Everlast PowerARC 140 Review

[imgbox asin=”B0081BF4JC” imgurl=”https://www.kitestring.io/wp-content/uploads/2016/04/Everlast-PowerARC-140.jpg” imgalt=”Everlast-PowerARC-140″] Look no beyond Everlast PowerARC 140 if you are seeking a small TIG welder with maximum flexibility and optimum performance. This unit has been specially designed for beginners and novice welders, and it comes with a quite easy to use control panel.
This tiny IGBT inverter device features both DC TIG and Stick welding. It might be very small but it has considerable arc stability, with arc quality comparable to the high-end machines. The best part about Everlast PowerARC 140 is that it can be operated in dual voltages of 120V and 240V, making it virtually usable almost everywhere. This device can also be powered by generators.
Weighing only around 24 pounds, Everlast PowerARC 140 is one of the most portable TIG welders manufactured by Everlast. Less weight doesn’t mean that its function has been altered, but it’s even more efficient than other welders of the same category. You can easily move the unit around without requiring additional help.

Special Features

Here are some of the vital features of Everlast PowerARC 140 that make it one of the best TIG welders;

  • Light weight and portable. It comes with a carrying case for user convenience.
  • Auto adaptive hot start and auto adaptive arc force control features for stick welding improves the quality of the weld in the case of hard to start electrodes and in situations where sticking the rod can be a problem.
  • IGBT inverter technology for improved performance and better portability.
  • Labeled and specified control panel for simple and easy use.
  • Lift-Start offers clean and precise quality welds.
  • Dual voltage compatibility makes the tool more versatile.

Everlast PowerARC 140 offers output power of 140A and 35% duty cycle at 140A in the input voltage of 240V. This unit is recommended for welding metals like steel and stainless steel, and ideal for applications related to home, portable repair, fabrication shops, prototyping, farm, and HVAC. It’s capable of welding materials that are as thin as 1/16 inch up to 1/8 inch thick. This TIG welder is perfect for both hobbyists and professionals that deal with light applications.


  • The most important advantage of having this tool is its easy-to-use features, making it the optimal choice for the novices. Getting used to Everlast PowerARC 140 is not a very big deal. It comes with only a few controls and each one of them is labeled so that the user can easily understand. The settings are shown on a small display for easy use. Once you go through the user manual, you can operate it effortlessly.
  • The cost of this unit is comparatively very less. In fact, it’s one of the most affordable TIG welders available in the competition.
  • It’s amazingly stable as compared to its size. Also, this device is considered as one of the most efficient welders because of its low power consumption ability, making it perfect for areas where electricity is expensive or with limited access.


  • This unit is not compatible with foot pedal, so somewhat out-of-position welding could be difficult.
  • Some users might find the electrode cable too short, especially if the welding has to be done at the longer radius.
  • The welder is more efficient when used at 240V than 120V.
  • It cannot weld metals thicker than 1/8 inch. For bulkier ones, you can go for Lotos TIG140. It’s also a user-friendly and simple tool in affordable rate.
  • This tool is not approved for industrial use.


All I can say is that if you are a beginner and just starting to explore TIG welding, then Everlast PowerARC 140 is simply the right unit for you. Well, it’s also good even for the experts looking for a simple device. Its portability and features can make a huge difference in your small workshop.
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