Best Edible Printer for Cakes: The Ultimate Guide

Day by day, cake art exceeds such levels beyond our imaginations. From artistic frosting to real-life object modeling, now we have edible photos for the fondant. It is quite interesting to have a food item being printed out. For this, we will need a good quality edible printer for cakes. Those who run a bakery or are professional bakers will find this printer a handy item for some magical creations with food. 

Your customers will surely approve the baked goods and admire the good work. In addition, this device also helps with customized cake designs. Like a regular printer, such printers also need the essential features to succeed as efficient devices. But to help you find the best choice for your uses, we have compiled here a list of the top-rated edible printer for cakes. Check them to learn more and select the best type.

Top Picks: 5 Edible Printer for Cakes

Top 6 Best Edible Printer for Cakes: Buyer’s Guide

1. Canon Pixma All-In-One Color Inkjet Printer

The PIXMA MG3620 is another top-notch edible printer for cakes. Similar to all other printers from this brand, this one also excels in its features and actions with convenience and simplicity. We will get wireless options for mobile and output device printing, which also helps portability. In addition, duplex printing saves both ink and time. 

It also offers high-quality ink for sharp and vivid colors to create beautiful cake toppers according to the customers’ choices. The printing speed is also fast with black and color images, from 9.9 IPM to 5.7 IPM. Such an efficient printer will surely change the whole baked goods game in no time. So, this is among the first choices for professional bakery levels. 

Main Features


Canon ink is very vibrant and comes out sharp and clear. It doesn’t include separate cartridges, so the ink capacity is very long-lasting. Besides, duplex printing helps to save ink costs.


Due to the fast printing speed at 16 IPM maximum, and the double-sided printing options, the output capacity doubles easily. Hence, we can print in large volumes regularly with sufficient ink supply. 


The wireless connectivity is in-built and easy to set up. This allows us to connect instantly to androids, Mac or Windows devices, laptops, tablets, and so on to share images. Mobile printing is made easier with apps. This connectivity allows AirPrint, Google Cloud Print Ready, and PIXMA Cloud Link printing.


Since the device is quite compact and lightweight, it becomes to carry it around. The wireless option also makes it portable. So, we can print from anywhere and change location according to convenience.


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Wireless connectivity for online printing
  • Fast printing speeds
  • Automatic duplex printing
  • Good compatibility with Windows devices 


  • Issues with connection and paper feeding

2. Canon TS8320 All In One Wireless Color Printer

Canon will keep on surprising, and the TS8320 Wireless Printer is no different. Firstly, it has a 4.3-inch LCD Touchscreen and buttons to function other options. This makes it very simple and easy with the operation. Besides, this printer is very compatible with various Windows and Mac devices for printing photos for the cake. The best part is the paper capacity of 200 sheets for endless printing needed in a professional bakery.

Aside from working with desktops, we can use a wireless connection for mobile printing. It also has micro SD cards for photo sharing. The six individual ink system also works to provide the best quality images. This also helps with photo enhancement and editing. The sheet capacity further increases with the exterior tray for paper feeding. Lastly, we can use various paper sizes easily, making this one of the best edible printers. 

Main Features


This printer has six individual ink systems for a vibrant and sharp output. It has a photo blue ink that enhances the image details by editing the shadows and graduation. Besides, the ink system can support a good sheet capacity.


The paper capacity is 200 sheets per session for all kinds of photos. An output tray also automatically functions to load in papers of different sizes to print photos.


We get a strong Wi-Fi connection along with USB and Bluetooth. This allows us to connect directly with different desktop devices and androids, iOs devices, tablets, and so on. We can use different apps and share photos for printing directly.


Aside from the wireless options, the compact size and lightweight design make the printer quite portable. Hence, we can easily keep it on any corner and print it easily.


  • Easy operation with touchscreen LCD
  • Strong wireless connectivity
  • Large paper capacity
  • Compact and portable
  • Six ink system for vivid photos


  • Ink is quite expensive

3. Canon Pixma All-In-One Photo Printer

The Pixma TS6320 is another outstanding and stylish all-in-one printer suitable for mesmerizing cake designs. This one is the best choice for the edible printer for cakes. It has a 1.44-inch OLED screen for functioning different options. In addition, we can easily check the device’s status and select features. 

Canon offers a good paper capacity for bulk printing, which is no different. The expandable output tray further helps to increase capacity for instant paper feeding. It also has wireless connectivity via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for printing from different external devices and mobile phones. This also means that we can easily print from anywhere and anytime images from any device.

Lastly, the five-ink system allows high-quality image resolution for the icing and makes it one of the best printers for edible images.

Main Features


We get a five-individual ink system for printing both black and colorful files and images. Each output will come out vivid and sharp. Only the individual ink tank needs to be replaced if the ink runs out. The replacement tank is very easy to install. 


This printer allows a good capacity of paper printing at a time along with saving ink. Besides, the expandable outer tray also increases the capacity further. We can use various papers on the paper tray for different images.


Wireless connection comes with Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for file sharing easily. These options allow us to print directly from various external devices like PCs, tablets, androids, iOs, and so on.


Even though the printer is big with so many features, it is compact to place on any corner. We can also move it to different places if needed. Due to wireless connections, we can print from anywhere easily. 


  • Five individual ink system
  • Good compatibility with various devices
  • Powerful wireless connections
  • Large paper capacity
  • Easy to use for sharp images


  • No USB options

4. Canon PIXMA MegaTank Printer

The Canon PIXMA G6020 Printer ensures that we can do it all very easily. It is a powerhouse with a high paper yield of around 7000 sheets and colorful images. Besides, to increase the functionality further, it offers wireless connections, and with good compatibility, be sure that the printer will connect to any device readily. This feature also helps to save time for printing. 

So, we can print with outstanding quality but at a lower cost for the cake icing. The ink system here consists of a set of color bottles for saving more ink. Using this ink, we can print borderless images of any resolution with the same sharpness and clarity. The maximum resolution this printer offers is 1200 x 2400 dpi, so indeed, this is the best edible image printer we can get for bakery purposes. 

Main Features


Traditional ink cartridges are replaced by hybrid ink bottles with extra bottles to save more ink. The inks are pigment-based and dye-based for the vibrant images, depth, and clarity in resolution. This ink system is cost-effective to support the high yield and save more ink.


Aside from the high yield that this printer supports, it also allows different size papers. You can print 6,000 Black text pages at a time with the ink bottles. Besides, it offers a good resolution for each print.  You can also print 7,700 Color pages at a time.


The wireless connection in this printer includes Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. We also get cable ports for  USB and Ethernet. Since the printer is compatible with various devices, we can easily pair it with our laptops, desktops, smartphones, tablets and print directly any image.


Since this is a complete package with so many features, the printer is quite large and bulky to carry around. But it has a great design for storing easily. Besides, the wireless option helps us to print from anywhere.


  • High paper yield
  • Strong wireless connections
  • Good compatibility
  • Excellent ink system
  • Saves ink with outstanding image resolution  


  • The installation process is problematic

5. Canon Pixma iX6820 Business Printer

As the name suggests, the PIXMA iX6820 Wireless Printer will help to flourish the business with exciting ideas. It can handle a variety of paper sizes with the borderless option for different cake sizes. Regardless of the size, the resolution of each image will come at 9600 x 2400 color dpi with details and sharpness. Since we get five individual ink tanks, the colors will come vibrantly with an ample supply to support the large output capacity. 

It has a My Image Garden feature for Special Filters or Full HD Movie Print. We also get other templates and editing software for premium-quality images. This device can automatically power up for printing readily in bulk at 14.5 ipm for black and 10.4 ipm for color. Not to mention the built-in wireless option and cable connection for file sharing and printing from online services. Undoubtedly, we can use this one as the best canon edible printer made by this brand. 

Main Features


The five individual ink tanks replace regular cartridges to provide vivid colors for the images that we want to print. Each image will have a resolution of 9600 x 2400 dots per inch. This ink system saves ink cost and handles large volumes of printing.


Similar to all other Canon models, this one also offers a high yield for printing icing images. The automatic feeder can support 150 papers at a time. Both color and black images are printed at faster speeds to increase efficiency. 


We also get Ethernet and USB ports from a secured Wi-Fi connection. This allows us to print directly from a range of Windows and Mac devices and smartphones, tablets, and so on. We can print using Airprint and Google Cloud services by using a wireless network.


Although the design is convenient for keeping it on any corner, it is quite bulky and not portable. Due to the wireless connection, we can print directly any image from anywhere.


  • High-quality ink system
  • Fast printing with large volumes
  • Excellent connectivity options
  • Good compatibility with various devices
  • Brilliant photo enhancing options


  • Quite large dimensions

6. Generic Cake Topper Image Printer

Generic Cake Image Printer is a great choice of edible printer for cakes that create some of the finest desserts. The baker can use different images to make custom birthday cakes for all people and some beautiful cupcakes. This device is packed with all the necessary items and features to bring out high-quality edible images on top of the cake. We can use any image regardless of the resolution and get very sharp and clear colors.

In addition, it has wireless and cable connections to download or receive images to copy or scan for the decoration. It has five different cartridges and color markers for vibrant colors. Besides, it can support around 50 sheets of edible wafer paper for printing. After use, we can clean the head with the cleaning kit easily. So, this is a beginner’s printer that is easy to operate and one of the best edible printer for cakes.

Main Features


This printer comes with a set of five ink cartridges for the output. Apart from high-quality images, we can ensure that the ink is safe. In addition, we get five color markers. 


We can use up to 50 wafer sheets at a time with this printer. Each output will come out vivid and consistent. This capacity is sufficient for regular baking purposes, as well as for a bakery.


Both Bluetooth and USB connections are used for sharing images. By connecting to external devices, we can copy and scan the desired images for the cakes. 


This printer is quite large and also heavy, so not suitable for carrying around. Besides any movement during the printing process, the images may distort, damaging the overall design.


  • Easy to use
  • Wireless connectivity 
  • Good paper capacity
  • Five different cartridges
  • Provides high-quality images


  • Not portable

Edible Printer for Cakes Buying Guide  

printer with cake baby boy photo print

The best edible printer 2021 list can provide a good idea about the best choices available. However, we also need to know about some important specifications for any printer. This will help us select the right brand and model based on our uses and preferences. 


The size is important because it will tell about the paper size capacity of the printer. We may need different size sheets for cake icing depending on the cake size. So, a good printer should support sizes from A4 sheets to larger ones. So, for bigger paper sizes you will need bigger printers. 


Undoubtedly, edible printers will need colorful inks. So check that the printer offers a good ink system. The color should be of high quality and also compatible with various devices. Ensure that the edible ink is compatible with your devices. 


Edible printers might consist of ink cartridges or individual bottles to offer different colors. These can either be refilled or replaced. But replacement is a better option for edible printers. Such cartridges also increase the ink capacity.

Feeder System

Unfortunately, these printers don’t have automatic document feeders. This is because, for cakes, we usually don’t need continuous printing. So, we need to place sheets on the tray manually. But this is a better option since it won’t cause any spilling or clogging issues. 


We will need different types of sheets for the right icing for cakes. So, an edible printer needs to support different printing media. Check that the paper you need is compatible with the printer to avoid any damages. 


The best edible printer must have the best resolution of different images. Only then will the icing have the perfect and vibrant look. The image needs to be sharp and vivid for a good-looking cake that will appeal to others and look delicious. So, check that the printer has a high or better resolution.


Edible printers must be important for professional uses. This is because we might need to move the printers more for bakeries to find the right locations. Since most printers are wireless, portability isn’t an issue. So, look for compact and lightweight printers to carry it around. 


At present, a wireless connection is quite mandatory. This makes the usage easier and more flexible. We can then connect to various devices and print from them directly. So, check that the printer has different connectivity options for increasing the flexibility of printing. 

How to Maintain and Take Care of Your Edible Image Printer? 

Edible printers are no doubt fun machines, but we will lose them soon without proper maintenance. We must take good care of this device to increase its durability. This is because, after all, it is giving us frosting, so cleaning it is necessary. 

But we must know the proper maintenance instruction so that cleaning doesn’t damage it further. We can easily make a schedule to take care of the device. This will also ensure that we aren’t overdoing it.

For regular maintenance, simply turn it on and off even if it isn’t used. This will prevent jamming issues or switching it on for operation later. Once a week, run test prints with the printer to check whether the output is desirable. By doing this, we can learn of any issues with the printer for fixing it. Besides, we can also take cleaning cartridges for test prints. 

After some longer periods, we can use software to remove cartridges to clean excess ink. Since the ink is edible, we need to keep both cartridges and the printhead clean to prevent any issues with clear printing. This can be done simply with a washcloth. For monthly care, the printhead needs a thorough cleaning. When caring for these, we can also understand whether they need replacement. 

Other caring tips include the replacement of the cartridges after refilling them four times. We should use good-quality cartridges for cake image printing. But never cause the ink tanks to dry when you avoid any spill. Even if we don’t use the printers regularly, these should be cleaned following the instructions and with the right cleaning agent. Then the ink liquid will flow smoothly to prevent blockages.

Some handy tips can help the users keep their devices intact. Always keep the printer on and sleeping mode to make the processing smoother. Only remove the cartridges when you are cleaning the printer. As you remove cartridges, ensure that the printheads are clear of any ink drops.

Never use edible inks with non-compatible printers. In addition, check that the printer can use the edible ink you choose. But mostly, ensure that the printer has been installed properly before activating it for the printing process.

Before using the icing sheets for printing, clean the tray after getting one output. Use roller cleaning for proper care. But always do a test print with blank sheets before the final image. After all, these care tips will always make the printer run smoothly.


Can I use edible ink with the printers?

Edible inks are only compatible with edible printers. Other than that, Canon and Epson printers can support edible ink as regular ones. Another printer will clog the ink and ruin the icing. 

Do I keep the cartridges inside or remove them when not in use?

After use, the cartridges should be kept inside. It would be better to keep them sealed to avoid spills or other damages. Besides, the ink cartridges shouldn’t be exposed to moisture. If kept inside, no air will enter or escape from the cartridges. 

How often do I need to use cleaning cartridges?

For edible printers, the cartridges should be cleaned frequently. Otherwise, the icing won’t come sharp, and the printer will get messy. It is recommended to clean weekly after operations to keep all the parts in good shape. These cartridges in good conditions will also clean the printheads.

Should I start printing right away?

Usually, any printer needs setup and installation on the PC before operating it. After the printer is successfully connected to the device, we can start printing the right way. For edible printers, check the setup process and do accordingly. 

Can I use a regular printer for edible ink?

Edible inks aren’t compatible with all kinds of printers. Only Epson and Canon have printer models that support edible ink among all regular printers. Otherwise, we will need a printer that uses edible ink.

What kind of printer do I need for edible images?

Mostly, edible printers are made by the brand’s Canon and Epson. The icing images can use these printers that also support various paper media. In addition, they are compatible with food-safe edible ink cartridges that are refillable. These printers are very reliable for edible images.


We hope that our list of edible printer for cakes was helpful for knowing more about the top products. The list was made based on user feedback and ratings. So, you can be assured that the printers here were used and you can find one printer for your use. The guidelines can give an idea of what to expect from any edible printer. Each printer has excellent features to provide the best quality images needed for different cake designs. Depending on the volume of printing and level of baking processes, you can now choose wisely the most suitable printer. 

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