show them their new style and the back of their heads. The 1X magnification, with its hyper-crisp clarity, is the best reflection to apply detailed makeup looks. When you’re done, use the handle’s built-in hanging option to quickly hang on the wall for easy storage.

3. ForPro Large Hand Mirror, Multi-Purpose Mirror

The ForPro Large Hand Mirror is perfect for applying makeup, attending to children and pets, grooming, or simply running your internal beauty check. The sturdy, eco-friendly wooden handle features a large square face that provides a clear reflection without distortion. With its hand-sized mirror dimensions and multi-purpose use capabilities, this mirror can be used anywhere – at home or on the go!

ForPro Large Hand Mirror

ForPro Large Hand Mirror is a single-sided hand-held mirror with a long, comfortable grip handle. The large square face clearly reflects hard-to-see places without distorting images. The hand mirror is designed for use by professionals and consumers. ForPro Professional Collection features the highest quality, best value, and largest selection for professionals and consumers.

Large Hand Mirror with Comfy Grip

The classic black hand mirror features a rounded square shape, a large viewing area, and a long, comfortable hand grip.

Crystal Clear, Distortion-Free Reflection

The durable hand mirror uses high-definition distortion-free reflective glass to provide an ultra-clear reflection.

4. Probeautify Decorative Hand Held Mirror 

Looking for a way to get the most out of your makeup routine? Our Probeautify Decorative Hand Held Mirror is the perfect accessory to help you achieve your best look. This mirror features a full folding adjustment and can be adjusted to any angle, making it great for both hand and stand-up use.

ProBeautify was started because of our passion for makeup and beauty in general! We soon realized there was a need for affordable, high-quality mirrors for both men and women. So we formed ProBeautify. We are a family-owned business.

Handle Daily Use

ProBeautify products look great in your home, at work, or on the go. High-quality material is used to give ProBeautify items durability to handle daily use. All while giving you a clear reflection to allow a clean, smooth shave or perfectly applied makeup for a night out!

Probeautify Products

We love seeing all the feedback from our happy customers who have found that ProBeautify products have added a helpful item to their life. Something that will help save time and provide use for years to come!

5. Nerien Antique Mirror Comb Set Vintage Metal Handheld Makeup Mirror

Nerine was established in 2018 to provide excellent quality and elegant home products to all customers worldwide. We always strive to provide you with retro, vanity, and exquisite products. Our Nerien store mainly sells mirrors, combs, display stands, essential oil bottles, and other vintage metal decorative products. You will find skillful manufacturing, finely processed, and reliable performance products at Nerium that match your tastes for a refined and unique life.

Excellent Choice

The vintage handle mirror comb set is made of high-quality painted metal, lightweight and durable. The retro metal face mirror has a high-definition clear mirror that ensures clarity and no distorted reflections. Superb craftsmanship, a great match to your cosmetics set.

Vintage Embossed Roses Design

The travel cosmetic mirror with an embossed pattern around the mirror and a rose design panel on the back.

The handheld mirror is designed with classical embossed flowers and hand-painted to make the color more attractive.

Olding And Standing Design

Easy to adjust the angle while folding the hand mirror. The hand mirror is portable and easy to use anytime, which is perfect for Travel, school, and Desk Drawer. When the makeup mirror is folded, it stands nicely on your dressing table for viewing pleasure.

6. Nerien Handheld Mirror Vanity Makeup Mirror 

Nerine was established in 2018 to provide excellent quality and elegant home products to all customers worldwide. We always strive to provide you with retro, vanity, and exquisite products. Our Nerien store mainly sells mirrors, combs, display stands, essential oil bottles, and other vintage metal decorative products. At Nerium, you will find skillful manufacturing, finely processed, and reliable performance products that match your tastes for a refined and unique life.

Nerien Vintage Handheld Mirror

Nerien makeup mirror is a single-sided hand-held mirror with a long, comfortable grip handle. The high-definition clear mirror ensures clarity and no distorted reflections.

Oval Hand Mirror with Comfy Grip

The hand mirror for makeup is made of a high definition smooth silver mirror; The frame is made of environmentally superior resin. Resin crafts have smooth lines and bright textures. The high-definition clear mirror ensures clarity and no distorted reflections.

Perfect Design and Match

The vintage handheld mirror is designed with classical embossed flowers, and the princess style gives people a sense of romance and luxury, gorgeous yet elegant. The pattern of bows and roses is clear and comfortable, making you more enjoyable when tidying up your hair and makeup.

Create Whatever You Want

The back of the oval cute cosmetic mirror with a handle is made of the black flannel drawing board, which is elegant and chic. You can use the brush in your hand to DIY the patterns or scenery you want at will and turn the makeup mirror into your unique work.

7. Antique Alive Mother of Pearl Princess Black Cosmetic Makeup Hand Held Mirror

A mirror is a must for cosmetic use. This stylish hand-held mirror makes it so easy to see your face and apply makeup or check your teeth when you are in a hurry. It is ornamented with an elegant design of a butterfly, a symbol of free love and happiness that has been used to decorate ladies’ fashion or home accessories. The elaborate adornment with the iridescence of mother of pearl designs makes it an impressive item for collection.

Finest Quality And Measures

The mother-of-pearl design of our antique Alive handheld mirror makes it the perfect accessory for your princess! The mirror is handcrafted with the finest quality and measures 5.5 inches round. It comes with a removable chain that can be removed for easy carry. This vanity mirror features an antique look, which works well with any bathroom decor. The mother of pearl design has been meticulously carved by hand to provide an elegant finish that will never go out of style.

High-quality Acrylic Mirrors

This Antique Alive Mother of Pearl Princess Black Cosmetic Makeup Hand Held Mirror with a nice pouch decorated with traditional Korean macrame knots makes it a lovely gift for you or your friends. It is also a great choice for personal use. The mirror is made from high-quality acrylic mirrors, polished to perfection, and strong enough to withstand daily use. The oval shape is beautiful and will fit in your hand perfectly. The handheld mirror comes with an elegant design so that you can frame your face flawlessly.

8. Nerien Vintage Style Rose Folding Handheld Mirror

This high-quality mirror meets your daily needs. It is mainly used to see face and makeup. The folding handheld mirror is made of durable metal and glass, lightweight and stain resistant. Your best choice for giving yourself a check in the morning, at work, or in travel.

Beautiful Rose Design Panel

This vintage-style handheld mirror is ideal for keeping in your purse or pocket. With a rose design around the mirror and a beautiful rose design panel on the back, this mirror will add a touch of elegance to any outing. The clear mirror lets you see details on your face without distortion while traveling, at the store, etc.

Vintage-style Foldable

The pro-style mirror by Nerien is a unique and beautiful vintage-style foldable makeup mirror. This handheld mirror is made of high-quality stainless steel and has been designed with the pureness of its unique design in mind. Standing at only 6 inches tall, this handheld mirror can be used in any room or on the go.

How To Choose The Fancy Hand-Held Mirror Before Buying

Amount of Reflectivity

It’s easy to overlook the size of the mirror itself when looking for one when shopping for one. Remember that the measurement of a mirror does not necessarily indicate its size. Ornate details may cover most of the viewing area of a mirror that is 12″ wide but only 3″ high. 

Medium-sized handheld mirrors have a 5″ diameter. Despite these limitations, large mirrors are helpful for makeup artists, hair stylists, and everyone who wants to see themselves more clearly. 

Weighing and Balancing

It’s not very heavy to hold a handheld mirror. Once you’ve been looking in it while doing your hairstyle or makeup for a few minutes, you understand why a heavy mirror isn’t meant for you. Balance is similar to weight in how a mirror feels in your hand. If the mirror is well-balanced, you can use it for longer periods without getting fatigued. 

High-quality Mirror 

Mirrors can have a wide range of mirrored surfaces, whether you believe them. As a result, the mirrored image is less clear and crisp with cheap mirrors because their surfaces are of poorer quality. 

Unlike cheap mirrors, quality mirrors provide you with a distortion-free reflection and a crystal-clear mirrored surface. The choices below are the top choices in this category. 

Mirrors Magnify

A magnifying mirror is also crucial. Mirrors magnified by ten times bring reflections into sharper focus, making it easier to work in tight spaces. I keep a magnifying mirror handy for jobs requiring precision and steady hands, such as tweezing my eyebrows or applying eyeliner. 

Aesthetics and Materials

There are many materials available for mirrors, including wood, plastic, and metal. Decorative details often adorn the frame and handle of mirrors, especially those with classic designs that date back to the Victorian era. 

Though mirrors aren’t defined by their materials or looks, there is nothing more feminine than an elegant, attractive mirror.

Quality Construction

Mirrors last longer when they are built well. Cheaper mirrors are commonly made of flimsy plastic with a thin mirrored surface that will break if dropped, even from a distance of only a few inches. The best mirrors are built well and feature thick glass mirrors for additional durability.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Compact Mirrors – What Are They?

There are two mirrors on each flap of a compact mirror. A regular view is offered by one mirror, while a magnified view is presented by the other. LED lights are also available for some compact mirrors to make viewing easier. Small handbags can accommodate compact mirrors.

Which Compact Magnifying Mirror Should Have The Highest Magnification?

You must decide what kind of close-up you want. The best-selling compact mirrors usually come with 7x and 10x magnification.

Can Led Lighting Be Used For Makeup Application?

Using LEDs for makeup application is good if they mimic natural light. Bright light can obscure your ability to determine the amount of makeup you need.


A mirror is a simple but important tool for personal grooming and makeup application. It can make or break your appearance, so you want to choose one that’s right for the occasion. For example, if you travel often, it would be best to invest in an excellent travel-sized handheld mirror such as this beautiful option from Celine Handbags & Accessories. This way, you never have to worry about forgetting something essential again.

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