25 Easy Designs to Draw

Drawing is a popular pastime. There are many different ways to draw and countless things you could draw. You may even wonder how to draw something specific but don’t know where to start. No matter what you want to draw or have drawn in the past, this collection of easy designs to draw will give you some ideas for your next project. Many designs are easy to draw and can be made in just minutes. It is great for imagination and creativity, so drawing is an activity everyone should try.

Drawing, much like painting, is an art form. Drawing is the process of representing or imitating a person, place, or thing by producing lines or marks on paper. As simple as drawing can be, it can be for both children and adults alike; there are many different ways to draw.

Let’s be honest; drawing is fun. And after learning how to draw something, it’s always a great feeling to end up with something that you can say: I drew that. I mean, not every drawing you do has to be from life. It is totally fine to use a photo reference when drawing. If you have been on the lookout for some easy designs to draw ideas, then you are in the absolute right place! To help you get started with drawing and make sure your drawings are still organic and look like it was done by yourself, we have created this compilation of 25 easy designs to draw.

25 Easy Designs to Draw

These easy designs to draw are a great way to get you inspired. So, you want to draw basic designs? Maybe you want to learn how to draw a flower or other simple object. Well, you came to the right place. In this article, we will share 25 ideas that will be easy to draw and look great!

1. Decorative Paisleys

paisley design pattern drawing

There are a ton of paisleys in many shapes, but you probably don’t need them all. But look at this one; it’s the perfect decorative tattoo design. It has a flow that looks so fancy that you are proud to wear it. But it’s not a tattoo. You can draw these paisleys at home as an easy design.

The paisley pattern is so popular that you see it everywhere today — in clothing, accessories, and home decor. You can even find them in interior design styles and wallpapers. And it has become a significant pattern to incorporate designs as well.

2. Line Art Design

lines in art design

Drawing is an art that takes practice, yet you can draw lines in art design. Line art might be the most useful and common design skill you can master. Drawing line art design is not as hard as it looks. You have to break down your drawing into a few steps and use the step-by-step instructions to draw your picture.

3. Calligraphic Heart Shape Lines

heart design drawing

You can draw this easy design to decorate your notes and messages or use it as a cardmaking element on wedding invitations, greeting cards, etc. The point is that it’s very beautiful. To draw the calligraphic heart-shaped lines, you need a ballpoint pen or a fine-tipped marker.

4. Floral Wreath With Leaves

leaves circle design

You can draw several types of floral designs with leaves, like this easy design. It’s not too hard to do if you follow some basic steps. In general, you can easily draw a floral leaf wreath. Such a design is not difficult to master with the help of our reference picture. If you are not an artist, that does not mean that you cannot draw a floral wreath. There is no need for any special drawing skills to create a nice-looking wreath.

5. Decorative Mandala

easy mandala design outline

A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol that represents the universe. The word mandala comes from the Sanskrit language, and it means circle. Mandalas are often used for meditation and relaxation. A decorative mandala is a great design for beginners who have just started drawing. This simple mandala design doesn’t have many intricate details and is rather small in size. This makes them ideal designs to draw on some notepads or just for practicing a new hobby.

6. Speed Lines Seamless Pattern

easy line design to draw

You can draw speed lines in a seamless pattern. It’s easy to draw, and you don’t need to be an artist. Each of us had different ideas about the perfect speed line design. This piece of design will come in handy for designers and people who are just beginning their creative journey. Using the pencil tool, you can draw a unique pattern that is very simple and easy.

7. Repeating Geometric Tiles

repeating geometric tiles drawing

Some designs are a little more complex than others, but that doesn’t stop you. You can draw repeating geometric tiles that look like this design. The important thing is to draw the same shape at the same distance from each other. You can easily draw this repeating geometric tile design with a ruler and a pencil.

8. Border Ornaments Design

A border ornament drawing

A border ornament is a decoration drawn around a picture or logo. It creates depth, helps to locate the focal point of the image, draws attention, and makes an image look more significant. Here is an example of a border ornament design that you can draw. You can draw border ornament designs with a pencil, ballpen, and marker pen. There are also various other drawing tools to draw border ornament designs. It depends on what you need to use.

9. Abstract Hipster Lines

hipster line design drawing

There are tons of really cool designs to draw abstract hipster lines. The image above is a good example; it’s great. If you are a freshman and have no idea about the abstract hipster line design, you should follow this reference and try to understand the pattern. Because it’s not just about sketching lines here. Use these simple lines and let your imagination go wild.

10. Abstract Architecture Design

line drawing example

You can easily draw abstract architectural designs and still impress your friends. Abstraction is a science that helps make things easier to understand than they are. If you are looking for a way to express your creativity and want to improve your drawing skills, then this easy abstract design to draw is what you need.

11. Abstract Leaves Design

leaves abstract design for drawng

If you love drawing, then here is a cool abstract design you can draw in just a few easy steps. The drawing will work well as your desktop background, or you can use it as a backdrop when creating more detailed artwork. Abstract leaves can represent more than one thing, making them unique and individualistic.

12. Vintage Baroque Corner Design

vintage design drawing

The Baroque style encompasses a huge variety of design art and décor that were widespread in the past. It is a form of architecture or interior design with those curly designs and curves in it. It is a really good idea to draw a vintage baroque corner design. You can do it yourself. It is very easy to draw and make a good work of art. Let’s get started!

13. Crescent Moons With Lotus Flower

moon blooming at night drawing

Crescent moons with lotus flowers are so beautiful that they are often featured in paintings, movies, and anime. These flowers are equally gorgeous in the real world because of their unique shape. They truly look like the moon blooming at night with the stars surrounding them.

14. Crystals and Flowers in Vintage Cartoon Style

easy floral design drawing

You can draw crystals and flowers in the vintage cartoon-style design. It is fun and easy to do. Crystals and flowers are everywhere in nature. They are attractive, shining examples of their beauty, with varying colors and shapes.

15. Flower Design Ornament Element

ornament design drawing

Flowers are the output of plants, and they serve as the best gifts for loved ones. With flowers, you can express your love and emotions effectively through colors, aromas, petals, etc. Drawing flower design elements is a nice idea to begin sketching, then later use them for more beautiful compositions.

16. Simple Floral Design

easy flower drawing design

Flowers are part of nature. They are the prettiest things that exist on earth. There are many types of flowers and designs available in nature. This topic is about simple floral design drawings. You can easily draw them with a pencil on paper and make them look beautiful. The flowers appear very beautiful in the drawing and can decorate your walls with bright colors.

17. Cosmos Flower

exotic looks cosmos flower drawing

A Cosmos flower is a perfect cover page design you can draw. It will bring to life in your drawing the charm and cuteness of this flower and its exotic look. In many ways, it is a beautiful flower.

18. Swirl Floral Design

sketch of a swirl floral design

To sketch a swirl floral design, you must be acquainted with the basic design tactics, such as shading and contouring. These elements allow you to give your artwork shadows and dimension, setting them apart from the background.

19. Corner Decor Element

easy design to draw

Drawing can be so much fun. Now imagine drawing a corner decor element design and making it look realistic.  When you see the finished result, I promise that you will feel inspired to do your best in a drawing. You can use it for a start page, a wall tattoo, or even a business card! Let’s get started!

20. Ornamental Design

drawing of ornamental art

You can draw ornamental designs with a pencil and paper, regardless of your artistic abilities. The secret to drawing ornamental art is to draw simple shapes that make up the overall design. Once you know the shapes, you can recreate them repeatedly until you get the design just right.

21. Botanical Border Design

drawing of botanical design

Botanical border designs aren’t as complicated as they look. You might think that drawing botanical borders would be something only an artist can do, but this isn’t the case. You’ll be surprised how easily you can draw them yourself. You can draw botanical border designs on paper. This is a nice design if you like flowers, greenery and such.

22. Magnolia Flowers Line-art Design

full bloom magnolia flower

Magnolia flowers are amazing flowers, and they look so elegant, especially when they are in full bloom. But what is even more amazing is the magnolia flower line-art design you can create. You don’t have to be a professional to draw these magnolias because the drawing is easy, detailed, and enjoyable.

23. Graphic Set of Epilobium Floral Elements

floral elements design drawing

Drawing is a form of visual art and an activity anyone can do. The artist only needs creativity and hand skills to draw or sketch anything. You can draw a graphic set of the Epilobium floral elements design. Try to make all the elements as accurately as possible and then arrange them into the composition.

24. Female Eye With Graceful Eyelashes

female eye and eyelash design drawing

It’s super easy to draw this one. Follow the picture above, then add eyelashes to her eye once you’re done. You can draw on circles for the iris and pupil, just like how they did it in the picture. And that’s it! The female eye is a popular theme in fine western art. The main reason is that it is more complex to draw a realistic female eye than a male eye. The eyes are the only facial feature in most portraits that attracts nearly all the attention.

25. Paisley Single Doodle

a paisley drawing

It is easy to draw a paisley single doodle design, but it takes practice. Before you know how to draw paisley single doodle designs, you need to know more about them and how they are made. Think about what you want to draw in your paisley single doodle design, search for pictures of it, and start drawing freehand. Once you get started, it is fun to draw paisley single doodle designs.

Final Words

Drawing is a great way to express and convey ideas and emotions. These designs are easy to replicate, so they make excellent visual aids. They can be drawn in a few quick lines or in a simple pattern to fill out the image. Now that you have learned the 25 easy designs to draw, you’ll be able to create more complex designs and ideas. These are all basic designs that beginners can consider when looking to get some easy design drawing ideas. The main purpose of these easy designs is to get you started withdrawing. It is nothing fancy, but it is still good practice before getting into real drawing. You can also take an idea from these design drawings and further develop it.

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