Epson V700 vs V800

Lately, photo scanners have an increasing demand in the market. Photo scanners are generally a type of optical scanner created for scanning photos. Although photo scanners may be smaller than your typical scanners, it provides a higher resolution. You will currently find many types of scanners to choose from in the market. Among them, Epson gives you the best photo scanner. Epson has various range of photo scanners to select. But, here we are going to discuss Epson v700 and Epson v800. Both of them are great quality printers. However, in this article, we will talk about their comparison. Below you will see a debate about Epson v700 vs v800.

Epson V700 vs V800

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Epson V700 vs V800: Some Discussion about Both

Generally, the purpose of photo scanners is to scan photos in higher resolution. Epson provides the best photo scanners in the market. You will get professional results if you use Epson’s photo scanners. Epson made it for both professional and casual use. Using Epson’s scanner saves your time. Also, it provides you with a high-quality print. Get accurate colors and details while also getting incredible shadow details. 

The scanner does a superb job at providing you with a high-resolution photo. The Epson v700 and v800 both provide you with a professional result while using them from home. Both models are different, so, naturally, they will have different effects. Although both originate from Epson’s, the model differs from each other. Some features may lack from one while another might have it. At max, both the epsonv700 and v800 works at 6400dpi. Overall, this can be overkill for some users, but it’s present for those who require it.

Epson v700 introduces a dual-lens system. It automatically selects between two lenses for the wanted resolution. It’s a capable scanner that can deliver professional results even if scanning negatives, slides, or medium-format film. With the innovative 6,400 dpi resolution, this impressive scanner always provides accurate results while maintaining color and details. It has 4.0 Dmax, which offers remarkable image quality and supreme shadow details.

Another excellent photo scanner is Epson v800. You will get remarkable scans with 6400dpi. Moreover, the photo scanner also contains the  4.0 Dmax, which allows refined gradations and accurate shadow details. Also, the user gets to select from two lenses for desired resolution results. Another noteworthy feature v800 contains, it comes with powerful software. Thus, it allows you to get a precise image result. You also get to easy photo fix and include digital dust removing feature and backlight correction.

Epson v700 vs v800 (Comparison Chart)

ConcernEpson V700Epson V800
Max Optical Resolution6400dpi9600dpi
Scanning time4800dpi4800dpi
Dimensions12 x 20 x 6 inches12.1 x 19.8 x 6 inches
Cable TypeUSB-2.0USB-2.0
Weight14.5 lb20.90 lbs
Double Lens FeatureYesYes

Epson v700 vs. v800: The Breakdown

Now that we discussed the Epson v700 and v800, it’s time to break down the features of both these photo scanners. Both photo scanners deliver robust results, but they have their differences that you can notice when you will use them. Below we will categorize while also comparing Epson v700 vs. v800. So, explore below and find out both the features of the photo scanner and decide which will be the best photo scanner for you.


The v700 offers you a max optical resolution of 6400dpi, while the v800 allows you to have an optical resolution of 9600dpi. Nevertheless, for the v700, you will get 4800/6400 dpi for visual. But for v800, the optical resolution begins from 6400dpi. Both of them deliver top-notch resolutions. While the v800 features extraordinary shadow details and refined graduations, the v700 also has these features, but it is not as advanced as v800. Grayscale bit depth for the v800 is 16 bits per pixel internally or externally.

You will get sharp resolution results when you use the photo scanners. Even though the v800 has a much more brilliant resolution than the v700 offers, both deliver refined resolutions. Equipped with 4.0 Dmax, both the v700 and v800 ensure professional results. Accurate 48bit output gives you magnificent resolution photographs. Fitted with double lens technology, you can get your desired photograph resolutions. The scanner automatically places its lens on the media and scans your desired resolution or selects the best one for you. 


Both of the photo scanners and their price tags vary from each other. Now, Epson v700 came out before v800. Comparing both, v800 is a bit more expensive than the v700. You get the idea why it costs more because v800 came out later. So, it’s a newer model than the v700. Moreover, v800 offers much more sophisticated features than v700. But it does not make the v700 inferior. Thus, you have to consider the features of the provided price range.

V700 offers you good features for the price, and you get professional results. But as it’s an older model, it is evident that the price tag is lower. Thus it makes it the best photo scanner if you have a tight budget. So, if you need a photoscanner with excellent resolution and maintain a budget, the v700 is a perfect choice. It’s like the quote, hitting two birds with a single stone. Additionally, the v700 got most of the features the v800 offers while having a lower price. But the quality is not subpar with the v800. 

The v800 has a higher price tag than the v700. The v800 is a newer model and came out after v700. It contains the price tag as it’s more contemporary. But the price is not overcharged, because your v800 offers you amazing resolution photographs. From superb shadow details to smooth graduations, the v800 provides all of it. Also, the user will get accurate color and details when they scan their desired photograph. Also, it natively supports 6400dpi optical scans. So, you get the idea with the higher price tag equipped; it offers you the best features.

So, if you have a higher budget range go for the v800; you will get top-notch qualities for the price, which will be worth it for you. But if you have a controlled budget while also desiring good quality resolutions, you can get the v700 without any doubt. To conclude, v700 is the best for low budgets, and v800 is the best if you don’t have a controlled budget.

Scan Speed

The v700 comes with a high-speed mode of 4800dpi. In contrast, the mono parameters are 12.3 MSec/line while the color’s also the same range. Keep in mind this field’s considered to be approximate. Again, the v800 has the exact specification as v700 does.

To conclude, the output speed of both v700 and v800 is quite the same. You won’t notice the scan speed notably between the both. For 6400dpi, both the photo scanner lacks high speed. So, you have to wait if you are going to scan 6400dpi or higher resolution photographs. Both the scanner connectivity features hi-speed USB 2.0.

Film Holders

Both the model of photo scanners come with film holders. Film holders are beneficial when you are going to use your photo scanners. The v700 comes with four film holders.  For instance, they are 35mm negative, slides measuring 35 mm, a medium format, and a 4-inch into 5-inch holder.

While the v800 also contains four film holders as well.  The well-built film holders feature adjustable height levels, lacking in v700. It comes with twelve 35mm mounted slides, three 35mm film strips that can be allowed up to 18 frames, one medium-format strip, up to 6 x 20 cm, and finally, one 4-inch x 5-inch frame.

Supported Software

Epson v700 includes Adobe Photoshop Elements, ABBYY FineReader Sprint Plus. Keep in mind that when the v700 was released, it didn’t have the newly powerful software LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast SE software. But you have nothing to worry about because the v700 supports the software without any significant issue. As it’s an older version, v700 features a scanner software cd-ROM. Now you know that cd-ROMs are slowly disappearing as digitalization rapidly occurs.

When the Epson v800 came out in the market, powerful software was provided by Epson. The LaserSoft Imaging SilverFast SE software provides you with a unique experience. With Epson’s Easy Photo Fix scanning technology, you can restore faded color photos to their former beauty. The easy photo fix scan also includes backlight correction and digital dirt removal, powered by Digital Ice Technology. Moreover, with one click, you can scan your photos and renew the colors of the image. Also, you can reproduce colors with near-perfect accuracy.

In conclusion, the v800 carries much more versatile software supports than the v700 can support. The latest software provided by Epson offers incredible optimization and support. 

Epson V700 vs V800 (Pros & Cons)

Now that you are here, you probably took your sweet time to read all the features of both the Epson v700 and v800. So, now you will see the list of pros and cons of both the photoscanners. The listing of Pros and Cons will visualize what you want and ultimately help you choose the best photo scanner between these two. 

Below you will notice that both pros and cons of the photo scanners have been listed below for you. Check out the pros and cons and have a clearer idea of what photo scanner will be the best for our Epson v700 vs v800 debate.

1. Epson V700


  • Only 50MB file size for 4800dpi
  • Can use 12 slides at a time
  • You can apply it to any medium
  • Allows to correct slide issue
  • Produces clean image
  • Accurate color reproduction
  • Accurate details
  • Suitable for digitalizing old pictures
  • Batch scanning works well
  • Bundled Software works great


  • It can be a bit noisy
  • Vast footprint on workplace

2. Epson V800


  • Professional scan results
  • Incredible tonal and shadow details
  • ReadyScan LED lighting origin
  • Powerful Software included
  • Double Lens Technology
  • Removes dust and scrapes
  • Fidel film scanning
  • Multiple Scanning
  • RoHS compliant


  • Banding Issue
  • It takes time to scan

Conclusion: Which One to Choose?

Finally, it’s time to come up with a decision to choose which one of the photo scanners’s the best. Both the scanner’s features broke down to list the features. Also, the pros and cons are listed out to see what’s lacking or not clearly. 

Epson v800 will be the best choice because v800 has much more features than v700. Even though v800 may be more expensive than the v7, these features make up the price. So, in this Epson v700 vs v800 debate, the Epson v800 should be your choice. To conclude the discussion, v800 has better potential than v700.

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