Coschedule Pricing

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Marketing has become a complex process where many different methods and multiple people are involved. People are scattered across time zones, work from different locations, and use various tools and content management systems to organize their tasks. The overall result is chaos. The CoSchedule Marketing Suite helps to improve productivity for product managers, business owners, and entrepreneurs by coordinating the entire marketing process, projects, and their teams using a single platform. It allows users to expand the capabilities of their marketing team by providing specialized analytic reports that assist in making difficult decisions regarding traffic sources, lead conversion rates, and other key metrics.

What Is CoSchedule?

CoSchedule is a scheduling app that is ideal for affiliate marketers and bloggers. Utilizing CoSchedule, you can easily manage and monitor your:

  • Blogs
  • Emails
  • Social Media
  • Videos
  • Even your general to-dos
Coschedule Pricing

The ability to plan and schedule the release of your content while maintaining a consistent marketing strategy is the software’s most potent feature.

Instead of flooding your viewers/readers with erratic surges of posts powered by bursts of caffeine-induced brilliance, you can utilize it to schedule the release of your blog entries.

Coschedule Pricing

Plan out the post ahead of time and forget about it!

CoSchedule: How We Use It

Together with my main content assistant (and brother), Matthew, I currently use Coschedule. It is currently utilized by two of our websites. and 8020Sheets.

It helps us manage…

  • preparing a broadcast through email
  • Schedule for social media posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest
  • scheduling blog posts

I’ve discovered that if you just “wing it” with your content marketing approach, you’ll never achieve your goals. A schedule helps you maintain consistency and guarantees that you share each week at the appropriate times and in the appropriate amounts.

The value much outweighs the expense. For medium-sized enterprises like ours, one week of well-timed content scheduling can easily cover the cost of the membership.

Coschedule Pricing

CoSchedule offers two plans:

Coschedule Pricing

The basic edition runs roughly $39 per month and $348 annually ($29/Month) per person. If you have a tiny team consisting of only yourself and perhaps one or two assistants, this option is fantastic.

Larger teams and more established content-creating businesses should use this comprehensive marketing package. You will need to get in touch with their sales team directly to book your demo because the price for this can vary.

You can click this link to visit CoSchedule’s website for more details about their pricing.

For automating and planning the delivery of your content, CoSchedule is a fantastic tool. Consider utilizing it right now to elevate your content!


In the end, pricing is a highly subjective and individual decision, but you need to keep pricing in mind when you’re considering whether a tool is worth your money. Unfortunately, many of the available options on the market force you to pay for features that are unlikely to benefit you or your business.

Before devoting hundreds of dollars to a new tool, take the time to consider how it will fit into your current workflow and what features are truly going to be beneficial for you. In the end, you may find that buying a more expensive subscription is well worth it if it saves time and makes your workflow more efficient.

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