Cheapest 4K Projector: Our Top Picks

Compared to a standard high definition, 4k resolution is more improved. Also, their ratio of pixels is much higher than HD projectors’ pixels. Hence, acquiring a 4k projector seems like a win-win situation for us. But if it’s the cheapest 4k projector, that would be a cherry on top. 

It does not mean we can violate the important features to purchase an affordable projector. If you see, there are multiple projectors with 4k resolution.

By figuring out the features of those projectors, it will not be impossible to get the right one. Indeed, all consumers do not know precisely what to consider while buying a projector. For this reason, I have accumulated some amazing products at reasonable prices.

The below article will guide you on what factors you should see on the cheapest 4k projector. Similarly, some products have also been enlisted with their features, pros, and cons. Thus, you can find your preferable projector from here effortlessly.

Top Picks: 5 Cheapest 4K Projector

Comparison Chart

YABER Y30 Native ProjectorIt prevails standard rectangle images
Convenient for adjusting screens
Great for supporting 4k videos
Conveys detailed and sharp images
Provides an extended useful life
YABER Y31 Native ProjectorProvides a good level of brightness
Adjusts the screen conveniently
Ensures a fine experience of auditory sense
Great for professional support
HD 5G Bluetooth ProjectorIt gives sharp and detailed pictures
Enables synchronization with smartphone screens
It provides an experience with of lag free streaming
It offers a wondering viewing experience
YABER 5G Bluetooth ProjectorCompatible with a USB memory stick
It makes us easier to present in front
Colors look vivid and vibrant
Provides 60+% of brightness
WiMiUS 4K ProjectorProvides a fine brightness
Best for upright projection and slanting projection
Requires no external speakers
YABER Pro V7 Bluetooth ProjectorAutomatically corrects movements and collisions
It makes image and video transmissions smoother
This leads to a practical performance
Helps to experience best audiovisuals
FANGOR 4K ProjectorColor accuracy is outstanding
It brings clear and satisfactory images
It makes less noise than other projectors
Allows to adjust the screen size easily
YABER V10 Bluetooth ProjectorMirrors images and videos on a big screen.
Best for a precision correction.
It does not move while reducing the image.
Works with a small conference
WiMiUS W6 Bluetooth ProjectorIt needs no complicated wires to work.
It helps to decrease display size.
Amazing for indoor and outdoor movie entertainment.
It gives a satisfying experience to customers
WiMiUS W1 Bluetooth ProjectorAllows screen share wirelessly
It does not require any adapter cable
It gives a remarkable clarity of photos
Suitable for large displays
Offers amazing support and service

Top 10 Cheapest 4K Projector to Buy

1. YABER Y30 Native Projector

YABER Y30 is one of the cheapest 4k projectors you can have. Nonetheless, YABER Y30 features a zoom function and an innovative 4D keystone for correction. With this ± 50 ° 4D keystone correction, YABER Native Projector makes sure that all images appear in a standard rectangle. 

Native Projector of YABER Y30 gives enough convenience for adjusting screens. Just use its remote control, and you are good to go. Conversely, the X/Y zoom function helps reduce the projection’s size.

Key Features


Overall, the YABER Y30 projector holds a native resolution of 1920*1080P, which is great for supporting 4k videos. Additionally, YABER’s projector has a contrast ratio, i.e., 10000:1 and 9500L brightness. As a result, getting detailed and sharp images from this projector will be a cakewalk for you. Also, you can experience the best videos by using YABER Y30.

Cooling system

From this projector, you will get built-in 3W dual speakers. Similarly, its SRS sound system will give you a nice auditory sense. Whereas, the silent cooling system will give no trouble and helps to run 3 fans smoothly.

Useful life

Since YABER Y30 adopts a SmarEco technology, it will help minimize lamp power consumption. Thus, it can simply provide extended useful life of up to 100000 hours.


  • Prevails standard rectangle images
  • Convenient for adjusting in screens
  • Great for supporting 4k videos
  • Conveys detailed and sharp images
  • Provides an extended useful life


  • Brightness is mediocre

2. YABER Y31 Native Projector

To get the best cheap 4k projector, YABER 31 would be a fine choice. With an innovative One-Click, you can have a good brightness level from the Y31 Native Projector. Besides, the 4D keystone function will help your screen to adjust conveniently. In contrast, YABER’s product supports 4k videos with a fine resolution of 1920*1080. 

Overall, you will get a high dynamic contrast ratio of 10000: 1 and 9000L brightness of Y31. Thus, you will get detailed and sharp images every time from it. You just need to take the help of the remote control and see how easy it becomes to adjust the screen.

Key Features

Advanced system

As YABER Y31 owns 3w dual stereo speakers, users can experience fine auditory senses. Just take the help of the SmartEco technology, and you can reduce Y31’s lamp power consumption in a click.

Wide compatibility

Many devices have good compatibility with YABER Y31. Such as Android, iPhone, iPad, USB stick, DVD player, Xbox, external speakers, tablet, laptop, PC, Chromecast.

Giant screen

Undoubtedly, Y31 conveys clear images with a giant screen size starting from 50″ to 300″. However, the projection size depends on the viewing distance.


The reason why YABER Y31 is so incredible is because of its professional support. Similarly, it ferries entertainment for home movies, parties, backyards, and so on. 


  • Provides a good level of brightness
  • Adjusts the screen conveniently
  • Gives detailed and sharp images every time
  • Ensures a fine experience of auditory sense
  • Great for professional support


  • Resolution is not good sometimes

3. HD 5G Bluetooth Projector

HD 5G Bluetooth Projector is another cheap 4k projector with commendable features. Nevertheless, this projector comes with different aspects. Like- 10000:1 of high contrast, 16:9/4:3 of aspect ratio, and 1920*1080 of native resolution. Hence, HD 5G leaves no stone unturned in prevailing sharp and detailed images. 

By acquiring a 5G WiFi connection, HD Bluetooth Projector enables synchronization of smartphone screens. Also, consumers can experience lag-free streaming and do gaming online. Furthermore, the 5.0 Function Bluetooth helps connect without requiring wired connections.

Key Features

Huge screen

As HD 5G owns a 450″ screen, consumers can experience wonderful viewings. Not only that, HD Bluetooth Projector supports 4k videos and Dolby digital. Therefore, this product will be a great substitute for enjoying music, movies, and games with family and friends.

Auditory sense

Indeed, the 5G Bluetooth Projector contains stereo speakers with built-in 6w dual Hi-fi. Thereupon, you will not need any external speakers and find a nice auditory sense. Moreover, this projector gives no hassle to adjust and tends to be user-friendly every time. 

Compatible devices

The compatible devices of HD 5G projector are- DVD, tablet, laptop, Fire Stick TV, PC, and many more.


Like YABER Y31, HD 5G Bluetooth Projector gives professional support lifetime. Again, it comes with 3 years of warranty and eternal service.


  • Prevails sharp and detailed pictures
  • Enables synchronization with smartphone screens
  • Gives an experience of lag free streaming
  • Offers a wondering viewing experience
  • Tends to be user-friendly always


  • Connection is disturbing occasionally

4. YABER 5G Bluetooth Projector

To get the cheapest native 4k projector, YABER 5G Bluetooth Projector deserves a look. This projector is also known as the V6 projector. V6 can play on Adobe PDF files and Microsoft Office, unlike any ordinary projector. In addition,  YABER 5G allows us to save our work directly to the USB memory stick. 

Afterward, V6 Bluetooth Projector confines a digital zoom with 50% function. And to select the Digital Zoom, V6 uses a remote control and reduces images to 50% of length.

Key Features

Keystone correction

YABER V6 has a 4-point keystone correction; it simply aligns images from different locations. Thus, this projector can be placed at the center, making it easier to present in front without blocking the image. 

Native resolution

With a native resolution of 1920 * 1080 and more pixels, V6 5G offers clear images. Compared to other 1080P projectors, YABER 5G is more cost-effective.

Contrast ratio

There is a 10000: 1 contrast ratio in the V6 projector, which is great for getting clear images. Not only that, it provides deep black levels and detailed shadows overall. Similarly, V6 presents vivid colors on their projection.


V6 H5 utilizes 9500L brightness, LCD technology, and a bright LED light. Hence, you will have 60+% brightness that serves significantly to our eyes.


  • Compatible with USB memory stick
  • Reduces images to bring more details
  • Makes us easier to present in front
  • More cost-effective than other 1080p projectors
  • Colors look vivid and vibrant
  • Provides 60+% of brightness


  • Specs are not so good

5. WiMiUS 4K Projector

WiMiUS is one of the latest 4k projectors consumers look for. Anyways, WiMiUS 4k projector comes with a one-key brighten function and 400 ansi lumens. Because of the one-key function, WiMiUS gives an improved brightness. The one-key function also plays a great role in providing a fine brightness.

Like any extraordinary projector, WiMiUS 4k has a native resolution of 1920*1080. Likewise, it supports 4k videos by connecting with a PC or Smartphone. And if you use quiver MEMC, the WiMiUS projector can support 1080P 60Hz native videos.

Key Features

High contrast ratio

WiMiUS 4k projector has a contrast ratio of 10000: 1. Indeed, this high contrast ratio helps to level up the color of the projection. Therefore, you will get vivid images from it throughout.

±50° keystone correction

As WiMiUS Projector has a ±50° keystone correction, it will be suitable for upright and slanting projection. 

Hi-fi speakers

From the WiMiUS 4k projector, the clear and loud sound will prevail every time. The reason is its 10w Hi-fi speakers produce genuine sounds by requiring no external speakers.


Instead of a non-direct light source, the WiMiUS projector secures our eyes better. Besides, it can be suitable for both indoor and outdoor uses. However, WiMiUS does mirror photos and movies on smartphones with the help of a WiFi dongle.


  • Provides a fine brightness
  • Supports 1080P 60Hz native videos too
  • Best for upright projection and slanting projection
  • Requires no external speakers
  • Secures eyes with a non-direct light source


  • Works like an old version projector

6. YABER Pro V7 Bluetooth Projector

V7 Bluetooth Projector is the first projector that comes with 6D keystone correction. So whenever you face a collision or movement, YABER Pro V7 will automatically correct them. And within 1s, YABER Pro helps to get back to the standard image.

The function of built-in Bluetooth 5.0 gets connected with the SRS system easily. Henceforth, users can enjoy movies and videos with Bluetooth headsets. Nonetheless, YABER V7 goes well with AirPods and is compatible with numerous devices. Such as laptop, Roku Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire TV.

Key Features


YABER V7 supports not only 2.4GHz dual-band WiFi but also 5GHz WiFi. The V7 projector goes well with 5G WiFi within high wireless rates. As a result, you will get the smoother image and video transmissions.


Pro V7 utilizes LCD technology and a bright LED. Alongside, this V7 projector comes with 9500L, for which it conveys 25% more brightness overall.

Soncise appearance

The appearance of YABER Pro is simple, round, and beautiful. As a result, it will be amazing for using in-home furnishings.


No doubt, Pro V7 offers enough convenience with its warranty. Additionally, you will get a free carrying bag to take it anywhere you want. Not only that, YABER V7 gives 3 years of service and 6 months of the money-back guarantee.


  • Automatically corrects movements and collisions
  • Makes image and video transmissions smoother
  • Compatible with almost all devices
  • Leads to a practical performance
  • Helps to experience best audio visuals


  • Does not give lag free streaming

7. FANGOR 4K Projector

FANGOR 4K projector is none other than a high-quality product that most consumers demand. All in all, the sealed optical components protect the LCD screen from dust and other particles. Also, the design of FANGOR makes sure that no black spots remain on the projection image. 

Compared to other LCD projectors, FANGOR 4k provides less noise. Similarly, it holds a native resolution of 1920*1080P, which helps present clear and detailed images. And because of the 8500L, FANGOR 4k will bring cozy images to your home by maintaining color accuracy.

Key Features


This 1080P HD projector is highly suitable for 4k videos. It satisfies the users and ensures crystal clear images every time. While comparing to other projectors, FANGOR 4k  tends to be 80% sharper.


As FANGOR 4k offers screen synchronization, you can use this projector wirelessly. Just take a fine Bluetooth speaker, and you are good to go.

For Miracast enabled devices, the FANGOR projector is awesome. It can simply mirror photos, videos, movies and ferry a nice experience to everyone.

±45° Keystone Correction

Well, FANGOR simulates a ±45° Keystone Correction to ensure a fine adjustment. Again, it decreases the image distortion, including digital zoom abilities. And by using the remote control, you can adjust the screen without even changing distance.


  • Color accuracy is outstanding
  • Brings clear and satisfactory images
  • Makes less noise than other projectors
  • Works with only Bluetooth speakers too
  • Allows to adjust the screen size easily


  • Not good for professional activities

8. YABER V10 Bluetooth Projector

V10 Bluetooth Projector is the first product that has high transmittance. Also, it adopts 9500L brightness with the refraction of the lens. So, there will be no chance of getting any problems regarding clarity. Likewise, YABER V10 gives a wider color gamut within a high contrast ratio of 12000: 1. However, the 2.0 Smart Engine Technology of V10 makes all operations more user-friendly. 

Like any high-quality Bluetooth Projector, the V10 projector has a stereo surround speaker and bidirectional Bluetooth 5.1 chip. Henceforth, it can be easily connected to mobile phones and Bluetooth speakers.

Key Features

Stable WiFi

Now and then, YABER V10 ensures great mirroring. Because of having a stable and ultra-fast 5G WiFi, the V10 projector allows us to experience games, photos, videos on a big screen by engaging with smartphones.

4-Point Keystone Correction

To overcome different angles, YABER V10 contains a 4-Point Keystone Correction. Alongside, it censures precision correction to a high level. Since it is not limited in position, V10’s four corner images can adjust without barriers.

Advanced system

Some bimetallic brackets of anti-oxidation in YABER V10 help to increase the projector’s height and expand its ventilation area. Again, the 3 sided ventilation design conforms to dissipation efficiency as well.


  • Mirrors images and videos on a big screen
  • Brings detailed, sharp and gamut images
  • Best for a precision correction
  • Does not move while reducing image
  • Works with a small conference


  • Not as bright as expected

9. WiMiUS W6 Bluetooth Projector

WiMiUS W6 is a famous projector you can have. It has a native resolution of 1080P, which is amazing for getting clear images throughout. Simultaneously, this 1080P projector meets the screen length in a lens size of 6″. 

Nonetheless, WiMiUS W6  adopts incredible technology with LCDs and LEDs. Anyways, the 90%+Brightness of W6 helps to maintain a fine configuration of images and videos.

Key Features

High contrast

There is a high contrast ratio of 15000:1, which gives clear images and a wide color gamut. In terms of aspect ratio, WiMiUS W6 is 16:9/4:3. If you see, this aspect ratio will provide you with flawless video playing. 


You will not have to rely on any complicated wires to run your projector from now on because WiMiUS W6 performs like a pro with its 5G WiFi connection. On the contrary, its screen synchronization makes our project smoother and faster.

50% Zoom

By acquiring a zoom function, W6 gives a nice effect vertically and horizontally from 50% to 100%. As a result, reducing display becomes an easy task for WiMiUS projector.


Being an office helper, WiMiUS W6 uses a USB stick to support Microsoft office. Therefore, you can conference your meetings more practically and efficiently.


  • Ensures clear images and wide color gamut
  • Needs no complicated wires to work
  • Helps to decrease display size
  • Great for office helpers
  • Amazing for indoor and outdoor movie entertainment
  • Gives a satisfying experience to customers


  • Disturbs in fans from time to time

10. WiMiUS W1 Bluetooth Projector

When choosing a fluent Bluetooth Projector, WiMiUS W1 always stands first. However, the W1 Bluetooth Projector allows us to share screens wirelessly with our Android phones and iOS. And because of the 5G WiFi chip, WiMiUS W1 synchronizes the screen without any adapter cable. 

As mentioned before, high-quality projectors come with a native resolution of 1920x1080P. In the same way, WiMiUS W1 also has a resolution of 1920x1080P. Thus, getting clear and sharp images from the W1 projector is inevitable for us.

Key Features


For now, WiMiUS W1 provides a remarkable clarity of photos with its 370 ANSI Lumens. Conversely, a 300″ display will also have sufficient suitability with W1 Bluetooth Projector.


Unquestionably, WiMiUS W1 gains fine compatibility with lots of devices. Such as USB, laptop, Roku, DVD, and so on.

Technical support

W1 Bluetooth Projector gives technical support a lifetime and 3 years of free service.


  • Allows screen share wirelessly
  • Does not require any adapter cable
  • Gives a remarkable clarity of photos
  • Suitable for large displays
  • Offers amazing support and service


  • Not suitable for tiny displays

Cheapest 4K Projector Buying Guide

projector show on meeting

For purchasing the cheapest 4k projector, we can’t violate the important features, such as contrast ratio, aspect ratio, resolution, chipset, brightness, light source, etc. If you do not judge these features correctly, go through the guide below. 


The brightness of a 4k projector is known as the light density. Indeed, this brightness is measured in lumens. If your projector’s lumen is high, it means you will get more brightness. You can easily choose the right projector within two brightness measurements without any hassle. Well, you have to figure out the right brightness with some conditions which are given here.

Light Condition

The brightness of white color is the white light emitted from a projector. And a 4k projector with white color brightness does not measure color. On the other hand, a projector’s color brightness tells us about the brightness of projected colors, e.g., blue, red, and yellow. 

Getting vibrant colors from a projector will only be possible if the number of colors is high. Or, if your projector’s white brightness is more than its color brightness, images may appear dull consequently.

Light Source

Projectors usually don’t use all three lights they have. However, these light sources are LEDs, Lasers, and Bulbs.

Well, LED projectors are compact and cheap and operate with less electricity. Also, they do not heat up after continuous use.

One great thing about laser projectors is they last longer with minimum electricity. Additionally, you will not have to replace the bulbs of laser projectors again and again. In the same way, these projectors provide accurate colors and maintain brightness.

Lastly, bulb projectors are a superb choice for frequent uses. Moreover, users will not spend too much money to buy bulb projectors. And you will get a longer lifespan from these projectors by replacing their bulbs often. 

How Much is a True 4K Projector?

Here we will show you some varying costs that 4k projectors have.

  • A true 4k projector is not reasonable like affordable projectors. Their price is a bit high and consists of high lumens. Accordingly, a true 4k projector contains superior sharpness, details, and quality. 
  • Nonetheless, a true 4k projector comes with pixel-shifting technology which is also known as 4K DLP Technology. Besides, it maintains a true 4k resolution with distinct pixels of 8.3 million.
  • Well, how much a 4k projector costs, depends on its efficiency. Meanwhile, you can expect to spend from $5000 to $10000. So then, a 4k projector that has non-pixel shading, is more in range. Anyways, a 4k native projector does not require pixel-shifting and a complete display of 8 million pixels or 4096 x 2160 pixels. Following this, 4k projectors have now adopted the feature of 4k chip instead of 1080p. 
  • At a glance, the ViewSonic 4k projector is one of the best projectors in the market. It comes with Dual HDMI and HDR support. The price of this projector is $1,109.99.
  • After the ViewSonic 4k projector, Optoma UHD60 tends to be a true 4k projector. However, this 4k projector costs a little more, i.e. $1599.00
  • True 4k projectors generally cost more compared to ordinary projectors. They not only have increased resolution, but also high prices. The reason is, 4k projectors come with wireless connectivity and excellent brightness. 

Where Can I Get a Projector for Cheap?

Numerous places and stores are furnishing projectors for cheap. Let us find out what they are.

Surrounding Stores

You will get available projectors for cheap in many stores. Especially in hardware stores and other shops where computer parts are being sold, offering less price for projectors. Not only that, many online stores sell projectors, starting from low prices to high prices. 

Online Stores

For instance, Amazon, Bestbuy, Walmart, Startech, Digital Trends, Nytimes, TechRadar, Liveware, etc., sell 4k projectors at a very reasonable price. Although these online stores sell expensive projectors, their cost-effective projectors are also authentic.

Suitable Place

Particularly, Amazon owns lots of projectors with some unique features. Here, you will judge the products simply as other users leave comments about their experience. So you can know what type of outcomes a projector has given till now. Again, Bestbuy, Walmart, and some specific online stores give us the facility to condemn a product through its details. On a note, Amazon would be a fine store for you. Maximum users but from Amazon, and almost all of them share their experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does 4k Mean 4000 Pixels?

4K in a projector means the horizontal resolution. Indeed, this resolution is somewhere around 4000 pixels. On the other hand, 4K’s “K” refers to kilo, i.e., in thousand. In most cases, 4K display projectors hold a pixel of 3840 x 2160 (4K UHD TV) resolution. Whereas the HD display projectors have fewer pixel counts than 4K projectors. Their pixel count is 1920 x 1080.

Which 4k Projector Is Best?

Here are some amazing 4K projectors you can give a look to-

  • Epson 5050UB Home Cinema: Best Overall
  • Sony VPL-VE325ES: Best for value
  • Optoma UHD35: Best as cost-effective
  • Optoma UHZ50: Best for detail and color
  • BenQ HT3550i: Best 4K projector in budget

Does 4k Matter on a Projector?

Generally, 4K projectors are high in price and have high resolution. Besides, 4K projectors use more internet data to stream and go up to 10 ft for quality viewing. Contrastingly, a 1080p projector is less expensive and is high in contrast ratio.  Again, a 1080p projector creates the same images by maintaining a viewing distance.

What’s the Cheapest 4k Projector?

Here are some cheapest 4K projectors you will get available in the market:

  • Optoma UHD50: Editor’s first choice
  • Optoma UHD51A: Best for compatibility
  • BenQ HT3550 4K: Best for color
  • Optoma UHD60: Easy installation
  • PX727-4K: Best for budget
  • JIFAR Store Projector: Best as basic model
  • Epson Cinema 3LCD: Best with quite projector
  • LG HU80KA: Best for long lamp life
  • Acer V7850: Enhanced playback
  • Epson Cinema 1060: Best for value

Is It Worth Buying a 4k Projector?

Although a 4K projector costs more than any ordinary projector, it is worth buying. Also, a 4K projector has high resolution and requires more internet to run. As a result, users find no complaints regarding the streaming of 4K projectors. Furthermore, 4K projectors offer enhanced viewing quality by extending up to 10 ft. So yeah, a 4K projector is worth acquiring.

Final Verdict

Summing up, 4k projectors play a great role in presenting our photos, videos, etc., identically. Contrastingly, 4k projectors always make sure to present in a precise way. Thus, office work or holiday enjoyments will go with mere satisfaction. And if you acquire the cheapest 4k projector, nothing can be better than that.

Hopefully, you can now figure out which projector will serve you the best. Since the products mentioned above are very reasonable, you now have ample options. Nevertheless, it would be best not to miss out on the important features that make a projector perfect. WiMiUS W1 and WiMiUS W6 can be relevant choices for you.

Overall, the abstract will help you purchase a nice 4k projector with less price—best of luck.

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