25 Easy Art Ideas

An easy way to introduce children of all ages to art is to simply let them enjoy it. Creative play can be a great way for them to flex their artistic muscles, regardless of their age or skill level. But when you want to challenge and engage your children in a different type of art project, the one best rule is this: Introduce them to new materials and let them explore!

There are many ways to encourage the development of children. One that does so is through arts and crafts by doing art activities for toddlers. This will make them have a chance to have an effective way to express their creativity in artworks. Furthermore, your child can be more unique in his or her artwork creation which means he or she can create different designs every time.

Are you looking for easy art ideas? Then this post is for you. It will provide you with truly simple and quick-to-do art ideas that anyone can do!

Here is the List of 25 Art Ideas for You

1. Starry Night Sky

tree with starry night sky

Night skies are always stunning, but they are especially stunning when it is winter and snow! A winter night sky art project would be perfect to capture that. Basically, all you need is a brush and some paint in basic colors!

2. Snow Globe Art

Snow Globe Art

Make a cardboard snow globe for your preschooler in time for winter – it’s a great art project for the season! This craft from Crafty Morning will help develop your child’s motor skills while building their self-confidence. With only a few supplies, it takes just about a minute to complete.

3. Art Prints of Winter Reflections

seaside mountain in art

Would you like to make art that appears to be painted by an artist? I recommend this from The Parent to you then! View this to learn how to make stunning winter ice reflections by using a fold and print method.

4. Tree Squeegee Art

tree squeeze art

A project like this one from Hello Wonderful is one we are loving because we love trying out different painting techniques. With the squeegee and salt, the background has the look of a blizzard, and the winter trees are just stunning!

5. Village Shape Art

iceland village shape art

Your little one will surely enjoy trying out these shape art projects from The Parent if she just learned the names of shapes. Shapes of basic shapes combine to form a village, but what makes it so beautiful are the tiny details. For a more lifelike village, use buttons, cotton wool, or anything you want!

6. Tree Finger Art

tree branches art

See what you can do with Q tips to create artistic effects! A simple black tree set against a blue background can be transformed into a stunning snowy effect with only a single item. This simple project is shown in Easy Peasy and Fun. When you are doing a tree for younger kids, the Q tip can come in handy first.

7. Aurora Borealis Art

Aurora Borealis Art

Aurora Borealis, also known as the Northern Lights, is a phenomenon characterized by light displays, seen mainly in Alaska, Greenland, and Iceland. It is difficult to convey the magnitude of the sight in words, but That Artist Woman has attempted to convey it through a picture. This is an exemplary piece of art deserving of a golden frame!

8. Winter Cityscapes

winter cityscape cartoon art

Let’s take a look at the city while we’ve been exploring the woods during winter! A technique for recreating a city in winter with painted paper art is simple and yet effective. Adding glitter makes the piece really come alive! Painting the sky and cutting out the buildings is a great idea, but the glitter is the real cherry on top.

9. Newspaper Landscape

newspapeer landscape art

I Heart Crafty Things’ bubble wrap & newspaper recycling project is particularly interesting because both things are recycled! You can use unusual materials to create art, such as bubble wrap. As a result, the background looks like snow thanks to the effect generated by the bubbles.

10. Coffee Filter Art

coffee filter art

Coffee filters resemble glass because of their translucency. By using a pair of scissors to make irregular edges on the filter, then using non-permanent markers to mark lines and dots. Watch the colors bleed together by placing a coffee filter on a yogurt container or plastic cup and applying spray starch. Stop and wait for the coffee filter to dry as soon as it becomes saturated.

11. Islamic Stained Glass Windows

masque windows in art

Glass-making is one of the areas of Islamic art where it excels. There are some places in the world known for their stunning glass, especially luster-glass, which had a unique sheen due to its formula. It wasn’t long before stained glass followed, and The Pink Mosque in Iran is a stunning example. Beautifully executed by Artist Amy, this art form is brought alive with a beguiling project.

12. Pointillism Art

colorful pointillism art

One of our favorite super-easy-yet-interesting activities, Q-tip watercolor paintings use Q-tips instead of paintbrushes. The most enjoyable part of painting with kids is connecting the dots and seeing how they blend.

13. Mosaic Art

mosaic art

Your kid’s bedroom wall will look awesome with these mosaic-style pictures. Draw a simple landscape in a rough outline on a piece of card stock. Glue the colored pages from magazines or pieces of paper onto the card stock after your child tears them off from the page. Lamination is recommended to ensure the mosaic pieces are not loose in the final product.

14. Sticker Art

ideas to art on card

You can “draw” all kinds of fun pictures with this! After the paint is dry, you can remove the stickers to reveal your image. Begin by making a design using stickers; then cover it in watercolors. You can sprinkle salt over wet watercolors to get an extra starry effect!

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15. Hole Art

Hole sketching on the table

It’s an easy and messy craft that’s perfect for kids. It’s also low-mess, quiet, and incredibly creative. This art challenge will amaze you with what students come up with when given an open-ended prompt!

16. Playdough modelling and play

easy art ideas

There are numerous ways to use playdough, and it requires very little setup and cleanup. Among these activities covered here are creating fantastic creatures, using poke-ins, making playdough mats, and forming letters.

17. Scratch Art

scratch ideas to draw on board

The classic art project scratch art is one that children love to do. Can you remember when you were a child and did scratch art? The photo here is a family portrait made for a grandparent or parent.

18. Spring Meadow Art

Spring Meadow Art

As the weather begins to warm, the flowers are starting to bloom both outside and inside the craft room. Here is a beautiful wildflower spring painting for kids, to celebrate the arrival of Spring, we bring the beauty outside inside with this art project. Using a series of creative processes, this Spring Art Project came together all without a paintbrush!

19. Bird Silhouette Art

Bird Silhouette Art

Children can be inspired by the beauty of sunsets and experience the wonders of nature when they witness sunsets. An easy bird silhouette art project is a good starting point. In order to enhance children’s experience of sunsets, we encourage them to blend the colors together and create patterns and textures in the sky as they blend the colors together.

20. Hundertwasser Inspired Collage Art

Hundertwasser Inspired Collage Art

Hundertwasser’s concentric circles are meant to represent the layers and skins that make up our physical body. They are also a representation of nature’s cycles, into which we too fall. Another lollipop flower art piece using the collage technique comes from Deep Space Sparkle, which plays around with concentric circles.

21. Fibonacci Art

fibonacci art on paper

A Fibonacci sequence is made up of numbers whose sum is the sum of the two numbers preceding. Although it may seem silly, this amazing sequence can be seen in everything from leaves and flower petals to honey bees. This sequence of numbers is not ordinary! With its circle art project, What do We do All Day follows Fibonacci’s sequence of numbers to make circles.

22. MC Escher Tessellation Art

MC Escher Tessellation Art

Tessellations consist of repetitive patterns of shapes arranged closely together without gaps, which are placed very closely together. The hexagonal pattern can be found in many historical sites around the world, especially in the architecture of Spain and Islam, and in Japanese origami. Tessellations were a fascination of MC Escher’s, which he incorporated into many of his artworks. This tessellation art project is simple enough for kids to do as well.

23. Frank Stella Protractor Art

Frank Stella Protractor Art

It’s a big deal for kids when they use a geometry box, as it means they’ve reached the ‘Big Leagues’. A variety of things can be learned and created with these instruments, including some beautifully illustrated works! To learn how to make some beautiful designs, check out this tutorial at Art is What I Teach. It only requires a protractor, ruler, and pencil!

24. PI Skyline Art

easy art ideas

Historically, people have been mystified by the number pi, which is an interesting number in math. The What do We Do All Day website makes a whole cityscape based on this number! There are many buildings in this picture representing pi! It is fascinating how math so naturally lends itself to artistic expression.

25. Geometry String Art

easy art ideas

Adaptable to different ages of children, this project from Babble Dabble Do is a good example. Simple geometric shapes can be used for younger children, and you can let them string through them. Using fractions and dividing shapes are important topics that older children can learn. They can also place more pins along the edges if they wish to make the stringing more intricate.


You can create really cool art with your children using the materials and tools right in your own home. By exploring, creating, and learning in new ways, your children will become more creative, curious, and engaged than they ever could by using crayons and markers alone. Creating art is a favorite activity among toddlers and preschoolers at my daycare center! It’s normal for them to enjoy regular, everyday arts, such as painting, or coloring with markers, crayons, and chalk, but what always makes them come alive is when they’re working on a cool art project. You don’t need to worry though. Every one of them is simple.

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