Best Electronic Hookah Head to Enjoy Smoking

The electronic hookah head is a revolutionary and convenient way to enjoy the traditional hookah smoking experience. Electronic hookah heads are becoming increasingly popular among smokers and vapers alike, as they provide a safe, hassle-free alternative to more dangerous ways of smoking. With an electronic hookah head, you can savor all the flavors of your favorite hookah without any of the usual drawbacks associated with traditional methods. In this article, we will discuss what purpose electronic hookah heads serve, the different types available on the market, a list of ten best electronic hookah heads, how to choose the best one for you and some advantages of using them.

What Are The Purpose Of Electronic Hookah Head?

Electronic hookah heads are an increasingly popular way to enjoy the unique experience of an e-cigarette. They provide a great alternative to traditional smoking, allowing users to enjoy the same flavor and feeling as with a tobacco-based product, but without any of the harmful chemicals or smoke. These devices come in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on the user’s preferences.

One of the main purposes of electronic hookah heads is to help people reduce their nicotine intake, while still being able to enjoy the taste and pleasure associated with smoking. The user can choose from a range of different levels of nicotine concentration, so that they can customize their experience according to their own needs. This makes them ideal for those who are trying to quit smoking or just trying to reduce their nicotine intake gradually over time.

Another purpose is that these devices provide an easier way for people to get their nicotine fix without having to worry about secondhand smoke exposure or other health risks associated with conventional cigarettes. Electronic hookah heads also produce less waste than traditional methods since they do not require ashtrays or lighters. Furthermore, they offer a much more discreet method of smoking than conventional cigarettes since they produce no smoke and there is no need for a flame or open flame device.

Overall, electronic hookah heads provide a convenient way for users to enjoy the taste and feel of smoking without any of the harmful side effects associated with traditional methods. They offer a great alternative for those looking for alternatives ways to consume nicotine without compromising on quality or flavor.

Types Of Best Electronic Hookah Head

There are many different types of electronic hookah heads available in the market today. Depending on your needs and preferences, you can choose from various models.

One type is the disposable electronic hookah head, which is designed for single-use and can be easily disposed or recycled after use. These models come with built-in batteries, LED lights, and a range of flavors to choose from. They are typically affordable and easy to use.

Another type is the rechargeable electronic hookah head, which features a rechargeable battery that can be used multiple times. Some models also feature adjustable air flow control and temperature settings, allowing users to customize their experience depending on what they need. They are usually more expensive than disposables but offer much longer life span.

The third type is the tankless electronic hookah head, which doesn’t require any tanks or liquid refills. Instead, it uses an atomizing chamber to create vapor directly from e-juice cartridges or pods that plug into the device. This type provides a more efficient way to enjoy vaping since there’s no need for messy refills or cleaning of tanks every time you want to switch flavors.

Finally, the modded electronic hookah head allows users to customize their device with different parts and components like new tanks, batteries, coils, and other accessories such as mouthpieces and carrying cases. Mods provide a unique way for vapers to tailor their experience according to their needs and style preferences.

List Of 7 Best Electronic Hookah Head

Nothing beats an electronic hookah head when it comes to enjoying a unique smoking experience. This device allows you to enjoy a flavorful vaping session without the health risks of traditional tobacco smoking. This article will discuss some of the best electronic hookah heads on the market today.

  1. Kangertech Subtank Plus – If you are looking for an electronic hookah head that delivers smooth and consistent flavor, then the Kangertech Subtank Plus is a great choice. This device has a 5ml capacity and is equipped with stainless steel coils for superior airflow and heat distribution. It also comes with adjustable airflow control so you can adjust the amount of vapor produced with each puff.
  2. Innokin iSub V Tank – For those who prefer a more powerful vaping experience, the Innokin iSub V Tank is the way to go. This tank has a 3ml capacity and provides superior flavor and cloud production thanks to its top-fill design and adjustable dual-airflow slots. The sturdy construction ensures that your e-juice won’t leak or spill while in use.
  3. Aspire Nautilus X Tank – offers great performance at an affordable price point. The 2ml tank features top-fill capability as well as adjustable airflow control so you can customize your vaping experience. The coil heads are specifically designed to provide an intense flavor hit with every puff.
  4. Uwell Crown 2 Tank – stands out from other devices due to its high-quality construction and innovative design features. This 5ml tank utilizes patented self-cleaning technology to reduce spitback during use, while its adjustable bottom airflow helps ensure even heat distribution throughout each puff.
  5. SMOK TFV8 Baby Beast Sub Ohm Tank – offers superb vapor production thanks to its triple bottom adjustable airflow slots and wide bore drip tip for maximum vapor intake. With its 3ml capacity, this device is perfect for those who want big clouds without sacrificing flavor quality or longevity of their e-juice supply.
  6. Joyetech ProCore Aries Tank – is one of the most popular tanks among vapers due to its stylish design and excellent performance characteristics. Its 4ml capacity provides ample space for your favorite e-juices while its two large adjustable bottom airslots let you customize your vapor production as needed.
  7. HorizonTech Falcon King Sub Ohm Tank – If you want something that packs a punch without breaking the bank, then look no further than the HorizonTech Falcon King Sub Ohm Tank. This 6ml tank features three unique mesh coils that provide superior flavor quality and massive cloud production with each puff while its adjustable triple bottom airflow allows for maximum customization options when it comes to vapor production levels.

Finally, if you are looking for something truly special then check out the WISMEC Reux Mini Sub Ohm Tank which offers excellent performance thanks to its advanced temperature control functionality which ensures that your e-liquids never get too hot or cold during use. The 4ml capacity makes this device ideal for everyday use while its top fill design ensures easy filling refilling on the go!

How To Choose The Best Electronic Hookah Head

Choosing the best electronic hookah head can be tricky, especially if you don’t know what to look for. Here are 5 important factors to consider when making your choice:

  1. Battery Life: One of the most important things to look at when choosing an electronic hookah head is the battery life. Make sure that the head has a long enough battery life so that you can enjoy it for a few hours without having to recharge it constantly.
  2. Compatibility: You want to make sure you purchase an electronic hookah head that is compatible with your existing smoking equipment and accessories, such as lighters, chargers and adapters. The last thing you want is to buy a head that won’t work with your existing set up.
  3. Design and Portability: If you are someone who likes to take their smoking gear on-the-go, then design and portability should be high up on your check list when looking for an electronic hookah head. Look for one that is lightweight and easy to transport from place to place without sacrificing quality or performance in any way.
  4. Quality of Materials Used: When shopping for an electronic hookah head, make sure you are buying one made from superior quality materials that won’t break down easily or quickly become outdated or obsolete due to advances in technology over time.
  5. Price Range: Finally, consider your budget when looking for an electronic hookah head; don’t just jump on the first product you come across! Compare prices between different brands and models before making your decision so that you can get the best value for money possible.

Advantages Of Using Best Electronic Hookah Head

Using the best electronic hookah head can be incredibly beneficial both to your health and wallet. It is an effective way to switch from traditional smoking to a safer, cleaner and more enjoyable alternative.

The main advantage of using an electronic hookah head is that it eliminates the need for burning coal or any other type of combustible material. Electronic hookah heads heat up flavored e-liquid solutions, which contain nicotine, flavorings, and other harmless ingredients like propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin. This eliminates the smoke that is often associated with smoking traditional shisha pipes.

Another key benefit of using an electronic hookah head is that it produces fewer particles in its vapors than combustible materials. Traditional shisha smokers are exposed to higher levels of toxins as a result of combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide and tar. Electronic hookahs on the other hand heat up liquids without combusting them, resulting in much lower levels of toxins being inhaled. This makes them much safer for their users compared to traditional shishas.

Another great thing about using electronic hookahs is that they are incredibly convenient to use and maintain. They are easy to set up and use, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with messy coals or having smoke blown in your face when you take a puff from your device. Furthermore, most models feature easy maintenance features like removable tanks which allow you to quickly refill or change flavors when needed without needing special tools or extra parts.

Finally, they are also very cost-effective in comparison with traditional shishas since they require no charcoal or wood chips which can get expensive after a while if you’re frequently replacing them due to them burning out quickly over time. Additionally, since there’s no need for burning fuel sources like coal or wood chips, there’s also less waste generated which helps reduce environmental impact as well!

How To Use Best Electronic Hookah Head

Using an electronic hookah head is a fun and convenient way to enjoy flavored tobacco or nicotine-free vapor. Unlike traditional hookahs, electric hookah heads are easy to set up and use with just a few simple steps. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Choose your favorite flavored e-liquid – you can find many different flavors available on the market today.
  2. Fill the tank with your selected liquid until it reaches the maximum fill line – typically around 2-3ml, depending on the model of your electronic hookah head.
  3. Attach the tank to the battery of your electronic hookah head and press the fire button five times quickly to turn it on.
  4. Inhale from the mouthpiece slowly and steadily for several seconds, then exhale normally and repeat as desired.
  5. To turn off, simply press the fire button five times quickly again and allow the atomizer to cool before storing away in a safe place away from children or pets.

Electronic hookah heads are designed to provide an even heat distribution throughout their tanks, which maximizes flavor production while avoiding dry hits or burnt tastes. Experimenting with different wattage settings can help you find your preferred balance between flavor and cloud production for each type of liquid you use, so don’t be afraid to experiment!


In conclusion, electronic hookah head is a great and popular product for those who enjoy hookah smoking. It has many different types to choose from and each type has its own advantages and features. The 10 best electronic hookah heads available on the market provide a wide range of options to suit any need, budget, or preference. When choosing the best electronic hookah head for you, there are five factors to consider: size, battery life, quality of design, airflow control capabilities, and style. Electronic hookahs offer various advantages over traditional hookahs such as longer-lasting battery life, portability, ease of use and more advanced features. With the right electronic hookah head in hand, you can have an enjoyable and safe smoking experience anytime you want.

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