Best Vinyl Seat Repair Kits: Basic Information

You decided to go with vinyl seats for your new car for their durability, easy cleaning, affordability, and the wide gamut of colors and textures. It’s been five years since you got the vinyl seats, and you spot the early onset of abrasions in the seating. While you may be tempted to leave the rip … Read more

Rearview Camera: 8 Best Back Up Camera For Cars

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7 Types of Car Floor Mats and Their Benefits

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Best Dash Cover for Your Car – What You Need to Know

Whether your car is new or second-hand, it still needs love and care. A well-taken care of a car will take care of you for a longer time than one that is not. People often wax their cars on the outside and give them a thorough cleaning on the inside. That is good, very good. … Read more