50 DIY Wall Art & Decor Ideas

Creative wall decorations can make your home look amazing. One of the most important elements of home decor is wall art. Even if you do not cover every spare inch of your walls with pictures and paintings, there’s always the chance that you can change it. There is always a chance to refresh and change wall decor. So it’s great to have some DIY wall & decor ideas on hand.

You have come to the right place if you’re looking for creative, cheap, and unique wall decor ideas. Whether your walls are bare or whether you just feel like making some improvements, we have 50 DIY wall art and DIY wall decor ideas for you.

There are tons of great DIY wall decor ideas you can turn into reality today. Most of the time, our homes reflect our personalities and styles. Some people have a knack for interior planning and designing, while many do not. There’s no shame in that; everyone’s different. Thankfully, we live in a time and age where creativity is highly rewarded, so it’s alright to be craft-challenged. So sit back, take a breath and read on to see all of our ideas for making DIY wall art.

50 DIY Wall Art & DIY Wall Decor Ideas

Finding the perfect wall art is hard, but it’s even harder to find wall decor ideas that don’t simply repurpose junk you probably won’t want in the next couple of years. That’s why we created this collection of 50 DIY wall décor ideas. They’re creative and simple wall decor projects that are clean and timeless enough to withstand time’s test.

1. A Dreamcatcher

diy yearn craft on wall
Source: Almost Makes Perfect

A dreamcatcher is one of those lovely items you can make yourself. You may hang a dreamcatcher above the bed to protect sleep or add it as wall decor in your bedroom. Dreamcatchers are hung behind the door to catch your bad dreams on their way out, and keep them away from you. It was also believed that dreams hold the most valuable information in life, and therefore catching dreams can be very beneficial for people.

2. Framed Gingko Branches

framed wall décor craft
Source: Lia Griffith

Color and texture are the keys to a clean but exciting appearance in any home room. Framed Gingko branches are an inexpensive alternative to expensive wall decor or colorful framed pictures. This DIY wall decor idea combines preserved gingko branches with some other supplies to create a one of a kind framed wall piece. The branches rest on a board that incorporates a mirror, so you can admire their beauty from various angles.

3. DIY Photo Collage

framed photo collage
Source: Studio DIY

Everyone loves a good picture. They aren’t just nice to see, and they also give us tons of memories and emotions. Pictures are important because they make a story, preserve our wonderful moments, or just make you smile. What’s your favorite picture? You could spend the whole day thinking of that or you could hang this DIY Photo Collage on your wall and add pictures to it whenever you feel like telling stories or just want to smile again. This idea is really a fun way to turn your dull blank walls into something special.

4. Pressed Flower Art

flower drafted wall decor idea
Source: Studio DIY

This is a very easy and inexpensive idea for decorating your home. Decorate your house with spectacular pressed flower art made from delicate dried flowers. Beautiful contrast between dazzling color and neutral rectangles of distressed wood.

5. Painted Circle Shelf

simple shelves on wall
Source: Almost Makes Perfect

You can add dimension and interest by painting a circle on the wall before installing the floating shelves. The painted circle shelf looks cool, and you can make it with ease.  Circle shelves are the latest trend in wall art decor. They bring elegance and sophistication to any space. The size of the circle and colored paint you choose is up to you.

6. DIY Fringe Wall Hanging

fringe wall decor
Source: Studio DIY

This DIY fringe wall hanging is a perfect addition to any room in the house. It would be an easy to make a craft for older teens and adults. If you’re into arts and crafts, you will know that they are fun to do and can also be great decor pieces.

7. Woven Basket Hanging

basket hanged on wall
Source: Casa Watkins Living

Woven basket hanging is the best DIY wall decor idea that you can adopt as it is very colorful and looks very classy. Baskets are woven with strings and create a beautiful effect that amazes everyone.

8. LEGO Display Shelves

lego collection displayed on wall shelves
Source: Lovely Indeed

Nowadays, a lot of wall decor ideas are pretty expensive and complex. Our tendency is to try to find the perfect solution to a decor problem. Whether you use them to show your LEGO collection, organize your stuff, or just for decoration, these easy-to-build LEGO shelves are a great addition to any room.

9. Painted Arch

beautiful wall decoration
Source: Delia Creates

With so many awesome ideas for wall decorating on Pinterest, it can be overwhelming to choose one. If you want to paint your own wall decor, here’s a painted arch that is a beautiful focal point. Painting a door arch is an interesting piece of wall decor idea. It can be done when you have some extra time in your schedule, or you see something you could use creative skills.

10. Geometric Wall Hanging

colorful crafted wall decor
Source: A Kailo Chic Life

You can never go wrong with a geometric pattern. This geometric wall hanging is an excellent choice for any room. Its eye-catching and pleasing design will surely be the perfect addition to your home. Make a focal point in a room, or display it in an entryway.

11. DIY Papercut Artwork

paper cut stencil
Source: Lia Griffith

Many of us are looking for ways to decorate our houses. We want that creative touch that can make our place look amazing. We don’t have lots of money, and we don’t want to spend it on extravagant pieces.  DIY papercut artwork can be the inspiration you are looking for.

12. DIY Paper Stars

paper stars used to decorate wall
Source: The Merrythought

Paper stars are a great addition to any nursery, room, or hallway. They can be placed anywhere you want and offer an interesting look that’s different from your traditional balloons or pinatas. Stars are among the most popular wall decor ideas out there, and moreover, making them are quite inexpensive.

13. Recycled Chalk Art

framed chalk art
Source: The Merrythought

Recycled chalk art is the perfect DIY project to try if you require some creative ideas. Use old paper bags in an unexpected way with this DIY chalk art! This project is a fun activity for a day at home with your kids or when you want to unwind at night. It can take a while to create something beautiful, but once done it looks fantastic. Your friends and family will love the look and be highly impressed.

14. Colorful Yarn Wall Hanging

diy wall decoration
Source: A Kailo Chic Life

Creating crafts is a wonderful way to relax after a long day. It’s an excellent way to pass the time and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your project come to life. Yarn wall hangings are the perfect way to add color, texture, and character to any wall.

15. DIY Sliced Cake Wall Clock

colorful diy wall clock
Source: DreamgreenDIY

If you’re looking for an unusual clock to be hung on your wall, we’ve got a good idea for you. The DIY sliced cake wall clock is so easy to make and looks great. Actually, this idea isn’t new at all, but it’s popular among the crafters, and they are making these clocks with different shapes. This DIY Sliced Cake Wall Clock is a simple, playful, and stylish way to decorate your wall.  So, if your house needs a new wall clock, look no further and make the DIY sliced cake wall clock.


16. DIY Easy Leather Strap Hanging Shelf

Source: Burkatron

Become a bold and adorable DIY enthusiast when you catch the DIY bug. Start with this DIY leather strap hanging shelf project.  It’s a simple DIY wall shelf that allows your fabrics to be seen and gives your home an interesting touch. It’s also perfect for hanging any of your favorite things such as photos, books, or anything that makes your heart flutter.

17. DIY Pom Pom Tassel Garland

Source: Aliceandlois

Why buy them when you can make a bunch of DIY pom pom tassel garlands to decorate your Christmas tree and home? These DIY pom pom tassel garlands are really easy and fun to make. Plus, you will feel a lot happier with a smile on your face if you create something with your own attractive hands.

18. Colorful Clay Animal Heads

Source: Delineateyourdwelling

If you are looking to decorate your house interestingly and beautifully, look no further. You can make your own colorful clay animal heads. There are lots of ways to make animal heads using this ancient art, and it’s really a fascinating option for decorating your home when you consider how creative you can get. There are many shapes and sizes that you can create, and the good news is that creating colorful clay animal heads is affordable and simple.

19.  DIY Embroidery Hoop Yarn Wall Hanging

Source: Enthrallinggumption

Embroidery hoop art is a fun idea for beginners. It’s easy to create a DIY wall decoration for any space or occasion. This is a simple craft that has a lot of possibilities. The project is cheap and can be changed to fit your personal style and decor. And most importantly, it’s a cinch to personalize.

20. DIY Flower Wall

Source: Sweetteal

When people think about affordable ways to decorate their homes, they tend to think about interior design which can cost you a lot of money. But what if we told you that the next time you want to freshen up your home decor and make it look adorable, you could do so within a budget? If you are interested in doing so and looking forward to transforming your room into something special, DIY Flower Wall is the way to go!

21. DIY Temporary Wallpaper Using Washi Tape

Source: Brit.co

Washi tape is a great way to add a little pop of color when you are short on time. You can make your own temporary wallpaper using washi tape, or choose from many pre-made designs. DIY temporary wallpaper is a great way to give a personal touch to the room without a permanent commitment. It’s also a much cheaper alternative than real wallpaper and you can remove it when you’re ready for a change.

22. Gold Polka Dot Wall

diy wall decor ideas
Source: Gigglesgalore.net

The wall decoration ideas would be a good idea to make your living rooms or room more beautiful and unique. The customization is provided by the wall art which home owners can easily apply to their walls. The gold polka dot wall is another idea to differentiate your decoration from other people. If you want to get this marvelous decoration, you just have to understand how it can be carried out.

23. DIY Button Wall Art

colored button
Source: Createandbabble

If you are looking for a unique way to decorate your walls, wall art is an easy and inexpensive home decor project. Add some color to your rooms without breaking the bank! A DIY wall art makes a room striking and fun. Just use some buttons and your own creative imagination to make your own button wall art.

24. Tassel Bunting DIY

colorful tassel on wall
Source: Bkids

Tassel bunting DIY ideas are a great way to brighten up a dull room or hallway in a house. They would look especially great on an otherwise boring wall above the mantelpiece. Tassel bunting can also be used as decoration at birthday parties and conferences.

25. Whale Tail String Art

string art wall decor
Source: Keptblog

Are you looking for a fun budget friendly decor idea to bring life to any room? Making your own DIY wall decor is easier than you think, especially when it comes to this unique whale tail string art idea. While it may seem as simple as just hanging up a poster, string art is quite an intricate craft that makes a cute wall accent.

26. Pink and Red Honeycomb Accent Wall

Source: Vintagerevivals

A honeycomb design brings something unusual to a room. It offers a thick texture that’s perfect for creating interesting focal points in an otherwise simple space. This allows the walls to have different light and colorings, making this design look better than the flat or even solid shades that are often created by painting.

27. Oversize Quilt Square Artwork

a dog in front of framed wall art

People are getting tired of the same old pictures and paintings. Many people want something fresh, personal, and unique. Today, we will share a beautiful DIY wall decor idea that will help you get off an wall picture or painting routine. If you are thinking about ways to spruce up a room and you need some DIY ideas, consider adding quilt squares to your walls. Oversized quilt square artwork is all the rage right now! This DIY wall art project can be created so easily with just a couple of supplies.

28. Basket Wall Art

bamboo crafted wall decoration

Basket wall art can be used in the living room, kitchen, kids’ room, or even an office. It will work anywhere you want to add inspiration and a bit of creativity to your decor. You may wonder why there are so many empty baskets lying around. Turn them into stylish wall hangings instead of throwing them away.

29. Kitchen Wall Spoon Display

kitchen appliance used as wall decor

Framed spoons are a unique way to display kitchen wall decor. They are an attractive alternative to more traditional wall decor, such as paintings and photo frames. The best part is, you can create one in under an hour.

30. Grid of Clipboard Frames


Looking for DIY wall decor ideas? Go rustic and use clipboard frames to make a grid. Framed artwork, no matter how beautiful, can cost a lot of money. But you don’t need to spend a lot of money on beautiful wall decor. This unique and inexpensive project creates a gorgeous display that is sure to be the center of attention in any room.

31. Trip Memento Maps


We all have those big blank walls in our houses that we can’t figure out what to do with. One of the best ways to remember your travels is by creating a trip map and hanging it on the blank wall. Trip memento maps are an awesome way to preserve those special moments you experience whilst exploring the world and all the essentials you encounter during your travels. As we hit the road for many months a year, it’s crucial to document our journeys in order to share with friends, family, and other adventure seekers.

32. Wallpaper Flower Wall Art

paper craft on wall

The desire to make a room uniquely yours explains the recent popularity of wall decor ideas. Wallpaper flower wall art is one of many unique ideas you can use to decorate your walls.

33. Bundt Pan Kitchen Wall Display


Recycling a simple baking item into a decorative home accessory can be a fun and easy way to add character to your space. As bundt pancakes become increasingly popular, an old bundt pan shouldn’t be thrown away. Instead, it’s upcycled as beautiful wall decor to be cherished for many years.

34. DIY Framed Silhouette Art


When most people think about DIY wall decor ideas, they think about paint or stencils. Sure, there are lots of great DIY framed silhouette art options out there like making your wall look like a face shape, tree, or map. Those are both simple and stunning. Framed silhouette art is a great way to decorate your walls at home. It’s relatively low cost, but it gives a dramatic effect that can be very pleasing to the eye.

35. DIY Floral Wall Art

floral artwork
Source: Countryliving.com

If you’re looking for additional wall decor or floral wall art for your living room or bedroom, then you can try making your own DIY floral wall art. Making floral art can be quite challenging, but with a bit of creativity, you can create an art piece that is beyond beautiful. And the end result will look like a professional artist made it.

36. DIY Wall Art with Framed Fabric


You can create decorative wall art with framed fabric as a lovely accent piece for your home. The fabric could be a pretty cloth that you’re no longer using but want to keep or something special you picked out just for this project. It’s the kind of thing you’ll be proud to show off in your home.

37. DIY Large Scale Stenciled Art


There are many large scale painting projects that are easy to do with a stencil.  Decorating the walls of your home can be a daunting task. With so many options it can be hard to choose. The good news is stenciling is an easy and affordable way to add some pizzazz to your home.

38. DIY Abstract Art

Source: countryliving.com

Abstract art is one of the top 10 most popular modern art categories. People love it because they can interpret it however they want. It’s usually made with colorful shapes and lines. So if you are looking for abstract home decor, this DIY abstract art is the right choice for you.

39. DIY Marble Wall Art

Source: countryliving.com

DIY marble wall art is easy to make with ordinary things. Decorating your home comes down to a few classic decorating tips: simplicity, attention to detail, and mixing textures. It’s simple if you know what color schemes go together, what colors to use for walls, cabinets, and countertops in the kitchen. There is an assortment of accessories like curtains and flooring that can make your home look dull or bright depending on how they are styled. The DIY marble wall art will add style and beauty to the space you crave for.

40. DIY Oversized Geometric Wall Art


This wall DIY idea is a simple yet creative geometric art that you’ll never get bored of. You can decide what colors to use or even have the say on what signs to include for an even greater impact.

41. DIY Birch Tree Stenciled Art


One of the best ways to create a cozy and welcoming space in your home is by using stencil designs. These DIY birch tree stenciled art are also one of my top choices for a great choice for an upcoming weekend project because you can use them to update the look of your walls in few hours.

42. Fabric Wall Hanging

textile used as wall decoration item

Fabric wall hanging is a way to make your interior space more beautiful, attractive, and welcoming. It does not cost much but provides an elegant and comfortable atmosphere for you and your family. This may be just the thing you need to refresh your living space, making it ideal for Spring decorating.

43. Beaded Hanging


Beaded hangings are very popular design ideas for home decoration. They serve both as interior and exterior decorations, being equally attractive in any case. These decorations are a wonderful alternative to pictures on the wall and curtains. You should know that such hangings may be made of various materials to serve different purposes, such as rope, wire, cardboard, or beads.

a lot off mirror used to decor a wall

Mirror Gallery is one of the simple and easy DIY wall decor ideas you could do in your home. It is also a great option for those who prefer to spend less on costly interior decorations. And it is capable of making the room look greater and wider too. The individual mirror panels are easy to be placed on the walls wherever you want to place them with the help of some adhesive.

45. Rustic Cutout Wood Star Art

Source: Thehappierhomemaker.com

Rustic cutout wood star art is a simple and stunning home decor idea. It takes a piece of wood, a craft knife, and some paint to create a rustic wall hanging that adds to the natural charm of its space. The best thing about it is that you can use any size or shape of wood, and there are tons of options for customization.

46. Simple Framed Twig Homemade Wall Art

Source: emoriekidder.com

Nobody wants to have a plain, simple and boring home. Everyone has different tastes and styles, which is what makes decorating so fun. Typically expensive items such as custom molding and intricate lighting fixtures are purchased to give the room a designer feel. Another way to get that designer look is through painting and adding wall artwork such as framed twig wall art.

Framed twig art is one of the easiest projects you can do to decorate your home for fall. Twigs in nature are wonderful because they add texture, depth, color, and beauty to whatever they adorn. Adding easy homemade decorations like this brings a little extra something to the spirit of the season.

47. Inspirational Message Rustic Board Art

Source: bloominghomestead.com

With this project the sky’s the limit; you can create any kind of design that suits your style. If you are going for rustic, you will want to stick to more natural designs, such as wood, tree branches, and twigs. It’s a simple and inexpensive way to express your affection and will look gorgeous in your home.

48. Colorful Wood Arrows DIY Wall Art Décor

Source: theDIYdreamer.com

Wall art in a room can make the entire area look good. But the key is to have the right wall art decor. If it looks plain or unattractive, it will destroy the room’s overall appeal. If you are thinking of getting some wall décor done, then paint some small arrows on wood and hang them as wall décor. These colorful wood arrows DIY wall art will lighten up your home and give it a fun look.

49. DIY Bamboo Skewer Wall Decor

bamboo crafted wall decoration item
Source: designsponge.com

DIY bamboo skewer wall decor is the perfect way to spruce up a bedroom. This easy project only requires a stack of bamboo. One thing you need to do is to find out ways to make it look more beautiful or even more exquisite with several new and creative ideas.

50. Easy DIY Paper Dahlia Decorations

paper craft
Source: prettypearbride.com

Creative wall decorations can make your home look amazing, especially if you’re on a budget. Paper dahlias are flower decorations that you can hang on a wall. They are an easy way to add character and personality to your home.

Final Words

Whether you want to make a quick, little DIY wall art piece or completely decorate your entire room, there is a wide variety of ideas that you can use and customize. Decorating your wall with some of these ideas will definitely give you a room decor that you will like and enjoy for a long time.

These DIY wall decor ideas are the perfect example of how you can transform a simple, plain surface with just a small amount of effort. With any luck, you’ll walk away with a better sense of where to start when deciding upon DIY wall art ideas for your personal space. Remember that the same visual poise that would apply to large-scale design or interior decorating is valuable on smaller levels, even when discussing wall art/decor.

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