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Taking a copper supplement is one of the best ways to raise your body’s copper levels. The mineral helps you absorb iron, and it has properties that regulate your heartbeat and blood pressure. A pure copper supplement is generally your best option for treating decreased blood copper levels. Multivitamins and other types of supplements may also contain copper.

Here are the best copper supplement on the market.

Editor’s Pick-Copper Supplement

Best Copper Supplement Reviews In 2022

1. Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Copper Supplement

Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Copper Supplement is a unique blend of naturally occurring ionic trace minerals from the Great Salt Lake in the Western United States. Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Copper Supplement maximizes absorption, safety, and flexibility by delivering over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals. The low-odor formula promotes greater compliance and ease of use by patients.

Resulting In Wasted Money

Trace Minerals Liquid Ionic Copper 2 oz is Non-GMO and Whole Body Friendly. This liquid product has a formulation of 60 minerals in ionic form, as opposed to chemically unreactive crystalline minerals that are difficult—or impossible—for your body to assimilate, resulting in wasted money, time, and effort. Ions are naturally occurring minerals that the body can easily absorb through the skin and mucous membranes.

Occurring Ionic Trace Minerals

Liquid Ionic Copper by Trace Minerals 2 oz Liquid Ionic Copper provides 150 of the Daily Value of copper per serving plus over 72 naturally occurring ionic trace minerals. Copper is an important mineral that helps to activate the antioxidant enzyme superoxide dismutase. Copper also plays an important role in many physiological processes including the healthy formation of red blood cells proper enzymatic reactions efficient utilization of iron and maintaining healthy connective tissue hair and eyes. 

2. Amen Zinc & Copper Supplement + Probiotics, 3 Months Supply

Amen Zinc and Copper offer a unique blend of essential minerals for ongoing digestive system support. The combination of zinc and copper is designed to address symptoms associated with occasional constipation, occasional diarrhea, and occasional nausea. This product features 50mg of zinc picolinate per serving in a 90-capsule bottle designed for 3 months of weekly supplementation.

Copper Mineral Supplements

Amen. Zinc Copper will provide your body with both zinc and copper mineral supplements. We add 2 mg of copper as glycerine chelate, an essential mineral your body needs to stay healthy. Our formula also provides the benefits of probiotics (1 billion CFU), which help support digestion and regularity of bowel movement. Amen. Zinc Copper is easy and convenient to use with just 1 capsule daily.

Probiotics To Support

This all-in-one formula contains zinc and probiotics to support joint and gut health. The probiotics included in this formula have been clinically studied to help maintain healthy intestinal flora.

3. NutriNoche Pure Crystalline Liquid Copper Supplement

If you are looking for a premium copper supplement with the highest quality, safety, and potency on the market, then look no further than Nutrinoche. Our liquid copper supplement has only two ingredients: 99.99% pure crystalline nano copper particles and pure vapor distilled water (no fillers, additives, or proteins). Due to our ultra purity and tiny particle size, you get a premium copper supplement safe for consumption.

Highest Quality Nano Copper

NutriNoche Pure Crystalline Liquid Copper Supplement is the most bioavailable liquid copper supplement available. We use a proprietary manufacturing process to produce the highest quality nano copper particles on the market. Bioavailability is extremely important to consider when taking any kind of supplement. Due to our product being nano-sized and a liquid, your body will absorb the copper particles at a cellular level to gain the most benefit and value from your purchase.

Supplement Provides An Awesome Liquid

NutriNoche Pure Crystalline Liquid Copper Supplement provides an awesome liquid form of copper in a convenient dropper bottle and is available in pink lemonade and grape flavors! This is the same high-quality, state-of-the-art, bioavailable copper we offer you in our more traditional copper supplement. The ultra-small particles in this liquid copper supplement mean your body can absorb and utilize the copper at a cellular level. As with all NutriNoche products, it is free of GMOs, gluten-free, and vegan-friendly.

4. Chelated Copper Supplement 6mg

An advanced form of Copper, an essential mineral needed by the human body: Chelated Copper Supplement 6mg has been proven safe and effective with numerous benefits, including normalizing egg production, strengthening the immune system, increasing mobility, and improving joint health.

Supplement That Contains

Chelated Copper Supplement 6mg is a vegetarian supplement that contains 6 mg of copper per tablet. A standard multivitamin can include up to 1mg of copper per day, but a diet low on calories and protein may result in an insufficient intake of this important mineral. Our supplement provides 667% of your daily value for copper.

Chelated Copper Supplement

Our medical experts specially designed this Chelated Copper Supplement to provide a great supplementation option for those who want only the best. Our commitment to purity and potency backs our professional formula.

5. Taste N’ Score Liquid Ionic Copper Supplement

Liquid Ionic Copper is a liquid supplement that makes getting your daily dose of essential minerals easier. This formula contains a blend of ionic minerals, including copper, zinc, and magnesium, which support heart function, enzyme production, and glucose management.

Natural Built-in Navigation

Taste N’ Score is an all-natural liquid ionic copper supplement that you control using your natural built-in navigation system to guide your health. Is taste good to mild? Take it. Not so good? Don’t take it. Take the minerals your body is asking for by a simple taste test. Reassess often. Your needs change due to diet, activity, and stress.

Provides The Appropriate Minerals

Tastes like you’re drinking a soft drink but provides the appropriate minerals your body needs. Taste N’ Score Liquid Ionic Copper Supplement is a liquid supplement that makes it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle, with or without other supplements or diet changes. By using taste, you can learn how to create the best diet for you and avoid the bad foods that may make you uncomfortable.

6. Global Healing Cu1 Micro-Activated Copper Supplement

Manufactured right here in the USA, our Cu1 is carefully selected to provide the highest quality copper supplementation today. Our product is made in our state-of-the-art cGMP facility in Phoenix, Arizona and is backed by a full 30-day guarantee.

Dedication And Self-control

The great secret of human life and inspiration is becoming a master of thought, action, health, and spirituality. How do we accomplish this? By overcoming your indulgence and bad habits through dedication and self-control. By feeling the light that flows forever from your heart. By having so much faith that you have no fear.”

Experience Low Energy

Copper is an essential trace mineral that your body craves. You can experience low energy, a weakened immune system, and even brain fog when you’re not getting enough. In a perfect world, you’d get enough copper through your diet. But, at Global Healing, we understand that life can sometimes get in the way of being healthy, and we all need extra help. That’s why we created our Copper I (Cu1) supplement! Our supplement includes the only type of copper that your body can absorb. Other forms of copper may get absorbed into the bloodstream, but they can’t get into the cells where they are needed for critical biological pathways.

How To Take Copper Supplements

Choosing the ideal daily copper supplements dose is the first task to complete. You can either consult an educational website or speak with a health and wellness expert, whose assistance you might want if your copper deficiency is severe.

It is not advised to self-prescribe copper supplements if you are pregnant or using an oral contraceptive. Your doctor can determine your exact copper levels by blood or urine testing, and then they can recommend the right daily dose.

Since most copper supplements come in pill form, consuming them only requires swallowing. The recommended daily intake for copper supplements is as follows:

Only infant formula or diet should contain copper between 0 and 12 months.

  • Daily dosage of 1000 mcg for 1-3 years
  • Ages 4 to 8 should take 3000 mcg each day.
  • Ages 9 to 13: 5,000 mcg per day
  • 14–18 years old, 8,000 mcg daily
  • Adults and teenagers need 5,000 mcg each day.

2 milligrams per day is the suggested starting dosage for a copper supplement (mg). All health food stores sell these copper supplements. Higher doses of copper supplements, such as the 10 mg suggested for more severe impairments, are frequently given by medical professionals and call for a prescription.

Because liquid copper is a nutritional supplement, you can self-prescribe it. Users should take the specified daily doses and no more or less. They should also use extreme caution when measuring and preparing solutions. Simply mix a small amount of the solution in some water or fruit juice and drink it to consume liquid copper.

As previously mentioned, zinc and vitamin C work effectively with copper to combat free radicals. To ensure appropriate consumption of all three of these minerals, it is advised that patients taking copper supplements also take zinc supplements.

Never take zinc and copper, two mineral supplements, at the same time. At least two hours should pass after taking the copper dose before taking the zinc supplement (in a perfect world, three). Some people find it most convenient to take their zinc at night before bed and their copper in the morning with their breakfast. By giving them some breathing room, prevents any potential conflict between them.

It is crucial to use copper supplements cautiously because going above the daily prescribed amount might cause renal failure and even death. When injecting copper, exercise considerable caution.

Frequently Asked Question

Which form of copper supplement is best?

NutriNoche is one of the superior copper supplement brands on the market. It, too, is easily absorbed by just about every human body. The solution comes in two sizes: either 8 ounces or 32 ounces. The 8-ounce serving is enough for one adult’s one-month copper intake.

Should I take copper supplements?

Copper is necessary for a range of bodily functions. Copper deficiency is rare except in specific conditions, such as Menkes disease. Copper supplements are not usually necessary and may lead to an imbalance. A copper imbalance has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease.

What happens if your body has too much copper?

Your body needs small amounts of copper from food to stay healthy. But a buildup of too much copper is serious. It can result in brain damage, liver failure, or death if it is not treated. Normally, your liver gets rid of extra copper by sending it out in bile.

Is gray hair a copper deficiency?

A copper deficiency might trigger hair loss and premature gray hair. As we said earlier, copper is a key player in your body’s melanin production line. And melanin is what gives your hair (and skin) its color. Because of the connection, some doctors believe low copper levels can lead to premature graying.

How long does it take to correct copper deficiency?

If your deficiency is severe and your doctor is concerned that your body won’t absorb copper supplements, they may prescribe intravenous (IV) copper treatments. According to the British Medical Journal, correcting copper deficiency can take anywhere from 4 to 12 weeks.


Overall, while copper deficiency can play a role in several different diseases and health conditions such as anemia and depression, there appears to be no cause for concern with consuming copper supplements. However, everyone is different and it is always important to keep your doctor in the loop about what you are taking, especially if you already have a known medical condition that was previously not being managed.

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