15 Best Designed Toilet Paper Reviews

There are a few ways to use your space that benefit from being low effort and impressive with the right clients. One such space is the bathroom. Most of us only get to be there when we need to be, so people may talk about it for years if you can make something other than an empty room. Designed toilet paper allows you to add fun and smartness to your daily routine. Simply by replacing an ordinary roll with the designed toilet paper roll, you can change the way people use toilet paper.

It is important to know what you are getting when choosing your toilet paper. That is why we offer 15 designed toilet paper in this article. Designed toilet paper comes in different patterns and shades. You will know your designed toilet paper pattern before you even use it. This way, you can match your toilet paper to your home décor or mood.

15 Designed Toilet Paper Reviews- 2022

A well-selected design for your toilet paper will not just enhance the beauty of your bathroom but also add a little to your happiness. However, toilet paper can have many different designs in the same color scheme. There are so many different designs to choose from it will be hard just to pick one design. You can look at all the designs shown here, and you will find a design that goes with your décor and matches your mood or personality.

1. Christmas Pattern Designed Color Toilet Paper

Look at this felt Christmas tree pattern designed color toilet paper! What a nice Christmas gift! This Christmas tree pattern designed color toilet paper is made of pure wood pulp, and the surface layer features patterns. It has strong water absorption and no harmful chemical composition. This makes it a popular product among people. The rolls of toilet paper have different patterns, and each roll has a beautiful pattern, making your bathroom look more beautiful.

2. Camouflage Toilet Paper

BigMouth Inc Camouflage Toilet Paper, Hilarious Toilet Tissue Prank

Forget the deep forest and thick brush – make a stealthy approach using camouflage toilet paper! This camouflaged toilet paper is perfect for your outdoor or indoor bathroom or to use anywhere you need to keep your bathroom trips secret. The entire camouflage designed toilet paper roll of 200 sheets features light green, dark green, and brown camouflage patterns. Camo toilet paper makes the perfect gag gift for the military and outdoors people in your life. It’s fully functional, the ink is harmless, and it draws much attention.

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3. Happy Birthday Toilet Paper

Printed TP Holy Poop You're Old Printed Toilet Paper Gag Gift – Happy Birthday Funny Toilet Paper For Best Prank, Surprise, Bathroom Décor, Novelty Birthday Fun Gift For Men or Women - 500 Sheets

Don’t give your friends and family a boring birthday gift. Give them a funny present instead. Each Happy Birthday Toilet Paper novelty roll is a unique birthday gift for him or her. Every roll features a funny “Holy ? You’re old!” greeting from the first section to the last. This classic novelty toilet paper roll is made of 2-ply paper and is 500 sheets in length. Perfect for wrapping and giving as a funny birthday present. It doesn’t get better than this. This funny toilet paper is a great way to surprise a friend or loved one on their birthday or as a hilarious gag gift!

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4. Rainbow Unicorn Funny Toilet Paper

- 2 Rolls - Rainbow Unicorn Funny Toilet Paper - Perfect for Gag Gifts, White Elephant Gifts, or Potty Training

Unleash your inner unicorn with this delightfully designed toilet paper. Its colorful prancing unicorns and magical rainbows are perfect for adding a fun theme to the bathroom. Every roll is 3-ply, so it’s soft on your bum and can handle all kinds of spills. Oh, and you get two rolls to decorate your bathroom double the fun. Unicorns may not exist, but you can still surround yourself with the majestic rainbow creatures by adding this unique toilet paper to your bathroom. Featuring an all-over pattern of unicorns galore and rainbows line, this cute toilet paper combines a fun dose of magic with sensitive skin’s softness.

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5. Bravo Sport Merry Christmas Toilet Paper

Bravo Sport Merry Christmas Toilet Paper, Highly Collectible Novelty Toilet Paper Funny Gag Gift for Christmas Stocking Stuffers Party Favors

Are you looking for a funny gag gift or stocking stuffer? You’ve found it! This silly and fun novelty toilet paper is bound to be the hit of your holiday party and will provide lasting entertainment for anyone.  Merry Christmas toilet paper is the perfect centerpiece decoration for your next holiday gathering, Christmas party, or special event! Make sure all your guests remember this holiday season with a quality, highly collectible novelty gift. Bring the cheer back to your bathroom! With bright and colorful, no-smudge or smear ink printing, each toilet paper is printed with the same saying that will have you and your guest laughing each time you use it.

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6. 50th Birthday Toilet Paper Roll Prank

50th Birthday Toilet Paper Gift for Men and Women Roll Prank Funny fifty Birthday Gag Gift Novelty Toilet Paper Present for Family Happy 50th Birthday Party Decorations, Cheers to 50 Party Supplies.

Give your friends, family, and neighbors a birthday they’ll never forget by getting this 50th Birthday Toilet Paper Roll! It comes with 1 toilet paper roll featuring the word “Holy ?You’re 50!” on it. The toilet paper comes stacked so you can use it all day long to keep celebrating. Give it as a gag gift for your friend or family member who’s turning 50, or wear it out yourself when you head over to your favorite watering hole for some fun festivities. It’s great for birthdays and will bring some good laughs and smiles to anyone who sees it!

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7. Custom Embroidery Toilet Paper

Are you looking for an extra special gift wrapping? What better way to wrap a gift than with personalized toilet paper?! The perfect novelty gift to be given is a white elephant or gag gift. Add a fun touch to your bathroom with this custom embroidered toilet paper. You can have any text, image, or logo digitized onto one toilet paper roll. Put their special initials, a funny design, or a memorable motto on this custom embroidered toilet paper. This is the best gift to give at a birthday party, housewarming or wedding shower, or any other occasion!

8. Funny Printed Designed Toilet Paper Roll

Funny Toilet Paper - I Love the Poop Outta You – Birthday or Anniversary Gag Gifts for Him or Her, Printed Toilet Paper Roll - Novelty Gifts for Him or Her, Funny for Daily Use

It won’t matter if it is a gag gift or just for fun, your friends and family will enjoy a good laugh. Lighten up your bathroom with funny “I love the poop outta you!” printed toilet paper only you can see, or share it with others to give them a great laugh every time they use it. This designed toilet paper is of standard quality, 2 ply, and easy to use. This is a practical gift that is designed to make people laugh.

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9. 3 rolls Valentines Day Toilet Paper

JOYIN 3 rolls Valentines Day Toilet Paper, Romantic Novelty Toilet Paper, Funny Gag Gift for Anniversary Present (cute toilet paper)

Valentine’s Day is a wonderful day to express your feelings, and this roll of toilet paper is here to help you get the funny message across. Bring the romance back into your bathroom with this hilarious and adorable novelty toilet paper. Valentines Day Toilet Paper 3 Rolls- This set of 3 toilet paper rolls has a unique emoji design that makes it look funny but attractive. It is ideal for the upcoming Valentine’s day. The roll has 200 sheets and is made from bathroom paper with no-smudge ink printing. This set of Valentine’s day themed toilet paper rolls will have everyone in the house and guests laughing at the unique design and pooping with a smile on their faces. This is a great gift idea for any occasion to someone you love or yourself if you think you deserve it!

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10. Spider Funny Toilet Paper

Laila and Lainey Spider Funny Toilet Paper - Prank, Practical Joke, or Gag Gift - Funny White Elephant Gift Idea …

Why use boring old white toilet paper? This spider toilet paper is a terrifying prank that is guaranteed to spook your friends and family. You will be cracking up, and they will be screaming! The creepy spider design is printed on every other sheet with no-smudge ink so that it won’t smudge, smear, or leave residue on you or your guest. It would also make a great white elephant gift or gag gift for someone who collects spiders.

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11. Personalized Monogrammed Toilet Paper

The purchase of this designed toilet paper listing includes one roll of monogrammed toilet paper. It’s toilet paper with a twist! Personalize your roll with one letter monogrammed initial and make them laugh. Personalized cute toilet paper is exactly what you need! Whether you want to impress the boss, annoying colleagues at work, holiday party guests, or only people who can understand your sense of humor, these rolls make for a truly cheesy gift.

12. Please Wash Your Hands Toilet Paper

Please Wash Your Hands Toilet Paper - 3 Ply Bathroom Tissue with 200 Sheets in Each Roll - Funny and Useful Gag Toilet Paper

Please wash your hand’s toilet paper is a great gag gift idea that also ensures everyone’s safety. This unique toilet paper is three ply and made of premium material, with 200 sheets in each roll. The hilarious design will make anyone laugh, but it’s also a great reminder to wash our hands, so we all stay safe. Whenever someone uses the bathroom, they will have to wash their hands. It’s not just fun and silly, but a much-needed reminder during these times. When you’re gathering your essentials for a trip, don’t forget to pack the toilet paper. Your friends will love this novelty “Please Wash Your Hands” Toilet Paper.

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13. Funny Novelty Toilet Paper

Funny Novelty Toilet Paper - Hilarious Gag Gift or White Elephant Gift Idea

This paper is sure to make them laugh. This designed toilet paper roll will keep them stocked with extra toilet paper in case of an emergency. High quality bathroom paper with a novelty design to keep you laughing. Don’t let your sense of humor go down the drain. This emergency stash of toilet paper makes a fun and functional gift for anyone old enough to use the loo. This single roll of 3 ply toilet tissue is sure to be a hit with all of your family and friends. Give this funny gag toilet paper as a stocking stuffer, white elephant gift, secret Santa present, or just something to add humor to your home.

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14. Happy Birthday Funny Toilet Paper Roll

Happy Birthday Funny Toilet Paper Roll - I Love the Poop Outta You - Romantic Poop 3 Ply Tissue Paper - Funny Bathroom Novelty Joke Present - Image on Each Sheet - Unique Mens Bday Gag Gift Idea

Make a unique and fun gift for someone special on their birthday – this toilet tissue will grab the attention in any bathroom. This decorative 3 ply novelty birthday toilet paper will wow your guests. Each sheet features a funny poop emoji saying, “Happy Birthday I love the poop outta you,” making it a humorous addition to any bathroom or party. This is a fun way to celebrate your partner’s birthday.  Don’t be caught without the perfect gag gift for birthdays and more!

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15. 100 Dollar Bill Designed Funny Toilet Paper

Funny Toilet Paper (100 Dollar Bill)

Finally! Suitable use for those one hundred dollar bills! Get your friends and family members the gift of laughter. They’re sure to be rolling on the floor when you hand them some TP money.  A hilarious gag gift for friends, family, and colleagues, the 100 Dollar toilet paper Roll has a full-color imprint of a US $100 bill. Made of 2-ply paper, this novelty toilet tissue will remind that special someone just how much they are worth to you. So start wiping with real money in your office, home, or workplace. Discover what a difference giving a real gift makes!

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Final Words

The design of toilet paper will be the last thing that you think about and the first thing that you touch every time you use the bathroom. Toilet paper is sometimes the most comforting, soft and most tasty thing. Therefore, it is important to choose the right one when choosing your toilet paper. The way in which your designed toilet paper looks to you will determine whether or not you are happy with your choice of toilet paper. You should never have to choose between a good design and a soft touch.

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