Everlast SuperUltra 205 Review

Everlast SuperUltra 205 is a basic MOSFET inverter based DC TIG welder with the capability of Stick welding and plasma cutting as well. This unit is ideal for the budget-minded welding enthusiasts who have to often deal with both the two welding processes and also plasma-cutting.
This multi-process welder is equally flexible and versatile as it can operate on two input voltages of 120V and 240V, making it virtually usable almost everywhere. This device can also be powered by generators, so you can use this welder in areas with inconsistent power supply.
When portability comes to consideration, this unit doesn’t stand behind as it weighs only 40 pounds and can be easily carried around, making it ideal for rental shops and outdoor applications. With portability, optimal functionality, and power, it’s the best home unit.

Special Features

Let’s take a look at some of the important features of Everlast SuperUltra 205;

  • Multi-process unit. Perfect choice for minimal cutting and welding requirements.
  • The dual-voltage feature allows the device to be operated wherever power supply is available, without the need of any additional tools or settings.
  • MOSFET inverter design makes the tool compact and more portable.
  • High-Frequency start for DC TIG prevents tungsten contamination with the materials.
  • High-Frequency plasma cutting with pilot arc serves better and more accurate cut in less time.

Everlast SuperUltra 205 offers maximum output power of 200A and 35% duty cycle at that much output. It can weld various materials like steel, stainless steel, chrome-moly and other metals. This unit is capable of TIG welding materials ranging from 36-gauge to 5/16 inch, Stick welding electrodes with diameter 1/16 up to 1/8 inch and can cut metals up to 3/8 inch daily use, 1/2 inch clean cut and 5/8 inch severance. It’s highly recommended for applications based on the home shop, small projects, and light portable repair.


  • Everlast SuperUltra 205 is quite light and compact in size. Hence, it’s more portable than other units belonging to the same category.
  • It has multi-function ability, making it more versatile and useful tool for both hobbyists and professionals.
  • The tool is available at a very low price rate in comparison to other TIG welders with the same capacity.
  • Although this is an all-in-one unit, you can use it effortlessly. The torches can be easily switched with no hassle.
  • Due to the inverter design, its power consumption amount is comparatively lower than other transformer based welders with equal capacity.
  • It offers high quality and clean weld and cut in less time. This unit is comparatively more speedy and accurate.


  • Everlast SuperUltra 205 is designed for entry level use. It’s not approved for production or industrial welding or fabrication.
  • It cannot weld materials thinner than 36-gauge. For thinner metals, you can go for Lotos TIG140.
  • As this welder serves only DC output, it‘s not suited for TIG welding aluminum materials. If you most often have to work with aluminum, then Everlast PowerTig 255EXT is an optimal choice.


Overall, Everlast SuperUltra 205 is the most versatile multi-process TIG welder ever designed for home use, according to my point of view. If you need a combo unit at a low rate, then it’s the right choice to go with Everlast SuperUltra 205, as long as you need to deal with light materials only.
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