Computer Monitor with Camera and Microphone Built in to Buy 2023

Working from home has become a reality in the past couple of years. A computer is all that you need for your home office. A computer monitor is a necessary aspect of your home workstation. You’re going to spend hours looking at a monitor. So, you should invest in a great computer monitor. 

A computer monitor with camera and microphone built in is going to save you from jam-packed cables. Your workstation will have a minimalistic neat & clean look. Even if you have a laptop, an extra monitor will enable you to show your windows there. A computer monitor is always larger than a laptop screen. 

No matter if you’re a gaming wizard or a grind working from home, you need the right monitor for you; however, it’s hard to find the right one. But, don’t worry. I’m here to help; Follow my best computer monitor list to find your gig.

Our Favorite Computer Monitor with Camera and Microphone Built in

Comparison Table 

Product NameScreen sizeResolutionCamera resolution Speaker type
ASUS BE24EQK Monitor23.8” 1080P Full HD2MPStereo speaker
HP EliteDisplay E243m LED-Lit Monitor23.8” 1080P Full HD2MPStereo speaker
Dell Monitor for Video Conferencing241080P2MP5W Front Facing 
HP Business LCD Monitor23.81080P 720pStereo Speaker 
Dell S2422HZ 24-inch FHD Monitor241080P FHD5MP5W Dual Speaker 
Dell P2418HZ Monitor for Video-Conference23.81080P2MP FHD 5W Front Facing 
Acer B247Y Professional Monitor23.81080PHDStereo Speaker 
LENOVO ThinkVision LED Monitor23.81080P FHDIR Camera Sensor Stereo Speaker 

Computer Monitor with Camera and Microphone Built in: Our Top Picks

1. ASUS BE24EQK 23.8” Monitor with Webcam

ASUS BE24EQK Monitor is a 1080P computer monitor with camera and microphone built in an adjustable 2MP webcam that ensures seamless video call. It has a frameless IPS panel and adjustable stand, which provide a better viewing experience. Besides, it has connectivity with display, HDMI and VGA ports, and built-in stereo speakers. Furthermore, it also has a blue light filter for eye care. The echo cancellation technology also further enhances the experience of the sounds. 


Blue Light filter

The Blue Light filter reduces the blue color spectrum, contributing to eye damage and eye strain. Therefore it keeps your eyes healthy. 

Echo cancellation technology

Echo cancellation technology ensures clear voice quality during video calls. This technology will enhance your experience using this monitor for Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.

Built-in adjustable 2MP webcam

The built-in adjustable 2MP webcam ensures seamless video call. You can adjust the camera’s position to get a better angle of view. 

Frameless IPS panel

The frameless IPS panel ensures edge to edge display, which keeps you focused. It is also adjustable with a stand to adjust it according to your preference.

1080P full HD display

With a 1080P full HD display, you can enjoy your movies and games to the fullest. The 1920×1080 resolution provides crystal clear images. 


  • Frameless IPS panel for edge to edge display.
  • Connectivity with VGA, HDMI and DisplayPort ports.
  • Built-in adjustable 2MP webcam which ensures seamless video call.
  • Eco friendly with power saving design.
  • Blue light filter for eye care.


  • Not best for gaming.

2. HP EliteDisplay LED-Lit Monitor

HP EliteDisplay is a 3-sided micro-bezel LED-Lit monitor. You will have a seamless multi-display experience with this one. The display size and the resolution is also pretty great. The monitor works great for both windows and mac. 

The monitor comes with a built-in web camera and a microphone with VGA cables. Just plug & play. 


Display Size

The monitor has a 23.8 inches display. With the micro-bezel on three sides, you can easily pair multiple displays together. Speaker is at the bottom of the monitor; the camera is on the top. 

Screen Resolution & Refresh Rate 

The monitor offers a max display resolution of 1920×1080. It’s an IPS LED-Lit display that can play 1080p Full HD videos. You will get a standard 60Hz refresh rate on this monitor. 

Camera & Microphone

The monitor comes with a pretty good webcam, speaker, and microphone. They offer clear and bright videos, decent sound, and clear audio. If you’re not particularly fanatic about these features, they’ll work just fine. 

The Package 

The monitor package comes with a good deal. You’ll get a sturdy stand to hold the display. It has a VGA cable, HDMI cable, and DisplayPort cable in the package. You won’t need to buy any extra ones. 


  • Very bright display & clear image
  • The viewing angle is pretty good 
  • It provides 4-way adjustable ergonomics 
  • Motorized pop-up webcam looks great
  • HDMI cable works as audio cable. 


  • The graphic user manual could be a bit complicated for you.

3. Dell Monitor for Video Conferencing

Dell designed this monitor for executives and people who work from home. Its 2MP high-performance camera sensor and noise-cancellation microphone make it a robust machine for video conferencing. The slim bezels will allow you to have an obstruction-free experience when you tile multiple monitors. 

If you’re looking for a monitor for your workstation and productivity is your concern, then this is your best choice. 


Display Size

This monitor has a 24-inch slim-bezel display that offers clean imagery. There are buttons on the right bottom side of it for easy access. 

Display Resolution & Refresh Rate 

You’ll have a max resolution of 1920×1080 from this monitor. It is a LED-backlit LCD monitor. It has a 60Hz standard refresh rate. You’ll get a 178° viewing angle which is pretty good. 

Webcam & Microphone 

With a 2MP Full HD webcam, this monitor is great for video conferencing. Its noise-canceling microphone will give you crisp & clear audio. You’ll also get two 5W front-facing speakers on this monitor. 

Designed for Comfort 

You’ll be able to use this monitor in both horizontal and portrait mode. Besides, it offers swivel, pivot, and height adjusting for comfortability. It has a ComfortView feature that protects your eyes from blue lights. 


  • On display buttons for easy switch between apps
  • Privacy shutter with webcam
  • Dell easy arrange feature for multitasking 
  • It offers facial recognition through Windows Hello
  • You won’t need a separate power adapter. 


  • The monitor doesn’t come with an HDMI cable.

4. HP Business LCD Monitor

If you are looking for a monitor for your outlets and display centers, this docking monitor can be an ideal option for you. It has an ultra-bezel flat-screen display. So it looks neat and minimalistic. You can rotate the screen and use it according to your need. 

With its anti-static and anti-glare features, you can comfortably work in front of this monitor for hours. So, this is a great monitor for business purposes and casual use.  


Screen Size

It is a 23.8-inch flat screen docking monitor that offers clear image quality. It has an ultra-bezel that you can tile multiple displays. This monitor is suitable for business purposes and casual computing. 

Display Type

This HP monitor has an IPS LCD. It has a max resolution of 1920×1080 and a standard refresh rate of 60Hz. The response time of the display is 7ms. 

Webcam & Mic 

You will get a 720p webcam that works pretty well for video conferencing. It has two mics that you can record your audio. 

Adjustable Monitor 

This docking monitor is adjustable to a great extent. You can tilt it, swivel it and pivot it to adjust according to your need. It also rotates horizontally and vertically. 


  • The Motorized pop-up camera looks cool.
  • 3-sided ultra-bezel monitor 
  • On-screen display for user controls. 
  • It has a Type-C port. 
  • Great picture quality. 


  • It does not have any built-in speakers.

5. Dell S2422HZ 24-inch FHD Monitor

If you are a programmer or an educator and looking for a monitor that satisfies your gaming needs, this is the monitor you should choose. It has all the exciting features that you need. This 24-inch FHD monitor has a webcam and mic. You can communicate with your teammates while playing games with its noise cancellation mic.

Its dual speaker will give you a crisp sound. Moreover, the display quality and other features will blow your mind.  


Display Size

It is a 24-inch Full HD wide display monitor. The ultrathin bezels on three sides will allow you to tile multiple monitors without any distractions. 

Display Resolution

The monitor offers a max resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It has a 75Hz refresh rate with AMD FreeSync technology. That means you will have a great experience gaming on this display. 

Webcam, Mic & Speaker  

With the 5MP pop-up webcam, you will get good video quality while video-conferencing. The noise-canceling dual-mic will deliver your sound crystal clear. It has 5W dual speakers. In a word, you’re getting an outstanding value with this monitor.

Monitor with Great Comfort

You will get a height-adjustable stand with this monitor. You can tilt the monitor, swivel it, and pivot according to your comfort level. 


  • ComfortView will protect your eyes from blue lights.
  • It has USB Type-C and Type-A ports. 
  • A Motorized pop-up camera will give you privacy. 
  • Suitable for programmers, educators, and gamers. 
  • Login instantly using facial recognition through windows hello 


  • The webcam is not adjustable.

6. Dell P2418HZ Monitor for Video-Conference

It is another version of Dell’s video conferencing monitor with 23.8-inch display size. It’s suitable for both personal and business use. You’ll have a great virtual meeting experience because of its excellent video and audio quality. The monitor comes with a Dell PremiumPanel guarantee. 

You can increase your productivity with this top-notch monitor. It is a LED-Lit display that will give your workstation a slick look. 


Display Type & Size

It is a 23.8-inch monitor with an excellent display panel. The webcam is at the top of the display while the speaker is at the bottom.

Screen Resolution 

The monitor has a 1920×1080 pixels screen resolution with a standard 60Hz refresh rate on this monitor. You will get an excellent viewing angle of 178 °. 

Camera & Microphone 

This Dell monitor has a 2 MP Full HD camera sensor. You will join virtual meetings quite confidently with this infrared camera sensor. Persons from the other end will hear you just fine with the noise canceling mic. You will also get two integrated front-facing 5W speakers in this monitor. 

Viewing Comfort 

With the TUV-Certified ComfortView feature, the monitor will reduce the harmful blue light. As a result, you’ll be able to use the monitor for hours without harming your eyes. 


  • Fast login option using facial recognition through Windows Hello.
  • Voice command with Microsoft Cortana.
  • Camera shutter for extra privacy.
  • It has On Screen Display Buttons for switching apps effortlessly.  
  • It rotates according to your need and comfort. 


  • It does not have any DVI port.

7. Acer B247Y Professional Monitor

If you are a gaming fanatic, you need a monitor that has an excellent display and offers comfortability. In that case, this Acer monitor is the right choice for you. It is a professional monitor that has an Adaptive-Sync feature. The built-in webcam and microphone are always a plus point for gamers and other professionals. 

With all the exciting features, the gamers will love this monitor. But it can be a good choice for anyone. 


High Performing Display 

The 23.8-inch monitor has a 1920×1080 screen resolution. It comes with a 75Hz refresh rate. The gamers especially love its 4ms response time.  

Integrated Webcam & Mic 

This Acer monitor has a built-in camera and mic. The camera is High Definition; the mic is pretty decent too. Together they produce a pretty good video conferencing experience. 

Frameless Display 

The Acer monitor has a frameless display panel that allows for more screen size. You can also use multiple displays without any interruption. 

Viewing Comfort 

Acer B247Y monitor comes with AcerVisionCare technology. It reduces pressure from your eyes. So you’ll have a soothing and comfortable viewing experience. 


  • It has Adaptive-Sync technology that syncs between your monitor refresh rate and your graphics card.
  • Webcam is adjustable. 
  • Its ErgoStand allows you to adjust the monitor according to your need. 
  • It offers enterprise-grade security so you don’t have to type passwords. 
  • Protection from harmful blue lights. 


  • The webcam and mic only work in Windows OS.

8. LENOVO ThinkVision LED Monitor

Lenovo ThinkVision is a 23.8-inch monitor that offers a good deal for video conferencing and regular use. But it is not limited to it. It is a good machine for gaming as well. With its high performance and fast response time, it can be a good choice for gamers too. 

You will love the interfaces and other features of this monitor. Let’s see some of its features:


Display Size

The monitor comes with 23.8-inch display size. Its ultra-thin display will give you more viewing space. Moreover, you can tile more displays together to an uninterrupted view. 

Screen Resolution

It has a screen resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. The IPS panel with Full HD resolution will give you clean imagery. You will get a 4ms response time on this monitor. 

Built-in Webcam

With its Full HD camera, you will have a better voice-over-internet protocol or VoIP service in video callings. Because of the IR function, you will get Windows Hello for quick login. 

Stereo Speaker

The monitor has a dual-array mic that will give you a great experience while video conferencing. The stereo mic produces clear audio. 


  • Lenovo provides a password-free secure login through Windows Hello.
  • It has a 4ms response time.
  • It has Onscreen Display buttons. 
  • The monitor is Climate Pledge Friendly 
  • It has an adjustable ergonomic stand 


  • It does not have any Type-C port.

Computer Monitor with Camera and Microphone Built in Buying Guide

computer monitor with camera and microphone built in

With all the options in the market, it can be hard to choose the right monitor that satisfies your needs. To find the right one, you have to consider the essential features. It will help you to narrow down your selection. Let’s look at those features:

Screen Size: The Bigger, The Better

Monitor screens are getting bigger and bigger. But you require a decent size monitor that is appropriate for you. But do not go down below 21 inches. Remember, the bigger the screen, the more apps you can display simultaneously. A bigger screen is also best for zoom meetings and video games. 

Display Design: Go Ultra-Slim 

Look out for better-designed monitors. Go for bezel-less monitors as they are trendy now. Slim or ultra-slim monitors will take less space on your workstation. 

Resolution: At Least HD

4k displays are trending right now. But you should buy one that offers at least HD. High resolution will allow you to watch videos and images in detail. Because of it, you can see vivid videos and pictures.  

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz & Beyond

The standard refresh rate for desktop monitors is 60Hz. But if you are a gaming fanatic, you can go for a higher RR. High-performing monitors now offer 120Hz, 144Hz, and 240Hz refresh rates. A higher RR will smoothen your viewing experience. 

Camera & Microphone: Clear Image & Audio

Your built-in monitor camera will decide how well people will see you from the other hand. So, invest in a monitor that comes with a better camera sensor and lenses. You should be able to capture high-resolution videos and shouldn’t look blurry. At the same time, the microphone should capture clear audio. 


Your monitor should fit into your budget. If you have a big budget, go for a high-performing one. If you have a tight budget, go for cheaper alternatives. 


Do computer monitors have built-in cameras?

Most of the computer monitors available in the market do not have built-in cameras. It is an extra feature that comes with limited versions. Some brands produce limited versions of monitors with built-in cameras. A built-in camera would increase the price of the monitor. So, they are not generally included with the monitor. 

Do computer monitors have built-in microphones?

Computer monitors do not generally come with built-in microphones. This is an extra feature that most of the monitors do not have. However, some brands offer some models and versions with a built-in microphone. 

How can you tell if your monitor has a microphone?

Built-in microphones are embedded into the body of the monitor. It can be located at the bottom side of a monitor. Generally, built-in microphones are front-facing. So you can find them by physically looking near the bezels. The mic will have small holes close to each other. 

Do you need a microphone for zoom?

Zoom is an online meeting platform where multiple people can connect and interact virtually. To connect audio visually to zoom meeting, you will need a microphone. Without a microphone, other people connected to zoom will not hear your voice.  

Can I use a webcam with Zoom?

To connect to a Zoom meeting, you will need a webcam. Without it, nobody will see you. To connect to a video conferencing platform, you need a webcam. So, yes, you can use a webcam with zoom. 

Final Words

A computer monitor with camera and microphone built in is an essential gadget in our lives nowadays. A good monitor will save you time and increase your productivity. So, it is very crucial to choose the right one. But with all the features, people often get confused. But I hope you’ve read my entire list. If so, it won’t be hard for you to select the right one. I have discussed and showed you the seven best computer monitor with camera and microphone built in. I’ve shown their features, pros, and cons. Now you can choose the best one according to your needs.

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