Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 Review

Epson offers a wide range of printers for different purposes and different budgets. It has already released the Expression line of printers at a very affordable price. Luckily, Epson did not compromise quality because the Expression Premium ET-7700 EcoTank is able to print in high resolution. The Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 is a wireless inkjet printer with borderless printing and a massive ink tank! The ET-7700 feels like a commercial-grade printer, which is a good thing if you regularly print documents in bulk. If you are looking for a wireless printer and hate the hassle of constantly changing printer cartridges, then the Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 might be for you!

Our Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 review is about to dive deep into detailed information about the advanced features of this machine. For example, the vibrant color prints, the duplex functionality, and the high capacity ink tanks. We provide you with some important points on our way to help you make up your mind easier.

Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 Review

Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 EcoTank all-in-one printer included the new and most popular features to ensure the best printing experience, including Ink level monitoring and notification, one-touch buttons for easy operation, and an intuitive control panel. This versatile printer combines wireless printing, copy, and scan capabilities.

Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 review
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The Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 EcoTank all-in-one printer is an excellent choice for any home office or small business looking for high quality color printing at an affordable price. This feature-rich printer offers a convenient Wi-Fi connection and the ability to print thousands of pages without needing expensive replacements for ink cartridges. With a built-in scanner, you can scan documents and images directly to your iPad or Android device through the free Epson iPrint app. In addition to wireless connectivity, this all in one also comes equipped with a built-in card slot for easy direct printing from SD cards and USB Flash drives.

Design: Our Score 8.0/10

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With dimensions of 23.5 x 16.7 x 7.7 inches and a weight of 18.1 pounds, the ET-7700 is a combination of matte and glossy black. Above the output tray, you’ll find a tilt-down control panel with a 2.7-inch non-touch screen.  In addition to the four-way control button with a central OK button, the control panel also features home, start, and backspace buttons. There are 100 sheets of plain letter-size paper in the main paper tray and 20 sheets of photo paper in a mini tray above it. It has a rear feeder that holds 10 sheets at a time.

With the ET-7700, you can print, copy, and scan, but not fax. You can scan or copy multipage documents unattended with its flatbed, but it doesn’t feature an automatic document feeder (ADF). It has a memory card reader so you can use SD cards and a thumb drive port so you can plug in a USB drive.

Print Speed & Quality: Our Score 7.5/10

This printer performs better than Epson claims, with a Black and White print speed of 14 pages per minute. If you include the images, then the color printing pace rises to an impressive 8 pages per minute. The same fast speeds carried over to photo prints, where a 4 x 6 print took just 32 seconds.

While the performance was decent, the quality of fonts was excellent, with crisp edges. The graphics also impressed with solid fills and vibrant color. There was a decidedly average quality to the photos. Despite using photo black ink, this printer still had a slight blue haze to the print finish, which further reduced the quality.

Fairness to the printer, the print quality is excellent on glossy paper. It should be sufficient for most users. Quality is very important to us, so lack of perfection is a concern here. Despite a slight magenta cast which is not unusual for inkjet printers, the black and white photos appeared very professional.

Based on our tests, the ET-7700 delivered well above average text quality for an inkjet, sufficient for everything except desktop publishing applications that require tiny fonts. We observed crisp, dark type at sizes as small as five points on most of the fonts we tested.

Likewise, the print quality was excellent for an inkjet and even good enough for handouts in PowerPoint intended for important clients or customers you wish to impress. The only thing worth pointing out is that most backgrounds had faint striations, like banding.

Versatility: Our Score 7.0/10

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We’ve come to expect a lot from inkjet printers these days. Epson EcoTank Expression Premium ET-7700 has a lot of features to offer. A color display, wireless and USB printing, and mobile printing are also included.

The printer also works with SD cards and USB flash drives. If you don’t have a laptop or phone available to you, these makes printing and scanning photos super simple.

Copying & Scanning: Our Score 8.5/10

This Epson Expression Premium ET-7700 printer has one of the best scanners around, just like many of Epson’s other products. With its letter-size scanning bed, you can scan photos at up to 9600 dots per inch. This is higher than many professional scanning devices. As a result, your photos will be scanned in the sharpest, most accurate way possible. This means that if you are scanning photos for reprinting, you’ll experience a much lower level of data loss. If you’re looking for a printer with high printing and scanning resolution, the Epson EcoTank photo printer may be right for you.

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There is no copy function available for A4 and Letter (216 x 279mm) size papers; only standard paper sizes of 102 x 152mm and 216 x 279mm (snapshot size) are available. You can’t perform any other function while you are copying.

With so many standard copying features, you can do reprints and enlargements of old faded photos, as well as color restoration and copying onto CD/DVD using the standard features such as density adjustment, auto background removal, two-sided copying, layout customization, sizing, as well as automatic enlargement and reduction.

Cost Per Page: Our Score 9.0/10

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It is not possible to determine how much Epson’s printers cost per page, but based on the cost and yield data for their ink bottles, approximately the cost of printing monochrome pages for Epson is 0.3 cents, and the cost of printing colored pages is 1.1 cents. The photo-black ink contribution is impossible to determine precisely since it varies widely based on the type of photo you will print. Compared with the ink costs of most non-bottled-ink printers, the ET-7700’s photo black ink slightly boosts the printer’s running cost.

Connectivity: Our Score 8.5/10

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USB connections, Ethernet or 802.11b/g/n Wi-Fi connections, or a direct peer-to-peer connection via Wi-Fi Direct are all supported for connections to computers, wired networks, or compatible devices. You can print from your iPad, iPhone, and Android device with the ET-7700. It’s also compatible with Apple AirPrint. Furthermore, it supports a variety of Epson Connect software applications such as Epson iPrint, Email Print, Epson Creative Print, Epson Scan to Cloud, and Epson Remote Print.

What We Like

  • Large capacity for ink
  • Cartridge free printing
  • Cost-effective operations
  • Good quality printing
  • Speedy printing
  • Versatile paper handling
  • Wide range of connectivity

What We Don’t Like

  • Photo quality could be improved
  • Fax and ADF capabilities are absent

Final Words

Overall, the Epson Expression ET-7700 is far more than just a printer—it’s a stylish, easy to use, and affordable machine. It also makes a wonderful option for anyone looking for a reliable, high quality inkjet printer at its price point. With its many advanced capabilities, it can accommodate a wide array of your printing needs. Whether you’re on an eco-friendly budget or simply want an attractive machine with some nice extra features, we are very comfortable recommending this printer to our readers.

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