3 Best Century Welders Reviews

Century Welder is one of the best welding manufacturers on the market. The company was one of the first to create an 11v battery charger, and they have only grown since that time.
They are the hallmark of innovation in the industry. They constantly come up with ways to make their tools even better.
As Century is known for its excellent craftsmanship, the company does not regulate to one type of welder.
With a selection of different makes and models, these welders offer a wide range of uses and applications.
For this reason, it would be hard to break down just one Century Welder.
In the following paragraphs, we will analyze three of the company’s best tools and study what makes them stand so high above the competition.

Top 3 Welders: Comparison Table

# Preview Product Score
1 Lincoln Electric K2278-1 Handy Core

Lincoln Electric K2278-1 Handy Core

2 MIG155GSV 155 AMP INVERTER MIG/STICK ARC WELDER WITH DUAL VOLTAGE 220V/110V welding machine 3 Year Warranty


3 Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i Welder, 120V, Green

Forney Easy Weld 261, 140 FC-i Welder, 120V, Green


1. 255 Flux-Cored/MIG Wire-Feed Welder

Century 255 Flux-Cored/MIG Wire-Feed Welder, 30-255 amp Output, 230V Input

The next Century Welder we’re looking at is the 225 Amp Wire Feed 225 MIG. This single phase model comes with a magnum gun and gas regulator, both of which work to show off its inherent versatility.
This wire feed welder offers a power range of 30 to 225 amps. That widespread is incredibly useful for a variety of different welding applications. As a result, this tool ensures you can handle any job that comes your way.
You don’t want a one-note machine.
You want to get a tool that can cover a lot of ground.
Continuing on that note, this Century welder has the ability to weld materials up to half an inch thick. For this reason, the Wire Feed 225 MIG is great at handling various projects.

Arc, Voltage Control, and Wire Feed DesignSometimes you want to use this for general metal repair, and you can. Sometimes you need to run a building project. You can use that there as well.
You never restrict yourself to one style, and this model makes it so that you can freely adapt to different projects as they come.

The Wire Feed 225 MIG’s versatility is further expanded by its constant-voltage DC arc welding system. This frequency ensures you can easily work with minimal resistance. In addition, the welder’s tap-select voltage control system allows for easy operation. This is complemented by wire feed speed controls to enhance ease of use.
There are many reasons to choose a Century welder, and one of the biggest is that anyone who wants to use their machines can get the hang of them rather quickly.
To expand on that, the Wire Feed 225 MIG comes equipped with a durable wire feed design that’s outfitted with an excellent microcomputer-based controller and a multi-insulated transformer.
All three of those upgrades are important because they work to create a great performance inside a strong package. Such advancements, mixed with a duty cycle of 60 percent at 225, show off the machine’s inherent power.

A Brand and Model That You Can Trust

You always need to make sure your welders are up to speed and of the highest quality. The machines are inherently high-powered, which can lead to issues if they are not properly taken care of.
The Wire Feed 225 MIG should give you a lot of confidence in that regard because it both meets NEMA specifications and is recommended for use in GMAW processes.
Another bonus of this model is that Century – to show how much faith they have in their product – provides the Wire Feed 225 MIG with a 5-year limited warranty.
There is no doubt about the quality of a Century welder, but it never hurts to know that you will always be able to recover should something go wrong. This is just another example of why the company is trusted and respected by so many customers.

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2. FC-90 Flux-Cored Wire Feed Welder

Great Power in a Small packages

Century makes so many durable and capable welders, it is not easy to choose one over other models. However, our first review is of the FC-90 Flux-Cored Wire Feed Welder. There are many reasons to love this model, but one of the biggest is how compact it is.
Welders, while efficient, can be large and unruly. Though there are certain times when you need to get a big machine for large or industrial level jobs, most of the time, you want something that’s a bit easier to handle. This is where this Century welder comes in.
The FC-90 weighs just eighteen pounds, making it incredibly portable and easy to carry around. Its lightweight feature enables you to move it as needed – perfect for various projects across numerous locations. You do not need to worry about how you’re going to transport it, nor do you need to struggle to get it from your garage or yard to another location.
In addition, this Century welder can be used anywhere common 120-Volt input power is available. This function, which is easy to overlook, is another handy feature that ensures

In terms of specs, this Century welder has a 30- to 90-amp DC output. In addition, it also has an incredibly smooth arc to give you a sleek performance and strong welds across 18 gauge to 1/4-inch steel.
The machine also has a 30 percent duty cycle at 80 amps, which enables it to run 3 minutes out of each 10-minute period without overheating. This allows you to work consistently without being forced to take too many breaks. Such traits are complemented by the machine’s continuous amperage control. This handy feature controls the exact temperature setting and helps the device automatically cool if it ever gets too hot.
To complement that, there is also an automatic thermal protector that shuts off output until the machine cools down to a regular temperature. Though those characteristics are important from a safety standpoint, they also work to increase the longevity of the machine and help ensure you’re always going to get the most out of your purchase.
For all of those reasons, if you’re looking for a portable welder that is can easily handle small or portable jobs, this is the choice for you.

Further Essential Features

Beyond the above characteristics, the Century FC-90 flux core comes with infinite welding voltage and an inverter power source. The voltage is particularly handy for smaller or more nuanced jobs because it allows for a great amount of fine tuning. This allows you to only use the exact amount of power you need.
In addition, the inverter power source adds to the overall experience of the machine.
Not only does it make the device much more efficient, but it also gives you much smoother weld characteristics than traditional models.
All of those features are great, but this Century welder doesn’t stop there.
The machine also comes with many handy accessories, including a shoulder strap for carrying and transport, a 6-foot work cable with a clamp, a 6-foot gun and cable assembly, a standard 15-amp, and a 6-foot power cord.

3. Inverter Arc 230 Stick Welder

Century K2790-1 Inverter Arc 230 Stick Welder, 10-155 amp Output, 220V Input

The final Century Welder in this review, the Inverter Arc 230 Stick is another fantastic compact device that is perfect for anyone who wants or needs to complete smaller jobs.
While similar to the FC-90 Flux-Cored Wire Feed Welder in many ways, this machine has some key differences if you’re looking for something different.
When you talk about the reasons to get an Inverter Arc 230, it would be impossible to ignore its portability. Not only does it have a relatively small frame (measuring 14 by 10 by 17 inches), but it also only weighs 18 pounds.
Rather than trying to lug around a bigger model, you get something you can easily throw into your vehicle and go.

In addition, the Inverter Arc 230 has the great versatility noted in other Century welders. You can use the machine on smaller home projects, but it also has the hardware needed to put in some serious work in a garage.

Small Frame, Big Power

You can first use the machine as normal when dealing with metals like stainless steel, but there is always the option to enable the “stick” welding function for bigger or more heavy-duty tasks.
Do not think that the Arc 230’s smaller size means it can’t compete with heftier models.
This small machine packs a big punch, which is another reason it is such a great choice for all of your welding needs.
This Century welder has 230v input power and a 10- to 155-amp output that supports mild steel stick electrodes diameters between 5/64 and 5/32 inches. Such specs generate an incredibly smooth arc that, beyond feeling great in your hands, allows the device to create strong welds on 14-gauge sheet metal to 5/16-inch steel.
Another bonus of the Inverter Arc 230 is – like the Wire Feed 225 MIG – it also has great control through exact temperature settings.
Welding is about precision and accuracy.
You don’t just want to work. You want to make or fix something that will last a long time.
The Inverter Arc 230 provides that reassurance by giving you complete and total control over the amount of heat you use in any one session. Those settings also tend to lead to consistent welds, which then make your products better overall.
This is a welder you can trust.
Its Inverter Arc 230’s 30% duty cycle at 150 amps allows it to run 3 minutes out of every 10 with no overheating.
It starts at $390+ in Amazon and if the price is an issue you can consider checking out the Amico AAS1602014 Stick Welder. It is affordable, starting at $159+ in Amazon.

Premium Parts for a Premium Device

You always want to make sure your welder is worth the price. The machines, regardless of what brand you choose, are not cheap. As a result, getting one with limited features or only a few upgrades is never worth it.
The Arc 230 is a premium Century welder, and that fact permeates throughout all of its different additions.
For example, not only is the device portable, but it comes with a shoulder strap. While this may not be necessary in terms of how the machine operates, that strap makes it much easier to move this device around.
However, the great additions and characteristics don’t stop there.
This also comes with a 10-foot cable equipped with a ground clamp, a 10-foot cable with an electrode holder, a 6-foot input cable with an attached three-prong 50-amp plug.
To once again show faith in their product, Century also equips the Inverter Arc 230 with a one-year warranty on both parts and labor. They work to protect your investment, which is another fantastic reason to choose these products over other brands.
Finally, this welder comes with a full, comprehensive instruction manual. That may not seem like a big deal, but an in-depth guide is important for anyone getting to know or understand a machine for the first time.
If you want a Century welder that is going to be light in your hands without sacrificing quality, this is the choice to go with.
Another option that you can consider, if portability and good inverter technology is a deal breaker, is the Everlast Power i-MIG 140E. It is lightweight,  powerful, and reliable for outdoor applications where power supply is mostly unavailable.

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Century Welders: Final Thoughts

You can’t go wrong when choosing a Century welder.
However, out of all their models, the above three are great tools that can make your life much easier.
Though all of the models laid out in this guide are distinctly different, there is no doubt about the quality of the brand behind them. Century is one of the best welder brands on Earth, and the above tools reveal why that is.
Remember, no matter how seasoned you are, welding is not a simple process.
It takes a lot of power, and you always want to be sure your devices can provide great quality and last a long time. Century welders hit on all of those notes and give you dependable, long-lasting machines you can trust.

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