80+ Color Meaning

color meaning

Color is a fascinating topic to explore. It comes naturally to humans, as we can see millions of distinct colors that help us construct natural images in our minds. Color can be used as a tool in marketing and branding, not only to attract the attention of potential customers and send specific messages with color combinations. Everything has a meaning. Colors are also no exception. They have meanings too. And you can use color meaning to add more creativity to your designs.

Colors speak about our mood, personality, and attitude. It’s the very first thing we experience in this world and the last. The subject of color is so vast it has to be subdivided into categories and subcategories to make it understandable for everyone. Let’s learn the meaning of each color and use them to our advantage. No matter if you are a designer, a programmer, an artist, or a manager. Understanding colors and their meanings can boost your productivity and make your life easier.

If you are working for a company or are into interior decoration, then understanding colors and their meanings is an important part of your job. Colors have a long history, and they carry certain meanings in different cultures. They have different scientific meanings, but they also can be interpreted differently in different cultures. This blog is all about the meaning of 80+ colors. Each color has a different meaning, and you will find out why as you read this article. Read on to discover more!

80+ Color Meaning

Color Meaning

Color plays a major role in our everyday lives. Every object that surrounds us has color. Whether it is a shirt, the walls of our house, or a car, everything has color. Color creates a visual impact and influences our moods and emotions on a subconscious level.

Tens of thousands of years ago, people started noticing that certain colors affect the mind. They began to use colors as symbols to express their feelings and emotions. Colors were used for different purposes in every culture. In some cultures, black was worn as an expression of grief, while in other cultures, wore white clothes for mourning in other cultures. Red was used to give warning, while used green to depict hope.

Today, colors are still used to convey messages and feelings. Certain colors tend to evoke particular feelings in most people around the world. Each color’s message depends on the person who is looking at it and their perception of that specific color. Listed below are 80+ color meanings.

1. Alice Blue


Alice Blue color meaning is a medium shade of blue. The Alice Blue hue of blue represents dreams and imagination. White mixed with blue provides the state of innocence, purity and goodness.

2. Antique White


Antique White is the color of flawless beauty. It is associated with cleanliness, purity, and perfection. Antique white is a very romantic color, especially in interiors. It is a good choice for decorating a bedroom or nursery, it gives the room a sense of lightness and serenity, eliminating fatigue.

3. Aqua


This aqua color means relaxing, refreshing, and calming. The aqua color is the most sensitive of all the colors in nature. The aqua color meaning usually has an instinctive desire to be around water.

4. Aquamarine


Aquamarine is a gemstone that is usually found in shades of blue. It relates to the zodiac signs of Taurus, Virgo, Pisces, and Cancer. In jewelry and crafts, this shade of blue is related to the sea, sky, and water. In crystal healing, aquamarine is said to have a calming effect on overly emotional or easily stressed people.

5. Azure


Azure is a color that represents peace, tranquility, integrity, and honesty. It’s a color of the sky and sea with a little bit of green in it. It suggests coolness, calmness, and relaxation.

6. Beige


The beige color is a color of neutrality and can be widely applied. The beige color meaning is agreeable and calm but not very exciting. Beige color meaning also conveys a sense of humility. Because the beige color meaning is so neutral and has no strong associations, it tends to be used as a background color or in home furnishings meant to blend into their surroundings versus those meant to attract attention.

7. Bisque


The color bisque has a lot of warmth and softness. It is a warm brown neutral shade with a tinge of yellow. This color can give us a sense of warmth, comfort, and romance. Bisque paint in a room is a component of the mood that it provides.

8. Black


Darker shades and tints of black represent authority, power, and depth. Black is the most powerful color as it absorbs all colors, thus giving off the aura of strength. The color black is often associated with hell, death, and evil. However, black also represents mystery, elegance, and sophistication. It is a very common color for business suits as it gives off a powerful image. In western culture, black is representative of sophistication and the nighttime. The color black can also be considered evil or gloomy due to its connection with death and mourning.

9. Blue


Blue is the color of stability, trust, loyalty, royalty, and communication. It is also the color of intellect and patience. Depending on its shade, blue can represent either calmness or depression. In some countries, blue relates to mourning.

The color blue can be seen reflected in many different things around you, such as the sky, sea, lakes, and even your eyes if you look closely enough. Blue washes over you during a relaxing day at the beach or during a time of meditation. Blue can also symbolize cleanliness and clarity. For example, individuals in positions of power tend to wear blue suits.

10. Blue Violet


This color is healing, calming, and soothing. Use this color in meditation spaces or bedrooms or bathrooms. The color blue violet has strong psychic abilities. It is a great color to use in candle burning rituals as it helps to stimulate the third eye chakra of psychic ability. Blue violet also promotes intuitive thinking and healing that intuition to trust your instincts more. It can also be used in crystal healing for the same reason.

11. Brown


Tones of brown are warm and friendly, with characteristics of protection, security, and loyalty. Brown has protective energy – from physical objects to the human mind and emotions. This color helps you be more grounded and stable, providing a sense of calmness and security.

Brown also represents creativity, spontaneity, and freedom. Browns are very versatile and can apply in any room or any part of your home: bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, and hallways.

12. Cadet Blue


Cadet Blue is a color that is beautiful, pure, and innocent. This tone of blue tends to be favored for boy’s clothes as it adds an air of refinement to the outfit. It is also an excellent choice for baby girls’ clothes as it gives off a feeling of being delicate and pretty.

13. Chartreuse


In color psychology, Chartreuse represents clarity, openness, and creativity. It’s an uplifting color that can improve your mood and help you feel more optimistic about life. This color communicates freshness and youthfulness and transforms neutral or negative spaces into lively places. This color is highly visible, so you can use it in small doses to add visual interest anywhere.

14. Chocolate


Chocolate brown is a warm and sensual color, usually associated with romance. Since the color chocolate is not actually a pure color but a combination of red and brown colors, it has different meanings according to its tone. If the chocolate is dark, it has a serious meaning. However, if this color is light-toned or brownish in hue, it has a lighter meaning. Light colors relate to fun and playfulness, while darker colors relate to seriousness.

15. Coral


Coral is a shade of red. It can be dark red, light red, or even pinkish. The best coral color meaning is that of love and passion. Coral color means passionate and intense feelings for someone or something. In color psychology, the deep red color signifies power and strength.

16. Cornflower Blue


It’s one of the most popular shades of blue, and it’s no surprise why. It’s very pleasing to the eye, a happy color that makes people feel good. Cornflower Blue appears in everything from clothing, accessories, cars, and houses to food packaging, tableware, and so much more.

17. Crimson


The crimson color meaning, symbol, and a message is a positive one. It relates with passion, excitement, and enthusiasm. The meaning of the color crimson has to do with a love of life and a love of living. People that have any amount of this color in their aura or life will be full of vitality and enjoy living to its fullest potential.

18. Cyan


Cyan is the color of communication, creativity, inspiration, psychic powers, and change. It is the color of our dreams, hopes, and visions. The positive energy of this color is contagious. You will be inspired to create your own dreams if you surround yourself with them. The color cyan encourages clear thinking, ingenuity, and open-mindedness. It stimulates the imagination.

19. Dark Grey


Dark Grey is a color with a cool tone. It’s the color of concrete, steel, and rock. It’s also the color of a cloudy sky on an overcast day. This color has no emotions attached to it, giving it a somewhat blank look — but that blankness is just as easily interpreted as elegant or formal depending on the context. The psychology behind this color’s meaning reveals that it’s about distinctions and boundaries.

20. Dark Green


DarkGreen is a mysterious, serious, and traditional color. The DarkGreen color can symbolize authority, force, control, conservatism, and stability. It inspires thoughts of money, materials, and nature. DarkGreen has a strong psychological influence over people. DarkGreen often appears in fashion to help show wealth or power.

21. Dark Khaki


The color of the earth is a combination of gray, gold and brown. It carries the same meaning as other earth colors. Dark Khaki is not a common color to use for clothing. Many find it to be too muddy for wear; however, it can be great for homes or office buildings. Dark Khaki often appears as an accent or secondary color in various rooms.

22. Dark Magenta


Dark magenta is a warm, deep color that often evokes feelings of love and romance. It is an unconventional choice for business settings, but it can create a feeling of intimacy or privacy in an interior space. Dark magenta also sometimes connects to sadness or betrayal.

23. Dark Orange


Dark orange is the color of autumn leaves, a pumpkin, a ripe peach, and certain kinds of sunshine. It’s a strong color that inspires thoughts of richness, warmth, and comfort. Dark orange is also a color of motivation and success. It’s very stimulating for the mind and makes us feel like doing something great. The color dark orange gives us the energy to take action in life.

24. Dark Orchid


Dark Orchid color meaning relates with the colors of love, compassion, and spirituality. It is a very spiritual color that is related to the purple of high spirituality and devotion. This is a very deep, rich, and intense color. Dark Orchid color is also related to intimacy and was once considered the color of royalty.

25. Dark Red


Dark Red is a very intense and passionate color. It often relates to the meaning of love, romance, passion, beauty, and creativity. It is sometimes used as a symbol of communism. Dark Red appears as a religious and spiritual color representing the blood of Jesus Christ. Dark Red is an incredibly powerful color that evokes strong emotions and feelings.

26. Dark Salmon


Color meaning for Dark Salmon is the color of spring. This is a very soft color, and it relates to water. It gives a feeling of gentleness, peace, and tenderness. This is an excellent color for bedrooms and living rooms, especially if they are relaxing places in your house where you want some quiet time to recharge.

27. Turquoise


The turquoise color meaning represents a calm and peaceful color in many cultures. Turquoise color found in nature is usually attributed to mineral deposits in limestone and copper that have been exposed to high temperatures over time. The turquoise color meaning has been related to healing for centuries by many different cultures around the world.

28. Deep Pink


Deep pink is a fun and friendly color that can bring out something playful in us. Depending on the shade, it’s very warm in tone and may make us feel happy or content. Soft pink is ideal for bedrooms, while darker shades of deep pink can apply to create a romantic atmosphere in a living room or dining room.

29. Dodger Blue


Dodger Blue is one of the most iconic colors in Los Angeles Dodgers history, used in logos and uniforms for decades. The team adopted dodger Blue after its move from Brooklyn to Los Angeles in 1958. The color is synonymous with the organization.

30. Fire Brick


The meaning of the Fire Brick color shows that you have a strong sense of responsibility. You have a courageous nature, and you are willing to stand up for what you believe in. However, this color meaning also reveals that it is difficult for you to admit that you are wrong.

31. Floral White


The color meaning for Floral White is purity and innocence. Floral White is an extremely gentle color that reminds one of innocence, peace and tranquility. This color relates to the virtues of being virginal and being unspoiled by the world.

32. Forest Green


Forest Green is another name for Avocado Green. This forest green meaning represents a great color for business pursuits and often appears in logos and promotional material. It is bold, friendly, and inviting, getting people’s attention while subtly encouraging them to dig deeper into what you have to say or show them.

33. Fuchsia


Fuchsia is a beautiful color that usually represents love and passion. This vibrant color is full of life, lust, and energy. It is also very feminine color. Fuchsia is the color of luxury, decadence, and fantasy. This is the color of romance in Hollywood movies – all princesses are wearing this gorgeous shade of pink. There is also a fuchsia flower that has this amazing color, so it’s not surprising that the word fuchsia has such a strong association with love and affection.

34. Gainsboro


The meanings behind the Gainsboro color are really an extension of its warm undertones, which suggest generosity and softness. This offers a degree of comfort and reassurance that you might not get with other colors.

35. Gold


Gold is one of the most valuable metals in the world. It has a long history and relates to wealth, prosperity, beauty, passion, and magic. Gold is a very powerful color and has been used for centuries to adorn kings and queens. Gold is said to have positive effects on humans’ physical and mental well-being. The color of gold resembles the warm light of the fire. It inspires feelings of comfort and safety.

36. Golden Rod


Goldenrod is a rich, warm yellow that represents to promotes hope and happiness. It is a great color for bedrooms, office spaces, and work areas. Goldenrod is a color that helps you feel your best. If you are feeling sad or depressed, try surrounding yourself with this happy color. It will lift your spirits and help you feel like yourself again.

37. Gray


The meaning of gray color has been related to mystery and intrigue for centuries. This color’s association with the unknown is a powerful force that has inspired great minds for countless generations. Gray relates to neutrality, the beginning and end of life, and the destruction of old things in preparation for new beginnings.

38. Green


Green relates to balance, growth, and harmony. It’s a soothing color that symbolizes nature. The color green is often used to represent money, wealth, and financial security. The meaning of green varies depending on the shade. A bright lime green denotes youth, inexperience, and immaturity. Darker shades of green can suggest wealth and stability. Aqua green symbolizes youth and health. Olive green represents peace, fertility, and abundance.

39. Honey Dew


In color psychology, Honey Dew is a shade of green that symbolizes innocence and purity. In nature, honey dew is a sweet liquid secreted by aphids and other sap-sucking insects. It is also the light green color of certain unripe fruits. Honeydew is that light, cool shade of green that reminds you of clean, fresh air and spring showers.

40. Hot Pink


Hot pink is an exciting and vibrant color. It’s a color of love, passion and fun. It is also a color that symbolizes happiness, confidence and optimism. If you want to feel more passionate and confident in your life, then hot pink is the color for you.

41. Indigo


Indigo is the color of intuitive visionaries and the inspiration behind a generation of great thinkers. It is often thought of as a very spiritual color and it definitely has a rich history in religious iconography and in sacred buildings throughout the world. Indigo is a very cool color, and sometimes it can be hard to wear if you’re not used to it, but it’s well worth trying out for yourself.

42. Ivory


The color ivory represents purity, virtue, and spirituality. It also signifies compassion and harmony. People who like the color ivory are often spiritual, free-spirited, and altruistic. Ivory is a great color to wear if you want to feel loved and appreciated.

43. Khaki


Khaki is a light brown color, which was first used in the British Army uniforms. Since then, the term Khaki has been used to describe all shades of brown. Khaki color meanings are associated with the outdoors and nature, as it is similar to colors like sand, dirt, or clay.

44. Lavender


Lavender is a very calming color, and it makes a person think about their purpose in life. This shade can make people feel as if they have found their true calling. It encourages them to get out there and pursue their dreams. The color lavender is most related to Princess Diana, who was a firm believer of using this particular shade in her clothing.

45. Lawn Green


Lawn Green is a color that commonly appears in the signage industry. It is also a shade of green usually relates to calmness and a natural environment. It is the color of most grassy lawns, and it is also the color of many traffic signs, including those used in road works.

46. Lemon Chiffon


Lemon Chiffon is a very happy, pure and light color. It’s a cheerful yellowish shade of green that represents ambition, new beginnings, freshness, spring and growth. Lemon Chiffon is an excellent choice for clothing as it gives a sense of optimism about the future and inspires creativity. It helps you be more positive about your situation and see opportunities instead of obstacles. Lemon Chiffon color meaning is said to enhance personal energies, making you more attractive and charming.

47. Light Blue


Light blue is the color of clear skies and water. It represents faith, purity and calmness. Light blue rooms are soothing and relaxing to the eye. The light blue color meanings are all-encompassing.

48. Light Yellow


Light yellow color meanings represent courage and optimism. This color is regarded as a sign of purity, innocence, and freshness. It is often associated with spring, youth and the sun.

49. Lime


Lime is a color that represents freshness, vitality, and new beginnings. It is associated with spring and hope, and it is a happy color that signifies great joy and happiness. It also represents clear thinking and freedom.

50. Lime Green


The color lime green represents healing, restfulness, comfort and growth. It calms people down, relieves fears and provides a sense of balance and well being. Lime green is believed to bring harmony in relationships and encourage practicality.

51. Linen


Linen is a pale color that resembles the color of unbleached linen. It is a natural color, and has a cool, soothing effect. Linen fabric is often used as a summer dress material and as a pillowcase or sheet material…in fact, the word “linen” comes from the Latin word for flax plant, from which linen fibers are derived.

52. Magenta


Magenta is a combination of red and violet. Red color meaning is power, fire, strength, and passion. Violet color meaning is spirituality, healing properties, creativity, and awareness. When these two colors are mixed together they become extremely energetic and vivid colors.

53. Maroon


Maroon color meaning relates to the meanings of the colors red and purple.  The color maroon is a combination of the two colors.  The color maroon is associated with power, strength, courage, and determination.  This color is also related to royalty because it is a symbol of wealth, luxury, and extravagance.

54. Midnight Blue


The midnight color meaning has been around for centuries. From being worn by monks to being worn by Navy Seals, this color has always been seen as a symbol of strength and power. It also represents ambition and determination, which are two very important qualities to get ahead in life.

55. Mint Cream


This is a nice, light shade of mint that is used by many companies to represent their freshness and cleanliness. This color is commonly found in green tea ice cream and has been seen in various places.

56. MistyRose


Misty Rose color represents self-confidence and makes those who wear it feel more secure. This is the reason why most women love this color because they can wear it anytime they want to look pleasingly beautiful. The color has a mystical look, which makes people who see this color fall in love with it instantly.

57. Moccasin


The meaning of moccasin color varies among the many tribes of Native Americans. The Sioux believe that each color holds a different meaning, depending on the animal it came from. For example, the black moccasin symbolizes eternity, the white moccasin represents purity and innocence, while the brown moccasin is a sign of earthiness.

58. Navy


Navy color meaning is associated with strength, endurance and loyalty. This is a good color for the clothes you wear for work or for the clothes you wear when you are on a business trip. Navy color can be used to add power to your look.

59. Olive


Olive color meanings are related to the color green. The shade is usually used for walls and other common objects in our homes. It is not a very vivid or intense color, but it has a calming effect on the people around you. It is also a very natural color, which can be observed in plants and trees. Olive color meanings say that this shade creates a sense of relaxation and peace. It is a perfect choice for bedrooms, living rooms and other spaces we like to relax in every day.

60. Orange


Orange is a warm and bright color that is associated with the sun, but it can also be a fiery red. It is associated with the energies of enthusiasm and joy but also with danger and violence. The word “orange” is derived from the Sanskrit word Naranja, which means “fragrant fruit.”

61. Orange Red


Orange Red is a color that energizes the soul. It’s the perfect blend of Red and Orange. Orange Red is a great color to use if you are trying to convey your message with energy, passion and liveliness.

62. Orchid


Orchid colors can be vibrant and attention drawing. They are often associated with luxury. The color of the orchid flower is especially popular during the holidays when most florists have many of them in stock.

63. Pale Green


The color pale green has a soft and delicate meaning. The pale green color is often associated with the color of leaves near the end of the growing season when they are beginning to yellow, showing that this is not a strong color for use in design, as it does not provide the same strength as other colors.

64. Pale Turquoise


Pale Turquoise color meaning is friendly, idealistic, and outgoing. Pale Turquoise is a playful color that brings out a child-like nature in the people around you. It has an imaginative, creative and spontaneous energy. The color Pale Turquoise symbolizes trust, honesty, and the ability to see all sides of a situation or issue.

65. Peach Puff


Some colors are linked to specific meanings. The color peach puff is a light, peachy yellow. It is associated with innocence and purity, but also with passiveness and insipidity.

66. Pink


Pink is the color of love. It increases feelings of romance, affection, and nurturing. It is believed that pink brings good luck in love and relationships, hence the expression “to wear your heart on your sleeve” which means to express affection openly. In Western cultures, pink is associated with femininity and even innocence.

67. Plum


The color plum is a shade of purple. The word plum comes from the same Latin root as the fruit of the same name. Sometimes, it is also called amethyst, which is a color that is close to violet or purple. Plum is considered to be a particularly lucky color, bringing good fortune to the people who wear it or have it around them.

68. Powder Blue


The color powder blue is associated with the meaning of purity, innocence, and gentility. The color powder blue gives off the sense of refinement, calmness, and tranquility.

69. Purple


Purple color means luxury, power, wealth, and extravagance. Purple is the color of wealth, royalty, and extravagance. The color purple creates a feeling of royalty. Purple signifies independence, dignity, spiritual wisdom, creativity, and inspiration. It shows self-confidence and unique artistic skills. Purple can be used to enhance spirituality and psychic abilities.

70. Red


The red color is associated with danger, warning, or stop. In some countries, the red color is associated with power, strength, and energy. On the other hand, red color is associated with bad luck, blood, and sacrifice in some countries.

71. Royal Blue


Royal blue is traditionally a regal color that many royal families worldwide have used. It has also been used to symbolize sacrifice and power. The color of energy and passion, royal blue projects trust and loyalty. This is a favorite color for many people, who find it uplifting and motivating.

72. Salmon


The salmon color is one of the warmest colors and it also has a very strong energy. It is also one of the colors that are considered to be vivid, but there are many hues of salmon available. The color salmon will bring a sense of warmth, happiness, love and relaxation to any environment, while stimulating the appetite. It is an excellent color to use in your kitchen if you are a chef or anyone who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.

73. Sienna


The color Sienna is associated with the meanings of enthusiasm, energy, and positivity yet there is an additional meaning that should be taken into consideration when wearing this color.

The Sienna color meaning relates to the color being compatible with many other colors and its texture being similar to a matte finish. If you are looking for a warm color that can go well with a wide variety of colors, you should consider using the Sienna color.

74. Silver


The color silver connects with the moon, so it naturally has a cyclical connotation. It also has an association with the feminine, which is why silver and pewter are associated with bridal and anniversary gifts. Silver color meaning can be used to describe something that is pale in color or lacking in taste or quality, like the term “flighty,” which means flighty, or distracted. Silver also refers to something of special value, such as “silver tongued,” which means someone who has a special way of expressing himself or herself.

75. Sky Blue


Tend to use sky blue colors in your home if you want to create a feeling of connection with the sky and the heavens. These colors are also said to relieve stress and anxiety. Sky blue colors are ideal for the bedroom or bathroom because of their association with peace and tranquility.

76. Slate Gray


The Slate Gray is a very subtle, yet powerful color. It is a mixture of Blue and Black. This color meaning is used as a symbol for strength, confidence, and endurance. The Slate Gray denotes wisdom and experience.

77. Snow


The snow is the epitome of purity and innocence. In the old days, people believed that if they were pure in heart and mind, they could actually see angels descending from heaven during snowfall. It was also believed that the Gods would appear to them in the shape of snowflakes and that if they recognized this divine presence, they could ask for anything. Even today, some cultures consider snow to be a sign of good luck and prosperity, but only if it lands on the ground without being disturbed.

78. Tan


Tan is a color which varies from light brown to dark brown. Some people also consider this color as yellowish brown. Actually, tan is created by mixing orange and red colors. In our daily life, we often see this color in autumn leaves, sandy beaches, and bark of trees. In Chinese culture, it represents the earth element. It connects with vigor, warmth, and vitality. Tan symbolizes wisdom, courage, and longevity. It is also an optimistic color that brings people feelings of joy and pleasure.

79. Teal


Teal is a blue-green color. This color is a deep, rich, vibrant shade of blue-green. It is a perfect neutral color. The name comes from the teal bird of paradise flower, and it was believed to be the favorite color of Catherine de Medici, who wore this color frequently. Teal is an uncommonly occurring word in other languages.

80. Violet


Violet colors are highly regarded, just like the Violet flower. They represent sophistication and an appreciation of beauty. Violet is the color of the highest achievement, and those who wear it project an air of wealth and taste. It is a mix of red and blue, and technically it is more purple than violet. The color violet is also sometimes referred to as “purple.”

81. White


White is one of the most powerful symbols in color symbolism. White color is the color of purity. It is the color of neutrality, simplicity, and peace. White color meanings are related to light, clearness, cleanliness, innocence, transparency, and softness.

82. Yellow


Yellow is such a versatile color. It’s warm, it’s cheerful, it draws attention to the middle of things, and it can help you stand out from the crowd or make a statement. Yellow is the color of caution. It’s also the color of healing and of sun rays, but it’s most commonly associated with caution. Yellow is a tone that notifies drivers to slow down or stop. Yellow signals danger and should be avoided as much as possible.

Final Words

There is a reason for everything. Colors are mostly related to us, humans, and our feelings, especially when it comes to design or anything that involves aesthetic appeal. These colors represent certain things that depict an idea in every color itself. If you want to use any of these colors in your designs, make sure you understand what they represent first.

There is a wide variety of colors, and one can use each one in creative ways to communicate a strong message. Take into consideration the color you use and find out if they are associated with a certain meaning, mood, or action. You need to understand the color meaning when using them as part of your daily work.

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