25 Easy Acrylic Painting ideas

You should consider acrylic paintings as one of your options when it comes to art. Acrylics are the right choice for you, especially when there are so many types of colors to choose from. Having prepared the canvas and paints and picked the best brushes, you are almost ready to create the masterpiece, but you are missing one crucial part, easy acrylic painting ideas!

The fact that this happens is entirely normal as painters sometimes lose their imagination. So that is exactly what we are here for, and we are providing you a list of easy acrylic paintings ideas so that they can inspire you. 

Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

1. Enchanting Tulips

tulip Acrylic Painting

The lovely hues of purple on these tulips are mesmerizing. This simple acrylic painting is one of the easiest ways to practice your marks and brush them up if you are just starting out.

2. Texture Painting

texture Acrylic Painting

Even if this isn’t your first time using acrylic paint, feel free to experiment with texture painting. Make the acrylics look amazing by using the palette knife to apply some awesome texture to the canvas.

3. Hues Of The Night

moonlit night Acrylic Painting

We already mentioned how great it is to look at the stars at night! As a result of this temper, it takes on many colors, and we can enjoy our eyes with their variety of colors. It is even more worthwhile to mention that winter nights are more impressive than ever!

4. Five Idiots

five idiots Acrylic Painting

There is something so charming and delightful about the group of five birds who are sticking their faces at you. There is no doubt that this will end up looking awesome because the texture of the painting will make it pop. Make the bird designs different colors and make the background a darker color with a few subtle hues.

5. Night Sky

night sky with star acrylic painting

You can admire the night sky at its best at night! The night sky is filled with millions of twinkling stars and the varied colors of the spectrum. The first thing to do is to paint it using the washing method and then to apply the layering method to it. After the layers have dried, you can draw the trees from them.

6. Rainbow Swirly Tree

rainbow tree Acrylic Painting

Would you like to teach your kids how to paint with acrylics? A rainbow of colors is blended effortlessly in this acrylic painting, which is suitable for little ones and aspiring artists alike.

7. Mountain Landscape

mountain landscape Acrylic Painting

Whenever I think of things to paint, landscapes are the first thing that comes to mind. There are mountains with a realistic appearance and can be incorporated into any mountain landscape or scene. You need to put it on a wall or as a mural. It would be amazing.

8. Roses

couple of roses Acrylic Painting

There are many colors of roses, including red, pink, yellow, blue, purple, and more. It doesn’t matter what color you choose – just pick one that feels right for you. It does not matter whether the acrylic paint is soft or heavy bodied; craft paint also works. However, you will need to use acrylic paint that is opaque instead of transparent.

9. Galaxy sky

galaxy sky Acrylic Painting

Easy painting ideas for adults who are just starting out include painting a starry galaxy night sky. Space and galaxies immediately come to mind when we think of black. Nevertheless, galaxies also possess some bright, hazy clouds of dust and gas called nebulae. Nebulas are characterized by various colors, including red, blue, magenta, green, teal, and white.

10. Abstract butterfly in ocean

butterfly in ocean Acrylic Painting

The following acrylic painting idea will get you started if you want to create abstract art on canvas. An abstract ocean wave background has been created using some calming blue acrylic colors. In order to create the butterfly in flight, a gold leaf pen is used. It’s easy to paint an abstract painting that will cheer up the environment in your home!

11. Abstract fluid painting

Abstract fluid painting Acrylic Painting

Over the past few years, acrylic pour paintings, which are often referred to as fluid art, have become increasingly popular. You can begin exploring acrylics with this simple technique- as long as you’re not too concerned about the cleanup afterward. The colors you choose can either compliment your home decor.

12. Cheerful Bouquet

Cheerful Bouquet Acrylic Painting

This bouquet is perfect for anyone who loves color, makes flower arrangements, or is interested in horticulture. Create depth when painting with vibrant flowers in several styles and colors.

13. Seaside Escape

Seaside Escape Acrylic Painting

Would you like to escape to the beach and recharge your batteries? The warm waters of the beach and sun-soaked umbrellas will transport you to the shoreline, and the sun will feel wonderful on your skin.

14. Bright Succulents

Bright Succulents Acrylic Painting

This succulent painting is bold, bright, and fresh, ideal for those who love plants. The colors will be deep, deep green, and the details will be simple and light like prickly thorns and flowers. A custom picture can be created along the way, adding a personal touch.

15. Garden Fence

fence painting

Creating the garden of your dreams is as simple as flicking a paintbrush with the Garden Fence. You can create the habitat of your dreams by following this unique painting.

16. Palm Tree & Ocean

Palm Tree near Ocean Acrylic Painting

Paint a palm tree scene with the ocean and beautiful clouds in the background. A sponge dabbed in cloud shapes is the simplest way to paint the clouds, despite the fact that they may appear difficult to do. Acrylic paintings require a relatively small number of colors, which in a way makes them more accessible.

17. Hydrangea Mason Jar

Hydrangea Mason Jar Acrylic Painting
Tracie Kiernan

Use mason jars and a window background to display hydrangea flowers. This combination of glass jars and windows really works! There’s a welcoming and bright feel to it.

18. Golden Sun

rising sun painting

Paint a sunny picture to welcome the sun in. Using gold Dazzling Metallics paint will help you achieve this look.

19. Just Breathe

Easy Acrylic Painting Ideas

When you are going through tough times, you need to focus on just breathing. Stippling is a technique used in this painting. This is done simply by dipping a tool into the paint and creating dots.

20. Beach painting

easy beach painting

Painting the beach is an easy landscape for beginners to learn. Beach paintings are the best because you aren’t required to use a lot of colors to paint them.

21. Lavender Flower Painting

Lavender Flower Painting

This makes lavender a perfect acrylic painting for beginning painters since it is one of the most straightforward flowers to paint.

22. Sunset with City Skyline

Sunset with City Skyline Painting

This art piece makes a wonderful painting idea for those who have never painted before and for complete beginners. The acrylic paints you will need to create this painting can be found at local craft stores and you can easily match up the colors from the painting with those you have readily available at home.

23. Birch tree painting

Birch tree painting

Although not as good as I thought it was, this painting is so easy to create that anyone can make it! It is a simple and easy acrylic painting project that can even be achieved by a beginner.

24. DIY canvas painting

DIY canvas painting

It is easy to make this (pro) looking painting that can be customized to fit any home decor. A small canvas can be used in a small room, such as a bathroom, or a giant canvas can be used to decorate your living room or over your bed.

25. Tree landscape with American flag sky

Tree landscape with American flag sky painting

With this very simple but stunning painting project, you can paint a deeply patriotic American Flag on a canvas using acrylic paint—a dry brush illusion of a US flag over a silhouette of a forest skyline. Our nation celebrates all its patriotic holidays. This painting can be used for all of the patriotic holidays and also decorate your home all year long.


What do you think of these easy acrylic painting ideas? We hope you enjoyed them! Before you start painting, make sure you have a clear picture in your mind. By doing this, you will have a better chance of capturing your mental images on canvas. Become more proficient in your painting skills by trying out different techniques. As a final suggestion, you should carefully choose your brushes. You need this since the strokes you use to make your paintings and imaginations come alive.

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  1. Very inspiring for both beginners and seasoned artists. The ideas of using different utilities for texture and definition are great examples for achieving desired results that appear difficult.
    Thank you!😊

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