Best Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors

The Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors have always been the preferred choice of watercolor painters, due to their unmatched quality and variety of hues. With their soft granules, these paints provide depth and texture to any painting. Each pigment offers a unique range of shades and tones that can be used to create a variety of artworks. In this article, we will discuss the various types of Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors available, why they are the best option for your painting needs, a list of some of the top 10 Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors, how to select the best one for you, and how to use them properly in your art. So read on to find out all about the amazing world of Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors!

Types Of Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors

The Daniel Smith range of granulating watercolors is extensive and varied. The range includes a selection of single pigment watercolors as well as multi-pigment, granulating colors. Some of the most popular single pigment granulating watercolors are Quinacridone Rose, Pyrrol Scarlet, Quinacridone Burnt Orange and Phthalo Blue (Green Shade). For a more dynamic color palette, there are many multi-pigment colors available such as Turquoise Genuine/Azurite, Ultramarine Turquoise/Cobalt Teal Blue and Cerulean Blue/ Cobalt Teal Blue. Each of these colors has its own unique qualities that can be used to create beautiful works of art. Additionally, Daniel Smith also offers a variety of specialty granulating colors such as Iridescent Gold and Granular Umber which can be used to add an extra level of detail to your work.

Why Need The Best Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors?

Granulating watercolors provide a unique kind of color and texture that can help bring out the beauty in any painting. Daniel Smith makes some of the best granulating watercolors on the market, so if you’re looking for quality paints that are capable of producing stunning textures, Daniel Smith is a great option. The colors range from bright and vibrant hues to subtle shades, giving you plenty of options for creating stunning pieces of artwork. With these paints you can add depth to your paintings by creating beautiful layers of colors that work together to create an interesting effect. Furthermore, their granular properties make them ideal for adding highlights and shadows to your work. If you want to create truly unique paintings with amazing results, then you’ll definitely want to consider investing in the best Daniel Smith granulating watercolors available.

List Of The 10 Best Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors

Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors offer a unique way to create stunning artistic effects with watercolor paint. These granulating watercolors are made with finely ground pigments that separate when used in wet media and provide an attractive, speckled effect. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional artist, these watercolors help make your paintings stand out from the rest. Below is a list of the 10 best Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors available:

  1. Daniel Smith Original Oil Colors – Primatek Earth Pigment – This is one of the most popular granulating watercolors from Daniel Smith. It offers a wide range of colors from earthy tones to bright shades. The pigment used in this paint is very finely ground and gives an attractive, speckled effect when used in wet media.
  2. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor – Quinacridone Gold – This granulating watercolor provides a beautiful golden hue when used on paper and canvas alike. Its fine grain produces an even, speckled effect that provides texture and dimension to your artwork.
  3. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor – Pyrrol Scarlet – If you’re looking for a rich, vibrant red color then this is the perfect choice for you! This granulating watercolor has an intense hue that will make your painting stand out from the rest. Use it to create dramatic effects in landscapes or portraits alike!
  4. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor – Transparent Pyrite Genuine – This unique granulating watercolor offers a deep yellow-gold color that can be used for painting sunsets or adding highlights to landscapes. Its dense pigment gives off an attractive sparkle when used on paper and canvas alike!
  5. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor – Primatek Raven Black – For those looking for an intense black tone, this is the perfect choice! This highly pigmented granulating watercolor produces bold blacks with hints of blue-green hues when applied wet or dry on paper or canvas surfaces alike!
  6. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor – Cerulean Blue Chromium Oxide – When you need to add some depth and contrast to your paintings, look no further than this amazing blue-green shade! It offers an interesting color combination while still providing excellent coverage with its highly pigmented formula!
  7. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor – Viridian Hue Genuine -This unique green-blue shade provides great coverage with its strong pigmentation and can be used both wet and dry on paper and canvas alike! Its beautiful hue adds contrast to any painting without overpowering other colors in the mix!
  8. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor – Phthalo Green Blue Shade -This highly saturated green-blue shade is perfect for adding bright highlights and shadows to your paintings! It has great coverage with its intense formula and can be easily blended into other colors for interesting effects!
  9. Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor – Mayan Orange Genuine -This vibrant orange-red hue adds warmth and interest to any artwork! Its dense pigment makes it easy to blend with other colors while still providing excellent coverage on paper or canvas surfaces alike!

10.Daniel Smith Extra Fine Watercolor – Perylene Maroon Genuine -This dark maroon shade provides great depth without overpowering other colors in the mix! Its high intensity makes it easy to blend while still providing excellent coverage on paper or canvas surfaces alike!

How To Choose The Best Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors

When choosing the best Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors, there are a few factors to consider. First and foremost, it is important to look at the pigmentation of each color. Pigmentation affects how vibrant and opaque the color will be. Some colors have a higher pigment content than others and these tend to produce more vivid results. It is also important to take into account the granulation of each color; this refers to the size of the particles in each paint and has an impact on how large or small the granules appear in your painting. Make sure you choose a set that contains both fine and coarser grains for maximum versatility when painting.

Another factor to consider is lightfastness; this refers to how well the paint will hold its colour when exposed to sunlight over time. Different brands may have different ratings but generally speaking, look for paints with a high lightfastness rating as these can be relied upon for long-lasting results. Finally, make sure that you read up on any specific requirements for using Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors such as whether they require additional mediums or special techniques when blending or layering colours together. By taking all of these factors into consideration, you can ensure you’ve chosen the best quality product for your artwork needs!

How To Use Daniel Smith Granulating Watercolors

Granulating watercolors are a special type of paint that create interesting and unique textures when used. Daniel Smith’s granulating watercolors are some of the best on the market, offering vibrant colors and excellent coverage. To get the most out of these paints, it is important to understand how to use them properly.

The first step is to mix the granulating watercolor with water until it has reached desired consistency. It is best to work with large amounts of color rather than small amounts as they tend to blend together more easily. Once mixed, apply the paint onto your paper or canvas using either a brush or a cloth depending on the look you want to achieve. It is important to remember that granulating paints tend to separate quickly, so you need to work quickly and evenly for best results.

Once you have applied the paint, use a spray bottle filled with clean water and lightly mist your painting surface. This will help blend the colors together more evenly and create interesting patterns in the texture of your painting. After spraying, allow your painting surface to dry completely before adding any additional colors or layers of paint.

Finally, use a dry brush technique by taking off excess moisture from each area before moving onto another section. This will help keep your painting consistent while also allowing you to add depth and texture as desired.

By following these steps and using Daniel Smith’s granulating watercolors properly, you can achieve beautiful paintings with unique textures and stunning colors for any project!


In conclusion, the best Daniel Smith granulating watercolors are an excellent choice for any artist looking to create dynamic and unique paintings. They offer a wide range of colors with different granulation effects that allow you to achieve a variety of looks. When choosing the best one for your needs, it is important to consider the type of effect you want, as well as how you plan to use them. Ultimately, with the right knowledge and understanding, you can find the perfect granulating watercolor for your next art project.

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