100 Easy & Simple Drawing Ideas

Even if you’re a highly experienced artist, it can be challenging to come up with drawing ideas at times. Despite the fact that waiting for inspiration to strike is alluring, drawing every day is highly recommended by many to improve your skills. Even if you don’t produce a masterwork every day, dedicating a small amount of time to improving your abilities will pay off in the long run.

However, this begs a question of what I plan to draw and what should I draw as a result? In order to avoid becoming dazed by indecision, use this list of 100 easy drawing ideas as inspiration.

Drawing Tips to Improve Your Skills

You may hit a wall in your artistic career if you feel your abilities are stagnating. This is commonly referred to as a learning ceiling—when you first start, your abilities soar. The more you practice something, the more it looks the same because you’re refining it. You may then experience another upward spike before coming to a stop. This is a normal part of learning, but it’s demoralizing when you feel like you’re going nowhere.

Keep going even if you feel like you’ve reached a wall. However, you should also consider adding some additional skills to your drawing, such as:

Life Drawing

The goal of life drawing is to create realistic portraits of people by working from life models. Classes are offered both in-person and online. Tools like Line of Action, which simulate a life drawing class, let you practice your gestures and improve your drawing skills over time.

Practice a Different Medium

If your digital drawing abilities are stale, try practicing them with pen and paper instead. Try watercolors instead of pencils if you’re having trouble with them. Use finger paints instead of watercolors if you can’t be bothered. A new medium can sometimes be the spark that ignites your creativity. A little break from your favorite medium can help you remember why you like it so much in the first place.

Try a New Style

Try experimenting with a wide range of styles if your work tends to be hyperrealistic. Draw something cartoonish or abstract if you want to. Even if it’s in a cartoony style, trying something new can also be a lot of fun.

100 Easy Ideas to Draw

The good news is you don’t need to wait any longer to find inspiration! The following list includes 100 easy drawing ideas that will inspire your creativity.

1. View from the park

park view drawing

Parks are excellent places for drawing inspiration. Photograph monuments, benches, and other exciting sights for your own reference, or go for a walk with your sketchbook and draw what you see.

2. Hot Air Balloon

easy Hot Air Balloon drawing

Drawing hot air balloons can be a fun and whimsical way to express your creativity. It’s rare to see one in the wild anymore, but there are a TON of photos online which you can utilize as inspiration.

3. Leaves

easy leaves drawing

In the autumn, you may see leaves mostly on the ground, and in the spring and early summer, you may see them on trees. When it comes to drawing leaves, have fun experimenting with different forms.

4. Bicycle

easy bicycle drawing

If learning to ride a bike is something you’ll never forget, why not consider learning to sketch a bicycle the same way? You can go for realism or just draw something silly.

5. Baseball or Baseball Glove

easy drawing idea

Using only a #2 pencil and a pencil case, we sketched and shaded this realistic picture as a class assignment in high school.

6. Fruit Bowl

bowl with fruit

Traditional still lifes like the fruit bowl seem unimaginative when it comes to drawing, but have you ever tried it? You never know what you’re going to learn. Bananas, apples, oranges, and grapes make great subjects for still lifes.

7. Skyscrapers

easy Skyscraper drawing

Skyscraper architecture is so prevalent in our cities. There are countless opportunities to draw different types of skyscrapers from it. Spend some time drawing famous skyscrapers like the Taipei 101, Chrysler Building, or the Bank of China Tower in your sketchbook.

8. Dragon

easy dragon drawing

Dragons have long been a popular drawing subject due to their storied history as mythical creatures. If you want to roast marshmallows with your dragon, make it a friendly one that helps you with your knightly duties.

9. Keys

easy keys sketch

Draw some keys to unlock the creative potential of your mind! Imagine there are skeleton keys perched on the top or a sketch of the keys in your wallet or house key if you prefer.

10. Volcano

volcano art

Do you have any experience with volcanoes? For artists and doodlers alike, even those who have only ever seen one in motion pictures or on camera will find inspiration in these fascinating creatures.

11. Sail Boat

easy Sail Boat drawing

In lakes and marinas, sailboats are common sights, and their sails can be decorated in various ways.

12. Clouds

easy Clouds drawing

Spend some time gazing at the clouds from your backyard or a nearby park to get ideas for what to draw.

13. Feather

easy Feather drawing

Drawing bird feathers is a lot of fun! To make them look more realistic, try drawing a feather in the style of an icon or attempting to recreate one from scratch with paper.

14. T-Shirt

t-shirt drawing

You’re sure to have a t-shirt lying around the house that would make an excellent drawing subject.

15. Kitchen

line drawing kitchen

Even though kitchens where our food is prepared, they’re also an excellent location for sketching to get a glimpse of your daily routine.

16. Satellite

easy satellite drawing

Satellites are constantly orbiting the Earth, and they’re an excellent subject for practicing your drawing skills because they have so many different geometric lines.

17. Fashion Sketch

easy fashion drawing

What are the latest fashions? Form your own apparel sketches by drawing inspiration from the work of top fashion designers or by coming up with original ideas of your own.

18. Aliens

easy drawing ideas

What’s the best thing about drawing aliens? Because they are so uncommon in the real world, you can draw them to look like anything you want.

19. Pirate Ship

Ship drawing

Mateys, I’m glad to see you again! You can draw realistic pirate ships in your sketchbook or create your own comics with pirate ships.

20. Skateboard

easy skateboard drawing

The benefit of drawing a skateboard is that it is far less intimidating than attempting to ride one yourself.

21. Cake

color drawing cake

Today is a special day, so make a lovely cake to celebrate! You can customize the number of layers, icing, and topper to suit the event. There are a plethora of cake design options available for inspiration.

22. Race Car

easy race car drawing

Speed is built into race cars from the ground up. Draw your favorite type of race car, even if it’s a vintage derby car or a Nascar-style racecar.

23. Cup of Coffee or Tea

easy cup drawing

Even if you’re only going to drink tea or coffee once or twice a week, why not draw it? Don’t you like coffee or tea? No matter what, drawing a glass of water will always be an option.

24. Web Icons

web icons sample

Web icons have spread like wildfire over the internet, and now you can find them just about anywhere. Create social media icons for your favorite platforms by hand.

25. Pizza

easy pizza drawing

Because you get to pick the toppings for your pizza, drawing that can be a huge amount of fun! Depending on your preferences, you could make a veggie or a pepperoni pizza, or even a Hawaiian pizza, which includes pineapple and ham.

26. Dandelions

easy dandelion flower drawing

Children are taught from an early age that blowing on dandelions will make their wishes come true. Many gardeners who view dandelions as pests are greatly dismayed by this. These nutrient-dense edible flowers are a simple and fun drawing subject.

27. Necklace, Bracelet, or Rings

jewelry drawing

Drawing or sketching jewelry, especially if it has significant meaning to you, such as a family heirloom or something you received as a gift, can be a lot of fun.

28. Ice Cream Cone

cone ice cream drawing

The flavors of ice cream are endless, as are the cone shapes and sizes. You can get ice cream in the form of a cake cone, a sweetener cone, or even a waffle cone.

29. Aquarium

aquarium and fish

With the addition of plants or maybe even decorative objects, aquariums can serve as stunning home aquariums for a variety of fish.

30. Haunted House

haunted house drawing

Drawing a freaky and haunted house doesn’t have to wait until Halloween to be fun. Details like broken windows and twisted railings should be considered, as should the possibility of apparitions peering through them.

31. Bridge

bridge drawing sample

Even though drawing a covered bridge isn’t the most common use for them, they provide plenty of architecture and design inspiration for your drawings, whether it’s a river or harbor bridge.

32. Crazy Hats

easy hat drawing

Embrace your inner mad hatter and create as many outrageous hats as you like.

33. Chevron Patterns

Patterns drawing

In terms of pattern variations, you can try all sorts of chevrons when drawing them.

34. Lamp

lamp drawing

Consider drawing a chandelier, nightstand lamp, or bedside table lamp.

35. Cruise Ship

big ship drawing

Cruise ships are built to transport tourists to see the ocean’s coastline’s sights and scenes. Draw the perspective from the deck or from a ship passing by the coast that you can see.

36. Planets in Outer Space

space drawing

Do you want to draw just one planet like Mars or Jupiter? No problem! You can draw the entire solar system.

37. Shoes

cool and easy shoes drawing

For walking, everyone needs a pair of shoes, so just go ahead and draw the ones you wear every day.

38. Dream Catcher

easy drawing ideas

The purpose of a dream catcher is to keep nightmares at bay. Drawing them is a lot of fun.

39. Rocket Ship

rocket drawing

Using this simple drawing idea, you can draw a rocket ship that will take you to the moon or far, far away in a distant galaxy.

40. House Plants

house plants drawing

Succulents, aloe vera plants, and terrariums can all serve as excellent sources of inspiration for art projects if you have them in your home.

41. Inspiring Quote

quote design

Take a quote, a saying, or a verse from a poem and illustrate it with your handwriting.

42. Guitar

musical instrument drawing

When we hear guitars, our feet start tapping, and our voices start singing along. You have the option of sketching an acoustic or an electric guitar, depending on your preference.

43. Deciduous Trees

bonsai tree drawing

When it comes to trees, deciduous ones are those that start losing their leaves mostly in winter. Oak, cherry, maple, and ash trees are some examples. Spring, summer, winter, or autumn are all options for when the tree will be displayed.

44. Bottles

easy drawing ideas

There are numerous shapes and sizes of bottles to choose from. You could put a message in a soda bottle, an apothecary bottle, or any other kind of bottle with a message on it.

45. Books

easy books drawing

Consider drawing a stack of books or drawing the cover of an interesting book that you have recently read and appreciated.

46. Camping Scene

nature view drawing

Sketch a camping scene, regardless of whether you want to depict a travel trailer or a tent. The campfire and s’mores are not to be overlooked.

47. Roses

easy flower drawing

Try to draw a realistic rose with petals and a stem if you have the skills, but beware of the thorns.

48. Globe

easy globe drawing reference

People who love to travel or are interested in geography will find globes to be fascinating to draw.

49. The Ocean

ocean view drawing

An undersea scene that includes coral and sea creatures such as whales and octopuses would be spectacular.

50. A Clock

wall clock drawing

What time is it exactly? There’s never a shortage of time to complete a drawing a day! Draw an alarm clock, a grandfather clock, or a clock tower.

51. Gumball Machine

black and white drawing

If you want to draw something fun, try drawing a gumball machine. Of course, you don’t necessarily have to fill the machine with gumballs; you can use another type of candy instead.

52. Bubbles

easy drawing ideas

Bubbles are a great way to get ideas about what to draw because they are simple enough for beginners to draw an entire page of them.

53. Airplane

flaying airplane drawing

An airplane offers a plethora of possibilities for drawing subjects, from the plane’s exterior to its interior, or even from a window or even inside the cockpit.

54. Sunflowers

easy sunflower drawing

Sunflowers are still one of my preferred summertime flowers because they are so bright. You can draw this flower easily.

55. Mountains

easy mountain drawing

If you want to try out this mountain drawing technique, try drawing the Rocky or Appalachian mountains.

56. Bath Tub

modern bath tub

You can draw a bathtub, be sure to include your rubber ducky in your drawing.

57. Herbs

various type of herbs drawing

There are a plethora of fantastic herbs available for use in drawing. For herbs such as basil, thyme, and rosemary, try growing them in a manner that allows you to sketch them as real subjects or use reference photos.

58. Wildflowers

easy wildflowers drawing

Observe how botanists throughout history carefully drew wildflowers or draw an artful meadow of wildflowers.

59. Drawing Supplies

artists tools drawing

A pen, pencil, ink bottle, or charcoal set are excellent drawing materials you probably already have in your hand.

60. Pie

pie drawing

After you’re done drawing this, you’ll be craving a slice of the pie.

61. Eggs

easy drawing ideas

Practice drawing shadows and depth by using eggs. To make them more attractive, experiment with different colors, sizes, patterns, and shapes. You’re not limited to plain white eggs from the grocery store either.

62. Money

easy drawing ideas

Spend some money and see what you can draw. If you want to draw realistically, this is an excellent way to develop shading, depth, and other skills.

63. Your House

easy house drawing

The place where we live gives us great inspiration for what to draw, and you can draw the inside or the outer depending on your preference.

64. Radio

retro radio drawing

Despite the fact that we live in a digital media age, vintage radios are still fascinating artifacts. Draw a retro boombox or a vintage radio from the 1950s or 1960s.

65. Fast Food

fast food drawing

You’re used to soda, burgers, and fries.

66. Phone

easy mobile drawings

We carry our smartphones with us almost all the time, so why not draw them? Alternatively, create an old-school rotary phone for an homage to the time before cell phones were commonplace.

67. Tools

worker tools drawing

An entire toolbox can be drawn, or you can just draw the hammer and screwdriver.

68. Arrows

hunting arrows drawing

Drawing arrows can be as simple as making doodles or as complex as drawing a realistic arrow set and bow.

69. Jelly Beans

colorful Jelly Beans

Jelly beans are fun drawing subject because of their distinctive shape, vibrant colors, and commonplace appearance in Easter baskets.

70. Game Controller

gaming tools drawing

Are you a video gamer yourself? Show your love for video games by drawing a controller that brings back fond memories of your favorite titles.

71. Forest Scene

forest tree drawing

Imagine and draw a forest scene complete with trees, moss-covered rocks, and perhaps even a stream meandering through the trees.

72. Wristwatch

wristwatch drawing

Do you have a wristwatch on your person? Consider drawing a wristwatch in your sketchbook, whether it’s an Android Wear device or a traditional mechanical watch.

73. Nuts, Bolts & Other Hardware

nut bolts drawing

Browse the aisles of your local hardware store or look through your garage for interesting bolts and nuts to draw.

74. Typewriter

retro typewriter drawing

Even though typewriters don’t make a logical difference in today’s digital age, they’re still cool to draw because of their retro aesthetic.

75. Machines

drill machine drawing

We use a variety of machines on a daily basis, including the washing machine, dishwasher, and furnace. You could even come up with something entirely new!

76. Garden Tools

gardening tools drawing

Common garden tools like a shovel, gloves, and a trowel make excellent still-life drawing subjects.

77. City Skylines

building drawing

Whether it’s your hometown or a place you’d like to visit in the future, draw a city skyline silhouette.

78. Pineapple

easy pineapple drawing

Pineapples got their name from the fact that they look like pine cones from the outside. These tropical fruits, which are often regarded as a sign of friendship, are ideal subjects for beginners to practice drawing.

79. Train

easy train drawing

Many people were afraid to ride the first steam train after it was invented in 1804. Trains are still used today for both shipping and transportation. Passenger trains and cargo trains can be drawn. Just draw a boxcar, an engine, and a caboose!

80. Hourglass

easy hourglass drawings

Hourglasses are sand-filled timers that you probably know from playing board games.

81. Scissors

easy drawing ideas

Sketching realistic scissors, an office essential can be easy.

82. Mailbox

easy drawing ideas

You get mail every day, so why not draw your mailbox?

83. Ticket

easy drawing ideas

Recently, did you attend an event that required a ticket? In your sketchbook, draw the ticket.

84. Tunnels

easy drawing ideas

Drawing the view from the start to the end of a tunnel is a great way to develop drawing in perspective.

85. Ladders

easy drawing ideas

Ladders are a great way to practice drawing in three dimensions. They come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, from simple step ladders to elaborate paint ladders and even imaginary ladders that reach the heavens.

86. Sunglasses or Eyeglasses

easy drawing ideas

Start sketching a pair of sunglasses or eyeglasses you have on a table.

87. Hills & Valleys

easy drawing ideas

There is a lot of visual interest in a landscape sketch when there are hills and valleys.

88. Rocks & Stones

easy drawing ideas

Do you have a collection of rocks? When was the last time you went to a rocky beach or saw rocks along a river’s edge? Spend some time sketching rocks and stones in detail.

89. Fence

easy drawing ideas

Poet Robert Frost once said that good fences make for good neighbors. Whether it’s a wrought-iron fence, a split rail fence, or a white picket fence, they all make excellent drawing subjects.

90. Tomato

easy tomato drawing

Tomatoes are loved by some and hated by others. In either case, they’re a great subject for artists to draw.

91. Squares and Rectangles

easy drawing ideas

When you doodle squares and rectangles, you have a lot of room to experiment with patterns. How to use a ruler for straight lines

92. Tea kettle

easy drawing ideas

What about a cup of calming tea? Your sketchbook should have a drawing of a tea kettle in it somewhere.

93. Lightbulb

easy drawing ideas

Light bulbs are a symbol of creativity and inspiration today, and we still rely on them heavily. You can create something illuminating by drawing inside a light bulb.

94. Railroad tracks

easy railroad drawing

While drawing near railroad tracks can be risky, there are plenty of photos you can use as a guide, and they’re excellent practice for perspective.

95. Rainbow

easy rainbow drawing

In addition to being simple to draw, rainbows are also a good reason to bust out those colored pencils.

96. Piano

easy drawing ideas

What is your skill level with the piano? An upright piano or a baby grand piano can be drawn as well as a close-up of the keys.

97. Taco

easy drawing ideas

Drawing a taco does not have to be on taco Tuesday. You can add all the ingredients and toppings you want to the shell!

98. Dishes

easy drawing ideas

Various types of dishes have varying patterns and styles, which makes them an excellent source of creative drawing inspiration.

99. Umbrella

easy umbrella drawing

Having a good umbrella to keep you dry will make rainy days more bearable, and you can draw them easily.

100. Beach Scene

easy drawing ideas

Sitting on the beach with a sketchbook and sketching the sights easily is a relaxing and serene experience.

Final Words

You can use these 100 easy drawing ideas to practice and improve your drawing abilities. With them, you can practice your drawing skills while unwinding and having a good time. They’re intended to be motivational. In addition, you can use them to put the skills you’ve learned with this article to use. Drawing for a while will make everything more straightforward and easier for you. Furthermore, once you’ve learned the pencil techniques, don’t be afraid to experiment with color.

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