25+ Easy Oil Painting Ideas

Oil painting ideas can help you create better paintings, and mastering oil painting can cause you to be pleased when you learn how realistic these paintings can be.

Anyone can enjoy and benefit from painting as a creative outlet. You can choose a medium and a style that suit your interests and skills because there are several different types of paint with varying qualities and advantages.

Oil paintings have a variety of aspects. The best way is to develop an understanding of each one in-depth one by one. Oil painting techniques come in a variety of kinds that are effective and particularly designed. Immediately, they leave a lasting impression. You will have an easier time handling your own subject matter once you have handled these paintings and developed your own skills.

List of 25+ Easy Oil Painting Ideas

1. Flower

easy Flower oil painting

When it comes to stunning oil painting ideas, flower paintings are the greatest to try! Isn’t flower painting and drawing the very first art project that children learn in their childhood? And this one might take you back to those days, but if not, start by sketching a flower and then filling the backdrop with red paint. Once that’s done, go for the flower petals and stem while keeping the background safe and clean.

2. Tribe inspired art

Tribe inspired art oil painting

Our forefathers left us authentic examples of art in the form of traditional values, historical paintings, and old drawings on rocks. And it is precisely what millions of artists are looking for in order to appreciate tribal values. And while this oil painting may appear difficult, it is not. To draw the correct shape of humans, you’ll need to use a pale yellow color for the background and a little pencil work. Consider various textures and color elements to depict their bodies and clothing.

3. Disney

Disney oil painting

Yay! Disney World, of course! This is your opportunity to honor and consecrate your sentiments and love, which you have harbored for a long time. If you’re a Disney fan, you should think about using this idea to create a masterpiece for yourself. Since you’re a beginner, this is the easiest painting you’ll ever draw. You can use a blue background with dazzling stars to create a stunning night scene and a Disney house design using only dark black.

4. Landscape

Landscape oil painting

Looking for a unique name to go with one of the beginner oil painting ideas? Try your hand at oil painting landscapes. Decide on your favorite scenery or photograph first. Begin by tracing a grid across the canvas and photograph. After that, sketch the subject, create the background, and finish your masterpiece. Make a thorough examination to see whether you’ve overlooked anything. After you’ve completed everything, sit back and admire your newly crafted masterpiece.

5. Clouds

clouds in	sky oil painting

I may not be alone like a cloud, but in an oil painting, we may make clouds that are mesmerizingly beautiful. Clouds are popular in landscape painting, so start by tracing out your clouds. It is one of the best beginner-friendly oil painting ideas light and shadow texture are equally important. Paint the backdrop once you’ve finished with the clouds because painting the sky blue takes a long time and requires a lot of patience. After you’ve completed everything, you should be pleased with the work of art you’ve created.

6. Horse

Horse running oil painting

A horse oil painting can only be completed properly if you understand the process of reference and sketching. For this variant from the list of tips for beginners, that’s almost half the battle fought. Of course, you’ll need a horse with a powerful build to complete the painting. After you’ve finished drawing, choose your colors and begin coloring the base. Contour the features, construct the background, then sharpen the horse’s face once you’ve finished shading and highlighting.

7. Still Life

teacup in saucer oil painting

While wearing still life oil paintings, artists have complete control over their work, making this genre of painting quite simple. Light can be created artificially or come from outside the window, as long as it is a consistent source. After that, you finish the composition, sketch out the sketches, and begin filling in the right colors. Allow your imagination to run wild and get creative when creating a still-life oil painting.

8. Sunset

sunset in seaside oil painting

As many colors as you wish should be used when drawing a sunset. For shadows, grab your hands on a mixture of yellow and orange, and dense shades of blue and purple, depending on the hue of sunsets. Sunsets are pretty popular for showing on the surface of the water. The background in this beginner oil painting idea provides a great opportunity to combine all the colors for an interesting effect. The picture would be even more captivating if you added a boat.

9. Mountain

watercolor mountain oil painting

Mountain Oil Painting Mountains are enveloped in a mysterious haze that envelops the gigantic structure. It is a favorite of artists because of its great strength and severe but serene aspect. The illusion remains the same whether you draw it entirely in white or add golden tones.

 An image with a mountain and some scenery is also very popular for beginners. You may give it a shot and keep practicing to improve your painting talents. Isn’t that a great idea?

10. Tree

colorful tree oil painting

Now is the time for thinking outside the box. Trees are not usually painted exclusively in green and brown, as they are in most places on the list of easy ways to paint trees. Instead of turning orange, red, or yellow, we don’t mind. Is it something you have seriously considered? We still have more for you to consider. You may want to think about the colors used in the background. Adding background colors isn’t difficult; just combine the colors thoroughly before placing them on your palette.

11. City Skyline

city skyline oil painting in room

It’s fun to look at city skylines because of the lights. After the acrylic paints dried, I applied the red colors as you can see. To create the clouds, apply yellow and white in a fan brush method. I chose not to blend out the clouds since I like the bold markings and colors. Though yellow-white clouds and red backgrounds don’t go well together, I enjoy the composition nonetheless. My structures aren’t too complicated, as you can see. Using my base purple blend, I’ve created the accent hue. That’s it.

12. Aurora Borealis

Aurora Borealis oil painting on canvas
Chuck Black Art

This illusion is most effective on dark backgrounds. Black acrylics are used to paint on canvas. Allow it to completely dry before continuing. It will dry within a few minutes. Paint the Aurora Borealis with the colors of your choice. It is best to use blue, green, and red colors to achieve the best effects. Translucent dark hues allow the black canvas to show through.

13. Natural Apple

easy Apple oil painting

A beginner would benefit from this confidence boost. Brush up on your sketching skills. For beginners, the color palette is modest enough. The artist carefully specifies the colors, paints, and explains how to order and blend them.

14. Rooster Demo

Rooster Demo oil painting

It’s a short animal painting that’s fast-colored and loosely brushed. A lot of folks just want to jump right in and start painting. A lot of folks just want to jump right in and start painting. Those who wish to begin painting immediately may benefit from Alla prima painting. Wet-on-wet painting is known as Alla prima. It means you can start painting immediately instead of waiting for the paint to dry. paint to dry. the paint to dry.

15. Cute Critter

Cute Critter oil painting

Using the cute Critter Gouache medium is a wonderful method for creating graphics and visuals for children’s books like this adorable raccoon.

16. Tropical Leaf

Tropical Leaf oil painting

The vibrant hues of acrylics make them popular among artists. Color-blocked leaf projects are a great way to get some practice with bright colors.

17. Cat

cat on table oil painting

Would you like to adopt a cat? Here is one you should consider. Personalization is the most important thing about this artwork. It is likely that cats come in many different colors and from a variety of backgrounds. Which aspect of the drawing do you see as most attractive?

18. Cloudy Sky

boat caught by storm oil painting

Painting the sky with oils can be a challenging process, given that the skies are one of nature’s most beautiful objects. Landscapes and cityscapes are often painted as afterthoughts, thus creating the impression that the sky doesn’t belong in the composition. In order to achieve an appealing and convincing end result in terms of colors, brushwork, tones, and arrangement, it should be painted alongside the main painting.

19. Maple Leaf

Maple Leaf oil painting

Are you having a hard time painting a maple leaf landscape? It’s thrilling to see a blanket of leaves sprawled across the ground while painting in the Fall. We want to include these leaves in our work. When we see how many leaves there are, we become overwhelmed.

20. Modern Landscape

Modern Landscape oil painting

Across the entire canvas, two diagonal strokes form the silhouette of a gigantic crane. The city itself fades into the mist beyond this mammoth of a building, adding another layer of significance to what’s happening right now with our eyes open. The coastal artwork displays both man-made wonders and ocean-side beauty, with lush green forests, orange and yellow fields, jagged tree lines, and red pops of color that peek out from among the hills. In the distance, blazes of red appear behind shadowy hillsides with jagged tree lines. Green forests stand next to orange and yellow fields, while red pops stand out among green trees.

21. Abstract Flowers

Abstract Flowers oil painting

In every flower painting, figures are not necessary. This abstract painting of peonies evokes the feeling of flowering without heavy detail. This is one of the best oil painting ideas for beginners on canvas, but it will also work on paper.

22. Elephant Tree

colorful Elephant Tree oil painting on canvas

Oil paintings usually depict an elephant with a large blossoming tree. The simplicity and the elephant are a good place to begin when you’re apprehensive about oil paintings.

23. Still Life Fruit

fruit bowl oil painting

Since fruit contains strong pigments and the colors of fruit are vibrant with this medium, it makes a great subject for using gouache paints. Various paper and canvas painting ideas can be used for this project, which is one of the most popular ideas for beginning canvas artists.

24. Teacup

teacup on the table oil painting

An ordinary object, such as a teacup, can be transformed into something extraordinary by adding gouache to it.

25. Bouquet of Flowers

Flowers Bouquet oil painting

Painting blossoms requires both color combinations and compositions. In the following projects, illustrator Peggy Dean provides you with opportunities to practice these skills.

26. Onions

simple onion oil painting

Oil paintings can even be created from mundane objects like onions. Oil painting is one of the easiest mediums to learn when it comes to canvas painting.


Painting in ancient times required students to have good drawing skills before they began painting, and drawing skills were an integral part of oil painting. It is evident when one looks through the collections of any major art museum that drawing skills were crucial to those paintings. It is a fact that drawing skills are critical to oil painting. A master draftsman is not required, however, to begin painting. Several tips and ideas have been provided for you to obtain that oil painting expertise, but it’s up to you to give it a shot. Be sure to pay attention to the details and texture of your object. Using a color mixing chart helps you achieve the right color shade.

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