Everlast Power i-MIG 140E review

No matter what type of welding you do, this machine is top of the line. Isn’t it wonderful when we find products that make our lives easier? Everything from cellphones to coffee machines to electric toothbrushes that don’t require so much wrist motion.
If you are a welder, you know that this business is not an easy one. Having tools that can make your life easier is something that is worth investing your money and resources into.
In this job, the pace is fast and the needs are many. To do it well, you’ll need a high power machine that does not discriminate against the metal or the type of work.
You’ll need something that is advanced, cost effective, and provides you with all the latest technological breakthroughs. Something that is easy to bring along with you and small enough. See if the Everlast Power I-MIG 140E is for you.

Power and Applications

The all new Everlast Power i-MIG 140E is a 120V powerhouse, with output power ranging from 25A to 140A, perfect for all sorts of metal fabrication applications associated with home, shop, garages, muffler shops, farm, portable repair, Motorsports and Off-road repair and maintenance. It features an IGBT based inverter transformer that offers 35% duty cycle at 135A. This MIG welder from Everlast can weld mild steel, stainless steel and chrome-oly materials up to 3/16 inch thick, in single pass. The easy to understand and use features make it best suited for learners as well as experts.

Portability and Flexibility

Power i-MIG 140E is notably small in size and light in weight. It weighs only 28 pounds, allowing you to simply pick it up and carry it right where you need to.
The Power i-MIG 140E MIG welder runs on either 110V or 120V, making it a versatile and very flexible tool, as it can be operated almost anywhere. This unit can be powered by generators as well, which also adds up to its versatility and allows you to use the welder even at remote sites.

Special Features

Power i-MIG 140E has some prominent features that make it one of the most powerful and convenient welder in its grade;

  • Inverter based design minimizes weight and power consumption while increasing arc performance and duty cycle, at the same time.
  • Basic, familiar design allows easy use of the welder, as it needs low operator skill.
  • No tapped settings, and step-less control of both the voltage and wire speed promote effortless use.
  • IGBT components are durable, and offer longer life to the device.
  • Sturdy drive mechanism for better durability.


Here are some of the advantages of Power i-MIG 140E over other welders of same category;

  • Flexible with two input powers.
  • Offers stable and smooth arc with good wet characteristics, every time.
  • More durable due to the IGBT inverter technology.
  • Ideal for novice welders, as it requires very low skill to operate.
  • Light in weight and offers a smaller foot print without decreasing the diameter of the wire roll size.
  • Higher duty cycle when compared to MIG welders of the same class.
  • Good for remote welding sites as the welder can be efficiently powered by portable generators.
  • With rugged and sturdy construction, along with the IGBT inverter technology, this tool is likely to last longer than other MIG welders.


  • This welder is only capable of MIG welding; hence it’s less versatile when ability is considered.
  • It’s not recommended for outdoor welding sites as MIG welding is mostly affected by wind.

Cost and warranty

The new Everlast Power i-MIG 140E MIG welder costs is comparatively lower than other welders with the same capacity. It’s effective and quite affordable for the buyers with limited budget.
Your investment on this welder is safe as it comes with the Everlast IGBT Inverter Unit warranty of 5 years that is liable for any failure or breakdown caused to the device within the warranty period. Also the other accessories like guns, torches, cables and controls supplied along with the welder have warranty period of 6 months.


Power i-MIG 140E has all the advance features that a MIG welder can seek. If you need a powerful and reliable tool only for MIG welding purposes then this has everything to be your optimal choice. However if you are more of a MIG/Flux-cored enthusiast then you can go for Lincoln EasyMig 140 or Hobart Handler 140, which have the same capacity, but with dual functionality.
If you think Power i-MIG 140E is the ultimate welder you need, but still for some reasons, doubt on its capabilities, please go through some of the reviews and check best price
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  1. actually I think it will run on 120/115 and 230/240 volts, not as stated.
    you may need to get an additional set of wheels to run flux core wire.


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