25 Cool 3D Drawing Ideas

3D drawing is high on the list of new skills to learn. This is an area that many people get stuck on. Improving your ability to visualize in three dimensions will open your mind up to more possibilities and ideas in the future. With 3D drawing skills, you can create something interesting which can be used to decorate your drawing space or give as a present to someone. If you are new to this skill then we would like to offer you some tips on how to do 3D drawings with 25 cool 3D drawing ideas.

Whether you’re a professional artist or someone who loves to draw, the concept of drawing in three dimensions may seem impossible. However, there are drawing ideas and tricks that can help you make solid 3D drawings. As a result, we’ve put together 25 cool 3D drawing ideas that you can create without any special 3D drawing equipment. 3D drawing is not only fun but also very creative. Drawing in three dimensions makes drawings more realistic. You can present your artwork to your friends and family and I bet they will be amazed by the realism of these drawings.

What is 3D Drawing?

How are 2D and 3D drawings different? That’s a pretty easy question to answer. 2D drawings are nothing more than sketches on paper without a sense of volume. In fact, the only thing that really matters is the width and height of the object. The third dimension that we include when we draw in 3D is depth.

The fact that 3D drawings are more realistic is an obvious statement as they are more faithful to the microscopic details that the brain perceives. When drawing an individual’s face, it maintains similar proportions as in reality, such as when copying relief and distances.

3D drawing takes several forms, requiring an excellent understanding of perspective and understanding of optical illusions.

  • What are the techniques that artists use to master these drawing skills?
  • What can you do to make a flat drawing seem like it leaps off the page?

Understanding how to draw in perspective is the first step to creating volume in a drawing.

25 Cool 3D Drawing Ideas

1. Sinking Words

Sinking Words 3d drawing

Sink your words into your audience’s mind with this 3D drawing idea. Combining an arrow form of a hand and a unique color palette; these words leap off the page and capture the viewers’ imagination!

2. Glass Jug

3d jug drawing

This is a glass jug, it’s not in real life at all. This 3D drawing is an interesting idea that is made with a glass jug. Glass Jug is a pretty simple and fun 3D drawing idea. You just need to know three basic things.

3. Flowers

3d flowers drawing

Have you ever looked at a flower and wondered what it would look like in 3D? This simple yet nice 3D drawing makes a very cute hand-drawn gift for your friends and family. Plus, it is simple enough that it can is possible to complete in a short time.

4. Ship

3d ship drawing

A ship is a large watercraft. Ships serve for transporting goods and people, recreation, and for military purposes. If you love to create cool 3D drawings of things, you’ll enjoy drawing this cool 3D ship.

5. Diamonds

3d drawing of diamond

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They always bring a charm, be it in an engagement ring or as jewelry. You can create an impression of these beautiful gems by drawing them in 3D.

6. Hands and Flowers

hand with flowers 3d drawing

Here is a 3D drawing idea that features beautiful flowers and a hand. This drawing is an impressive sketch with subtle shading. What makes this drawing even more stunning is the 3D effect used to create it.

7. Bulb

3d bulb drawing

When you are thinking of 3D drawing ideas, the bulb is an important thing to have. A bulb can work as a light source to get your drawings started or it can be used as a decoration.  It’s a great 3D drawing idea for kids, it is a pencil and paper drawing of a light bulb in special 3D effects. There are many ways to draw the light bulb, but this way you can try it quickly. 

8. A Glass of Water

water glass 3d drawing

With this 3D drawing idea, try to capture the dynamic movement of a glass of water on an illustration. It shows a realistic perspective view of a glass of water. The refraction is done with different shades of color and the light shines through the liquid surface giving you the impression that you can grab the glass. 

tasty cookie 3d drawing

Yep, this is one of the best 3D drawing ideas to try out. In fact, there are numerous drawings that you could create with a cookie. You can use any type of cookie from chocolate chip cookies to sugar cookies — it really doesn’t matter what kind. The point of these drawings is to use the cookie layers to give depth to them. All you really need for one of these drawings is a pencil and colored pencils.

10. A Ladder and Hole

cool 3d drawing ideas

3D drawing is the art of creating objects or images so that they appear to be in three-dimensional space. An amazing 3D drawing idea which starts with a simple line and builds into a detailed ladder drawing. With some imagination, you could turn this ladder into even more. Try drawing the rest of the room, or add some people.

11. Cracked Wall

cracked wall 3d drawing

Drawing a cool 3D cracked wall is hard. It requires a great amount of attention and it’s a good idea to draw or paint on paper or cardboard, because you may have to take the layers up and down until the desired effect appear.

12. Pie

pie drawing looking 3d

If you love baking pies, and more importantly 3D drawings, then this Pie template is the ideal starting point. By using simple shapes and a realistic pie, you can develop this drawing into something pretty amazing. The pie is a full circle and looks like it’s floating over an abstract background. The pie appears from the bottom and there are blank slates on either side of it for you to draw on. The side of the pie that faces us seems to be 3D.

13. Stairs

stairs drawing

One of the coolest 3D drawing ideas is stairs. Stairs make it easier to climb on a higher floor. Stairs are a great subject for drawing in perspective. This is because the stairs have clearly defined cylindrical forms that you can apply foreshortening to. You can also add shadows and even reflections to the steps to make them come alive.

14. Water Droplets

3d water drop drawing

This time it’s the cool 3D drawing of water droplets for you. Very nice to look at, because droplets always catch our attention and make us stare at them for a while. Due to their round form, create amazing 3D drawings. The picture of the droplets creates a stunning effect and shows that you can draw a variety of things in a very creative manner.

15. Letter Hole “A”

A shape 3d hole drawing

3D drawing uses optical illusions like shadow or shade, to make an object look like it is protruding from the background. Some are really easy to draw and here is a cool 3D drawing idea, let’s draw the letter hole A. This is a very cool 3D drawing idea. You have to write an A which you can easily see but if you look at it with your side-eye then it will look like a hole. 

16. Cake

cake drawing looking 3d

The 3D drawing idea Cake would be a good cake to make as it is based on the theme of love. If you are looking for something very unique then a 3D drawing idea Cake would be a perfect choice.

17. Haunted hand

3d Haunted hand drawing

Here’s another simple, but an artistic idea for you to try. This 3D drawing idea of a ghostly hand with long, see-through fingers looks pretty cool.

18. A Hole

3d Hole drawing

Drawing a 3D hole is a very interesting concept. A hole is one of the most basic and simple forms of geometry. This form is simply a sphere bounded by two surfaces and is also known as a cavity. It results from the removal of a portion of a solid object and appears in different ways, depending on the context of the situation.

19. Pastry

Pastry drawing of 3d

How about a cool 3D drawing idea – Pastry!  So as you know, in 3D drawing, we have many objects to create. Here is a simple 3D drawing of a Pastry. If you’re looking for an easy project, we’ve found it! Grab your markers, colored pencils, or crayons, and let’s begin. 

20. Water Bottle

Water Bottle 3d drawing

A water bottle is a simple but useful object, we usually use it to carry water and other drinks. But we don’t see it from a 3D perspective. This drawing shows the bottle from a different angle, using a multiple-perspective projection model to make the object anti-simple and attractive.

21. 3D Typography

3D Typography drawing

3D typography is a way to use 3D drawing to create typographic illustrations. It’s similar to 3D Chalk art. It is a stunning and cool idea to draw in 3D form.

22. Bubbles

co0lorful bubble 3d drawing

This 3D drawing is all about bubbles. Children love to blow bubbles. For older kids, this is something you can do with your class as a fun party activity. Bubbles 3D drawing is also a nice idea for birthday party decorations. It’s amazing how much it looks like a real bubble wall!

23. Rope Knot

Rope Knot 3d drawing

This 3D drawing is a nice example of a realistic looking 3D knot. You can use a cool color palette to get a similar result. This 3D drawing idea shows a 3D rope knot made out of meandering lines. The tips of the lines cross over each other as if to tie a knot in the middle.

24. Banana

Banana 3d drawing

Drawing a 3D banana is extremely straightforward and fun. By looking at it from different angles, you get to view something interesting. Watch this space to know more about drawing a 3D banana.

25. A Shoes and Brick

shoes on brick 3d drawing

3D shoe drawing is one of the best 3D drawing ideas. This 3D drawing is specially made for kids and girls who have an interest in learning how to draw shoes. Shoes are also a part of fashion and we can find some really nice and comfortable shoes for our daily use.

How to Do 3D drawings

An object can be drawn in three dimensions using a technique called perspective. Drawers are aware of depth in the scene and reproduce the object as experienced from their own perspective.

Cavalier Perspective

The Cavalier perspective consists of adding parallel lines to an object to give it volume. This is a form of drawing we typically see in geometry, for example to represent a cube.

Linear Perspective

It is common to use linear perspective in drawing. Our general approach to creating a linear perspective is to focus on these two elements:

  1. Horizontal lines
  2. A vanishing point or several.

Through a series of lines, we can create a grid that will act as a visual guide as we draw the different components of our scene.

A drawer can create depth and volume in their work by using different kinds of linear perspectives given below.

Types Of Linear Perspectives:

  • Frontal Perspective: A frontal perspective refers to seeing the scene from the front. It can be seen from the drawing that all the lines meet at one central point where all the lines meet at the horizon line at eye level.
  • Oblique Perspective: Two sides of the story are visible in this oblique perspective. There are two vanishing points in the composition. Two vanishing points are utilized in this type of perspective, making it possible to draw cubes and other geometric shapes that take their actual depth and shape into account.
  • Aerial Perspective: We represent the object from an aerial perspective by working with its three vanishing points while taking into account all its dimensions. For example, it is used to illustrate furniture in architecture because it is the most realistic perspective.

When drawing an object like a hand, for example, you need to be able to draw in perspective so it looks realistic and has volume. 3D drawing is not an art form that can be improvised. The proportions of the object should be taken in with your eyes as accurately as possible. The ability to observe the effects of depth is crucial to drawing great 3D characters or objects.

cool 3d drawing ideas
Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

A different type of perspective is sometimes used by artists: atmospheric perspective.

It can be compared to the focus of a camera. The perspective is based on impressions. If you look at the details in the foreground, you will see that they are as clear as if you looked at them in the background. Colors and gradients can also be used by artists to create this effect: the cooler the colors, the less detailed the scene becomes.

Flemish painters developed and used this technique in the 15th century, but it appears in Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa as well.

Tips for Easy 3D Drawing

If you take a few online classes, you can improve your drawing skills quickly regardless of whether you love new technologies or prefer traditional methods. It would be possible to draw many different objects, such as buildings, hands, and faces, or you could even create a comic book. Drawing teachers will be able to teach you the fundamentals of perspective, three-dimensional drawing, and realism, and will give you the advice and experience you need.

The techniques of drawing in three dimensions cannot be fully mastered by taking online art classes. Developing specific skills will also require a lot of patience and practice, which can only be accomplished through practice and regular practice.

Follow these tips to become an expert at 3D drawing:

  • Work on perspective and volume by performing a variety of drawing exercises.
  • To render a realistic drawing, pay attention to the details of your object – after all, 3D drawing relies on technical accuracy and realistic reproduction. Whether you’re drawing on paper or a tablet, mastering the basics of drawing is vital to achieving success with 3D drawings.
  • Get in the habit of doing it regularly. Carrying a sketchbook around with you is a great start to incorporate drawing into your everyday life.
  • You can learn to draw the way they do by watching tutorials online and taking inspiration from your favorite artists and pieces.

Would you like to begin drawing in 3D? Don’t forget your rubber or your tablet, along with a pencil or charcoal!

Final Words

Above all, keep trying to draw in 3D. There is no one correct way to draw in 3D and it is just about finding the method which works for you. 3D drawing is an interesting activity and it is amazing as well. Your imagination can create any sort of object you want and draw it in 3 dimensional form. You don’t need to be an expert artist to do so. If you have visualized the object in your mind, that too can be drawn on paper in the 3D form. 

Our list of 25 cool 3D drawing ideas are sure to make you say wow! Your friends, family and teachers will be amazed by these 3D drawings. No need for expensive art equipment. 3D drawings are quite easy to do if you have a bit of imagination and give it a go.

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