Everlast PowerTig 185 review

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[imgbox asin=”B00AWU739O” imgurl=”http://www.kitestring.io/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/Everlast-powertig-185-2015.jpg” imgalt=”Everlast-PowerTig-185″] From the cradle of Everlast Company comes this powerful welding machine. In the world of technology, quality grows with time, and this is precisely what Everlast has offered in this exciting masterpiece. This Everlast PowerTig 185 review will present the features, benefits and criticisms of the Everlast PowerTig 185 welding machine in a broad manner.
This welding machine possesses all the requirements needed for a standard AC/DC TIG welder and fits-in correctly in the committee of TIG engines. Enough power required by an average welder is provided by the 5-185 DC/20-185 AC amp range and also the 35% duty cycle.
This exciting machine also boasts of a compact IGBT inverter design that was revamped to accommodate new features like a 130-amp welding capability and post-flow control. It also has an adjustable AC frequency and balance control that helps in welding aluminum perfectly and improves the weld ability on thin metals. It also boasts of one of the best quality in arc control and stability with a convenient carry strap that makes it portable to an extent.

Special Features:

The Everlast PowerTig 185 possesses distinctive features that are required for a modern welding machine. These features are highlighted below

  • It has a lightweight compared to its peers, thanks to its compact inverter design.
  • It ensures high-quality welds due to its simple but fully functional controls.
  • Adjustable time control (post-flow).
  • Adjustable 20-250 Hz AC frequency
  • A 240V NEMA 6-50 welder plug.
  • Perfectly suits a 4500-watt generator.
  • Stick function (150 Amp).
  • TIG start (HF or Lift).
  • Square wave output

This welding machine possesses unique qualities. Like it welds steel to a maximum level of ¼” single pass and 5/8 +” multi-pass. For aluminium, it welds to a maximum of 3/16” single-pass and ½” multi-pass. The minimum welding for steel is .007” and .008” for aluminum. The maximum electrode diameter it needs for welding is 1/8” and when it comes to wire, minimum diameter needed is 1/8”.
It is highly recommended for aluminum, stainless steel, titanium, nickel/copper alloys and virtually all metals and is recommended for use in farm or ranch, gunsmith, light fabrication works, portable repairs and motorsports.
This section of our Everlast PowerTig 185 review exposes the benefits that this machine offers a welder. It also examines various criticisms leveled upon the Everlast PowerTig 185 welding machine by a cross-section of the public. These criticisms will only help the manufacturers to avoid those errors next time.


  • The Over-temperature warning promotes the life-span of the machine by preventing damage caused by high voltage on the machine.
  • The Auto sensing voltage design (dual) aids 120/240 volts operation.
  • It works perfectly for light fabrication, track, off road, motorsports and farm use.
  • TIG mode that offers high frequency and life start capability
  • The amazing 185-amp AC/DC TIG and 130-amp DC helps to stick welding capability.


  • Damages will occur when it is not used with ‘’clean power” 5000MW generators.


Our extensive Everlast PowerTig 185 review has correctly described the characteristic features of the Everlast PowerTig 185 welding machine weighing its advantages and criticisms in an excellent manner. However, this welding machine is a fantastic one, and I recommend it for welders.
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