25 Cool Art for Apartment

From the time of cave paintings to the Impressionist movement, art has been a common theme in everyday life.  Art pieces that have the power to rally space and infuse character need to come into your apartment. You might be moving into a new space or simply want some new decor for your home. Either way, we have curated a list of cool art for your apartment because great art is both meditative and stylish. Cool art for apartment is a variety of art collections that you can use as inspiration or ideas on how to decorate your room. There are numerous artworks that can beautify and adorn your apartment and transform it into a more pleasant place to spend time.

Home is where we spend maximum time in our entire lives, so it’s natural that we want it to be cozy, comfortable, and pleasant. If you are thinking about ways how to make your home special and unique, here are some ideas of how to do just that. Here is a list of the most amazing works of art for apartment. Browse through the list below, and you will get some cool art for apartment.

25 Cool Art for Apartment

Creativity and passion go a long way in designing your apartment. Art is the perfect addition to make your walls more lively and add more character to your home. If you’re looking for some inspiration on what art to choose, check out this collection of art that will be worth every penny spent on them.

1. Gorgeous Paintings

large seascape wall art
Source: thespruce.com

A trendy idea for your home interior might be to choose large paintings. Paintings have always been and will always be an essential part of home decoration. A great way to spice up an apartment is by adding a few paintings. Paintings can be incredibly powerful and can really pull the decorations of a room together.

However, you must choose a painting that fits within your budget and suits the apartment’s environment. Artwork can cost hundreds, if not thousands depending on the style you are looking for and the artist who’s painting it, so it’s important you find a few pieces that fit into your budget and look good as part of your home design.

2. Family Photos

framed family photo wall decoration
Source: thespruce.com

Creating a family wall art can be a great family memory. You can show your love and care to your family with photo wall art made ​​with digital photos. This is the best way to share family memories and spend even more time together. There are many things you can do with family photos in your apartment. You can hang them, put them in frames, or even roll them up and fit them into photo blocks. It’s common knowledge that family photos can really add life to apartment decor.

3. Mirrors

a circle mirror on the wall
Source: thespruce.com

If you are looking for cool art for apartment, you should consider mirrors. Mirrors have been around for ages, but we find them to be most interesting in modern days.  Adding a mirror to an apartment’s walls is the easiest way to see the space in a new way and make it feel larger. Mirrors are efficient, inexpensive, and easy to install home accessories that can use in any room or space of the house. It’s an excellent choice to decorate your apartment and bring a touch of elegance to a room.

4. DIY Clocks

wooden clock over the bed

Making art is a fun way to enjoy your spare time. You can try different techniques and come up with new designs by using different materials and colors. One good example is DIY clocks that can be made from recyclable materials, woods, rocks, and many other things that you have in your backyard. Creating homemade art for your apartment can be a lot of fun. These rustic-looking and creative pieces will surely turn heads as soon as your friends notice them on your apartment’s wall or bedroom.

5. Accent lighting Above Paintings

lighten up an abstract artwork
Source: Pinterest.com

A big challenge for renters is decorating. With only four walls and a ceiling to work with, it can be hard to give your apartment space a more personalized feel. One of the easiest ways to add personality is by investing in some accent lighting. Accent lighting is much less expensive than large pieces of furniture or re-doing the wall color, but it can go a long way towards creating the mood you’re after. Accent lights above artwork create a spotlight effect that frames the painting for added visual appeal in different parts of your home. They are a fantastic way to make the art stand out and add a splash of color or pattern to your space.

6. Tapestries

using textile wall decoration
Source: thespruce.com

Tapestries are a great way to add a splash of color and style to any apartments room. Modern living rooms have become a go-to location for new areas of décor. This can be extremely beneficial since you want your entire home to feel like it’s on the same page. Finding the best tapestry for your apartment space will help form a nice flow throughout the home, making it more aesthetically pleasing. Tapestries come in many different sizes and styles, which can be helpful if you have different sized rooms in your apartment, condo, or house.

7. Textile Art

framed textile wall art
Source: Pinterest.com

Textile art is an amazing creative outlet and can be a great way to add some character to your apartment. It usually uses pieces of cloth as the medium to create some images and designs. The use of fabric, leather, and other materials in the creation of textile art is what makes it special among all forms of mediums.

Textile art is one of the most widely used forms of art around the world. Its uses and popularity have been on the rise in recent times. Textile art places a huge emphasis on technique and creativity instead of just focusing on aesthetics. Many diverse mediums of textile art have their own unique characteristics and charm. The best part about creating textiles is that it doesn’t require any specialized tools or equipment, making it one of the most cost effective and affordable forms of art to create.

8. Shelving

book shelving on the wall
Source: thespruce.com

Shelving is the art of accepting and exhibiting found, fabricated and biological objects. It also incorporates a study of the physical form and structure of these objects and their interaction with space. It is a form of storage that physically stores your belongings and adds a lot of style to your room. Shelves will not just offer you a place to store things; it adds to the decor of your place.

The main focus in shelving art is that it depends upon an object’s “theme”—for instance, traditional shelves are often limited to the storage of books, yet other more abstract themes include bottle racks, record shelving, or perfume bottles. Many notable contemporary artists have created their own shelving art collections, including Jeff Koons, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Thomas Bayrle, Nam June Paik, and Roni Horn.

9. Sculptures

beautiful sculpture art over the bed

Sculptures are a great way to spice up your apartment and give it some character. Many times, people either overlook them or buy something randomly poorly made from a hardware store. Sculptures should be bought thoughtfully and with care. Over the years, various sculptures have been used in different functions and have come in all forms. Sculptures are used not only for decoration but also to be symbols of respect and admiration. They tell fascinating stories, and they teach important lessons. This becomes interesting and educational when one looks into what their favorite sculpture represents.

10. 3D Artwork

3d artwork on the wall
Source: Pinterest.com

Decorating your own apartment is always something to have a lot of fun with, but if you don’t have the money to buy expensive artistic pieces or even if you just want to decorate your home with something super fun and quirky, why not get some 3D art for your home? It’s a beautiful and fun thing that can be much more unique than the generic artwork and paintings you see in many homes.

An amazing new way to display art has emerged. Artists from all over the world are creating art with a unique twist, their pieces of art come to life in 3D! They call it 3D painting or 3D artwork. 3D art is created and printed to order on high-quality canvas material. Custom designs can be made for your living space.

11. Posters and Prints

framed prints on the wall along with flowers and tree decor
Source: thespruce.com

It’s hard to believe that a simple poster or print can make so much difference in an apartment, but it can. It can’t be denied that your walls have a tremendous impact on the atmosphere of your apartment. Posters and prints are great art pieces for home decor. This type of art typically comes in standard sizes such as 8×10, 13×19, or 20×30. Posters are usually smaller versions of the larger print images. They can feature a single image or multiple images intended to be hung together.

Decorating your place is one way to make it feel more like home. And what better than adding art to your walls? Posters and prints are a great way to decorate your space with a custom piece you made yourself. You could even create an entire set of posters at once and create a gallery wall full of images you love.

art prints gallery wall
Source: thespruce.com

Gallery walls are probably one of the most popular ways to display art. This design element can make a plain wall come to life and create a striking focal point. It adds color, texture, and visual interest. Gallery wall art has become increasingly popular with interior designers, and they’re a fun way to add color and personality to a room. The key to creating a successful gallery wall is in choosing the right art.

A gallery wall might get a little tricky when you’re looking to fill large walls. This is where the large, multiple-piece art comes into play. It is almost always the case that a painting needs to fit with other works when it is meant for group display. A gallery wall doesn’t have to be right next to each other either. The use of different shapes, sizes, and levels of contrast creates an unrivaled balance when it comes to creating interest in your walls.

13. Minimalist Wall Art

textured artwork on the wall
Source: Pinterest.com

Decorating your apartment is important to feel welcomed in the place. Minimalism is becoming more and more popular every day. People are tired of the same old decor in their homes and are always looking for something new. Minimalist art might be that something. With some simple, modern minimalist wall art, you can give your space a fresh, new style. Minimalist wall art can make the room look bigger and better because it throws out the background from your eyes. You can concentrate more on what’s going on in the room rather than on a busy background.

14. Pop Wall Art

colorful pop art
Source: Pinterest.com

Pop art is the perfect way to be the room’s focal point without taking up too much space. Actors and musicians have become some of the biggest pop art collectors of our time, proving that this style isn’t a passing fad but truly a timeless way of expressing yourself in your space.

Pop art is an art movement that emerged in Britain and the United States during the mid-to late 1950s. The movement presented a challenge to traditions of abstract, realistic representation and expression, which was dominant in the visual arts at that time. Figures like Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Robert Rauschenberg, James Rosenquist, and Claes Oldenburg are often associated with American Pop Art.

15. Urban Wall Art

colorful urban artwork on wall
Source: Pinterest.com

The idea for urban wall art has actually been around for a long time. Many people are familiar with graffiti, which is technically urban wall art, but not necessarily what you would want on your interior walls. For many years, urban wall art was very controversial, but the increased popularity of street art has inspired many enthusiasts to create works of their own. Even though it may be controversial to some people, the idea of urban wall art is still catching on.

Urban wall art is a perfect way to add some edge to your apartment or home. This can be something subtle or big and bold pieces. The idea of urban wall art is that the city itself inspires it.

16. Large Wall Art

flower painting prints on wall

Decorating your apartment can be a pain. You need to find artwork that’s perfect not just for the colors in your space but also something that reflects what you love and who you are as a person. Whether you are going to a big house or planning on decorating your apartment, wall art will be high on the list of things to buy. Whether it is a simple print or a huge canvas painting, it will be the joining piece between your items of furniture and the ceiling.

17. Paint a Mural

rainbow wall mural on kids room decor

A mural is a great way to add color and life to a room, and it’s an easy DIY project for those with the artistic inclination and patience. Painting a mural is a fun way to give your apartment some personality and character. Painting a mural seems like a daunting task, but really it’s quite simple. One of the most common things people do when they move into an apartment is painting. Whether it’s just paint plain walls or a more creative approach, having a mural on your wall is a very cool decoration for any house or apartment.

While your business might not be as artistically inclined, you can still create a masterpiece when it comes to home decorating. Whether you’re a complete novice or an artist looking for some guidance, you can use your creativity to make your apartment amazing with a mural.

18. Decorative Plates

plates used to decorate wall above bed

When decorating an apartment, it’s very important to select art that will fit in with a room’s color scheme. While many people like to use photographs, this isn’t always possible or perhaps preferred. A great alternative is decorative plates. These pieces of art are available in all different styles, colors, and sizes and can really add life to a room. If you’re ready to revamp your walls and give your place some new personality, you can hang some decorative plates on your wall as minimalist art.

19. Sculptural Sconces

Source: Pinterest.com

An important factor when designing a house is to match the apartment’s interior with the design features that define your personality. To achieve this aspect, we try to incorporate timeless and reliable elements. This becomes possible with sculptural sconces and lighting features. Sculptural sconces may add a lot of beauty to any space whilst providing a practical use too – that is, to light it up! Sculptural sconces are basically the kind of sconces that you would love to hang on your walls if you live in a modern home. And once you do that, they might just become the focal point of your interior design.

Sculptural sconces enhance the look of your living room or bedroom, yet a lot of people don’t use them. Sculptural sconces are available in different materials like wood and metal, with or without a centerpiece, and can be made in any shape or size.

20. Framed Botanicals

used botanicals to decorate wall
Source: Pinterest.com

Framed botanicals artworks bring a natural touch to interior spaces. The best of natural beauty brings liveliness to your decor: lovely as standalone pieces or grouped together as wall art. Hang botanicals artworks in your apartment, and make it look absolutely stunning. These botanicals framed art prints are a fantastic example of printed wall art that can serve as a great focal point in any given room.

21. Floral Paintings

meadow flowers wall art

Floral paintings can be very effective if you are trying to add a little color to a boring room. People usually associate floral paintings with emotions evoked by flowers. The subjects of floral paintings could be a single flower or multiple and even the flower-filled nature settings.

Floral paintings are perfect for people who want to decorate the home in a simple way. They look fabulous in your living room, dining room, and bedroom. There is no need to mix these paintings with other things, as it looks nice even on their own. It will give warmth and extra attractiveness to your apartment.

22. Landscape Painting

mountain filed landscape artwork

Landscape painting is visual art that depicts landscapes. In other words, this kind of art depicts the natural elements such as mountains, trees, rocks, and rivers in a particular scene or setting. Landscape paintings are often created to evoke a feeling of serenity or tranquility in the viewer. Landscapes bring out the best in art, which is why many people nowadays are looking for good landscape paintings. These pictures give life to the apartment’s walls and make them seem less boring.

23. Colorful Abstract Canvas Art

red abstract geometric artwork

If you want to get something modern for your home, check out this colorful abstract canvas art. It provides a perfect accent and creates a fresh look. It really stands out and is a great complement to modern interior design styles. Some people call it modern art, while others call it contemporary art. This is a concept quite common with wall painting or printing, no matter the name. Among the abstract paintings, Colorful abstract canvas art has much more variety, as they can appear in various colors and be made in various styles that we’ll be looking at today.

24. Seascape Artwork

seascape art prints on wall

If you are looking for a painting that will help you relax and convey a calm environment, seascape paintings will be ideal. Seascape is among one of the most beautiful types of landscape art. The soothing colors blue, green, and white create the calm and open feel that seascape artwork is so well loved for. Everyone needs some seascape artwork to make their home more relaxing, peaceful and welcoming.

This type of art has been around since the early days of Greek and Roman times but became more popular during the 19th century to 21st century as more people started focusing on nature as their primary source of relaxation.

25. Sunrise and Sunset

colorful sunrise art for apartment decor

Sunrise and sunset are two of the most common subjects for artworks. Different people look at these subjects completely differently depending on their personal tastes. A great sunrise painting can create a sense of peace and calm, whereas a great sunset painting can evoke elegance and sophistication.

Both images depict beautiful scenery of sunsets and sunrises that are painted in bright colors. It is nice to sit on the sofa and enjoy their beautiful paintings.

Final Words

Art is an important thing to have around the house. It helps us relax, get inspired, and be creative. The best cool art for apartment should look great, make people feel happy, and not be too expensive. Some people are not lucky to live in a palace and have a lot of space for any decorations. But you don’t need a lot of space to impress your guests or just to feel good at home. Focus on decorating the walls instead of filling your house with stuff that you don’t need. Of course, paintings are not the only way of decorating your home interior, but they are one of the most beautiful and easiest ways. Cool art for apartment ideas can give you an inspiring interior, which is why we shared this blog.

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