25 Cool Fonts to Draw

Drawing is a creative way of expressing feelings, imagination, and talent through pictorial representation. It helps in developing logic, memory, and aesthetics. When it comes to creating some art or a cool logo, you need the proper tools to draw your work. You have to have the right kind of markers, paint brushes, and even glue for your art pieces. But one thing that you should never forget is a good set of fonts. If you want to make your art or logo more awesome, you need cool fonts to draw. Fonts make text legible, especially when there is color or background involved.

Finding the best font for your next design project can be a pretty daunting experience. There are hundreds of thousands, if not millions of different fonts to choose from, each having a different style and tone, many coming in a crazy range of colors and variations.

As you may have already guessed from the name, some fonts are designed explicitly for drawing purposes. They are available as web fonts, making them easy to find and use. Today, we will show you some awesome cool fonts to draw and help you explore cool fonts you may have missed out on in the past. These fonts are guaranteed to take your art to the next level.

25 Cool Fonts to Draw

You can express your creativity through the art of hand lettering. The handwritten touch adds a special touch to your creative projects, whether you are creating greeting cards, wall art, or simply adding to your journal.

To get ideas for your own hand-lettering, you can find tons of font styles and hand-lettering techniques online. But sometimes, that can be overwhelming, so we compiled a list. Listed below is a collection of cool fonts to draw that showcase various font styles to suit your needs. Check out our 25 cool fonts to draw from!

1. Bullate

Bullate fonts to drawing

Bullete is a playful sans-serif font created by hand. The enchanting nature of this display font makes your creative ideas stand out. Work with your handwriting by making it bolder or thicker. You can do that to create a lettering idea. Embrace its childlike playfulness to add a touch of color and fun to any school or kids’ project!

2. Natashya

Natashya fonts to draw

The aesthetic of using a cursive font can be so enjoyable to experiment with. You can use this cool fonts to draw in your drawing project if you want to try it out. Of course, you could also paint some sweeping strokes yourself if you wish.

3. Sprinkles

Sprinkles fonts to draw

This font tries to take a fun approach. As you can see in these hand-drawn, fun letters, you do not have to make all the letters the same size.

4. Aquila

Aquila fonts to draw

In this pretty script font, the lines are consistently solid and straight. It is good to use a bold, round brush or a pen with a pointed tip to create something like this.

5. Butterly Calligraphy Script

utterly Calligraphy Script drawing

Script fonts have strong influences from calligraphy, and this one take a bouncy, fun approach. It would be possible to draw something like this in an illustrative way or with a calligraphic practice.

6. Outeris Calligraphy Font

Drawing of Outeris Calligraphy Font

Long, sweeping strokes give these letters an air of energy. It is good to practice lines like these when you plan to take a calligraphic approach.

7. Art Plot Bold

drawing of Art Plot fonts

What a cute font that this is, isn’t it? I believe that it’s a straightforward font and perfect for beginners. It would be great if you used this font or if you used chunky, filled-in counters to create your own lettering.

8. Ecriture Font

Ecriture fonts to draw

Fonts such as this have a stylish aesthetic and are easy to draw. The long, thin letters in this font style can be used to create your own unique letters. Serifs or without, they are both appropriate for this style.

9. Baby Wildy

Baby Wildy fonts to draw

A brush font or brush letter stroke can be challenging to draw, but the practice is well worth it. You can use a brush pen to accomplish this. Would you prefer not to get the mess on your hands? If so, then you can use digital painting to do this.

10. Pajaritos

Pajaritos fonts to draw

The aesthetic of this handwritten font is trendy. In addition to trying to draw in your own way, it’s also a fun exercise to see how it turns out. Adding serifs or changing the width of the line is one way to change it up.

11. Ice Valley

Ice Valley fonts drawing

As you can see in this font, the width of your lines makes a big difference in how you hand letters. You may want to consider what thickness you prefer to hand letter.

12. Bulgaria Script

Bulgaria Script fonts to drawing

With more decorative letters, you can either paint the letters in a single stroke or you can fully illustrate them first. Both of these approaches could be used with letters such as this font.

13. Shallom Brush Font

Shallom Brush Font drawing

In addition to using script elements, standalone letters can also be mixed together, as seen in this font. Feel free to experiment with texture as well. Maybe you’d like to try watercolors or chalks?

14. Biban

Biban fonts to draw

In this case, we will look at things from an opposite viewpoint. In terms of your hand lettering, something bold and thick, such as this script, could work very well for the title and the points of interest.

15. Shepila Pretty Script Font

Shepila Pretty Script Font drawing

You can hear a musical quality in these elegant letters, don’t you think? I think it’s stunning. For those who want thicker lines, they should press harder; for those who wish to thinner lines, they should press a little lighter.

16. Ayasofia

Ayasofia fonts to draw

It is a charming font that has been created, isn’t it? Using a curved stroke to make your lettering look really stylish is an excellent example of how you can make your design really pop.

17. Sandels Calligraphy Font

Sandels Calligraphy Font draw

It’s pretty amazing to see how much movement there is in the lettering. Doesn’t it feel like it’s flying forward? The angle at which the letters are drawn makes a huge difference to what the letter looks like.

18. Beliary Handwriting Font

cool fonts to draw

You could also draw script lettering in so many different ways. Depending on what you are after, you can create something super fancy or something clean, like this stylish font.

19. Block Line Shadow Font

cool fonts to draw

The process of creating a block font is pretty straight forward and beginner friendly. Try adding some lines to the shadows of your characters if you’re tired of drawing the simple block font. Adding lines will give your lettering a whimsical look.

20. Double Line Serif Font

Double Line Serif Font to draw

Fonts in line form are probably the simplest to draw, but they can also seem plain if used correctly. The best way to add a touch of flair to your line fonts is to add a serif touch to them. In addition, you can include a second line to create that look of two lines in one.

21. Folders Font

cool fonts to draw

There is something very handwritten about this font. Play around a little with your handwriting to see where you might want to emphasize.

22. Skinny Jeans

cool fonts to draw

A chunky font is excellent, but what if we went for something really thin? You can pair that with an extended, tall script typeface for a really stunning result. You should definitely take a look like this one into consideration.

23. Mona Extended Font

Mona Extended Font drawing

You can see how the line width changes in this font. You could draw letters by hand and use varying pressure to achieve the effect as you are drawing. That creates a very stylish look if you do it that way.

24. Jacky betty

Jacky betty fonts to draw

You can really create a romantic look with scripts and calligraphy aesthetics. How sweet is it how the heart and the strokes are connected here? You can add shapes and other elements too.

25. BlissHearts Handwriting Font

BlissHearts Handwriting Font drawing

Take a look at this curvy version of handwriting. It is important to remember that you can mix and match aesthetics to develop a unique and exciting result for your project.

What Is Hand Lettering

The process of hand lettering involves drawing letters by hand, just as it sounds. However, you would not use fonts in a hand lettering process. Lettering is usually an illustrative process, but you can use a wide range of methods and styles. As an example, you could consider hand lettering to be the act of writing in your own handwriting. Another example would be creating some really elegant and intricate letters.

Calligraphy is a specialized method of writing that involves a brush or special pen. Calligraphy techniques might not always be used in hand-lettered work, even if it mimics a calligraphic look. There are also fonts inspired by calligraphy, but not in the execution of calligraphy.

It is for this reason that hand-lettering is largely considered to be a process. It is also possible to simulate the look and feel using various methods. Typesetting, hand lettering, calligraphy, and type design are misunderstood by many people and are referred to as Type or Typography.

Type design

The type design process is the process of creating typefaces that everyone can use. A type designer’s job is to create systems of alphabetic letters that allow for endless combinations.

A typeset layout simply arranges a type that has been designed by a type designer. Simple black and white newspapers or complex typography brochures might be examples of this. This used to be done by hand back in the day. Nowadays, we do it all on computers.


Handwriting that is flawless and beautiful is called calligraphy. Calligraphers perfect their style through muscle memory after many years of practice. Therefore, the next time they get a commission to design a wedding invitation, they’ll know exactly what to do. In other words, they can complete all the writing on the first go. The process behind hand lettering and calligraphy is very different, even though they are often confused.

Hand lettering

The art of hand lettering consists of drawing letters in various shapes and sizes, including traditional letters and intricate, detailed, and less obvious letters. You can apply any style, material, and media to this.

Final Words

The font is something to consider when drawing because it can make your work more professional. Kerning, spacing, weight, and style are all important details to consider while choosing a font to draw with. It’s important to choose a font you feel comfortable drawing with. Choose one that has excellent readability and fits the tone of your piece. It is best to avoid fancy fonts when drawing. They can make your art look messy if you’re new to drawing. Work with a more simple font until your style and skill have improved. We hope you found the perfect cool fonts to draw for your designs in this list. If not, try creating your own unique look with a custom font. Fonts are a great way to add personality to your creations.

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