Find The Dashboard Clock For Cars On The Market In 2023

Car owners who drive for a living know the feeling: You’re cruising down the highway on your way to work, only to realize you have no idea what time it is. The dashboard clock has mysteriously stopped working! But now there’s Dashboard Clock, a new app that won’t let you forget where you are or when it is again.

Dashboard Clock provides drivers with an accurate digital readout of their current speed and direction in real-time while driving, as well as the time and date. It also alerts them when they exceed preset speed limits so they can adjust accordingly. Dashboard Clock even allows users to set up multiple profiles, so each driver knows how much gas is left in his car at all times.

Here are the dashboard clock for cars.

Editor’s Pick-Dashboard Clock For Cars

Dashboard Clock For Cars Reviews In 2023

1. YOUNGFLY Mini Car Clock Auto Car

This is a visually elegant novelty dash clock with an eye-catching design. The housing is made of sturdy aluminum alloy, and the surface treatment is matte by sandblasting for anti-fingerprint. Ultra-thin glass adopts ultra-high hardness tempered glass, scratch resistant, and sensitive touch feeling. Installation methods are many: Freely adjust the panel angle after washer installation to install it directly on the dashboard or install it on your car control panel.

Designed With A Sleek

Perfect for any vehicle, this mini-sized car clock displays the time and date. Designed with a sleek, compact design that fits perfectly in any car, truck, or boat, this digital clock can be mounted magnetically to metal surfaces.

Convenience Of A Regular

The Youngfly Mini Car Clock gives you the convenience of a regular car clock and makes your car more fashionable. It can be attached to your dashboard or windshield so you can see its time clearly. You can also use it on the desktop. The Double-sided adhesive tape is included to ensure that the clock can be firmly attached wherever you want it.

2. Betus Car Dashboard Digital Clock

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3. JEDEW Car Clock, Mini Quartz Analog Car Dashboard Time

JEDEW Car Clock, Mini Quartz Analog Car Dashboard Time is a perfect choice for you who love car accessories and need some time display function in your car. With premium quality metal, you can stick it on the dashboard easily, with fashionable style, mini and classy design, not occupying too much space. Very beautiful.

Perfect Decoration

JEDEW Car Clock, Mini Quartz Analog Car Dashboard Time is a perfect decoration for a car dashboard or Air Vent. The car clock fits snugly in any standard-sized air vent, giving it a clean look. It’s not only for cars; it can be installed anywhere your want, such as an office, workbench, or locker.

Dashboard Or Console

This cute car clock is the perfect way to keep a close eye on the time while you drive. It has adhesive tape so you can attach it to your dashboard or console without trouble.

4. CAR Digital Temperature Celsius Only Dashboard Clock

This is a Digital Temperature Celsius Only Dashboard Clock. It’s small (1.6oz), without sharp edges and corners. Even if the vehicle is in an accident, it will not hurt the passengers.

Temperature Gauge

This dashboard clock is perfect for your car. It consists of a built-in temperature gauge, a digital clock with a 12/24 hour time switch, and a temperature range from -20℃ to 50℃. It can display the current temperature directly on its LCD screen and work as a digital clock.

Tightly To The Dashboard

Easy to install, no need to cut. The car clock will be attached tightly to the dashboard, and you can clearly view the temperature or time. The blue light will help you to see it in a dark environment.

5. LCD Digital Table Car Dashboard Desk Electronic Clock

This classic digital clock can be placed directly on the dashboard or air conditioning vent panel. It’s simple and practical but also very functional to give your car a unique style.

Adhesive Pad

This clock can be installed in the car’s or vehicle’s dashboard to show the time. It comes with an adhesive pad to attach to your dashboard. Easy installation in cars and offices.

Compact And Portable

Compact and portable, can be placed on the desk to remind you of the time With an adhesive pad that can be attached to the dashboard.

Dashboard Clock for Cars: Buying Guide


A classic car clock is often very simple in design on old and vintage cars. Today, dashboard clock manufacturers have added numerous features to boost their functions and make their replacement clocks an even more valuable item. Apart from timekeeping, you may have many other needs to consider when choosing a clock to replace your automotive clock. 

Automobile replacement clocks may include multiple features, including a temperature gauge, date, travel alarm, clock music, docking station for quick charging, and USB port to charge other devices.

Battery’s Capacity

Many automotive clocks are designed to have replaceable and inbuilt batteries to be charged while the automobile is running, and others have solar chargers. Make sure you choose the one that is right for you before buying.


The designs and installation methods of replacement clocks for automobiles vary. Other clocks require the assistance of an automobile expert to connect them to the dashboard or to any part of the car where they are desired.

Car Model

In many ways, the type of clock you buy depends on what type of car you drive. A car dashboard analog clock is more suitable for a luxury car such as Mercedes-Benz. Compared to digital clocks, analog clocks are considered more durable and accurate and help maintain the look and feel of luxury cars. Vintage SUVs, old cars, and retro cars may also benefit from a vintage car clock.


Before purchasing a replacement clock, you may also want to consider its appearance. Is it important to have a dashboard clock with a light in the dark? You may prefer automotive replacement clocks without backlights if that is what you prefer.


How do I change the clock on my Lexus analog?

By choosing an item from the [ < ] / [ > ] switches on the steering wheel, you can change the setting or adjust the time by pushing the up/down switch. The clock comes with two buttons on Lexus automobiles with an analog clock. Holding the clock button backward on the driver’s side will allow the clock to wind backward.

What is the P signs on a car dashboard mean?

An exclamation point is located in the center of the brake warning light, or the text “BRAKE” is displayed. The parking brake or brake system will illuminate this light if it is engaged or has an issue with the braking system.

Why does my digital clock lose time?

Quartz crystals are typically used for keeping time in digital clocks. The clock’s time is derived from that division down. When using those crystals, there is drift with time and temperature, so their accuracy isn’t 100%. This results in an inaccurate time display.

How does a car clockwork?

A solenoid coil is wired with a set of contact points that run the clock. Each arm closes in on its mating point as it runs. It allows the ends to close before the spring winds down, completing the circuit before the end of the spring.

What is the most dangerous light on your dashboard?

Even though every red light is debatable, red light violations should be taken seriously. Despite this, it has the highest probability of indicating irreparable damage is imminent if no action is taken immediately.


The Dashboard Clock for Cars is a great idea to help drivers stay alert. It’s no secret that our smartphones can be distracting, and this solution helps put the phone down while driving. Time is important. 

It’s even more important when you’re driving on the highway and need to know if there are any traffic delays ahead of time, or how long it’ll take you to get home from work. 

That’s why we created a dashboard clock for cars so drivers don’t have to worry about looking at their phones while they drive!

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