Best Electrical Boxes For New Construction Reviews In 2023

When building a new structure or renovating an old one, electrical boxes are essential pieces of hardware. Electrical boxes create a secure connection point for wiring and host components such as switches, outlets, and fixtures. As most building codes require that electrical boxes be installed in walls to ensure safety and proper function, finding the right electrical box is critical. With so many different types of electrical boxes on the market, it can be hard for any builder or renovator to find the best electrical box for their new construction needs.

In this article we will discuss the different types of best electrical boxes for new construction, what considerations to make before buying them, how to use them properly in your project and finally how to choose the best option for your needs.

Types Of Best Electrical Boxes For New Construction

When it comes to electrical boxes for new construction, there are several different types to choose from. Depending on the type of project, you’ll need to pick the best option for the job. Here is a quick rundown of the best electrical boxes for new construction:

  • Metal Electrical Boxes: Metal electrical boxes are most commonly used in commercial and industrial projects. They are very strong and durable, making them great for long-lasting installations as they offer superior protection against moisture and dust intrusion. They are also fireproof and can withstand higher temperatures than other types of boxes.
  • Nonmetallic Electrical Boxes: Nonmetallic electrical boxes are made from plastic or fiberglass, making them lightweight and easy to install. They also provide an effective insulation barrier which helps reduce the risk of electric shock. Unlike metal boxes, nonmetallic ones are not fireproof so they should be used with caution in areas that may be prone to fires or high temperatures.
  • Flanged Electrical Boxes: Flanged electrical boxes feature a flange on one side that allows for secure mounting onto drywall or other surfaces. This makes them popular in areas where additional strength is required such as when dealing with heavier fixtures like ceiling fans.
  • Surface Mount Electrical Boxes: Surface mount electrical boxes can be installed directly onto the wall without having to cut walls or drill holes into them first. This makes them ideal for applications such as mounting switches and outlets without having to run cables through studs or joists first.

These are just some of the best options for electrical boxes for new construction projects. Consider your needs carefully before making a decision on which type will work best for your project.

List Of 10 Best Electrical Boxes For New Construction

Looking for the best electrical boxes for new construction? You’ve come to the right place! Here is a list of 10 of the top-rated electrical boxes that can help you get the job done.

  1. Carlon 1-Gang Rectangular Non-Metallic Old Work Wall Box: This box is designed to be installed in drywall, paneling, and other hard surfaces, and can be used with nonmetallic sheathed cable. It’s made of durable PVC material and has an easy-access knockout in each end to install your wires quickly and easily.
  2. Arlington DVFR2W Recessed Electrical Outlet Box: This box is designed to fit into tight spaces between studs or joists and is ideal for installing flat screen TVs or other wall mounted electronics securely. It features a raised platform with pre-installed mounting screws and comes with a durable plastic cover with slotted holes for easy feeding of wires through.
  3. Hubbell Raco 704 Round Metal Electrical Box: This box is made from galvanized steel for maximum durability, making it great for commercial and residential applications. The large 7-inch depth ensures plenty of room for wiring connections, while its round shape makes it easier to install in corners or other tight spots.
  4. Legrand Pass & Seymour 4SCCE 4 Square Combination Electrical Box: This box offers more than just an outlet; it also contains two switches so you can control multiple lights or appliances from one location. It also features side clamps that make installation simple, even when your walls are already finished!
  5. Arlington 8141DBL Siding Mount Electrical Box: If you’re looking to mount an outlet on siding such as wood or vinyl, this box is perfect! It creates a weatherproof seal around the wires so they stay safe from water damage while providing plenty of space inside for wiring connections.
  6. Thomas & Betts T&B Steel City EMT Set Screw Connector: This connector is designed to join two pieces of EMT conduit together quickly and securely without having to glue them together first – saving you time on installations! Plus it’s made from corrosion-resistant zinc alloy so you know it’ll last forever!
  7. Leviton Combination Device Switch Cover Plate: If you’re looking to upgrade your switch covers, this combination device switch cover plate provides both style and function with its sleek modern design and ample room behind it for wiring connections without having to cut extra holes in the wall!
  8. Gardner Bender GSW-20 Wire Connectors: These wire connectors are specifically designed for 18 gauge stranded wire but can accommodate up to four 14 gauge solid wires at once – making them great for larger jobs where time savings are key! They’re also flame retardant which helps protect against fire hazards during installation or after years of wear & tear over time!
  9. Red Dot 2 Gang Device Bracket With Cover Plate: If you want something more substantial than just a cover plate, this two gang device bracket comes complete with both a metal backbox as well as a plastic cover plate – giving extra protection against moisture build up where needed most! And thanks to its adjustable brackets, it fits either single or double gang devices perfectly every time!
  10. Killark VX Series Watertight Junction Boxes With Covers & Gaskets: Finally, these junction boxes provide superior protection against dust and water seepage while offering plenty of space for safe wiring connections – making them perfect if the area may experience harsh weather conditions in the future! Plus they’re UL listed so you know they’ve been tested thoroughly before getting released onto the market!

What To Consider When Buying Best Electrical Boxes For New Construction

When shopping for electrical boxes for new construction, it is important to consider several factors. The size and type of the electrical box should be appropriate for the wiring and electrical needs of the project. It is also essential to ensure the box fits in the desired space. Additionally, proper installation must be taken into account; boxes must not only be securely mounted but also meet local building codes.

The materials used to make electrical boxes are another factor to consider when making a purchase. Metal boxes are usually made from steel or aluminum and provide good protection against any potential damage due to their durability. Plastic boxes are lighter and easier to install, but are susceptible to electric shocks if not installed correctly.

It is also important that the chosen box has enough knockouts for the number of wires entering or exiting it; too few knockouts can result in a crowded box that may pose a fire hazard due to overheating wires or connectors. Furthermore, features such as external bonding screws, which allow for proper grounding connections, should be present on all metal boxes before they can be installed.

Lastly, look out for special features such as an adjustable depth feature which allows users to customize the box’s depth based on specific application requirements or an “old work” bracket that allows users to secure an electrical box after drywall installation has been completed. These features make installation easier while ensuring safety standards have been met.

How To Use Best Electrical Boxes For New Construction

Using electrical boxes for new construction is a simple and effective way to protect wiring from damage. When installing electrical boxes, it is important to adhere to safety protocols in order to ensure that electrical circuits are properly functioning and safe for use. Additionally, being aware of the types of boxes available can help you choose the best option for your project. Here are some steps for how to use the best electrical boxes for new construction.

First, select an appropriate size box that will fit your specifications. Electrical boxes come in various sizes and should be chosen based on the number of wires running through them, as well as what type of fixture will be attached (e.g., switches, outlets, lighting fixtures). It is important to check local building codes prior to purchase to make sure the box meets all requirements.

Second, mount the box into the wall or ceiling using proper mounting hardware such as nails or screws. Make sure that all connections are secure before attaching any wiring or devices. Depending on the box type, additional metal clips may need to be used when mounting it onto a wall stud or other support structure.

Third, run wiring through the box according to instructions provided by your device manufacturer and connect it with wire nuts or other similar connection methods in order to make an electrical connection between two wires or one wire and a terminal point (e.g., switch). When making connections with wire nuts, it is important that there is no exposed metal so as not to create a potential shock hazard.

Finally, carefully install any devices (switches, outlets etc.) into the box according to their manufacturers’ instructions in order to complete your installation process safely and correctly. Be sure not to overtighten screws as this could cause damage and potentially create a fire hazard if done incorrectly.

Once you have finished installing everything into the box and making all necessary connections, securely attach any face plates or covers needed for protection against dirt and debris before energizing any circuits connected with this electrical box setup in new construction projects!

How To Choose The Best Electrical Boxes For New Construction

Choosing the best electrical boxes for new construction can be a tricky business. There are a few key factors to consider when selecting the right box for your project. The size of the box, type of material, and installation method are all important considerations to consider.

The electrical box size is an important factor to consider when selecting the best one for your project. Too small and it won’t be able to accommodate all of the wiring necessary; too large and it will be too bulky or unsightly in your space. Measure carefully before buying so you get the right size.

The type of material used to make the electrical box is also something that needs to be considered carefully. Plastic boxes are usually cheaper but may not last as long as metal ones, while metal ones offer greater durability and strength but cost more upfront.

Finally, understand how each type of electrical box needs to be installed. Some require mounting screws, others use nails or cable ties; some need additional components such as clamps or straps in order to mount them in place securely. Ensure you understand how each type should be installed before buying one for your project!


In conclusion, when it comes to selecting the best electrical boxes for new construction, there are a lot of factors to consider. This includes types of electrical boxes, what to look for when buying them, how to use them and how to choose the best one.

With careful consideration and research, you can find the right electrical box that meets all your needs and provide dependable safety and functionality.

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