33 Craft Ideas for Teens

Crafts are a fun way to pass the time and to relax. They are also a good quality way to spend time with your children. The best thing about crafts for teens is the fact that they do not have to be complicated or expensive. There are so many craft ideas for teens out there it’s hard to know where to start or what to do if you can’t stop thinking about your new hobby and want to find some great teen’s crafts you can try. All you need to do is find a few and jump in when you feel like it.

If you are a teen or parent looking for craft ideas for teen projects and crafts for birthday parties and other fun kid’s crafts, then you will want to read this article. In this article, we have listed 33 Cool Craft Ideas for teens, which are easy to do and really cool. The process is fun and full of variety, plus ideas for decorating your home or making various gifts for friends and family.

33 Craft Ideas for Teens

Some teenagers lack motivation and interest. That’s why it may be hard to keep them busy and prevent them from doing some annoying things, like making noise and other bad habits. That is why we have collected many crafting ideas that will help you keep your teenagers away from negative things and make their lives more happy and bright.

1. Yarn Wrapped Cardboard Letters

l letter yearn warped craft

These yarn wrapped cardboard letters are perfect for hanging above a door or on the wall. They are also super simple to make, and in just a few minutes, you could have a cute home accessory to enjoy. There are lots of things you could do with these letters too. Teens will love making several of these in different colors and hanging them up in their bedrooms.

2. Melted Crayon Butterflies

colorful butterfly

This is a fun art project and craft idea for teens or adults. It’s a simple DIY butterfly craft that is an excellent way to create something different from the ordinary.  You could paint over with different colors if you wanted to make this into an art journal page. Decorate the wall with butterflies made from old crayons. Use a hot iron with adult supervision.

3. Watercolor Paper Pinwheels

easy to make pinwheels

Teens always have fun with crafts. Bring a burst of rainbow color to your home with these easy to make pinwheels you can paint yourself. This craft is perfect for a teen’s room or summer party. With this teens craft idea, watercolor paper pinwheels, you’ll be able to celebrate with everyone in the room.

4. Paper Bag Stars

paper craft stars

Paper bag stars are an easy craft idea for teens. These Paper Bag Stars will be loved by everyone who makes them. The only materials needed are a small paper bag and some paint. You can use them to decorate your room and make it look more colorful.

5. Name Garland

beautiful name paper craft

This name garland is a great craft idea for teens, and your teen will love these letters. This is a good idea if they are going to college because it has their name on it. It looks great on a wall or door.

6. Hearts Paper Chain

paper hearts chain decoration

If you are looking for craft ideas for teens, you might want to try this heart’s paper chain. It is was an idea turned into an activity that the teens will love in your life. If you follow this craft idea for teens hearts paper chain, you will be able to make a lovely paper chain that can be pinned to your window or desk as a reminder of how much people care about you

7. XOXO Watercolor Painting

xoxo canvas

Today’s craft idea is XOXO watercolor painting. Watercolor painting is a beautiful and gentle art, and it presents a symphony of colors that harmonize naturally together. The texture and the feel of watercolor art are something that would appeal to teens who are starting to explore their creative side and everything this beautiful art form has to offer.

8. Washer Necklaces

colorful necklace

If you have crafty teens around the house this summer, these washer necklace crafts are just what they’ll be looking for. Just a few supplies and some follow-along instructions are all you need to make these great necklaces. These washer necklace crafts will get your teens off their gadgets and on to creating fun instead.

9. Friendship Bracelets

yearn made wristband

Friendship Bracelets are a great craft idea to create with your teen. Whether it is for a birthday present or just something fun to do, these colorful bracelets are sure to bring some smiles. Friendship bracelets are easy crafts for beginners that teach hand skills, like knitting, and friendship is always a lesson appropriate for kids and teens.

10. Pom Pom Cactus

artificial cactus showpieces

This adorably crafty project is a very sweet teen’s project. Pom pom cactus may be small, but they make a great décor idea. This is a quick, simple, and creative craft that teens can do by themselves. These are also great homemade gifts to surprise your friends and family members.

11. Folded Paper Bracelets

paper craft bracelet for teen

Folded paper bracelets are not just colorful and creative, but they are also unique, inexpensive, easy, and fun. These were easy to make and, depending on the colors of the paper, could look like quirky rainbow bracelets. Making paper bracelets doesn’t require a lot of supplies or time. You will need a sharp pair of scissors, colored paper, an optional adhesive thing to hold it all together.

12. Paracord Hammock

hammock craft

This paracord hammock is a great project to make if you have teenage kids. Paracord is a type of rope. Paracord is an ideal material for creating various unique projects. The army and the military largely use it.  Actually, it’s several thin ropes braided together and has many uses throughout society. You can use the paracord to make things like hammocks and bracelets.

13. Paracord Pineapple Key Fob

handmade pineapple key fob

Paracord is one of the most useful survival items on earth and is useful in a ton of ways. You can use it for camping, backpacking, and many other purposes. Paracord crafts are fun to make with friends and perfect teen craft ideas. This paracord pineapple craft is simple to make and works as a key fob. They are easy to make, and you can use them as a key chain, zipper pulls, and more.

14. Myoga Knot Earrings

myoga knot craft for teens

Myoga Knot Earrings for girls are simple to make and look so cute. The teal and brown shade would go well with a casual outfit, and the knot earrings can be worn with any type of outfit. They’re very cute, and you wouldn’t have to spend much time making them if you wanted. On top of that, the materials are very affordable. Just what every teen crafter wants!

15. Create Beaded Necklaces

beaded craft

Beaded necklaces are not just a fashion statement. They also make a great craft project for teens. If you love making things with your hands and like making gifts for people, you will certainly love beaded necklaces. They’re not hard to make; all you need is a little creativity, patience, and some additional materials you can buy at a craft store.

16. Perler Bead Earbud Holder

handmade earbud holder

Here is a fun teen craft idea for Perler bead earbud holders. Perler beads are a craft item mostly used by kids and teenagers. These would make an extra special holiday gift for your family and friends.

17. Rainbow Soap

colorful handmade soap

Are you looking for a cool craft idea for your teen? Try making rainbow soap. It’s easy and looks great. Making Rainbow soap is a fun craft idea for teens that can get the creative juices flowing.

18. Tissue Paper Canvas Art

tissue paper craft

Making art is a fun way to express your creativity. However, it may be hard to figure out how to get started. This is especially true for teens who are trying to find their creative style. This craft idea is perfect for teenagers with a steady hand, and it’s also great for adults! You need to make tissue paper canvas art: plain white or light-colored canvas, a pencil, water-based paint, needle, tissue paper, and glue.

19. Macrame Plant Hanger

white macrame hanger

Whether you are looking for inexpensive gifts for your crafty teen or for decoration, you will love these simple macrame plant hangers. Macrame is a craft project that you can make for a few dollars. It also requires very few tools and supplies. It is a craft that combines two creative activities, macramé, and gardening. As such, it’s a great fun project to do with the teens or surprise them with something cool when they get home from school.

20. Embroidery Purse

handmade purse for teens

Look at this cute embroidery purse, and it’s so easy to make that your teenager could start a craft idea business. Purses can be a tricky thing for any teen. It’s difficult to find something that not only works well and does what you need it to do but also looks good. These are really easy to make and are great craft projects for beginners. Your teens can get really creative with them as well since they can let their imagination run wild.

21. Floral Paper Garland

floral garland paper craft

Floral paper garland may be a great idea to decorate teen girls’ room. Craft your own bright and colorful paper flowers garland to decorate your wall, ceiling or around a window. Let your guests think you’ve spent ages on it, when in fact it was made in less than an hour! 

22. Candle Making

colorful handmade candle

Teens will see an instant change in attitude if they can produce an exciting product with their own hands. Candle making is among the most popular craft ideas for teens. Dust off your imagination and try out candle making, a popular craft idea for teens. While many people are scared of the results, this does not need to be the case.

23. Painted Flower Pot

flower painted flower pot

A painted flower pot is a pretty craft idea for the teens. They have to have something to do in their free time. One of the easiest things they can do and make that will look beautiful is a flower pot.

24.  Tassel Necklace

tassel craft for teen girl

It is important to encourage your teen to create handmade gifts like DIY tassel necklaces as they can get immense satisfaction while making them. A tassel necklace is an easy DIY craft idea that will brighten up your outfit. These necklaces are a great gift to give to your friends and family, which you can make by yourself.

25. DIY Confetti Planter

colorful  confetti planter

Everyone loves a craft idea, and this is one that you will not just love, but you can also make it yourself. For best results, use two types of confetti. Build something amazing for your home to add some pop to your space.

26. Colorful Heart String Art

multicolor heart craft

We have searched the web for cute and easy heart string art projects that are perfect for Valentine’s Day or any time of the year. Making string arts are fun, entertaining, and educational too. They help to develop fine motor skills in children. String art using yarn is one of the best kids crafts that stimulates creativity, and they learn to appreciate the little things in life. These crafts will have your teen decorating the walls with colorful hearts.

27. Glow in the Dark Jars

two glowing bottles

Glowing jars are a perfect decoration of your room or porch. The jar is decorated with paint and glows in the dark. This craft idea is often used to decorate the windows, tables, and walls. It’s a fun way to decorate glass jars with glow-in-the-dark paint and then decorate them with other supplies!

28. Beaded Leather Wristlets

craft ideas for teens

This craft idea is ideal for teens. It’s easy to do and looks so cute, and they’re sure to enjoy it. This design will lead to many other beaded leather projects. These wristlets are handmade, so only one is going to be made at a time.

29. T-shirt Headband

t-shirt reusable craft

T-shirt headbands are a fun way for girls to show off their team spirit! These headbands are also cute for teen girls’ parties and sleepovers. Just cut horizontal slits in the T-shirt and then tie the headband around your forehead in a circular fashion. 

30. Teal Macrame Dog Leash

homemade dog leash

Teens will learn how to make a macrame dog leash using the macrame square knot. Designing this macrame dog leash is a great project for beginners. Because it is so charming and cute, you can create one for yourself or your friends.

31. DIY Knot Pillow

homemade diy pillow

Knot a good way to kill some time today? If so, here is a Knotty project. Make a knot pillow that only takes a few hours to make and has no experience necessary. The knot pillow is always a good idea – everyone loves it, no matter what their age. Teenagers will be happy to make it with you or on their own and hang it on their bed or couch.

32. Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeders

bird feeder craft

This is fun to recycle and make bird feeders with paper towel rolls. A fun craft for teens to do, this toilet paper roll bird feeder is made from only a couple of items and provides a special treat for your feathered friends.

33. Ribbed Beanie

knitting craft for teens

For winter, teens need a hat to keep them warm and protect their heads from the cold weather. So here’s an easy to work pattern for them. Be creative and come up with your own color variations for the ribbed beanie. Choose colors or another type of yarn that matches your style and preferences. The finished hat will look great in any color, and it’s a good idea for you to make several versions since there are dozens of ways to express yourself with this project.

Final Words

Crafts for teens could be a big help in making their room look more attractive and beautiful. Crafts are different types of interesting and fun opportunities to do. Decorating the room with crafts would be a source of visual and psychological stimulation for teenagers. If you are lucky enough to have a teen in your house, we know that you want to make their life better. We also know that you want them to live happily and with a sense of purpose. Here are some items that you can make with them. These craft ideas for teens will help them learn, grow and develop in ways that they may not realize.

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