Everlast Power I-Mig 200 Review

The new Everlast Power I-Mig 200 is a dual voltage versatile and very powerful MIG welding tool with IGBT based inverter technology. Weighing only 35 pounds, this welding unit is easily transportable. This device comes with more features than any other MIG welder of its class. The Everlast PowerMig 200 MIG welding tool is not limited only with MIG welding but it is also applicable for stick welding and optional flux cored welding. This new welding unit has been enhanced and it comes with an adjustable burn back control that automatically adjusts the length of the wire at each restart. This welder can be operated at input power supply of either 120 volts or 240 volts and its maximum power output is 200 A. with much more new and precise features, the new Everlast PowerMig 200 has been manufactured to be highly professional.

Special features

  • Digital IGBT based inverter design makes this welding tool extremely stable and offers high arc performance.
  • Dual voltage design offers wide range of utility.
  • Arc force control maintains inductance and adjusts the arc characteristics of the welding tool for both MIG and Stick welding modes.
  • Euro style quick coupler feature allows easy and quick aftermarket changeover to other types of MIG torch.
  • MIG and Stick (SMAW) welding capability. It is also applicable for Flux cored welding with special drive rolls.
  • Automatic pre-flow and post-flow control enhances the quality of weld.
  • Adjustable burn back control automatically adjusts the length of wire before each new start.
  • Dual digital display allows the user to be updated with the volt and amp being applied.
  • Optional spool gun for welding aluminum.
  • Good duty cycle makes it more powerful and reliable.
  • Warning light and weld interrupt features for over power input and excess duty cycle.
  • Usable with 5000W clean power generators.
  • Suitcase size and light weight design makes it truly portable.


The Everlast PowerMig 200 dual voltage welding tool is applicable in many welding work sites. This welding tool can be used to weld materials made from steel, stainless steel and chrome moly steel. This welder can also weld aluminum if the optional spool gun is plugged in. The Everlast PowerMig 200 can weld materials as thin as 24 gauges and with maximum thickness of 5/16 inch in a single pass and in multiple passes it welds up to 1/2 inch thick materials. This MIG welding device is mostly recommended to be used for Welding Repair, Motorsports, HVAC, Construction, Factory, Fabrication, Automotive/Muffler shops and maintenance work.

Benefits and limitations

The versatility and power makes the Everlast PowerMig 200 make it one of the top most welders in its class. Its dual voltage feature makes the welding tool applicable anywhere from household power use to industrial power supply. The user can conduct precise and repeatable adjustments due to its dual digital readout design. The stick and flux cored welding capability adds more dimension to its utility and versatility. In MIG mode, the arc force control maintains the current rise time, which affects the puddle, bead formation and penetration; while in stick mode, the arc force control works as a DIG control and enhances the arc performance during short arc conditions. For high quality weld, the porosity is decreased by the automatic pre-flow and post-flow control feature during starts and stops. The new burn back control saves a lot of time by reducing the trimming requirement as it adjusts the length of the wire before each new start. With great performance and high durability, the Everlast PowerMig 200 is a very reliable welding tool with professional features, which makes it one of the best dual voltage MIG welders.
As this welding tool can be operated at the least input power of 120 volts, for the heavy duty work and multiple passes, it might not be able to operate in household power supply. It is strictly recommended not to weld materials thicker than 1/4 inch in single pass with this particular welder, as this might result in some operational damages.


The Everlast PowerMig 200 dual voltage MIG welder comes with some additional accessories;

  • 10 ft long series15 MIG gun
  • Work clamp and cable
  • Quick Euro style connector
  • Extra consumable starter kit
  • Air/CO2 regulator

This welding tool is a whole package of fantastic features and comes in a very affordable price. It is simply a perfect choice for welding professionals with average budget.
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