Cricut Explore Air Vs Air 2

The Cricut explore air Vs air 2 is two best-selling products. Choosing between the two might be difficult. They are virtually similar in terms of size and output. Your supplies and equipment will almost always be the same. It’s challenging to select between the two since they let you accomplish many of the same things. 

Computer usage and the tasks you want to do are the two most significant factors. I enjoy the Cricut Maker since it allows for more individuality and is easy to understand how to use as a beginner. The Explore Air 2 is an excellent choice if you’re on a tight budget.

Let me show you the differences between the Cricut explore air Vs air 2 before you purchase anything.

Cricut Explore Air Vs Air 2: A Quick Comparison 

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Some Important Discussions About Cricut Explore Air Vs Air 2

Each machine has its color scheme. The Explorer’s bottom is green, and the rest is white. Cricut Explore Air 2 in mint with silver or chrome stripe and white bottom.

A machine in pink, blue, and white is also available. There are just slight differences between the two. They’re both around the same size. Both come with a cup to hold your gear. Styles Previously plugged-in space cartridges may still be used. In the open, they look alike.

As you can see, the Explore Air 2 is silver and chrome. Don’t panic if it looks brighter. Cut and score simultaneously using the dual carriage. You may still retain your tools and knives. Bonus: With the same tools, you can cut and score over 100 materials.

The Explore and the Air 2 both feature Bluetooth built-in, which is enormous. Wireless cutting is tricky.

In this situation, you may utilize a wirelessly linked PC, tablet, or smartphone. Get a wireless Bluetooth adapter for your Explore One or original Explore machine (as shown above). Using the Smart Set dial on the Explore machines has always been a favorite.

It displays the ease of usage of the device. You are not required to evaluate individual needs (including an ever-expanding range of unique materials).

The Cricut Explore Air 2’s Fast Mode capabilities set it distinct. Fast Mode increases the speed of cutting and writing on vinyl, iron-on, and cardboard because you can make the same high-quality things in less time!

With his Cricut machine, my spouse has been designing various objects. My project required a substantial quantity of Paper and material cutting. Finally, my Explore shreds or fails to cut several of my projects. For comparison, I used my old system and the Explore Air 2.

I utilized Design Space to develop a sophisticated design to see what would happen. We used the mat and Paper. I have changed both machines’ blades. The Smart Set sliders on both PCs were set to Paper for all settings. I couldn’t use cardstock instead of regular Paper to enable Fast Mode. Keep your cool. The major goal is to compare both machines’ cutting quality and speed.

Cricut Explore Air Vs Air 2: The Breakdown

Cricut Explore Air

A year after the Explore Air 2, Cricut launched the Maker. It was one of the most important modifications a craft cutter could make. “For the time being, the Maker is capable of much more than cutting and pasting paper and vinyl,” says the Maker. Suppose you upgrade to the latest version of the cutter. In that case, you’ll be able to cut 3D paper art, thick and dense materials, and creative effects like embossing and perforating with much more accuracy than before. In the following lines, I’ll go over a few of the most crucial features that contribute to the Cricut Maker’s versatility. This machine is for you if any new features spark your curiosity.

Adaptive Tool System

The Cricut Maker’s Adaptive Tool System lets you cut over 300 different kinds of materials using the machine. Is it that crucial? A cutting instrument that can lift and rotate simultaneously has never been seen before. For us, this is a first. As a result, even when cutting extremely thin Paper or vinyl, curves are smoother, and letters may be formed more accurately. The Adaptive Tool System allows for deeper scoring and engraving than ever before since it can cut through solid materials like leather and wood.

Knife Blade

The Maker’s Knife Blade, which can cut through materials as thick as 2.4 mm, is offered separately. It’s got a curved edge to it. More than simply, puzzles and odd forms may be made using craft foam. When the Adaptive Tool System and a knife blade are connected, they can cut leather, matboard, and wood.

All the Tools

Cricut has updated its Maker’s Adaptive Tool System with a slew of new tools. The following are some of the latest tools:

  • I used a scoring wheel to make 3D paper art and unique cards from cardstock (and a Double Scoring Wheel).
  • With enough effort, you can use this tool to stamp amazing designs on scrapbooking foils or Paper.
  • Remove stickers using a blade that is sharp enough to cut through them.
  • The Engraving Tip is ideal for cutting leather, metal, or acrylic.
  • It is a very nice wavy blade!

Furthermore, the Maker is future-proof since Cricut has said that it will continue developing and releasing new tools for the Maker.

Fabric Cutting

The Cricut Maker is the greatest fabric cutter among sewing and quilting enthusiasts. It comes with a Rotary Blade similar to those seen in hand-held rotary cutters. This blade, like earlier cutters, can cut unbonded fabric.

The Sewing Pattern Library can only be accessed through this method, which includes over 500 digital sewing patterns with seam allowance lines.

If you use washable fabric markers, such as those offered by Cricut, you may cut and mark your material in one action.

Cricut Explore Air 2

One of the most powerful machines in its class, the Cricut Explore Air 2. It first aired in 2016. A range of colors has been released since the Cricut Air 2 was initially introduced a few years ago. The Explore series of vinyl cutters, on the other hand, has mostly remained unchanged. Because they are almost always on sale, they are one of the most economical tools for cutting vinyl and Paper.

I’ll demonstrate how the Explore Air 2 works in the video below. Cutting out your creative ideas is now simpler and more enjoyable than it was before, thanks to some of the machine’s new capabilities.


Because of the Explore Air 2’s Bluetooth capability, this is possible. It turns out that Air 2’s “Air” is, in fact, “Air.” If you don’t want to move your phone or computer out of Bluetooth range, you may use a USB cord instead. On the other hand, wireless cutting is something I have to do when it comes to cutting. There isn’t enough space for my laptop to be close to the machine on my cutting table. I am opposed to giving up my phone for 20 minutes since it eliminates a necessary task.

Dual Tool Holder

A dual tool holder is also included in the Air 2, accommodating two separate instruments, such as blades or pens. You can write a birthday message and score the card for folding all at the same time since you can cut and draw at the same time. You must first get a new tool before using it. As a consequence, you’ll be able to execute much more multimedia projects than you ever imagined.

2x Fast Mode

It concludes our discussion. Finally, the Cricut Explore Air 2 is the Explore line’s quickest cutting machine. The 2x fast Mode allows it to cut thin materials like vinyl and Paper twice as quickly as the previous Explore. You may use this to produce volleyball team stickers or vinyl decals for your bedroom. If you make more cuts, you’ll have to do more work, so continue with caution!

Design features

On the top of the machine, there is no Smart Set dial or cartridge slot. By inserting your old Cricut Cartridges into the slot, they are instantly linked to your account and may be used in the Design Space app!

Using the Smart Establish Dial, you may choose the material to cut, and the machine will automatically establish the cut parameters for use in Design Space. The Smart Set Dial on this craft cutter enables simultaneous cutting of over 100 different kinds of materials.

Cricut Explore Air vs Air 2: ( Pros & Cons)

Cricut Explore Air

The Explore Air has more features than the Explore One, but it lacks the performance of the former. Bluetooth, for example, enables you to do tasks without using your hands. It is a fantastic option for those who prefer to use their phones or tablets instead of laptops. Wireless technology also does away with the requirement for wired connections between devices. It is unequalled when it comes to maintaining order.


SVG, GIF, and.DXF Files Accepted

In addition to BMP, PNG, and.jpg files, this little computer can read DXF, SVG, and.jpg files. Consequently, you are not obligated to work with a certain file type. This sort of creative freedom is desired by designers who wish to push their abilities to their limits.

Cut Smart Technology

A single machine can produce things varying in size from a quarter-inch to 23.5 inches, and it does it rather well. Cricut’s “Cut Smart Technology” comes in helpful here. A hybrid motor system drives the new technology, which gives the blades greater control. You may pick the kind of cuts you can make using the Smart Set dial.

iPad App

This machine can also connect to the internet and be operated through an iPad app. As a result, you’ll be able to complete all of your tasks while travelling. Make the most of your time waiting in lines, on the metro, on the aircraft, or on other forms of public transit to increase your productivity. You may email the designs to the cutter when you go back to work. You will gain from the machine’s mobility and time savings if you utilize it while moving.


  • There’s also the option of using wireless control.
  • Apps that are easy to use and comprehend.
  • It is simple to set up.
  • Carry out a range of tasks, including pen writing.
  • Additionally, an iPad app is available.
  • It doesn’t matter if cartridges aren’t required. You are allowed to use them indefinitely.


  • You must access the Design Space software online to use it.

Cricut Explore Air 2

The Explore Air 2 is the most advanced of the company’s three “Explore” devices. It has twice the tool storage capacity of the Explore One, twice the cutting power, and all of the Explore Air’s capabilities.


Bluetooth Wireless Technology

It is one of the most exciting new Cricut products to hit the market. Scrapbookers and DIYers are notorious for having a lot of clutter in their houses.

It is the polar opposite of what you want to do! With Bluetooth technology, you can now create stunning cuts from afar. The printer must be within range to use this technology. As a result, it’s only usable if the printer is nearby. In truth, it’s never been easier to get started.

2X Cutting Speed

Time is of importance when it comes to dying cutters. Because time is money, you’ll want to do all possible to keep it. Because of nearly double the cutting power, the Cricut Expression Air is superior for mobile crafters.

It can be used to create a small company, but it isn’t commercial work.

Only if you want to get the most out of every moment, you may use the usual Mode if you’re not in a rush to get things done.

Free Fonts

There’s no need to spend money on fonts when Cricut provides them free. The Penpals Font and Lipstick Lettering Font are included at no additional cost if you purchase one for yourself.

Lipstick Lettering and Penpals are two fonts that may be utilized for various projects. To make things even simpler, you may send in your font.

Is it possible for you to create your font and use it in your projects? The Air 2 could be the finest value if you want to let your creativity run free.


  • Cutting talent is all that is required.
  • In this situation, Bluetooth is appropriate.
  • Outstanding chopping skills


  • For designers, having a large number of options is difficult.

Cricut Explore Air vs Air 2 Conclusion: Which One to Choose?

Thanks to Adaptive Tools, the Cricut Explore has substantially greater cutting capacity than the Explore Air 2. It is the machine for cutting fabric, 3D Paper, and other crafts. Only a few projects are available with the Cricut Explore Air 2. The Cricut Explore Air 2 is the cheapest cutter. It is the most cost-effective alternative if you’re just interested in cutting Paper and vinyl. I’d want to introduce you to the Maker if you’re open to new ideas and unconstrained ones. You’ll be able to cut unbonded fabric, score deeper into Paper, create larger cuts; with this cutting machine, you can cut a larger range of materials than ever before.

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