Car Manufacturer Warranty: What You Need to Know

There’s no denying that today’s cars are more durable and reliable than ever. It’s also true that they have more complex features for enhancing comfort and optimizing engine performance. While such efficiency may be good for the modern consumer, it comes at a cost— high repair and maintenance costs. Compared to models from a decade … Read more

What Is a Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty?

When it comes to car shopping, there are a lot of things to consider. Price, make, model, location, and financing are all big factors that can influence a potential buyer’s decision. But even if a person finds the type of vehicle they want for a pricing/financing arrangement that works with their budget, that may not … Read more

Does Full Coverage Cover a Blown Engine? The Truth Revealed

Car warranties are like any other contract – difficult to understand. You have to read the fine print carefully and fully understand. What with jargon like betterment and other unusual words being thrown about, what is one to understand? Amidst all that jargon, one thing, many warranty buyers would love to know is: “Does Full … Read more

What You Need to Know About an Extended Auto Warranty

If you’re getting a new or used car, you’re going to hear some terms flying around. The whirlwind of information may confuse you, overwhelm you, or just plain frustrate you. You’ll hear about car warranties or an extended auto warranty for used cars. You’ll hear about bumper to bumper coverage and Powertrain warranties. And you … Read more